John Francis - Chapter 214

Saturday, February 14, 2009 at 8:46 AM

A chuckle near her ear brought her out of her thoughts.

“You’re staring…” Susan’s low voice held a hint of teasing. She gave a quick glance at the other two women to see them in deep conversation.

Amanda turned embarrassed eyes toward her friend.

“Well, uhm, yeah…” she demurred in a low voice. “He doesn’t relax that often. It’s really nice to see him do that.”

Looking at Amanda with a thoughtful look on her face, Susan asked what came to mind.

“Doesn’t he relax with you?”

“Of course he does! It’s just different when he’s with them, especially Richie.”

“Susan replied thoughtfully. “Yeah, Richie…”

Amanda turned to her. “What?”

“It’s just…sometimes I wish he and I had…” Her voice trailed off.


Susan shook her head. “It’s nothing, Manda, he’s with someone now and…”

Amanda put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “I thought you two didn’t…”

“We didn’t…it’s just…sometimes I still wonder…” Susan broke off then, smiling at Amanda.

“I guess if you’re marrying Jon I have to get used to seeing the guys, right?”

Amanda looked closely at her friend. “You okay doing that?”

Susan glanced briefly to Trish and then to Richie who’s face was expressive as he looked only at her.

“Yep, I’m okay.”


Later in the day, after the kids were fed and involved in their various Game Boys, iPods, and for the younger ones, their baths, the adults sat around the dinner table. Bottles of wine littered the table top amidst the remains of their dinner. Everyone was feeling relaxed and full after the meal of seafood, Alfredo pasta, fresh vegetables and several bottles of Tico’s best white wine.

Jon’s arm was around Amanda’s shoulders, his fingers playing absentmindedly with one of her curls. Trish and Richie were holding hands and sharing quick glances and Hugh and David were talking, while Tico seemed to be paying attention with half a mind until Alejandra returned to the table side after tucking their son into bed. She leaned over and whispered something in Tico’s ear and glanced at Jon.

Seeing Alejandra’s nod, Jon excused himself from the table and walked towards the stairs. At Tico’s urging, they all left the table and went into the living room where comfortable chairs and sofas were waiting.

They had brought their wine glasses and were lounging in various poses when Jon came back downstairs. In his hand was a large rectangular wrapped package with a bright blue bow. The others turned from their conversations as Jon entered the living room and then glanced at Amanda with smiles on her face.

Amanda met the looks of her friends with confusion. She wasn’t sure why she was the object of their sly looks, but when Jon put the package in front of her light began to dawn. She looked at the carefully wrapped package and then up at Jon, who had a particularly self-satisfied smile on his face.

Carefully opening the paper, Amanda was astonished to find a painting of bright colors, abstract shapes and geometric designs that still somehow managed to convey the image of a woman with the ocean behind her. The sun seemed to be rising and streaks of color shot out from the center. Next to the woman was a man with light hair, his hand on her shoulder, both facing the ocean, the wind blowing their hair.

There was silence in the room as Amanda took in every detail of the amazing painting. She had seen enough of Tico’s style when she had been his guest before that she knew he had done this. She looked from Jon to Tico in question. Jon answered.

“I knew you liked his work. This is an original and one of a kind Tico Torres.” He glanced at his friend and saw Tico nodding.

“Querida, it’s called ‘A New Dawn’. For the first birthday in your new life.” Tico’s voice held the warmth of his smile.

Carefully passing the painting to her mother, Amanda jumped up and moved to Tico’s chair. She kissed his cheek and beamed. He hugged her in return and smiled at his wife when Amanda immediately turned to Jon.

“Jon, it’s…amazing. Thank you so much. I can’t believe you asked Tico to do this for me.”

She shook her head softly as the uniqueness of the gift overwhelmed her. Her lips sought his as she pressed the gentlest of kisses there. He deepened the kiss, curling her hair around his hand as he did so. The murmurs of conversation finally registered and the two moved apart enough to sit, but never let go of the other’s hand.

Jennifer and Susan exchanged looks, both more reassured than they had been at the beginning of the depth of Jon’s feelings for Amanda. Richie watched Jon lose some of his customary caution in a group that had more than his friends in it. Tico and Alejandra smiled indulgently. Jen and Patricia glanced at each other and grinned at Amanda’s love-stricken look at Jon. David, Hugh and Obie threw quick eye flicks around, while Matt and Tony both raised eyebrows and gave slight shakes of their heads. Neither Amanda or Jon noticed.

Richie did and wondered at it.


The cue ball smacked resoundingly into the seven, banking off three sides as one brother stood watching the other shoot.

Absently chalking his stick, Matt watched the seven slide into a corner pocket.

“So, what do you think about her, Tony?”

Shrugging his shoulders, chalking his own cue stick, Tony glanced at his brother.

“She seems pretty decent. Didn’t see her flashing any jewelry to the other women, not even her friend…what’s her name…Sharon?”

Matt shook his head. “Susan.”

“Yeah, her…” Tony continued, “…and she seemed to like that painting…but, shit, Matty, we both know Jon’s taste in women these days…”

Waiting until Tony shot again, Matt countered.

“You remember Maryann?”

Tony nodded yes.

“She was the one who would keep me informed as much as possible while they were on the road about what was going on with Jon. She was the one who told me about him carrying her out of that room at Giants. And she saw them screwing in the limo. Apparently it was a big joke, with the other guys banging on the car and shit.”

Tony threw him a slightly puzzled look.

“So? What’s the big deal about that? You know our brother’s never been shy about that kinda shit. He just makes sure there’s no press around to get pictures.”

“The point is that what they did made it onto Backstage. I had to ban a few members just to get the rumors shut off. Once the other broads realized that talking that kinda crap was getting some of them banned, they shut up.”

“Matt, I’ve told ya a hundred times, that kinda shit is gonna catch up to you one day. You think that’s the only place they talk?”

“I’m not worried about them, Tony, I’m worried about Jon…and Ma.”

Tony’s head snapped around.

“What about Ma?”

“Not sure, but she does not like Amanda. You know that.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Tony replied. “Yeah, she called me once or twice, but you know her, she’ll get over it.”

Looking his brother directly in the eyes, Tony’s voice was low.

“You’re talking about Jon and Mom, Matt, she's always...she'll never...fuck, Matt, you know..."

Matt nodding, just a little grimly.

"Yeah...the golden boy..."

John Francis - Chapter 213

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 11:35 PM

Tico and Alejandra were sitting outside on the patio of their home, talking with their guests and friends. The kids had eaten and were already in the pool as the adults sat lingering over the buffet that had been offered and the excellent Cuban coffee Alejandra had prepared.

Trish and Jen were sitting beside Alejandra on lounge chairs by the pool, talking while keeping one eye on the kids. They all knew the nannies for the Bongiovi children were watching, but Alejandra keep watching her young son and their eyes traveled frequently to the laughing children.

Richie, Tico, and David sat at the table, sipping their coffees and smiling indulgently whenever a shriek came from the pool area. Tico turned dark eyes to David.

“So, what’s going on with you and Jen?”

David turned his head back from the kids with a slightly surprised look in his face.

“Where’d that question come from?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Tico gave a small smile.

“Just wondered. I like her. She doesn’t take any shit from you.”

David grinned a sly one cheeked smile and then smirked.

“Yeah, but it’s a lot of fun giving it back.”

He glanced at Richie, deftly turning the tables.

“What about you, Swing? You figured out yet Trish is smarter than you?”

“Fuck you, Lema.”

“Fuck you? That’s your best shot? You’re slippin’ man.”

Richie scowled at David over the rim of his coffee cup, meeting the twinkling eyes and wide grin of the other man.

“Either of you know if Jon invited his parents here?” Richie’s eyes glanced at both the other men as he spoke.

David shook his head ‘no’ and Tico just raised an eyebrow.

Richie shot a look at Tico. “What?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Tico answered. “Jon said yesterday that he had asked them to come but his mother was sick.”

Richie’s radar twitched at the slightly questioning expression on Tico’s face.

“She was sick? Or she didn’t want to come?”

Again shaking his head, Tico replied. “He said sick, but I think she didn’t want to come.”

David jumped in. “What’s up with her? I’ve never seen her be so rude to someone.”

“I don’t know, but Jon didn’t seem too upset when she said they weren’t coming. He also didn’t seem worried about her being sick, which made me think she probably wasn’t.” Tico answered as he refilled his coffee cup.

The men were stopped from pursuing the conversation further at the arrival of the other guests. Hugh and Kelli arrived, followed shortly by Obie, Chris, and Mrs. Sambora, with Tony and Matt following shortly. Everyone was spending the day together and the drinks soon began as the laughter grew.

The doorbell rang again to announce Susan and Mrs. Adams’ arrival. They entered to warm greetings from Tico and then a tour by Alejandra. Once they returned to the patio, Jennifer settled herself by Joan Sambora. The two were soon deep in conversation. Susan said hello to the other men and then wandered over to sit with Jen and Trish.

“Wow! Great house, huh?” She smiled at the other two, settling herself on a comfortable lounger.

Jen nodded. “Oh yeah, did you get the tour too?”

“Sure did.”

Trish smiled a little distractedly. After glancing at her and then at where she was looking, the other two women grinned at each other and then turned to her.

“Uh, earth to Trish…” Jen poked her with a finger on the shoulder.

Trish’s head snapped back to her.


Jen laughed out loud. “You. Mooning over Richie. How old are you anyway, girl?”

Trish blushed lightly as she gave a small laugh. “I know, it’s ridiculous. But he’s such a great guy.”

Susan watched Patricia blush lightly and guessed correctly that she and Richie were sleeping together. She felt a small flare of jealousy when she realized that she had met Richie before Trish and he had never shown an interest in her. This was quickly followed by an image of the people crowding them on the street that day in New York and she gave a small shudder. She did not do crowds like that. Malls, concerts, that type of crowd were okay, but the pressing of bodies and shoving that had happened that day…no.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she was drawn back into the conversation, answering a question from Jen.

Trish found her eyes drifting again to Richie, remembering with an imperceptible shudder their morning together. A twinge of worry crossed her mind, but she brushed it away. It wasn’t that close to a dangerous time. They had always been careful. It would never happen again.

And no matter, it really, really wasn’t that close.

Hearing her name in a question from Susan, Patricia and then Jen talked about how they had met the men. She told about the dinner she had gone to for The Soul and how the press had been all over the event when Jon had announced the engagement. The three were talking and laughing over something Jen had said when a figure plopped down on a chair beside them.

“Can I join this party?” Amanda eyed the three who were now wiping tears from their eyes.

“Hey girl!” Susan threw an arm around her friend’s shoulder.

“Did you have a nice birthday night?” Jen asked with a wink.

Nodding with a big grin on her face, Amanda replied. “Yes…I’d have to say I did.”

“So…” Susan asked, throwing a smile at the other two women, “…what did you get for a present from Jon?”

Amanda made surprised eyes as she considered the question. “This…everyone here, that was my present. And I love it!”

The other three lightly raised their eyes to each other as Amanda looked around at friends and family. Susan shook her head at them, saying without words that this was Amanda. Sudden laughter from the men drew the women’s eyes to watch their group.

Tico stood there, the smallest of the group, but with a presence that made him seem larger than he was. He had heavily muscled arms from his years as a drummer and a full head of black hair. His voice was the lowest of the men also and his deep laughter could be heard across the length of the pool.

David’s golden corkscrew curls seemed to almost shoot off sparks as bright sunlight hit it. The curls shook when he talked and flew back and forth in continuous motion. Hugh was always the quieter one in the group, but whenever he spoke the men turned to listen. He seemed more low key, but heads were thrown back in laughter after he had added something to the conversation.

Richie’s own dark hair was also catching the light of the sun, or more likely it was the beading of the trinkets that dangled down below the ends of his longish hair. Constantly throwing different voices and accents into the group, he mugged for his friends, drawing frequent laughter. Somehow with the trinkets, the open front purple shirts, and the jeans, Richie also seemed to be ready for rock and roll.

Jon had already thrown on swim trunks and stood there in the sun, one arm under the other, a drink in his hand, the sun glinting off his hair and seeming to linger on the fur covering his chest, arms, and legs. He seemed supremely at ease, throwing his head back in throaty laughter at something one or the other of his friends said.

Watching with the other women, Amanda realized that she was seeing a rare side of Jon. A glimpse of the man when he was with friends, at ease, with no hint of the “rock star” persona he so often had to adopt. His smiles and laughter were genuine and there was no guardedness in his posture.

She also grasped that no matter what happened to him in the future, these men would hold a place in his life that could never be changed.

John Francis - Chapter 212

Sunday, February 8, 2009 at 10:42 PM

Amanda felt giddy as they returned to the room. She went in as Jon opened the door and practically twirled as she walked through the room to the floor to ceiling windows that faced onto a dark ocean, she stood there a moment, reflected in dim light of the room. Setting down the room key on a table, Jon came up behind her, and wrapped strong arms around her from behind.

“It’s still your birthday for a few more minutes. Is there anything you want?”

The breath from his whispered words warmed her skin where it touched. She turned in his arms until she faced him, running her fingers into his hair as she drew his lips towards hers.

“I want you.”

Jon’s eyes widened even as a smile crinkled the corners.

His lips touching the softness of hers was his answer.

Currents seemed to shoot through her as he nibbled at her mouth, touching her softly with tongue and teeth, sharing a breath with her. Her blood seemed to warm and her skin felt as if a fever had started, sensitive, aware of the slightest touch. Sliding his hands down her back, he cupped her buttocks, pulling her upward and into his hardness, pressing back against the warmth of her. Reluctantly releasing her, he moved quickly to the back of her dress, sliding the zipper down with one hand while his mouth trailed kisses from her cheek to the smooth hollow of her neck.

Amanda’s head dropped back as Jon’s lips moved lower down the front of her. She felt relief when the clasp of her bra was released and shrugged her shoulders to drop it down. He allowed her to slip it off and quickly removed his own shirt before drawing her back to press her fullness against the tangle of hair that awaited it. Her arms around his muscled back drew him closer to her as her hands found his hair, tugging him more fully against her. Their kisses deepened, mouths fused together as if each needed the other to breathe.

Separating herself only enough to allow her hands to touch the front of him, Amanda ran her fingers through the rough hairs of his chest and lower stomach, teasing by dipping her fingers gently down into the front of his pants. A low growl made a laugh catch in her throat as he entwined a hand in her hair, bending her to his passion. She shuddered when his lips touched a breast, nipping the aroused tip before taking it fully into his mouth. Her eyes closed as pleasure spread from that one point throughout her body. Her hand in his hair tightened as she raised him up to meet her eyes.


The hoarseness of her voice brought a smile to his lips and with a twist she was in his arms and then on the bed. Her dress was gone, his pants were dropped, and he slowly crawled up over her, intent on only one end. The lightest pressure of his knee against her thigh had her opening to him and he slowly moved up until his shaft pressed against her. She reached for him, easing his entry with the arousal that awaited him, until the tip of his length caught and he was inside her, each stroke causing a grunt to leave his throat and an answering moan from hers.

Over and over again he buried himself inside her as she thrust back up to receive him. Deep shudders announced her peak as Jon ground himself further into her, only moments from his own release. Her breath caught and then a muffled scream into his shoulder betrayed her as sensation poured through her. The spasms of her orgasms gripped him and Jon felt himself slip over his own edge, plunging into her once, then twice, as he poured himself inside her.

Lowering himself over her, he allowed his weight to settle on her gently, his arms cradling her, small kisses on the sides of her neck causing giggles to shake them both. She wriggled against him, catching her lip as a smile threatened as his eyes widened at her movements. Squinted dark eyes met his blue as she smiled at him.

“Well, it IS still my birthday, right?”

A raised eyebrow met that question as she actually leered up at him.

The growl that accompanied the duck lips made her laugh even as they once again re-kindled the fire.


“Hey babe? Breakfast is here.”

Jon looked at the closed bathroom door, wondering if Amanda was still in the shower. He had woken that morning feeling that all was right in his world. The party had been a success. She was happy. All their friends had come. He frowned again as he thought of his mother’s “excuse”, then shrugged it off as the door opened and Amanda came out in a hotel robe with a towel wrapped around her head.

“Thanks. I’m starving!”

He gave an exaggerated “I’m so good” puff of his chest as she laughed and poured coffee.

She helped herself to eggs and toast, filling a plate for him also.

“So, what’s happening today?”

Jon sat at the table, taking a forkful of food before answering, and adding a pile of bacon.

“Heading over to Tico’s. The kids can play in the pool and we’ll have lunch, spend the day.”

She nodded at him. “That sounds great. I’m really glad the kids could come.”

His smile was warm as he gazed at her.


Patricia snuggled down deeper into the covers of the bed as she listened to the singing coming from the shower. She grinned to herself, wondering at the man’s energy. They couldn’t have gotten more than four hours of sleep and she ached in places she had forgotten she had, and he was up already, in the shower, and singing.

Now that she thought about it a little more, waking up to hearing Richie sing in the shower was something that she could easily get used to. Throwing back the covers in a sudden impulse, she walked the few steps to the bathroom and knocked on the door. Unfortunately, he had to stop singing to tell her to ‘come in’, but the warm soapy man opening the shower door to invite her was worth the interruption.

A grin split his face as he took in the lushness of the woman standing under the spray. He moved up behind her and cupped her heavy breasts in his hands.

“Mornin’ darlin’…” he nuzzled her neck with his warm breath.

“Ummm…good morning…”

“Glad you woke up.” His hands moved more firmly around her breasts, the thumbs teasing rising nipples.

With her backside firmly pressed against Richie’s front, Patricia couldn’t stop a grin crossing her face.

“Looks like I’m not the only one.”

Richie chuckled in her ear as he pressed his length against her.

Patricia made a low sound of pure pleasure as the long fingers of Richie’s hand reached between her legs and began to weave their magic. The warmth of his shaft against her seemed to grow stronger as their soft breaths turned harsher with the need to be together. In a sudden graceful move, Richie turned Patricia to face him and quickly lifted her up, positioning her against the shower wall, with her legs now wrapped about his back.

Eyes wide in anticipation, Patricia felt him seek entry and then her eyes closed as his length entered her fully and his hands pressed her against him until he could get no further inside. As always, the size of this man brought it’s own mixture of pleasure and pain at the onset which quickly turned to pure pleasure as her body adjusted and moisture slicked down to ease his passage.

Her breath quickened when she heard his hoarse whispered urging, almost in time to his thrusts.

“Come for me, baby…”

Her teeth caught her lower lip as the pleasure built and built.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it…”

Patricia whimpered now, her fingers tightening on his shoulders, using their broadness to both balance herself and aid her in matching his thrusts.

“Baby…” Richie ground out, the slick heat at the core of the woman in his arms working it’s magic, bringing him closer to release.

“God…Richie…ohhhh…” Patricia’s words failed as her orgasm rolled through her, dropping her head onto his shoulder as she clenched her hands on the muscles they found.

Richie felt her go, felt her spasming around his cock, the heat of her growing as he thrust again and again.

“Trish…ahh…god…” He slammed into her again as he poured himself into her willing body.

The two clung together for more than a few minutes afterwards, until Richie reluctantly lowered her off his body and onto the floor. Patricia’s legs trembled as she stood, the warm water beating down on her still throbbing body. Richie shared the water with her, one hand bracing himself against a wall. He reached for the soap to wash and glanced down at himself.

“Well…shit.” His voice was low as he took in the news that there was no protective sheath to remove.

Patricia turned at his voice, glancing at him in puzzlement.


Richie gestured downward and her eyes followed…and widened.


John Francis - Chapter 211

Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Jon’s eyes took in the woman standing in front of him, saw her own light enhanced by the warm reflected rays of the fading sun. Her smile as she saw Jon standing there widened and radiated with her love.

“Nice day baby?” He asked as he kissed her cheek.

“Amazing day. Thank you.”

Jon had a wine at the ready and sipping the chilled white, tasting the light almost not there barest hint of fruit, she smiled her approval of his choice. They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, both turning to watch the waves as they rolled onto the shore. There were a few people still on the beach, catching the last of the rays, while some were gathering towels and moving toward the hotel.

“Ready for dinner?” His words, spoken softly, brought her thoughts back to the man across from her.

“Sure. Here?”

“No, somewhere else. Let’s go.” He pulled her chair out and they walked from the room.

Expecting to be led to the main entrance of the hotel and a waiting car, Amanda was surprised to be taken to a hallway that apparently led to a series of rooms. Glancing quickly at his watch, Jon smiled and then opened one of the doors. Amanda stepped in to see a crowd of people, all yelling “SURPRISE!”. She started laughing as she saw who was there. It seemed Jon had been busy.

Along with her mother, Susan, and a few of her other close girlfriends, there was Richie, Patricia, Tico, Alejandra, Hugh, Kelli, David, Jen, Obie, Chris, Matt and Tony and their wives, Richie’s mom, and a few others in attendance. She gave a gasp of surprise as her legs were suddenly tackled by a small set of arms. Looking down she saw Romeo and then the rest of Jon’s children along with two women who appeared to be their nannies. Quickly giving and receiving hugs and kisses, she was moved through the crowd, birthday wishes coming from all her friends and family.

Jon stood back a little, watching Amanda’s reactions to the evening he had planned for her. He caught Richie’s eye and saw his friend wink at him, a big grin on his handsome face. Working his way over to Jon, he moved through the mingling crowd, ruffling Romeo’s hair as he passed by. He reached Jon and stood at his side. They both watched for a few minutes.

“Did she suspect anything?” Richie asked without turning his head.

“Nah, not a thing.” Jon’s grin was wide enough that Richie caught it from the corner of his eye.

“Ya did good, bro’…real good.” Richie also grinned as he spoke.

Jon had sent the plane for everyone from the New York and New Jersey area, while Amanda’s mother and her friends were picked up and driven to the hotel. The only people who had declined were Dorothea and Eric and his parents. He could understand Dot’s reasons and appreciated that she had allowed the kids to come without a fuss; however, his parents were another story.

His dad had relayed the information that Carol wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to travel, but he was fairly sure she wasn’t as sick as she made out as evidenced by her normal-sounding voice when he called to check on her. Hearing laughter from others in the room, he shook off his dark thoughts and got back into the moment.

“Jon?” A woman’s voice and the touch of a hand on his arm brought him turning to his other side.

“Hi Jennifer…” A warm smile and a flash of white greeted Amanda’s mother.

“You really surprised her. Thanks so much for doing this.” She squeezed the strong forearm in her hand as she spoke.

Jon put his hand over her smaller one, patting it as he widened his smile. His eyes traveled from the mother to the daughter. He watched her for a few minutes as smiled at something Susan said then threw her head back in laughter, a hand reaching to cover a smile that wouldn’t stop even as her eyes twinkled with another.

He inclined his head toward Jennifer, speaking almost from the corner of his smile.

“I love hearing her laugh.”

Nodding her head, watching her daughter intently, she leaned towards Jon.

“Me too.”

Jon gave a slight lurch as Romeo, who seemed to think he was suddenly a linebacker, grabbed him. A quick step forward saved him as he turned to find Romeo firmly attached.

“Hey big guy! Come here!”

Romeo giggled as he was swept up high by his father, then settled against a hip. Jon almost winced at the stickiness that met his cheek, but the sweetness of the kiss that accompanied it turned the wince into a smile. His youngest beamed at him as he pulled back from the kiss.

“Dad?” Bright eyes met those of his father.


His son’s emphatic “Bathroom!” was accompanied by a point of his finger and a wiggle to get down.

A wry grin from Jon was all that was needed for Jennifer to break out into a big smile. She laughed at the expression on his youngest son as he tugged his father’s hand.

“Better hurry!”

Those legendary blue eyes rolled as he allowed himself to be pulled from the room.

Susan glanced up to see Jon being led out the door to the room by his son and Jennifer watching them with a fond smile. She moved over to her and gave a small chuckle of her own at Romeo’s nonstop talk. She figured it was the last rather frantic “Dad! Come on!” that did it.

“Hey mom…you having fun?”

Jennifer turned to her daughter’s friend, a big grin still on her face.

“Yeah…I am. He’s really good with those kids, isn’t he?” Her gaze traveled once again to the closed door, before turning to Susan.

“This is the first time I’ve seen him with them, but I’m thinking that’s a yes.”

“How’s our girl doing?” Jennifer nodded toward her daughter.

“She’s having a blast. Just got out of the spa here and says they have a gorgeous room, so…” Susan trailed off as she also watched Amanda beaming at those around her.

Amanda saw two of the people she loved most talking to the other and excused herself to walk over. Hands on her hips, she cocked her head at them.

“And what are you two talking about?”

Susan quickly piped up.

“You, of course!”

Raised eyebrows met that.

“Oh? And I’m that interesting suddenly? Hmmm?”

“Hell yeah, girl! Haven’t seen you for weeks and in the meantime you’ve gotten engaged! I’d say that’s interesting.” Susan’s voice was teasing as she smiled at her friend.

Before she could respond to that, she was grabbed from behind by a small figure. She gave a slight lurch forward and reached out a hand, catching Susan’s. Turning to look behind her, she grinned at Jon’s littlest one.

“Hey Romeo! Where’d you go?”

“Bathroom. With daddy.” He let her go and turned to look around.

“Where’s Jakey?” His eyes found his brother and he dashed off before she could answer, a young woman quickly following him.

Jon came up behind her then, his arm slipping around her waist as he pulled her back to him.

Looking at the other women, he nodded towards the table.

“You ladies ready to eat?”


The birthday dinner was over and most of the guests were in the bar. Jon had offered a room to both Susan and Jennifer and they had accepted. Even Tico and Alejandra were staying over at the beautiful hotel, although Tico lived extremely close. Their son was with his nanny and their evening was free.

Drinks and laughter flower throughout the elegant room as the guys delighted in telling Amanda’s mother some of the stories about her. She found herself threatening one then the other with bodily harm when they were in the midst of some tale that usually found her at the losing end. Her mother exhibited a laugh close to Amanda’s when she heard what her daughter’s friends were telling her.

“You punched him?” Jennifer turned wide eyes to her child.

“Well, yes, but not very hard.” Amanda stuttered as those who had witnessed the event roared.

“Uhm, excuse me, it was my stomach.” Jon turned to look at Amanda, squinting his eyes as he did so. “It was hard.”

“Oh yeah, right! Like I really hurt THAT stomach!” Amanda retorted before what she said reached her own ears.

They all laughed at the blush that consumed her.

Jon flashing his stomach to the room at that moment didn’t help.

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