John Francis - Chapter 210

Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM

The next several days were extremely frustrating for Amanda. Jon, with Richie’s full agreement, had insisted on reporting the letters, the nails in the tires, and the package she had received to the police to get things on record. She had a guard with her now at all times and while this was to prevent some of the problems that had occurred the two previous times, she found herself constantly aware that whatever she did she had a shadow and a male one at that.

The things she had enjoyed previously, such as spending hours just walking a mall, browsing her way from store to store, she now hurried through, sure the man with her was bored to tears. Paul, Hank, and Steve alternated in accompanying her and while they were all nice guys and assured her that she could do whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted, she just couldn’t seem to get to the point where she didn’t notice them as Jon and Richie seemed to do.

She found herself leaving the house less and less to avoid the seemingly ever-present crowds that appeared when she did. A few times she’d had to be whisked away by one of her security men when a situation had arisen where people had spotted her and started in with questions and comments and even asking for autographs. She had no idea where that one came from, but it was becoming a more common event. Why the hell do they want my autograph? She had asked one of the men, Paul if she remembered correctly, why people were asking for her signature as she wasn’t a celebrity and he had explained it was a way for them to be close to Jon.

The two of them continued their social schedule, with Amanda finding more and more events scheduled onto her phone planner. She and Sharon were in daily contact now as she had quickly realized that Jon didn’t quite understand that while he could be ready in half an hour after a quick shower and throwing on a suit, or jeans, or whatever attire he needed, she needed a bit more time.

Richie and Jon were almost constantly in the studio these days, working on songs for a new album. They were moving back to a harder rock style of some of their earlier hits and she even found herself meeting the famous Desmond Child one afternoon when he had flown in to work with them for a week or so. Both Jon and Richie were enthusiastic in their praise of the songwriter, giving him extensive credit for many of their biggest hits.


Saturday arrived and Amanda realized with a small shock that February was almost over. It was the 22nd and her birthday. She had been awoken that morning by a wide awake Jon pressing his rather formidable morning erection against her backside. He whispered into her ear exactly what he intended to do with her that morning and the sound of that husky voice elicited a response that had her whirling to face him and pulling him onto her with a strength born of lust and excitement.

Smiling down at her, her eyes still slitted with sleep, seeing the flush of her skin, the crinkle of her nipples, and feeling the moisture that awaited him, Jon made love to her. When she tried to hurry him, he lingered, driving her further to a precipice that remained just out of reach. Long slow strokes had her whimpering as her head tossed back and forth, fingernails rasping along his back and buttocks, until the steady rhythm moving inside her rocked her head, arched her back, and she screamed her release. Her excitement moved Jon to deeper strokes that soon had him groaning over her, pouring his hot seed inside her. He curved over her, resting his head alongside hers as both gasped for breath. Her thighs quivered against his legs and the fur of his chest rasped against her sensitive skin. Jon finally managed to raise his head and look at her.

“Morning.” His voice was even huskier than when he had been whispering to her.

She nearly purred as she returned his greeting.

“Hmmm…what time is it?” She could have turned her head to see the clock, but couldn’t seem to find the energy.

“It’s 5:30…sorry to wake you so early, but we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.” He grinned at her like a little boy and as always she found that grin was impossible to resist.

“What? Your schedule was clear for today and tomorrow.”

He again gave her that crooked grin of his and lifting himself off her, he quickly pulled her to her feet, sending her on her way to the shower with a smack on the ass. She gasped and whirled but met his raised hands that promised no more swats if she moved.

“It’s a surprise, birthday girl. So get moving and trust me, okay?”

Amanda broke into a huge smile at that. She knew he wouldn’t have forgotten her birthday, but they had not discussed any plans. Now she knew why – he wanted to surprise her.

Within an hour they were being driven to what turned out to be the airport. Her eyes wide as they pulled up to departures, Amanda was further baffled when Jon pulled out two small bags from the back of the car.

“Who packed me a bag?”

“I did, with Linda’s help. Now hush, we’ve gotta catch a plane.”

They hurried through security and with Jon pulling her along and prompting her to rush a little more, she didn’t see where the plane was scheduled to land. Once settled into first class, a champagne glass in her hand, she turned to her devious abductor.

“Okay Bongiovi, spill it. Where are we going?”

Jon simply raised an eyebrow at her and grinned devilishly when a flight attendant announced their itinerary, a straight thru flight to West Palm Beach, Florida. Grinning madly at Jon, she raised her glass to toast him her thanks.

A little after noon that day they arrived in West Palm where a limo was waiting for them. A small picnic basket was in the back and they nibbled at some shrimp, brie, and crackers as Jon opened a delicious white that had been chilling. Amanda was expecting to be taken to her mother’s house as she thought that was her birthday surprise, but instead the limo drove over the Flagler bridge onto Palm Beach and they pulled into the Breakers.

The Breakers Hotel was an historic landmark in Palm Beach. It was set amidst 140 acres of prime beach front property, with a staff of 2,300 for 540 guest rooms. It was legendary for its architecture, amenities, and history. The site was originally the location of The Palm Beach Inn, built in1896 by Henry Morrison Flagler. Unfortunately, this structure was destroyed by fire in 1903 and was rebuilt in 1904 and christened The Breakers. Again in 1925 disaster struck, fire demolishing the hotel. The Breakers as it exists now, opened its doors again in December 1926, the rebuilding taking only 11 ½ months.

As the limo drove down the 1,040 foot drive to the main entrance, the Italian villa influence patterned after the Villa Medici in Rome was a breathtaking view. The driver stopped at the entry where attendants snapped to attention to assist the passengers inside. Jon didn’t bother with their bags, knowing they would be brought in and taken to their room. A quick stop at the main desk in the glorious lobby, inspired by the Great Hall of the Palazzo Carega (circa 1560) in Genoa, didn’t allow Amanda long enough to linger and take in the beauty around her. Laughing softly, Jon assured her she would have time later.

They were whisked away to the Imperial Suite, a luxurious 1,650 square feet, done in creams, whites, gold, and sage green that seemed to exist solely to showcase the breath-taking view of the ocean from the endless floor to ceiling sliding doors.

The attendants who had accompanied them quickly vanished after Jon’s discrete tipping as Amanda wandered around the room and again took in the view of “her” ocean. One of the men nodded at Jon’s questioning look, assuring him that the instructions he had faxed a few days before had been taken care of and that all was in readiness.

The phone in the suite rang and Jon answered, apparently receiving information he had been waiting for. Turning to Amanda, he took her hand.

“Let’s go babe…” He smiled at her wide eyes as he pulled her to the door. Taking the elevator to the spa, Jon turned her over to the spa associates who started her experience. For this day, Jon had chosen the most extensive and lavish spa package, the Regal Experience. For the next several hours Amanda enjoyed a massage, a mud wrap, a facial massage, and a manicure and pedicure.

Returning from her shower afterwards, she entered a private dressing room in the spa where she found a hanging bag, a small box and a card with instructions.

Your makeup is inside the box, a little nothing is inside the bag, and a very lucky man awaits your arrival in the Tapestry Bar. Love, J

Opening the hanging bag, Amanda found an elegantly simple cocktail dress, pale pink in color, with off the shoulder short sleeves and a slightly flared skirt. She laughed softly to herself at seeing the matching underwear and hose and garters that were also enclosed. Opening the box that contained her make-up, she was surprised to see a small gift box encircled with a bow. Inside the box was a necklace of large clear pink stones – she wasn’t sure what they were – encased in gold that fit just below choker length when she put it on. There were also matching earrings and a bracelet.

Freshly made up, her hair glossier than usual from the spa treatments, garters affixed, she drew the dress down over her shoulders and looked at herself in the large mirror. She put on the jewelry Jon had given her and just stood for a few minutes. Never before had she experienced anything like this for a birthday and she was in a bit of a daze as she gazed around her. A knock at the door startled her back into the here and now and she opened the door to find one of the spa personnel. The woman informed her that her personal belongings would be returned to her room unless she preferred to take them herself. Amanda agreed to having the items brought by one of the attendants and asked directions to the Tapestry Bar.

Walking through the main areas of the Breakers on her way to the bar, she was aware of the appreciative glances that came her way. She blushed lightly as she was sure she was beaming from what had so far been an amazing day. Entering the bar she glanced around. The glow of the setting sun reflected off the ocean, shedding a soft light on the furnishings in the bar. Jon’s hair caught that sunlight as he waited at a table by the large windows, his eyes drawn to the rolling waves outside. Amanda walked to the table and was met at she arrived by the man who had made this day possible.

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