John Francis - Chapter 128

Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 4:39 PM
They woke late the next morning as both were exhausted from the concert and their after-concert activities. Sliding out of bed, Amanda made her way to the bathroom without waking Jon. She groomed herself a little and then called down for coffee and some food. She signed when it arrived, managing to let Jon sleep through all that. There were chairs in front of a sliding glass window that look out over the city. She sat in one, curled with her coffee.

The street was busy and she had a good view from their 10th floor room. She hadn’t stopped yet to take a look around the city and was amazed at the different architecture she could see. Her mind was content this morning, but she was still thinking. I was wrong last night. There has to be trust between us. My god, he’s trusting me with so much. I have to trust that he’ll make the right decisions too. He did show that last night. She heard Jon behind her then and felt arms on her shoulders. He was in his robe and he brushed her hair with his hands.

“Good morning.” She heard a soft rumble.

She reached her hand to touch his and answered with her own greeting.

“Want to join me? She asked him. He moved to the other chair with his coffee.

“I was sleeping pretty hard, huh?” He asked her.

“Oh yeah, managed to get coffee up here without waking you!” She laughed softly as he shook his head side to side.

“Can’t imagine why I was sleeping so hard…” His grin made her blush and she shot him a sideways glance.

“Oh, I have a pretty good idea…” her voice trailed off as he chuckled at her in the masculine way of men who have done something they’re quite pleased with.

They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, still holding hands, waking up to the day. The sunlight coming through the window was hitting Amanda and he looked at her. He loved how natural she was with him with regard to her looks. No false pretenses, no rushing to get some makeup on. Right now her face was just freshly scrubbed and she looked radiant from their evening together. She has the most gorgeous skin! No wonder she doesn’t hide it under all the makeup crap!

Turning to him, she saw him looking at her. “What?”

“Just sitting here thinking of how your skin looks in this light.”

She rolled her eyes. “Jon, I know I don’t have any makeup on, but…” She stopped as he held up his hand.

“That’s not what I was thinking. I was thinking how gorgeous your skin is without any of that crap.”

She laughed softly. “Sure you were. You don’t see these lines?” She pointed to the small lines around her eyes.

Laughing now, he pointed to himself. “And what? You don’t see these lines?”

“But you’re a guy, you get better as you get older…dammit!” She admitted this with female irritation at the natural propensity of some men to get better looking with age. “I swear, it’s the most unfair thing in nature! I’ve seen you since you were what, 24? My god, it’s so not fair! We’re “pretty” and then we get “looks good for her age” and you…argh!” He laughed at her good-natured grumbling.

Teasing her a little, he added, “Well, honey, you do look good for your age.”

Her eyes opened wide in shock at that and Jon roared with laughter. “I’m sorry, but…you just…set yourself up…for that one…” he managed between bursts of laughter.

Trying to give as good as she got, she shot back. “Well at least I’m now entering MY sexual peak years! Match that, Mr. ‘I’m getting better looking with age’!”

His eyes gleaming, Jon set down his coffee cup. “Is that a challenge?” And he moved to her.


Several hours later, as both lay in exhaustion on the bed, Amanda admitted that perhaps Jon’s sexual peak years weren’t quite over and he admitted that she just might kill him yet and she would still look good doing it.


The room phone rang at 2:30. Jon answered.

“Hello?” His voice was raspy from his and Amanda’s last few moments.

“Jon? What the hell’s wrong with your…aw shit, never mind.” Richie chuckled. “So, no problems, I’m guessing?”

Clearing his throat, attempting to regain his normal speaking voice and failing, Jon answered. “No problems.”

Laughter was all that came through the phone. Amanda could hear it clearly and knew it was Richie. She motioned for the phone and Jon handed it to her. Her voice was even more husky than she realized, however, when she spoke.

“Richie? There better be a good reason for this call or you’re a dead man.”

Laughing even harder now as he heard Amanda’s voice, he finally was able to tell her the reason for the call.

“Photo shoot. 5 pm. Tell Jon, okay darlin’?”

“Mmmm…okay Richie. Wait…Jon wants to talk to you.”

“Hey man, what’s up?” His voice was clearing a little now.

“Photos at five…you gonna be able to walk?” Richie teased his friend.

“Fuck you, Sambora” was Jon’s lame response.

“Yeah, well, you ain’t hearing your voices, I am…Jesus! Don’t let her come to the shoot sounding like that. No one will be able to fit into their pants!”

“Dining room, 3:30, okay?” Jon managed, trying to pull his thoughts together.

Richie shot back, “Wear clothes!” and hung up the phone.

Jon slammed the dead phone back into the cradle. “We’ve gotta get moving, babe.”

She moaned, “I know, I know…haven’t you guys ever heard of a day off?”

He smacked her ass and her head shot up, eyes meeting his. “This is a day off almost. Move that ass before I get serious.”

Her eyes moved mischievously to his obviously over-used member. With a wicked grin, she smiled at him. “Right now, babe, you couldn’t find serious with two hands and a flashlight!”

His eyes widened and she moved, fast. With a yelp she was on her way to the bathroom, not quite making it inside before Jon’s hand grabbed her wrist. Although there wasn’t time and in truth neither could manage another round, they both had fun in their shower.

At 3:30 Jon and Amanda entered the elevator to go down to the dining room. Jon was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, while Amanda had on a cream colored shirt and a loose flowing black skirt that was almost peasant-length in style.

Amanda had that look a woman can get, that completely sexually sated look that brings a slit to the eyes, a smile to the lips, and a dreamy expression to the face. Her skin was lightly flushed from Jon’s whisker stubble during the night and her lips were swollen from that and his kisses. Jon’s eyes were a bit slitted too and he was in such a good mood that it was practically indecent. This was the sight that met Richie’s eyes as he stuck his arm into the elevator door to get in with them. Both were leaning against the wall, letting that do the work of holding them up.

Richie’s chin tucked down and he pulled his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose to look at them. They returned his look, Jon full on, Amanda casting her eyes downward.

“Well, good morning, or is it afternoon?” Richie drawled out. His only response was a yawn from the two of them and a mumbled ‘mornin’.

“Uh huh…” Richie murmured, leading the way out of the elevator and to the dining room. Amanda and Jon followed a little more slowly. The other guys were already there and sitting at a table. Richie rolled eyes at them out of sight of the other two and then all four turned to watch them follow behind him. They walked to the table and both fell gratefully into chairs.

“Coffee?” Jon croaked. Amanda just sat, blinking her eyes, trying to get them to open more fully.

Tico called out a ‘good afternoon’ to her and she blinked and looked at him. In a voice raspy from sex she answered, “hey Tico, hi guys” including the other men.

“So where’s this shoot today?” They informed her that it would be at a studio and she almost groaned in relief, knowing she would probably be able to sprawl on a couch somewhere. Three of the men looked at Richie, who was grinning an evil smile, then looked at Jon and Amanda. They all were very worldly men and didn’t need neon signs to point them in the right direction.

His voice drawling, Richie started. “So, Jon, those bags under your eyes? Think the cameras gonna see ‘em?” Jon shot him a glare. “Amanda, honey, you’ve got to let this boy get some sleep. He’s not getting any younger, ya know!”

“We slept!” She shot back defensively, but seeing Richie’s grin, a blush stained her face.

“Sambora…!” Her voice filled with warning. A warning no one seemed willing to heed.

“Damn, Jon!” They heard David’s voice. “A little extra makeup for you today, huh?”

Hugh chuckled softly. “That’s what happens when you’re with a younger woman.”

Jon’s head shot up. “What!? She’s only three years younger than me!”

“Then why does she look great and you look like shit?” Richie asked mockingly.

Amanda started giggling then, remembering their recent bedroom conversation. Drawing her voice out to match Richie’s tone, she answered him. “That’s because I’m in my 40’s…”

They all looked at her, with the exception of Jon who knew where this was going.

Tico had to ask. “And that means?”

“Well, you know what they say about women in their 40’s, right? We’re hitting our stride.” She grinned at them then, her smile as wicked at Richie’s.

Richie looked at Jon sympathetically. “So who you want invited to your funeral?”


They finished their meal and by 4:30 were on their way out of the hotel to the waiting limo. Amanda didn’t worry about who had a hold of her today as she was deep in her sexual fog from last night. Jon was so charming to the fans from his good mood that they almost didn’t make it to the car. Richie decided that he would keep a hand on Amanda as she was likely to walk off a cliff if someone didn’t. They made it through the throng, their group intact, and were off to the shoot.

They arrived at close to five, the traffic a bit heavier than expected and entered the building. A crew of assistants whisked the men off to get ready for the shoot and Amanda was shown to a side couch where she promptly sprawled as gracefully as she could. She was glad she didn’t have to do a photo shoot right then.

She half reclined, her legs tucked almost underneath her and her hair spread out behind her. The half-smile that crossed her lips and her still slitted eyes drew the glance of the photographer, who unknown to her snapped off several shots. Good bone structure, great skin, great hair, not beautiful, pretty, sexy, nice look there. Wonder who she is? He then reloaded his camera, waiting for the men of Bon Jovi.

The five men came back out and Amanda’s eyes widened a bit. Holy shit! They look amazing! And they did. They were dressed casually, but that fit their looks. Tico was in the black he favored, but the shirt had no sleeves and showed off his muscled drummer’s arms to perfection. Hugh looked long and lean in his black pants and off white shirt and David, who had enough charm to look good in the goofiest of outfits, looked elegant in the dark trousers and silver shirt he had on. Richie was in a deep crimson shirt, opened almost to the waist and black pants. He had his trademark Stetson with him as they would be using it in some of the shots. And, Jon, well, Jon had on black leather pants that must have been painted on by someone in wardrobe. The white collared shirt was open to show a generous amount of chest hair and it gaped a bit so that one nipple was occasionally exposed. The bags under his eyes from their night had been camouflaged and he looked fresh and ready for the camera.

Sitting on her couch, Amanda felt her throat dry out. She had looked at all the other men and could appreciate how fine they looked all prettied up for the camera, but Jon made her unable to breathe. Even though she wouldn’t have thought it possible, her nipples sprang to attention under her cream sweater, showing through the thin material. She had changed her posture when Jon entered and the photographer again snapped off a few shots of her, noting with his practiced eye that there were changes in her appearance. He again wondered who she was, but was now wondering whom she was with.

Looking at the men now ready for the camera, his eye sought them out through his lens. It was immediately apparent which one of the men was with the woman on the couch. He quickly shot several frames, but realized that Jon probably wasn’t going to approve them as they showed his current state pretty clearly. Stopping and saying he needed to change the lighting, he quietly motioned to get Jon’s attention.

“Mr. Bon Jovi…” he started.


“Jon. I shot some frames, but you’re probably not going to approve them.”

With a confused look on his face, he asked why not.

“Well…the woman on the couch, she’s with you, right?”

Jon nodded.

“Uh, the pictures show you’re glad she’s here,” was the best the photographer could manage.

Jon had been aware of his arousal since seeing Amanda lying on the couch, her own evidence of her awareness of him clearly showing, but as he had not looked at his own pants, he had not known what was apparent to the eye of the camera.

“Aw shit! Sorry man, um, give me a minute, okay?” The photographer nodded gratefully and moved to change the lighting.

Jon walked over to Amanda. Her eyes moved to follow him and his breath quickened.

“Honey…the photographer, well, I can’t shoot photos in this condition.” He made a small motion and her eyes followed. “Shit! Manda! Stop that!” His voice softly groaned at her. Laughing now, she got up from the couch and grabbed her bag.

“If I go outside to look at shops on the street, will they let me back in later?”

“Hey, Jason!” Jon called to the photographer, who looked over at him.

“Amanda’s gonna take a walk around outside. Will you tell your people to let her back in whenever she wants?”

“Sure, Jon, no problem.” He moved to speak with his assistant.

Jon kissed her and she smiled at him and then the rest of the men who had grins a mile wide on their faces. She stuck her tongue out at them and then left the room, going down the stairs to the outer door.

Richie grinned at Jon’s lingering glance at her departure and called out to him. “Hey man, point that thing in this direction and let’s get this over with!”

Jon’s raised middle finger was his only response as he walked back over for the shoot.

John Francis - Chapter 127

Friday, June 27, 2008 at 4:06 PM
Oh my god! Jon thought. He looked at her, Carrie all but forgotten at that moment.

“Manda…” he started, trying to think how to explain, but then her words penetrated his sheer shock at having her appear in the doorway.

Carrie looked at Amanda, then at Jon who stood there in open-mouthed dismay. She turned to Amanda again and really looked her.

“You are not beautiful…” Carrie’s voice was not mean, just matter of fact.

“No, I’m not.” Amanda replied evenly.

“Then it is worse than I thought. If you were a great beauty, I would know how you attracted him. But, it is not your face, so that means it is who you are and who he is when he is with you.” Again, Carrie simply stated what she thought, no anger or pettiness in her tone.

Turning to Jon, she reached out a hand and touched his cheek.

“Good-bye Jon.” She looked again at Amanda, then turned and walked out of the room.

Amanda continued to look at him. Inside her a maelstrom of emotions was boiling. She was glad she had heard what she did as he had just shown he was willing to change and not repeat the mistakes of his past. What she didn’t expect was how painful it was to hear what had been said.

Jon was completely astonished at her reaction. He looked at her, trying to judge what he had heard and if he heard her correctly.

Stammering a little, he started, “I’m sorry you heard that.”

“I’m not. Would you like to know why?” She asked him, her head tilted as she watched him.

“Yeah, I sure as hell would.” He managed to get out.

“Because you were keeping your word. You have a past, Jon, maybe more extensive than I realized, but it’s pretty obvious you had a long-term relationship with her and you just ended it for me. You did end it because of me, right?”

Nodding his head, he moved to her. “Yes I did, I don’t want the same mistakes, the same problems. I wish you wouldn’t have learned about her though…makes me seem like a real asshole, doesn’t it?”

“Well, it’s not one of the nicest things I’ve learned about you to date, but…”

Her words were silenced as he drew her in for a kiss. He put his love and his yearning for her into his kiss and she answered him with the love and longing in her heart. Jon had pulled her to him and suddenly they both heard a whisper come from the doorway, penetrating their heated embrace.

“Jon! Are you a fucking idiot or what?” Richie’s voice was an angry hiss. They broke apart and Richie then got a look at who Jon was kissing. “Oh shit! Sorry, I, um, that, uh…aw fuck!” He was completely caught off guard by this situation and knew he had just screwed up.

Amanda looked at him. “You knew, didn’t you?”

“Knew what, darlin’?” He tried to bluff. Her look stopped him. “Shit! Yeah, I knew, okay?”

“Now I know.” She answered him back.

Even more confused, Richie asked her, “What do you know?”

Her smile was a bit forced as she answered him. “I know that Jon means to keep his word and stop making the mistakes he made in the past. I know I can add a little more trust to how I feel about him. And, I know that I shouldn’t be surprised by anything in the future that relates to his past.”

She shot both of them a bit of a hard look then. “I understand a more than 25 year friendship and all that, but don’t make me out to be a fool, either of you, alright?”

They nodded at her. It was the best she could hope for, to try to make that point, as she knew the short time they had been together did not and never would over-ride their long friendship. Hell, she could be with Jon for 25 years and Richie would still have 25 more years than her.

Drawing out a long breath, Richie said, “Oooh-kay…, well, then, guess I’ll head back to the party.” He left, shaking his head from side to side.

Looking at Jon, Amanda regarded him with her arms loosely crossed. “So, rock star, is there a girl in every country like that one?”

He winced at her calling him ‘rock star’ as it was a little like a slap coming from someone who didn’t think of him that way, or at least hadn’t until she’d had it rubbed in her face. The truth was there wasn’t someone in every country, there had been one nighters and Carrie here in England.

Shaking his head slowly “no” he told her the truth. “That’s not how it is or how it was. She was the only one like that.”

“Okay, thanks for telling me. We should head back to the party, don’t you think?” She uncrossed her arms and held out her hand to him. He took it, his feelings jumbled, and walked back with her to the big room.


Amanda and Jon came back into the main room where everyone seemed to be having a great time. They joined up with the rest of the guys who, with the exception of Richie, had no idea of any of the drama that had been taking place. Jon, not in the least insensitive to Amanda’s feelings, kept her hand tucked into his. He needed to touch her, to reassure himself that this too would work out. He was embarrassed at having her hear and see him with Carrie and even more embarrassed that she knew he had done this to his ex-wife. How the hell am I ever going to get her to really trust me?

Richie raised his eyebrows at Jon at their return and Jon gave a slight shake of his head that indicated things seemed to be okay, but who knew. Amanda was a little quieter than usual, thinking about so many things. I wish I didn’t know about her. That was long term. That was more than a one night stand – that was a man who lived a double life. She laughed at the appropriate times and joined in, but her mind was still operating on another level. Her thoughts returned to the interview. Jon said ‘no marriage plans’. Then she berated herself. What the hell are you doing thinking about marriage? You don’t know him, you only think you do. Just enjoy this for as long as it lasts. But that was part of the problem, a part of her did feel that at some time it would come to an end.

Giving herself a mental shake, Amanda made a decision. The truth was he deserved her at least, if not more, than she deserved him. She had been a faithful wife and would be a faithful girlfriend. She was worthy of his attentions and she was going to stop acting like a scared little girl who was afraid someone was going to take her best toy away. This man was hers now and it was high time he knew it, really knew it.

Turning, she whispered in Jon’s ear, “How long do we have to stay here?” With wide eyes, he answered that they could leave at any time.

“So, let’s mingle our way outta here, what do you say?” Her grin urged him to agree with her.

Jon stood up so suddenly the table fell into complete silence. Her hand was still in his and he helped her exit the table then turned to all present.

“Good night,” was all he said as he marched out of the room, nothing discreet in his manner or departure, practically dragging her along with him. She heard laughter from the table as they recovered from the shock of his abrupt departure.

“Jesus, Jon! I said mingle our way out of here, not announce it to the world!” She hissed at his back as he continued on his single-minded mission.

He continued on without a word until the elevator opened. He then pulled her inside with him and as the doors closed he was on her. He pressed her against a wall of the elevator, taking her with his mouth over hers, his hands on her breasts, his hardness pressed against her leg. She was shaking by the time they reached their floor and almost out of breath.

Jon ducked his head out, saw the hallway was clear, and dragged her to the room. He opened the door within seconds and had her in with him. The door slammed shut. He pushed her against the door, continuing what he had begun in the elevator. Amanda’s grip on him was as fierce as her emotions. The tongues dueled as they moved to the bed. Jon’s hands were again moving to her breasts when she spoke breathlessly.

“So what do you want, Bon Jovi? Want to make love to me or do you want to fuck me?”

Jon stopped all movement at her words. Bon Jovi? Fuck me? He knew then that she was more hurt than she was letting on. He pulled back from her and met her eyes.

“Manda, don’t…don’t do that,” his voice was soft as he spoke to her.

“Don’t do what, Jon?”

“Hit me or slap me, or hell, even punch me again, but don’t do this to us.”

She turned her eyes from him, but he wouldn’t let go of her arms.

“You’re hurt and you’re pissed…” she was shaking her head no, but he shook her lightly by the arms. “Yes you are and you’re trying to turn this, turn us, into less than what we are. I should have realized it when you called me ‘rock star’ downstairs.”

Amanda was angry with herself mostly for the hurt she felt. It was just that it seemed from Richie and from Jon that his relationships were with his ex or one time moments. She didn’t have a right to be hurt over something that had happened before her and he did do the right thing. But feelings were fickle things and she could not deny that his duplicity had raised emotions inside her.

“I don’t have any right to be angry with you. You didn’t do anything and you were stopping something that you had done before.” She was speaking quietly, but still not looking at him.

“Doesn’t matter. You still feel the way you do, but I’m not going to let you do this to us. You mean more to me every day and I know you feel the same way, you show it in everything you do. I really do love you, Amanda.”

Her voice was very small, almost a whisper, as she answered him.

“I heard Dot say you told her that too, but I just found out you lived a secret life for five years, Jon.”

Son of a bitch! Jon swore silently. I fucking knew it! That’s why I didn’t want her to find out about Carrie!

Looking at him, she sighed deeply. “I really want to trust you. You did the right thing and here I am trying to punish you.

Tears were in her eyes now as she saw the hurt on his face at what she had said to him.

“I do love you, but I don’t know what to think about all this.”

His face was closing up a little and he struggled to listen to her, to have her speak her mind.

“Can you tell me why? I mean, I know it’s none of my business, but I have to know how you could do this?”

Jon’s voice was almost emotionless as he gave his reasoning, without attempting any justification.

“Dot and I were fighting so much. We were barely civil and while I was over here on tour, she was dealing with having had Jake barely a year and a half before and being alone with him and the other kids. She was angry at having me gone so much and missing so much of what was happening with Jake and the others. We had a really bad fight and I ended up taking a walk that night, stopping in a small pub where Carrie worked. She and I talked, or actually I talked and she listened. We were here for over a month at various venues and I kept going back to see her.”

Amanda nodded her head at him to continue.

“It was comfortable being with her. She knew I would never leave Dot and she was content with that. Like I said, I was selfish and thought I wasn’t hurting anyone if nobody knew. I was wrong.”

Fire lit his eyes then as she made no response to his “confession”.

“Dammit, Amanda, I’m not lying to you and I’m not going to make the same mistakes again!”

He pulled her into his arms then and held her against him until they could both feel the beating of their hearts. He felt her gradually relax and pulling back a little he looked deep into her eyes. Hurt was still evident, but so was what he wanted to hope was belief. He kissed her and when she began kissing him back, he moved to undress her with unhurried motions, breathing her in as he did so. Their eyes never left the other as they moved languidly to the bed, Jon sliding one thigh between her legs, resting some of his weight on her. She touched him everywhere she could reach, feeling the strength of his arms, the hair of his chest, the muscles of his back. He stroked her neck, moving downward to her breasts, to span her waist. Grasping her hips, he moved into position and looked deeply into her eyes.

Amanda saw him hesitate before entering her and with a voice filled with passion, she gently appealed to him.

“Make love to me, Jon, make me know I’m yours.”

Slowly and lovingly he entered her warmth, sliding into the silk that was pure Amanda. She enveloped him, arching for him, as he stroked inside her heat. Love and lust battled with each other as they moved within their primal connection. They felt each other responding, their peaks approaching with a rapidness that surprised them both. Amanda felt one more thrust that sent her over and her moans drew Jon’s own response. They were panting and holding each other as close as they could. Over and over they murmured to each other, the only word making sense was the word “love”.

Neither admitted, even to themselves, that what the other had learned still lingered.

John Francis - Chapter 126

Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 4:52 AM
The party wandered out to all the limos and other waiting cars as they drove back to the hotel where the band was staying. It seemed as if half the people who had come to the concert had decided to come to the hotel afterwards. There were police everywhere and extra security had been arranged for tonight as the London police were aware of this situation as it had happened before on many of their concert tours.

Richie, then Jon, then Amanda got out of the limo. She smiled at them as both took an arm and they moved toward the lobby. They waved to the fans and flashbulbs were profuse as they entered the building. There was no stopping tonight. David, Hugh, and Tico were in the limo behind them and they chatted a bit with the waiting fans, but soon entered. Others were already in the lounge area that had been set aside for the party and the room was soon overflowing into others adjacent to it. They moved over to the bar area and Amanda noticed that Jon had a Jack on the rocks. A small frown crossed her face at that as she was coming to realize he favored that drink when upset or angry.

Right now she was just thirsty, so she got a water, while Richie ordered a beer. They talked for a few moments. Amanda had her back to the door, but noticed a slight stiffening in the bodies of both men in front of her before they resumed talking. Casually looking around, Amanda saw a brunette who had been at the stadium party. She was a very beautiful woman, probably in her mid-to-late thirties, who was dressed in sexy but classy clothing. She moved gracefully throughout the room, but kept a bit to the sidelines. Amanda made her glance at the woman appear to be just a general sweep of the crowd and turned back to the men.

Jon reached out to put his hand on her arm and pulled her in close to him. He wanted her near him and wanted to be alone with her, but Carrie’s arrival had caused him a bit of a problem. He put his mouth next to Amanda’s ear.

“I need to use the restroom, baby. Be back in a few.”

She kissed him and smiled her acknowledgement. Richie stayed with her as he had an idea of what Jon was up to when Carrie followed him out within a few moments. They talked for a short time and then Amanda announced she was heading to the restroom also and to please tell Jon she would be back in a few. Richie couldn’t come up with a reason fast enough to delay her and she walked out of the room.

A long hallway led to a set of more private single person bathrooms and there were several alcoves along the way. As she approached one that was close to the bathrooms, she heard voices, a woman’s voice and then Jon’s voice. She stopped before she reached the room, unable not to listen.

“Honey, I’ve missed you.” The woman’s voice was soft and husky.

“Carrie, I…” Jon started, but Carrie moved her mouth over his, silencing his words with a kiss.

Amanda walked closer at that moment and saw his arms go around the woman as he returned the kiss. Okay, breathe…wait. She moved back out of sight and listened. Very quickly she heard Jon’s voice again.

“Carrie…don’t. I’m sorry, but we need to talk.” Jon’s voice was quiet as he didn’t want to hurt her, but he wasn’t going to risk losing Amanda.

“Jon, you can always talk to me. Take me to bed and make love to me, then tell me your secrets. It’s been too long, love.” Carrie stroked the side of Jon’s face as she spoke.

She had been with him long enough to know that often he would want her immediately and then he would spend time talking about things that might be bothering him.

“I can’t do that, Carrie. I…can’t see you anymore…we have to end this.” His voice had hoarsened as he broke the news to her.

“What do you mean, love? We’ve been together for years. What has changed? No one knows about us. And now, what would it matter if someone did? You are divorced. We can finally be together without looking over our shoulders. You don’t have to hide me anymore, Jon.”

Taking a deep breath and letting it out in a sigh, Jon tried to explain. “Oh Carrie, you know I’ve always cared about you, but you knew I would never leave my wife…”

She interrupted him then. “Of course, but now there is no wife to leave, no reason for us not to be together.”

Now it was Jon’s turn to stroke her cheek. “Carrie…I’ve…well, I’ve met someone.” His statement stained the air with its implications.

“You’ve met someone?” Carrie’s voice was flat as she struggled to absorb what she was being told.

“Yes…about six weeks ago.”

Carrie’s voice sounded shocked. “Six weeks? You’re leaving me after five years for someone you’ve been with for only six weeks?”

Outside the room Amanda stiffened in surprise as she heard this. He'd lived a double life for five years?

Her voice softening, Carrie shook her head from side to side.

“Jon, never once did someone suspect we were lovers, never did your wife find out. This girl you are seeing, she does not have to know. I had hoped you and I would…well, finally be together, but if that is not to be, why not let things continue as they were? She will never find out. Dorothea never did.”

“I can’t do that, Carrie. I’ve given her my word…” Jon attempted to explain.

“Pfft!” Carrie made a dismissive sound. “And all the words you said to me? How many times have you come to me over the years? How many places did you have me fly to just to be with you? No, you did not tell me you loved me, but what man does what you have done for another woman for all this time if there is not some love involved?”

Not wanting to lie to her, Jon answered as best he could. “I do care for you and we have been together a long time. Carrie…I thought what I felt for you might be love and that someday we might possibly be together, but what’s happened to me over the last few months has shown me that I was wrong about so many things. I was wrong to have started this with you. No matter how bad my marriage was and what my reasons were, I was selfish. I’ll always care about you, but I don’t love you and you deserve someone who does love you.”

Carrie took in a breath in anticipating of speaking, but stopped when Jon held up a hand, then placed both hands on her arms.

“I don’t know how to say this without hurting you even more, but within just a few days with Amanda I knew. I knew I loved her. All those years Carrie I could never say that to you, no matter how much I cared. What I did was hurt other people and now I’m hurting you. I’m really sorry, but you deserve more than I can ever give you.”

“I don’t understand this. Everything you asked of me I gave you. I kept quiet and never told a soul about you. During all this time I was never able to tell anyone that I loved you. I never even said it to you because I felt you would run if I told you my true feelings. Now you tell me that all of this was wasted time? How old is this girl who has taken you from me? Some child?” Carrie’s voice was low, but the anger in it was loud.

“She’s not a girl, Carrie, she’s 44.” Jon’s voice also was quiet, but filled with anguish at the hurt he knew he was causing someone he had cared about.

“She’s 44! Jon, don’t you want more children? Don’t you want a new life?” She was surprised, expecting a woman younger than her to have caught his attention.

“No, I don’t want more children and yes, I do want a new life. That’s why I had to talk to you, why I had to tell you in person that I can’t keep doing the things that caused the end of my old life. Dot might not have known about you, Carrie, but one of the things that will cause me to lose Amanda is to do what I did to Dot.”

With her eyes shimmering with tears, although they were more from surprise and dismay than of true loss, Carrie shook her head. She disengaged herself from his arms and put her hands on her hips, looking at him closely.

“You really do love her.” Her voice was not a question.

Gently shaking his head, he answered her. “Yes, I love her.”

“She’s a lucky woman, Jon, I hope she knows that.”

Taking a deep breath, Amanda stepped into the room, surprising them both. She looked at Jon as she spoke.

“She knows.”

John Francis - Chapter 125

Monday, June 23, 2008 at 11:49 AM
Jon entered the room to the loud laughter of the assembled crowd. He could see people from the band, the roadies and other crew, and members of the press. He was glad Richie had given them the info that the press was there. England’s papers printed whatever rumors they could get and he didn’t need any more of that kind of shit in his life. He had immediately seen Amanda sitting next to Richie. He saw that she was holding his hand and noted their laughter. He was glad Richie was watching out for her and went over to them.

“Hey, looks like a full house back here.” He had a tight smile on his face as this was often his least favorite part of performing.

“Hi honey,” Amanda’s voice was soft.

He smiled broadly at her. “You two okay? The press is already circling?”

Richie shook his head. “Nah, just didn’t feel like mingling yet. Keeping your girl company.”

Nodding at his friend, Jon said, “Thanks, man” and then moved to sit on the other side of Amanda.

His voice low, he whispered so only they could hear. “Shit! I hate this part! Gotta watch every word that comes outta my mouth!”

Richie concurred, “Fuckin’ vultures here.”

Looking between the two, Amanda said, “That bad?”

“Oh yeah, no carrying you out of here in England, babe!” Jon’s grin suddenly turned wicked. “But later…” She blushed a little then. “Jon!” And she rolled her eyes at him.

They both heard Richie mumble, “Here they come” as several reporters approached the three sitting on the couch.

“Great show, guys! Even better than the last time you were here!”

“Thanks,” Jon said, “we always try to do our best.”

Another reporter called out, “So who’s this lady? She with you or with Richie?”

Jon answered him. “She’s with me.”

“Did you meet her here?”

“No, we’ve been seeing each other for some time now.”

“So, it must be pretty serious, Jon, if she’s traveling with you.”

“She had the time off and agreed to visit your lovely country,” Jon replied, turning the tables on that line of questioning.

“What do you think of England, Miss…?” Another called out to her.

“Matthews, and from what I’ve seen so far your country is beautiful. It’s a pleasure to be here.”

“Jon, we’ve heard that your ex-wife is getting married soon. How do you feel about that?”

What a fucking stupid question, Jon thought, gritting his teeth a little. “I’m very happy for her. Her fiancĂ© is a really good guy and I wish her much happiness.”

“Richie, are you dating anyone? I mean you and Ms. Matthews seemed quite cozy a few minutes ago before Jon walked in.”

Amanda’s eyes widened slightly at the rudeness of that question, but Richie had done this too many times before. “Ms. Matthews is a good friend of mine, but no, I’m not seeing anyone at this time.”

Another reporter spoke then. “Wait, Matthews…you’re Amanda Matthews, right? The woman who’s been seen with Jon from New Jersey to Tahoe? The one he carried out of Giants stadium the night of that concert”

“Yes, as Jon already explained, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now.” She realized she was also gritting her teeth as she answered.

“Jon, the last time you were here you were spotted out with several different women, so is Amanda the only person you’re with?”

“Yes, as I stated earlier, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now and it’s an exclusive relationship.”

“But…” another started, however, didn’t finish when Richie interrupted to invite the reporters over to the food and alcohol tables. He pretty much ushered them away from the other two and they went willingly as Richie started talking to them about the show.

Making sure she was not overheard, Amanda whispered, “You sure were right about them. They were really digging and didn’t care in the least if they were rude.”

“You handled yourself really well, babe. Just remember, no matter what they say, try not to let them get a reaction out of you. They can make ‘surprised’ turn into ‘shocked’ in a split second.”

“I’ll remember that. Now, you, go mingle, do your job!” He looked at her with love in his eyes and mouthed “I love you”. She returned it and with a grin he was off.


Jon and the rest of the guys moved throughout the room, talking to the press, flirting with the fans who had been invited back stage, and generally spreading the magic they were so good at. At different times one or another of the guys would stop by and sit with her for a few minutes. They needed to relax and knew she was one of them, so they could just be themselves. After recharging, they were off again, mixing and mingling. She saw Chris and walked over to him.

“I don’t want to just disappear, but I need to be excused for a few minutes.” He nodded at her.

“I’ll go with you if you don’t mind.” She nodded her thanks.

Walking out of the room and into the relative quiet of a hallway, she took a deep breath.

“I don’t know how they do this all the time, Chris, they always have to be on their guard, don’t they?”

“Yeah, every country is different and there are always problems, but they do try to do their best.”

“Now you sound like you’re answering a press question!” She grinned at him and left him at the door of the ladies’ room. She entered and found no one there at that moment which suited her. She was riding a fine edge tonight, desperate to be alone with Jon, but knowing that there was still more to come after this. The after-after party to be exact. She figured she’d be lucky to get him alone by two the next morning. She pulled out her cell to check the schedule she had been given. Nope, no commitments until five and that was another photo shoot. Freshening up, she left the room.

Smiling at Chris, she apologized for taking a few extra minutes. “It just felt good to get out of the noise and the crowd for a few minutes. Thanks for waiting.”

“No problem, Amanda. You ready to go back in?”

Squaring her shoulders, she agreed. As they entered the room, Chris mentally cursed Oh fuck! Carrie was here, he should have known. Unfortunately, this was not a one night stand for Jon, they had actually carried on an ‘affair’ for many years, if that was the right word, with Jon seeing her whenever he was in London and a few other locations in the UK. This was a very well kept secret and had never made it into the press as even a whisper. She has always acted very discreetly around the band and the press, knowing she would see Jon later that evening if he asked her to.

Jon had seen Carrie enter during the time Amanda was out of the room and swore under his breath. Although he hadn’t really thought about it, he should have realized that Carrie would be here. He didn’t expect anything like the Britney incident and if all went well Amanda would never even realize there was anything to notice. His mind was racing furiously though because he knew that this time he would be breaking things off with Carrie permanently and with everyone here he couldn’t speak to her right now. He didn’t want it to go on any longer, but it wasn’t fair to just dump her either after the years they had been seeing each other.

Jon caught Richie’s raised eyebrows and the look he threw him. He could read his friends’ eyes as clearly as if he was speaking in his mind. Don’t do it, Jon, don’t fuckin’ do it! He gave the slightest negative shake of his head and Richie’s eyes showed his relief. Thinking now himself, Jon was wondering what the hell to do. I need to let her know I won’t be seeing her tonight and then call her. He gave her a brief shake ‘no’ of his head that let her know she wouldn’t be traveling with him in the limo tonight and she smiled, knowing she would see him at the after party as she always did. He realized then that his message didn’t come across as he meant it and he moved to speak with her, but she had gone on to be with other people and he couldn’t go after her without drawing attention.

No one had noticed anything out of the ordinary, especially not Amanda who was not looking in that direction during the very brief exchange. Carrie visited with a few of the people she knew, although they did not know of her relationship with Jon. Richie was the only one who did as he had covered for his friend numerous times in the past. Chris also knew as Jon’s head of security. Carrie soon moved out of the room, taking her car to the after party where she would meet again with Jon.

John Francis - Chapter 124

at 11:47 AM
Amanda smiled deeply at Chris as the concert ended. She was so much more comfortable with Jon now that although she was still overwhelmed at his stage presence, she was not so confounded that she couldn’t think.

“Let’s give them a little time, alright Chris?” She asked him, figuring the guys didn’t need her there the very second the concert ended. Chris nodded at her, smiling at her, remembering the first concert where he had met her. She grinned at him.

“I know, I remember that concert too. I swear I’m not gonna pass out, okay?”

He laughed then as he had been thinking about that too. She walked over to get a water out of a cooler and drank half down as the dancing and alcohol had made her thirsty. She was aching to go to Jon, to be with him, but she made herself wait.

“Do you think I could get another grown up drink?” she asked with a winsome smile on her face.

He nodded and took her to the room where she’d had the first rum and cokes. She was alone there with Chris while he made her a drink. He was very generous with the rum and she took a sip and then looked at him. He shrugged and added a little more coke. His radio suddenly squawked.

“Chris? You there man?” She heard Jon’s voice. “Where is she?”

“In the after party room, boss,” Chris shot back quickly.

“Would you bring her to my dressing room, please?” Jon asked. Chris replied that they were on their way.

“Hold on Chris, let me grab Jon a beer or a wine? Which do you think?”

“He usually has a beer after a show, so I would bring that.”

She grabbed two beers for Jon and refreshed her own drink, then told Chris to lead on. Taking her around the back stage she soon found herself outside Jon’s dressing room. Thanking Chris, she knocked, heard “come in”, and entered. She had the two beers for Jon and her drink, but almost spilled them all when he grabbed her and pulled her into the room. Laughing, she asked him to let her put the drinks down. She did so and then willing entered his arms. He was still soaked from the show and she couldn’t believe how good he smelled to her. There was something about sweat over a male who had started out clean that just got to her. Or maybe it was just this male.

Jon was ravenous for her. He had been waiting for days, wanting to be inside her again. He was not going to be able to wait much longer. In fact, he didn’t want to wait at all. He wanted her now. He moved to undress her, acting so quickly he had her shirt off before she had a time to object. She took his hands gently in hers.

“Jon…” she spoke softly to him. “I want you so much, but not here, not with everyone knowing, please?”

He took a deep shuddering breath against her, fighting his own baser urges, but realized she was right. Everyone would know and she didn’t deserve to be treated like someone who was taken into a dressing room for a quick fuck.

“Damn!” he swore, almost under his breath. “You’re right.” He looked at her then, almost causing her to regret her restraint. “But when we get back to the room…” he let the implied message speak for itself.

“Oh yeah, honey, when we get back there…” her voice was a husky promise in his ear.

Pulling away from her before he forgot everything, he told her he was grabbing a quick shower.

“Wait here for me, baby, I won’t be long.” He moved off, grabbing clean clothes to put on. She quickly put her sweater back on.

Within a few moments of hearing the shower start, there was a knock on the door. She answered and Richie was there.

“Hey darlin’, where is he?”

“In the shower right now. What’s up?”

He looked at her, noting her appearance was not mussed except a little from what appeared to be just dancing at the concert.

“Honey, I don’t mean to butt into yours and Jon’s business, but there’s a shit load of press back stage and with what this country will print, it would be better…” He rambled to a stop, not wanting to be too blunt, but wanting to get his message across.

“Thanks, Richie. Will you go back and tell him I’ll be waiting in the main room where I was when he called Chris? He’ll know what that means.” She kissed his cheek as she gathered her bag. “You’re a good friend, Richie.”

She slipped out then, moving to the after party room. Richie went quickly back to the shower and filled Jon in on what the situation was and where Amanda had gone. Jon nodded and also thanked Richie for watching his back.


Amanda moved toward the room she had been in before, noting all the people going in and out. She entered and found a huge crush of people. Moving to the bar, she helped herself to another drink as she had found she had danced most of the alcohol out of her system. She saw David, Hugh, and Tico once again surrounded by women, however, she knew that Tico at least would be going home alone. She had not yet met his wife, but it was apparent to her by his actions that he deeply loved her and their young son. He was flirtatious and friendly with the fans, but never crossed any lines.

Richie entered soon afterwards, freshly showered and changed into more casual clothes. He winked at her and got himself a drink, then planted himself on the couch beside her.

“You my keeper until Jon gets here?” She smiled at him.

“Nah, just not ready for the bullshit yet. Wanted to sit by a friend.”

She looked at him then a little more closely. “You okay, honey?”

“Yeah, just a little tired and a little wired. Hell of a show, huh?”

“I actually got to watch you a bit tonight, Rich. You are…well…astonishing on the guitar sounds like too little to say.” She meant what she said and he could tell.

“Thanks, darlin’, I do love to play.”

Grinning at him mischievously, she answered, “I never would have guessed that. What’s with Jon though, and his moaning about playing in public?”

Shaking his head, Richie told her that Jon got tired at times of the “pretty boy, hair band” label and felt they didn’t always get appreciation for their music, but more for his looks.

“Geez, Rich, you guys are all great looking, what’s so bad about that?”

“It’s because it’s what they see first, Manda, that’s what bugs Jon and the rest of us.”

She thought about this for a few minutes. “I guess I can understand that a little if I really try to put my mind where you guys have been, but…and I don’t want to sound mean…all of you guys and especially Jon, work it for all it’s worth, right?”

He looked at her a little sharply, but her words were soft and he knew what she was saying had a good bit of truth to it.

“Yeah, we do. Jon once said that he had sold his soul at times to get airplay. Guess we all have at one time or another.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, hon, but it’s a ‘cake and eat it too’ situation. You can’t bitch too much about the press commenting on the bands’ looks when the band plays to that at times.” She took his hand in hers and smiled at him. “Be glad, sweetie, The Stones ONLY get appreciated for their music!”

He laughed then, knowing what she was saying. “Well, if I had to choose…”, but she stopped him. “Hell, Richie, I KNOW what you’d choose!”

Jon walked into the room and her eyes went immediately to him, even while she was laughing with Richie. She mumbled to herself, “It’s gotta be pheromones or something…in the air…” Richie tugged on her hand.

“You do know you just said that out loud, right?” He asked her with a grin.

She ‘grrr’d’ in her throat. “Okay, so he makes me crazy, alright? I admit it. Now just take me out somewhere and shoot me so I can stop embarrassing myself!”

John Francis - Chapter 123

Friday, June 20, 2008 at 12:24 PM
Chris had been waiting for Amanda to leave Jon’s room and now walked over to her.

“Hey Amanda!” His greeting was warm.

The look she turned on him was slightly unfocused and then she shook her head, clearing her thoughts.

“Hey Chris! Where am I tonight?”

“Front row center, where else?” He grinned at her. “Then later side stage, okay?”

She laughed. “You lead, I’ll follow.”

Richie came out of his room right then and caught her in his arms, startling her. Sweeping her around in ballroom fashion, he dipped her and laughed.

“You look gorgeous tonight by the way, in case somebody forgot to tell you!” He brought her back up from the dance dip and she kissed his cheek.

“Have fun tonight, Richie.” She grinned at him with a gleam in her eyes. “I intend to.” She squared her shoulders, one side of her sweater failing off, emphasizing her assets. She swayed as she started to turn away from him and he felt his throat go dry.

The look on his face at her smart ass remark was priceless. He was actually speechless and then she was out of hearing range. Damn! She got me! He laughed at himself, then moved off, ready to perform.

There was still a half hour until show time and Amanda asked Chris if she could get a drink. He directed her to a room where there were numerous alcoholic beverages and food. She made a rum and Coke, drank it rather quickly, and then made another a bit stronger to take to the floor with her. She was feeling a little reckless tonight and stuck her tongue out at Chris when he looked at her second drink.

Laughing, she told him, “I am way over 21 you know!” He grinned back at her and made her another drink that he would set on the floor beside him until she was ready. She beamed her gratitude at him and he found himself a little envious over what was waiting for Jon. He remained a true professional though, knowing that his boss would not allow anything to happen to his “girlfriend”.

He said, “Just let me know if you want any more later,” and winked at her. Like pretty much everyone she had met, Chris liked her and wanted her to enjoy herself. Amanda could still hear the opening band, and downing her second drink, she took the one he had made her and moved to the door. Shaking his head, Chris made her another for the floor, and then led her to her seat.

Amanda got several looks from the women and the few men that were in that prime section for a Bon Jovi concert. She just moved to her seat and Chris took up his position in front of her, but outside the barrier. As before at Giants, he spoke with several of the men in both directions and she knew he was making them aware of her and to watch out for her. When he returned to standing in front of her, drink on the floor, she mouthed ‘thank you’ to him and he smiled.

The crowd was now getting a bit restless as they knew Bon Jovi would soon be taking the stage. The opening act finished their last song and to much applause exited the stage. The roadies began setting up for the guys and Amanda felt the drinks she had downed quickly beginning to take effect. With such a full stomach from dinner though, she had a nice buzz going, not too much, but enough to make her feel warm and sexy. The drinks just increased her sexual buzz and she was thinking that Jon might just be in for a little bit of trouble tonight.

In his dressing room, Jon was thinking the same thing. He was working hard at getting into the mindset he needed to perform, but his thoughts kept returning to Amanda. Richie knocked at the door and entered.

“You got the set list, man?” He asked.

“Set list?” Jon’s tone sounded puzzled and Richie looked at him.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jon, get your head outta your dick! We go on in 20 minutes man. What the hell are we playing tonight?”

“Oh shit! Fuck! Okay, okay, grab a piece of paper.” Richie did so as Jon dictated a rather erratic set list.

“You wanna open with ‘One Wild Night’, right?” Richie asked, looking at the list.

“Yeah, get ‘em rockin’, but not with Prayer.”

Richie opened the door and yelled for an assistant who quickly made copies of the list. Shaking his head a little, he asked Jon a rather pointed question.

“You DO know how many songs are on that list, right?”

“Huh? What? How many?” Jon was confused. He had his mind elsewhere.

“JON! Focus here. Look at the list…” Richie handed it to him.

“Okay, yeah, that’s a lot, we’ll wing it a little.” He looked at Richie. “Give me a break man, my mind…”

“Yeah, I know, but pull it together. She’s out there and I don’t want you forgetting the fuckin’ words again!” Richie laughed. “Show now, dick later, got it?”

Jon gaped at him, then laughed. “Yeah, got it. Jesus, I’m such an asshole sometimes!”

Richie cocked an eyebrow.


“Okay, I got it and fuck you too!” Jon’s grin was back and his eyes were focused as he started pacing and finished stretching, ready to walk the hall to the stage.

Realizing that Jon was now ready, Richie clapped him on the back and left.


The lights dimmed and the crowd roared. Amanda felt as thrilled as the rest of them, although she did vow to herself that she would watch the other guys this time a bit too. She remembered the first show where she couldn’t take her eyes off Jon and wanted to actually be able to say something to the guys tonight that she remembered from this show. The big screens showed the guys walking to the stage and the crowd screamed even louder. They walked onto the back of the stage together, the screen showing them standing there lit from inside, but the stage still dark. The spotlight suddenly blazed on them and they shook hands and walked to their places.

Amanda felt things low in her body tighten as Jon strutted onto the stage. There was no other word for it. He swung his hips in a rolling walk and giving Richie a high five, the opening bars of “One Wild Night” started. As she had seen only once before, Jon was on fire. He had the audience on their feet, dancing and singing with him, and she moved as much as everyone else did. Jon was bouncing and raising his hands with the lyrics, flashing his smile so much you could feel every woman in the stadium getting hot. If it had been possible to measure estrogen levels, the meter would have been off the scale.

Jon was literally dancing his way from one end of the big stage to the other, the screams following him as he moved closer to the fans with each step. They then started “Born To Be My Baby”. The break following their last tour had allowed Jon’s voice to recover and he sounded amazing. Richie was having a blast tonight, his fingers flying over the strings. He was smiling at the crowd, causing his own share of wet panties from the women near him.

Watching the big screen for a few minutes, she saw Tico’s command of his drums and she realized that he was so good there wasn’t even a word for it. Amazing seemed too bland. David always looked like he was at a party and his blonde curls were swinging as he played multiple keyboards. Hugh seemed a little more laid back, but his fingers were flying as fast at Richie’s and it was easy to see he was a superb guitarist.

The drums then started for “Keep The Faith”, Jon shaking the maracas in perfect timing. She was amazing that he could do that, dance, and remember the words. They moved seamlessly into “We Got It Goin’ On”, with Jon shaking his ass and dancing with his arms over his head and the crowd going wild as they joined him. This was followed by “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, another crowd favorite.

Jon’s eyes repeatedly went to Amanda during all these songs and he felt he was grinning like an idiot seeing her dancing and having such a good time. He had already talked to Chris about moving her so he could dance with her during “Bed of Roses”. She didn’t know about that yet.

They played “Just Older” next and Jon ad libbed about still having his hair instead of cutting it and the crowd screamed at him. Amanda motioned to Chris for her drink and drank it while watching Jon and Richie cutting up during the song. Jon gave an amazingly sweet smile at the crowd before finishing the rocking chorus and she felt her heart melt. My god! He is just beautiful!

Chris came for her then and lifted her over the barrier. She felt the other women staring holes into her back, but he hustled her off to the side and within a few minutes she found herself on stage at one of the prime fan areas. She actually had to be pushed out by Chris as he almost shouted in her ear that “Jon wants you out there.” The stage had darkened briefly to allow a change of the fans who were on stage in those areas during three Bon Jovi songs. She was moved out and put where Jon wanted her.

The lights came back up and David started the song on his keyboard, with Richie joining in a few moments later making his guitar wail. Jon started off the song at the mic at the center of the stage. During the first chorus he pulled the microphone off the stand and walked down the ramp on Richie’s side of the stage, shaking the hands of the fans and then returning to the stage. He repeated this towards his side of the stage, but didn’t go on the ramp that time due to the timing of the song.

With a grin on his face, he started walking toward the fans on stage, towards Amanda. Her eyes got wide, she knew what he was going to do. She had seen him do it at Giants with another woman. When the moment came, he reached for her, pulling her into his arms for a dance. He nestled her in close to him, the contact of their bodies causing an electric jolt they both felt. The stadium, the crowd, the noise, and the band all seemed to cease to exist for her as he danced with her. She could feel him against her and felt his response. He pulled her in for a much more intimate kiss than the one she had seen him give before at the other concert and then he winked at her as he released her, slapping her on the ass, as he moved back to finish the song.

The audience of mostly women each deeply envied Amanda at that moment as Jon had seemed to hold her closer than he ever did with anyone else he danced with. Amanda moved back to the fan area in a daze, a secret smile on her face. She recovered quickly though and watched Jon work his magic with the crowd from this angle. The fact that it also gave her quite a nice view of his rear was just a bonus. She was then treated to his version of Twist and Shout and viewing him from the back and then the front as he shook his ass was leaving her breathless.

When the fans changed again, she moved off with them and Chris was waiting. He asked her if she wanted to stay at the side and she nodded yes. She watched until the time for the first encore and Jon grabbed her, kissing her hard, pressing himself against her, wanting her as badly as she wanted him. He toweled off, changed his shirt and went back for a three song encore. They changed again and finished off the evening with Wanted Dead or Alive and then Living on a Prayer, a song that left the stadium shaking from the stomping, clapping, and screaming from the crowd.

John Francis - Chapter 122

Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 2:03 PM
Jon went to answer the door. It was Richie. He looked at Jon, heard his slightly ragged breathing, and then looked at Amanda. A long wolf whistle came from his lips.

“Holy shit, Amanda!” His voice was husky in male appreciation. He noticed her flushed face and, being a man, he also noticed her very prominent nipples poking through her bra and sweater. Grinning slyly at the two, he made a “tsk, tsk” sound.

“Sorry, but we gotta hit the road.” His grin was wide, however, and being the smart ass he was it showed that he wasn’t sorry at all.

Jon threw him a look that Richie returned with an innocent face. Amanda grabbed her bag and they left the room, Jon still trying to adjust himself in his always tight pants. They met the other men in the lobby, where Obie was also waiting.

“The limo’s on its way, should be less than five minutes.” Obie said.

Amanda had walked out behind Richie and Jon and it was a moment before the other three got a good look at her. Slightly stunned expressions met her and then wide smiles crossed the faces of the waiting men. A low wolf whistle came from one of the three and Amanda threw a saucy grin at them. They returned to their conversation while they waited for the car.

Richie standing a bit to the side saw Jon almost dancing in place as he tried to get things to settle down enough to leave the hotel. His low laugh at Jon’s predicament caught Jon’s attention.

With an almost plea in his voice, Jon whispered, “Come on, man, you’re not fucking helping.”

“Hey, I didn’t cause that, she did. Should make a nice view for the folks outside though, hmm?”

A growl entered his voice as he told Richie, “Let’s get to the car fast, okay?”

Jon missed the gleam in Richie’s eye as he answered, “Sure man, sure.”

Amanda knew that even through the bra she was wearing, her response to Jon was still a bit visible. Glancing at Jon and seeing that he definitely was still evidencing his response to her didn’t help.

Richie turned to talk to Amanda, noticing but not letting her notice, that her problem also had not gone away. He laughed to himself, oh yeah, this was gonna be fun.

Obie announced that the limo was here and Jon turned to get Amanda. He came to a dead stop as his eyes immediately went to her breasts. Making himself move and shaking his head softly, he took her arm and started to lead her out to the limo. Following the other men, he whispered in her ear.

“You are so not helping things here!”

She giggled softly as she answered him.

“Oh, and YOU are?”

They were trailing a bit behind the others and Obie, trying to organize called back to the two.

“Jon! Come on, the limo’s here. Gotta get to dinner. Let’s go guys, what’s the hold up?” He glanced back at the two of them, but missed Richie’s whispered comment to Amanda, the one that really got her moving.

“Come on, darlin’, I promise that will still be there after the show.”

She whipped her head around to look at him and saw the sparkle in his eyes as he tried to contain his laughter. She flushed deep crimson then and started mumbling. He couldn’t quite catch what she said, but was pretty sure there was a reference to ‘balls’ somewhere in there.

Richie had one of her arms and Jon took the other. They made it to the limo quickly as they had to eat and get to the stadium within a certain time. They smiled and waved to the fans, but didn’t stop this time to chat or sign anything.

The seven, including Obie, entered the limo and they were off to get some food. They chose Italian that night and as she had seen before, the spirits of the men were climbing higher as the time passed. She was a little quiet as she was so aroused by what had happened before she felt herself tingling from head to toe. Jon tried to keep his eyes off her as much as he could because he had just managed to get himself calmed down, at least a part of him had.

By 6:45 they were on their way to the stadium. Amanda drew her pass out of her purse and put it around her neck. She wasn’t taking any chances. The men laughed and talked, getting psyched up for their performance. Richie kept throwing out leading lines but could see that right now at least they weren’t working. Jon and Amanda were too deep into their own thoughts to hear much of what was being bantered about.

The trip through security went smoothly, with several of the guards greeting Amanda by name. Chris had done his work, showing her picture, and most of security was quite aware of who she was by now. They moved to the dressing rooms, Jon taking Amanda’s hand in his, almost dragging her towards his private room. The other men noticed of course, but just shook their heads in amusement.

They entered Jon’s room and he slammed the door shut, grabbing her and pulling her into his arms. She gasped as she felt his hardness return and he once again fondled her, as she did him. It was getting closer and closer to show time and Jon knew he couldn’t do anything about his need for her until later. They gently drew away from the other, their eyes promising what later would bring for each of them.

“I gotta change, baby.” His voice was hoarse and full of his need.

“I know.” Her answer was as husky as his.

“Shit!” He groaned as he moved to where his stage clothes were stored. He quickly stripped and put on another pair of jeans that he paired with a white sleeveless t-shirt. His biceps bulged and when he raised his arms to stretch Amanda could see the underarm hair that drove her wild, along with part of his lower abs and the “V” that went down into the jeans that rode low on his hips. She stifled a moan herself at what she was looking at, knowing just what that “V” led to.

He turned to her and her eyes took him in from head to toe. She lingered over his jeans area and he felt himself again stiffen for her. He managed a strangled, “Manda…” and she drew her eyes away. She moved to the door.

“You’ve got to get finished getting ready.” She grabbed the doorknob and started to open the door. He moved lightening quick to her, grabbing her hair.

“I want everything you promised me later…everything.” He gripped her hair tighter at the thought of what was to come.

“I want it too…God, yes…I want you.” He kissed her and then she left him before they went too far. She stood outside his door, against the wall for a few moments, bringing her emotions and her body a bit back under control. Unknown to her, Jon was inside doing the same.

John Francis - Chapter 121

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 7:44 AM
Amanda cocked an eyebrow at Jeff then in puzzlement and a little ire, wondering just what that comment meant. He caught her look and flushed a little.

“What I meant, ma’am, is that we know you’re Mr. B’s lady.”

She nodded then and went back to the stage area. She saw Chris talking to Jon and Richie and they immediately saw her return. Both waved at her and she did the same back. Jon finished giving Chris what ever instructions he had been issuing and Chris walked back over to her.

“Sorry, Amanda, Jon had some concerns about the ramp placement on the left side of the stage, the one he works the most, so we needed to go over that. I asked Jeff to wait for you. He’s pretty much the second guy in the chain of command in security for the band.”

She nodded at him. “No problem, Chris. Sorry it seems that someone has to get stuck baby-sitting me.” Her look at the two men was chagrined.

Chris smiled at her, a really nice friendly smile. “Don’t worry, Amanda, we have no problems, okay?”

“Okay, got it. Thanks for waiting for me, Jeff. I appreciate it.”

He smiled at her and turned to Chris who directed him as to the changes Jon wanted. Jeff then left to take care of the situation.

Chris, basing what he was about to say on what seemed to be her good-natured personality, decided to talk to her.

“Amanda, I can tell you really don’t like being followed around and all that and I sure don’t blame you, but there are just too many people and too much security around the stage and the band when they are performing. You need to keep that pass with you at all times, wearing it so it can be seen. I’d also like you to have my cell number.” She dug out her phone and he gave it to her, taking hers in return.

“Chris, it’s not that, I just hate to feel like I’m being a bother or causing problems for someone. Four times now I’ve had to be rescued from being practically put into the “groupie” category and it’s just a little irritating. It has nothing to do with you or even the guys. Everyone has been great, but I feel like I’m making extra work for people, especially Jon as he’s had to do most of the rescuing!”

Chris smiled inwardly as he knew he had been right about her. She was a good person and not out to use Jon as so many of the others had seemed to do.

“Don’t worry about it at all, Amanda. I know Jon and he’s just concerned about you. It’s in his nature to take care of the people he loves.”

She shot a wide-eyed look at him at that statement. He blinked at her stare, but took a breath and continued anyway.

“We can all see how he feels about you and we’re learning just how you feel about him.”

She blushed a bit at that statement, but then grinned at him a little.

“Guess I can see why you’re head of security.”

He gave her a genuine smile then as he realized his words had been taken in the manner he’d meant them to be.

They walked back over to the main stage area and she could see that except for a few drum adjustments by Tico and David having some of his keyboards moved, it seemed the sound check was pretty much over. Chris stood back a little as Jon motioned Amanda over to him. Then he took out his cell and snapped a picture of her as she was talking to Jon so he could show it to the security staff who worked under him and make sure they all knew who she was.

Jon threw a sweaty arm around her shoulder and unconsciously she turned into his shoulder to smell him as he just smelled so damn good to her. Richie noticed, but just grinned. She missed that one. The other men gathered around, talking about the sound check, but all seemed pleased that everything was ready for the concert.

David broke into the group discussion. “I’m starvin’! Let’s go get some chow!” At that the group started heading toward the exit, but Amanda needed to grab her bag from the dressing room. As a group they all headed there with her. She felt like Snow White leading five of the seven dwarves, even though most of the men were taller than her. She grabbed her bag and they headed for the exit. Only Jon and Richie took a hold of her this time, but the others were close by. They entered the limo and since they were so early they headed back to the hotel to shower and change.

Amanda closed her eyes and grimaced at the even larger crowd waiting outside the hotel. Here we go again! Jon and Richie got out, Amanda next, Tico after her, and the David and Hugh. Five hands again positioned themselves on her and they moved through the crowd. There were more police there now and Jon thought of something. He stopped and motioned to what appeared to be a senior officer.

The man came over and Jon spoke almost in his ear as the crowd was so loud.

“This lady is with me. Please take her inside the lobby and wait with her until we get in there, okay?” The officer nodded and his grip replaced Jon’s. Jon leaned in to speak with her.

“It’s okay, baby, let him take you inside.”

She nodded at his thoughtfulness and the officer gently led her to the doors and inside the lobby. He stayed with her as he had been asked and she was able to see the guys, now free of their concern for her, work the crowd outside. They posed for pictures, signed multiple autographs, and talked with the waiting fans, all while moving purposefully towards the lobby doors. Sooner than she expected they were all inside with police now blocking the entrance.

Jon came over to the officer who had helped him and thanked him. The man nodded his appreciation, but refused compensation.

“Can’t do that, Sir, against regulations.”

Jon made sure he obtained the officer’s name as he would contact the man’s supervisor to express his appreciation that way. They all entered the elevator and then went their separate ways to shower and change.

Calling out to the other men, Jon suggested they be ready to leave at 5:15 for dinner and to leave enough time to arrive for their show. All agreed. It was now 4:00, so that time worked for everyone.

Jon was in high spirits, both from Amanda and the adrenaline that was just beginning to hit his system in preparation for the show. He grabbed her and kissed her, moving his hands all over her, undressing her and himself so they could shower. She felt his rising excitement, but as time was short and she wanted to surprise him later, they just managed to turn each other on more in the shower but not do anything about it.

Quickly dressing, Amanda chose a black leather short skirt she had bought with concert clothes in mind, a strapless bra, and a bright blue off the shoulder sweater as the nights were cold. Her makeup was a bit more dramatic as this was a concert at night and she could be a little bolder. Low black pumps completed her look. She had the platinum bracelet Jon bought her on her right wrist, a silver choker with a dark blue sapphire-colored stone that dangled a bit, and silver hoop earrings. She added a black leather carryall she had purchased just for evenings like this and threw in the items she needed.

Jon wore jeans and a loose cream shirt as he would not be getting dressed for the show until they arrived. He had on his boots and was also wearing the bracelet she had gotten him for Christmas. He stopped and looked at her when she emerged from the bathroom and his entire body stiffened, especially the 18 year old member in his pants.

“Jesus Christ, Amanda! You’re wearing that…?” His eyes were wide and he sputtered to a stop.

Feeling concerned now, she gave him her own wide eyes.

“It’s not right? Should I change?”

He growled at her then, low in his throat. “Don’t you dare fuckin’ change!” He turned a little to adjust himself in his pants and she knew then…and smiled. He turned back to catch that smile and growled again, his voice hoarse as he spoke.

“You look…holy shit! Now I’m gonna have this problem…” he motioned to his pants, “…all damn night!”

Deciding that now was the time, she sauntered over to him, swaying her hips gently, her breasts bobbing a little in the sweater.

In her husky voice she pulled his ear to her lips and whispered to him.

“I’m hoping you’ll take care of that problem…and mine…after the show tonight. I want you, honey, and tonight I’m gonna get you!”

He looked at her, comprehension dawning. His pants tightened even further and he sucked in a breath.

“You mean…?”

“Oh yeah, you, me…” she moved her hands over the front of his pants, feeling his growing hardness, “…and this…”

He thrust his hands into her hair, pulling her to his lips and kissed her until she was gasping for breath. Her breasts were mashed against his chest and he reached up to fondle her. She was squirming now, her need as great as his. She moved her hand inside his shirt to feel his chest and pulled on one of his nipples. He squeezed her breast reflexively and ground himself against her thighs.

A loud pounding on the door made them spring back from the other and Amanda heard Jon’s low “fuck!” as he tried to will his hard on away before he had to open the door. No such luck.

John Francis - Chapter 120

Monday, June 16, 2008 at 8:15 AM
Amanda had actually raised her hand in a fist while half-sprawled over Jon, but he caught it and pulled her back to sit by him. Richie gave a fake “whew” and wiped his brow. Tico, David, and Hugh were completely useless as they were falling over themselves in their laughter. Jon got her in a bear hug, her arms at her sides, until he felt her starting to shake. He looked at her face then and saw the laughter. She was almost crying with how hard she was laughing. He finally eased up on his grip a little, but remained a bit wary as she was quick and he didn’t need Richie wearing an ice pack on his balls for the next two hours.

Everyone tried to get a grip on the laughter that seemed to threaten to resume at any moment, but chuckles, grins, and wicked smiles were tossed out like Halloween candy every time the other men thought about what had just happened. Amanda finally got her laughter under control and just leaned against Jon now. His grip changed into just holding her, but even he still shook with laughter at times.

Every time one or the other of the guys attempted to talk about the sound check or anything related to the concert, they would get about two sentences in and then start grinning before the laughter would start. Jon just held up a hand, saying without words to wait until they got to the stadium.

They arrived at the stadium with the five men in amazingly good moods and Amanda only still a little grumpy. Obie and Chris from security were waiting for the car as it parked near the private entrance. They looked at the men emerging from the limo, their faces showing that something had happened, something that had all of them grinning like idiots. They all stood by the door waiting for Amanda to emerge. She finally stepped out to see seven men just looking at her.

Her scowl could have frozen bath water, but she had to stop when as if by some pre-arranged signal she was grabbed by five men. Jon took her right arm, Richie her left, Tico grabbed the back of her pants, and she felt two other hands wrap themselves in her hair. Obie and Chris watched this with a growing look of amazement on their faces. Jon gave the order and they moved as one unit. Amanda could feel the giggles growing and barely managed to keep herself under control.

Obie was the first to speak. “Uh, Jon?” He tried, attempting to find out what the heck was going on. Chris, as head of Jovi security, was a little quicker on the uptake.

“Problems again, boss?” He asked Jon.

With laughter gleaming in his eyes, Jon nodded, and the entire group continued to move. They approached the security gate and stopped. Jon spoke to the six officers there.

“Do you see this woman?” They all nodded. “She’s with us, with me, and I want her let in whenever she wants, got it?” Again they nodded, thinking this was one of the stranger things they had ever seen. The five guys got Amanda through the security gate and Obie immediately handed Jon the all access/all areas pass he had made for Amanda. She felt them release her one by one, except for Jon and Richie who continued to hold onto her arms, taking her to where the dressing rooms were.

Tico, David, and Hugh wandered off towards the stage set up, now giving full rein to the laughter that had been building to a crescendo since Amanda’s latest escapade.

“Shit! She’s a feisty one!” David chimed in.

Tico laughed harder as he had spent more time with Amanda. “You have no idea yet. She was just getting warmed up. Did I tell you about the police station?” He proceeded to tell the other two about her temper when they went to get her car out of storage. Laughter again rang out as David and Hugh got caught up in the story.

Chris followed the other three as they moved to the dressing rooms. Once inside the room, Richie and Jon finally released their grip on her. Shaking her hair to settle it a little, she looked at them. The door was open and she could see Chris standing right outside. She could even see the little tremors that passed through him as he tried to hold in his laughter. Hands again on her hips, she called out to him.

“Chris!” He came into the dressing room.

His voice thick with laughter, he answered her. “Yes Amanda?”

She looked at the three of them, shaking her head, her good nature fully restored.

“Go ahead you three, get it out of your system.” Male chuckles were heard then as Richie and Jon attempted through much laughter to tell Chris what had happened. Richie threw in that they were thinking about a leash, but ducked behind Jon as he said it. Amanda threw him a scowl and they all laughed harder.

They heard her mumble, “…freaking comedians, oughtta do a stage act for that instead of singing…”. Both Richie and Jon knew she was not mad any longer, just grumbling for the sake of it. Jon turned to Chris.

“You know what you’ve gotta do, right?”

Chris seemed to have caught the infamous genie of bedevilment of the two men in front of him as he answered as seriously as he could before he laughed.

“Gotta go to the store first, boss, no leashes here.”

Amanda’s head snapped up at that, but even she started to laugh as she realized she was now being teased by Chris. Throwing herself onto a couch she groaned.

“Another thing I’m never gonna live down!”

She looked at the pass Obie had handed her and put it around her neck. She motioned to the men standing there, shooing them.

“Go away. I’m not coming out.” Jon and Richie moved toward her with their panther-like grace and she made a girly “eep” sound as she was pulled up from the couch, stuck between the two again with their hands on her arms and practically dragged from the room.

Jon started, “We are not…” and Richie continued, “…letting you out of our sight!”

Laughing hard now herself, she moved along with them to the stage area where the other three men were directing some of the roadies. They deposited her in a chair where she was in full view and then grinned as they went off to work with their crew. Chris remained by her side. She turned to look at him.

“And what are YOUR instructions?” Her face was scowling, but her eyes were twinkling.

“Follow or take the boss’s lady wherever she wants to go and don’t leave her side.” He grinned at her then. “Ladies’ room, excluded of course.” She nodded and watched the men of Jovi.


The five men were in amazingly good moods from all that had happened and with much laughter and a little bit of astonishment from their road crew as they were used to Jon’s known perfectionist attitude, the equipment set up progressed so rapidly that the band was ready for the sound check by 2:30.

Amanda wandered to the side of the staging area to look out into the stadium before it was filled that night with fans. She saw a group of people a bit to the side, a rather large group from what she could tell, and turned to ask Chris about them.

“There are always members from the local Bon Jovi fan clubs who get to come to sound checks. It’s a perk the band gives.” She nodded then in understanding. The people were in one of the side sections, but quite close and she could make out their faces. They looked as if they were having a blast, rocking out to the songs the band ran through, even if they weren’t the full song.

There were side ramps set up so that Jon could walk out into the audience as much as possible and the screams were loud when he walked over to the section where the fan club was. He stopped and talked with them for a few minutes. Several reached out their hands and he was able to lean a little and shake them. He was actually checking the placement of the ramps so he could do this in the show without leaning so far he would fall, but the fans thought he was doing it just to meet them.

Several roadies had gathered along side the other ramp and Jon repeated his actions, again checking placement of the ramps where he would be doing parts of the performance. Stadium security would be in the open area between the ramps and rails holding back the fans from swarming. Jon might travel through the crowds, but security took their job very seriously.

Turning to Chris, she asked him to direct her to a ladies’ room as she now needed one. He grinned and walked her to the door. She shook her head at him.

“I know, I know, you’ll be right outside.” She pushed the door opened and entered. Using the facilities, she was quite pleased to see that her earlier predictions about her condition seemed to be coming true. She washed her hands, brushed her hair, repaired her make up and finally made to leave the bathroom. Opening the door, she came out laughing, expecting Chris to be standing there. He wasn’t, but there was another man, also dressed in a security shirt. She paused in the doorway and looked at him.

“Sorry, ma’am, Chris got called away on the radio. I’m Jeff.”

“Hi Jeff, I’m Amanda.”

“Yes, ma’am, we all know who you are.”

John Francis - Chapter 119

Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:23 AM
Amanda was already in the shower when the wake up call came that morning. She was pleased as she had normally short cycles and it looked as if today might be the last day. She hummed to herself, thinking that she would know pretty much for sure by late afternoon. As she was singing in the shower, she didn’t realize that the song she was humming and adding words to as she remembered them was from last night, the one called Diamond Ring.

Jon woke hearing the first ring of the phone, snatching it up as he thought Amanda might still be sleeping; it was the wake up call. He heard the shower running and as he approached the door, he was sure he heard her singing:

“Diamond ring, wear it on your hand
It's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man
Diamond ring, diamond ring
Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring
When you're hungry, I will fill you up
When you're thirsty, drink out of my loving cup
When you're crying, I'll be the tears for you
There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you

She was then ad libbing as she couldn’t remember more of the song.

Diamond ring, you’re my only man
Diamond ring, you’re my everything”

He smiled to hear her singing and humming, especially that song and not one of the others from last night. On some level, maybe she did get it. He knocked on the door and then went in at her sudden quiet and then loud “Good morning!” Entering the shower with her, he decided to act as if he had not heard her.

“Thought I heard the shower running when the phone rang for the wake up call.”

“Yeah, I woke up early and decided to get going. Today’s pretty busy, right?”

“Oh yeah, getting all the equipment set up and then the sound check. It’ll be pretty much nonstop until after the concert tonight. That reminds me, take a small bag with a change of clothes in case we don’t make it back to the hotel before the show.”

“I will, that sounds like a good idea.”

They finished their showering, lingering a bit, and although Amanda knew she could have satisfied his need, she now had her own needs and plans for that evening. She would keep that a surprise though.

They dressed and got ready for their day, Amanda packing a small bag to take with her. She had her purse with all her necessary items and, yes, a double check on the cell phone.

They were downstairs by 10:00 ready for coffee and breakfast. The other guys were there by 10:15, with David the last one to arrive. He looked a little worse for wear this morning and she teased him about his night. He just grinned at her, but refused to elaborate. Obie joined them then, telling the guys that the roadies were already at Twickenham Stadium setting up the equipment and the stage. The sound check would be ready by 3:30, 4:00 at the latest.

The guys knew Jon, however, and knew that after breakfast they would all be on their way to the stadium. They were right. Finishing the last of the coffees, he threw them a look and asked if they were ready. They nodded and headed toward the front of the hotel. The crowds were back again and as was becoming a habit, Jon took her hand and Richie took her arm. She giggled at them.

“You guys are making me feel like a dog about to run away.”

Richie smiled at her, “Nah, but you do tend to stray a bit.”

She scowled at him. “Shut up, Sambora!”

His grin just got bigger.

They all moved. Girls screamed and police tried their best to hold the crowd back. Amanda was jerked a bit from side to side as one or the other of her escorts was grabbed by women in the crowd. Jon was actually pulled from her side when a woman caught the back of his pants as he was moving along. Richie turned to help Jon and lost her arm on that side. She stood for a moment, waiting for them to catch up to her and felt a strong arm grasp hers and move her a little forcefully to the side, near the ropes. Hugh saw her being moved by a police officer and tried to get to her, but the crowd was larger this morning and there just weren’t enough officers to hold the area clear.

The rope was lifted and she was pushed underneath to stand with the other women. Hands on her hips, she tried to argue with the officer who had moved her. He turned his back on her. She could see all five men now looking for her and she cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled loudly.


They heard their names and turned in that direction, both laughing when they saw Amanda behind the rope, her hands on her hips, and a scowl on her face. Leaning towards Jon, Richie said loudly, “Watch your stomach, bro’, she looks pissed!”

They both moved to get her, however, the police had had enough of the crowd problems caused by these rock stars and almost forcefully helped them enter the limo, not letting anyone move towards Amanda. She saw Jon and Richie trying to argue with the officers assisting them but as the noise was so loud from the fans, she was sure they were being ignored.

She watched in disbelief as Hugh, David, and Tico entered the limo, all three thinking Richie and Jon had Amanda, and then Richie and finally Jon almost came flying into the car as the police “helped” them get out of the crowd.

For a split second the men looked at each other and then they couldn’t help it. They burst out laughing, even Jon, at the irony of this happening yet again. The limo was pulling away quickly now and Jon tried to stop laughing enough to call Amanda on her cell and tell her to walk down a block and they would get her. The other guys didn’t help as they kept reminding him about her right hook.

Amanda stood there, her mouth hanging open, her hands still on her hips, and then, perhaps because she was in England, she swore the words that seemed most appropriate.


She left the crowd, walking down the street in the opposite direction the limo had taken. She took her cell phone out so she would know when it was ringing, but didn’t call anyone.

I do NOT believe this! I have never had so many embarrassing moments in my entire life! I swear to god I’m gonna kill somebody!

Her phone rang; it was Richie. Unknown to her, he had dialed before Jon was able to and had her on speaker phone.

Her voice was curt.


“Hey, Manda…honey, you missed the limo!”

“I did not miss the freaking limo, the freaking limo missed me!” She was sputtering now, unaware that the men inside the car were holding their hands over their mouths so they wouldn’t give themselves away.

“I’m telling you right now Sambora that if I get mistaken ONE MORE TIME for some groupie or crazy fan I’m gonna have somebody’s balls!”

“Well, darlin’, we could put a leash on you.”

“You could WHAT!? Where the hell is Jon? Why are you calling me? You tell that man to get on the phone RIGHT NOW!”

Her temper was on a roll now and as she had turned a corner she did not realize that the limo was actually about 100 feet behind her. The men could all see her waving her arms, her hair flying in all directions, and her feet stomping as she walked.

“Sambora? Where…is…Jon?” She ground out through gritted teeth.

Jon had instructed the driver to let him off and he quickly moved up behind her. She was so busy yelling at Richie she didn’t hear his approach. He could hear her though and her last yell of “SAMBORA!” was loud.

He got right behind her then, spun her around, the look on her face priceless, and threw her over his shoulder, heading back toward the open door of the limo. She managed to hold onto all her possessions and couldn’t even whack him anywhere or she would drop her new phone.

Richie got out as Jon set her on her feet and she glared at the two of them then got into the car with what little dignity she still possessed. They grinned at each other like maniacs and got back in themselves. The other three sat there, attempting to keep their faces neutral, but one look at her face set them all off.

“Caro, never threaten a man’s balls,” Tico chided her.

“Only Richie suggested a leash,” David offered helpfully.

“You don’t look like a groupie,” Hugh put in his two cents.

A truly threatening look appeared on Amanda’s face. She turned to Richie, who was on the other side of Jon.

“You had me on SPEAKER PHONE ???!!!” She nearly shrieked at him.

The entire car almost started rocking with the laughter that erupted when she launched herself right over Jon at Richie, who immediately protected his balls.

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