John Francis - Chapter 209

Monday, December 22, 2008 at 8:23 AM

The next letter arrived on Saturday, again with no return address. Amanda was beginning to be fairly certain these weren’t coming from Jackie, but if that was true, who was sending them?

This one was a picture of her and Jon, smiling at the cameras, with the words “ENGAGED” under the picture. Her head had a black magic marker circle around it, with a slash through the circle. There were no cut out letters this time. She thought back to Chris’ warning about the fanatics and was now starting to understand what he meant. This letter was also put at the bottom of one of her drawers. She knew that even if she didn’t want to bother him, she would have to show these to Jon soon.

Linda was once again off for the weekend and Amanda got together a grocery list, having been unable to go Thursday as she had planned. She checked with both Jon and Richie to see if they wanted anything. Apparently both were craving Mexican for dinner that night and she added the needed items. The guys were in the studio and although Jon offered to go with her, she declined as she could see it was an offer made out of politeness as they were both involved in their music.

Vividly remembering what had happened the other day at the bookstore, Amanda attempted to change her appearance. She pulled her hair back into a French braid, grabbed a hat that had “Soul” written across the front, and put on large sunglasses. The gates of the estate were clear at this time of the day and she hummed along to the radio as she drove to the store.

She was about halfway through her shopping trip when again she heard whispering and more and more people starting to follow her through the store. Today was a bit different, however, as only a few women approached her and they were all polite. In fact, they were so polite that she felt unable to refuse speaking with them for a few minutes.

“Congratulations Amanda!” One of the women spoke first, leading the others to offer their own best wishes.

She answered thank you as she attempted to look at her list for the remaining few items she needed. As she went along, the women hung back, but she could hear them whispering and a quick glance showed she was being pointed out to others. Trying to keep her head down and just finish her shopping, she didn’t see all the cell phone cameras getting pictures.

Arriving at the checkout, she was again surprised to see both hers and Jon’s pictures splashed across the cover of some of the tabloids.

The Sun had JON’S SURPRISING ENGAGEMENT! While the Inquirer was bolder, WHO IS AMANDA? with a picture of her and Jon from the Soul dinner earlier in the week. Shaking her head, she unloaded her cart, hearing the chatter all around her from the clerks and patrons. Trying to move the clerk along, Amanda started bagging her own groceries until suddenly there were three bagboys there taking over, with a man with a manager’s name tag on his shirt behind them.

“Ms. Matthews, we’ll take care of this.” The manager spoke and the bagboys hurried to comply with their boss.

It seemed a small parade accompanied her out to the car as two bagboys and some of the people from the store followed her out. So much for the hat and sunglasses! She grinned a little at all this attention, but tipped the bagboys and hurried to step inside the car. Before she could do so, more of the people who had followed her moved around the car and she found herself once again in the middle of a throng of people now shouting questions at her. Now she also saw the cell cameras and with a few “no comments” and “please let me get in my car” she moved toward the door.

The crowd, while never reaching dangerous proportions, still impeded her path and she stood rather nonplussed as she tried to figure out how to get out of the middle of them. She again tried to politely get them to move, but they were now getting closer to her and she found herself being pushed and jostled by their over-eagerness. Over the shouts and questions she heard the WHOOP WHOOP of a police siren and a moment later there were two police officers working their way through the people to the center where she was.

The officers didn’t recognize her, but did know there was something going on that had gathered a crowd. Several of the people started moving away once the police arrived and the others began stepping back at the officer’s orders.

“Ma’am, what’s the problem here? Has there been an accident?” The taller of the two officer’s began questioning Amanda.

“No, no accident. I … uhm … it’s just …” She stammered a little as she didn’t quite know how to explain what was going on.

“Was there some sort of fight? Why is there a crowd of people around you?” The officer continued to question her as his partner worked to disperse the few remaining people after interrogating a few as he did so. The responses he received answered the ‘why’ of the origins of the crowd more quickly than the officer talking to Amanda.

“I need to know what’s going on here, ma’am, and I need to know now!” His voice rose a little as he felt the woman he was speaking to wasn’t answering quickly or clearly enough. Before she could respond, he was demanding ID. Amanda dug into her purse and pulled out her driver’s license. The officer looked at it and saw it was a Florida license.

“Is this your car?” He moved back to get the tag and called in over his radio for the tag to be run. He also gave her license number and name to check for any warrants.

“No, it’s not my car, but I have permission to drive it.” Amanda answered. He just looked at her as he waited for the response from dispatch. His radio squawked and Amanda heard a woman tell him that the car was registered to Jon Bongiovi and there were no warrants on an Amanda Matthews.

“This car belongs to Jon Bon Jovi, ma’am. You’re telling me you have permission to drive it?”

“Yes sir, I do. I’m…” She stopped as the man’s partner approached and they had a quick discussion.

The officer who had been speaking to her listened to his partner, then asked “how do you know that?” The second officer replied that he had asked several of the people in the crowd and they had identified her. Both men turned to Amanda.

“Ms. Matthews, my partner tells me you’re engaged to Mr. Bon Jovi. Is that correct?”

“Yes, it is. I was here to do some shopping and that crowd followed me out to the car. I was just trying to leave.” She waited to see if she was free to go.

The second officer spoke to her.

“Ma’am, I’m sure you were trying to do just that, but you might consider bringing someone with you next time. Our dispatcher informed me that this isn’t the first time the police have needed to respond to this type of situation.”

“I know and I’m sorry. I really tried today to not look like I usually do, but I got recognized anyway.”

Both men nodded at her and told her that they would escort her back to Jon’s house. Giving a grimace at that which both officers saw and returned with frowns of their own, Amanda reluctantly agreed. Once they reached the gates, Amanda expected them to wave as they drove off and was surprised when they followed her up the driveway to the front door.

Getting out of the car, Amanda approached the police vehicle and thanked the men for their trouble. The lead officer, the one who had spoken to her first, acknowledged her thanks, but informed her he would like to speak with Mr. Bon Jovi. With surprise in her eyes, Amanda nodded and dialed Jon’s cell. She gave a brief explanation and shortly both Jon and Richie were coming from the direction of the studio. The officers got out of their car.

“Mr. Bon Jovi, Mr. Sambora, I’m Officer Johnson and this is my partner, Officer Stevens.”

Jon shook their hands, as did Richie, and Officer Johnson explained the reason for his request to see Jon.

“…and this is the second time as I found out from dispatch.”

Both Jon and Richie turned to look at Amanda at that bit of news and she frowned and looked at the ground.

Neither officer was unobservant and both realized Amanda had not told Jon about the prior incident.

“Mr. Bon Jovi, I certainly don’t mean to tell you your business, but it seems to me that this is going to happen again. It was just lucky today that we were close by when the call came in. The crowd around her was preventing her from leaving and even if she had been able to get in the car and drive, there was a good chance someone might have been hit as there were just too many people around.”

Jon nodded at the officer and told him he would do his best to make sure nothing like this happened again. He thanked them both for their time and with nods of agreement, the officers departed.

Both Jon and Richie turned to look at Amanda. She scowled and began getting the groceries out of the car. The two gave her a hand and then Jon started in once they were inside the kitchen.

“So…what happened the first time and when was it?”

Explaining the situation, but downplaying it a little, Amanda relayed the incident the day she had visited the salon and saw both Richie and Jon exchanging looks.

“Wait just a minute!” Amanda growled at them. “You both go out by yourselves and you get crowds all the time! What’s so different from that with me going out?”

Jon tried to keep his voice calm as he was more worried than he wanted to let on.

“The difference is that we’ve been around a long time and most people know when to back off. Not to mention the fact that we usually have some sort of security with us, or a car and driver close by, and we can get out of a situation pretty quickly.”

“You aren’t saying I can’t go out by myself, are you?” Amanda asked in a shocked voice.

“No, but I am saying I want you to either take one of the security guys with you or a car and driver.”

“But…” Amanda tried, not wanting to lose her autonomy.

“Manda … “ Richie spoke her name in a low tone. “You’re not stupid, honey, you’ve seen that we have a car close by when we’re out in public.”

“Well, yeah, but I also know that both you and Jon also go out alone sometimes.”

Jon nodded in agreement. “Sure, in New York at times, or Richie in LA, places where people are used to seeing us and even then…” he lowered his voice in emphasis, “…even then we have a security guy nearby.”

“What do you mean? I haven’t seen anyone with us!” Amanda protested.

“That’s because they aren’t supposed to show themselves unless there’s a problem.” Jon countered.

There was silence as Amanda weighed the words of both. They had lived this life for such a long time she couldn’t reasonably discount what they were saying. The two men waited for her in silence.

Finally, with a sigh, Amanda responded.

“Okay, I’ll go along with what you decide.” Her voice was reluctant, but accepting.

Jon kissed her cheek and she grinned at him. Richie also had a smile going.

“Before we get some arrangements made, is there anything else that’s happened?” Jon looked at Amanda as he asked this and saw a flash of something in her eyes that prompted him to explore this further.

“Amanda?” He asked in such a tone that Richie’s head snapped up and he looked at her too.

Mumbling under her breath, they heard “oh hell” as she walked out of the kitchen. The two exchanged glances as they waited for her return, hearing her going up the stairs. She returned in a few moments with papers in her hand.

Holding up her other hand, she looked at the two of them.

“Before I get yelled at, remember what Chris said about the Jovi fanatics?” They nodded at her and she winced as the squint of consideration in both sets of eyes.

“Okay, so I think these are just from those type of fans.”

She placed the two letters and envelopes on the table. The men looked carefully at the papers, seeing the slashed photo of Amanda in one with the word ‘bitch’ and the engagement photo in the other with the circle and slash around her head. Richie spoke first.

“Holy hell!”

John Francis - Chapter 208

Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 6:07 PM

Thursday started in the best way for Amanda and Jon despite their amorous encounters of the day before. Richie had spent the night as he usually did and after breakfast, he and Jon hit the studio again. Amanda and Linda put together a short grocery list that after her appointment at the salon she would pick up on her way home.

A short while after letting Jon know her plans for the day, with Richie paying only half a mind as he was working on a particularly difficult riff, Amanda left the studio and began her day.

Arriving at the strip mall where the salon was located, Amanda spent some leisurely time browsing in the bookstore close by. She had an armful of some new releases, as well as a few of her old favorites, when she heard rising voices in the store. Glancing up from one of the books she was looking at, she saw a group of women and a few men standing in the aisle she was in, both in front and in back of her. Most had cell phones out and she could see that her picture was being taken.

A small smile on her face, Amanda tried to move through the aisle toward the front to pay for her books, when she found her way blocked. She hesitated, then moved again, offering “excuse me’s” as she did so. The sound of her voice started the questions.

“I saw it in the paper. You’re engaged to Jon Bon Jovi!”

“When are you getting married?”

“When did he ask you, Amanda?”

She acknowledged that they were engaged, while noting that in addition to the camera phones, several of the people were talking on their phones. She could overhear quite a few of their conversations.

“Yeah, she’s here at the used book store! I’m sure! Hurry up!”

“Honey, that woman in the paper? The one engaged to Jon Bon Jovi? She’s here at the bookstore! What? Okay, I’ll ask…”

Attempting to again move to the front of the store, Amanda suddenly stopped when she heard a rather sardonic voice yell above the general noise.

“How’d ya land that stud, honey? Does he fuck as good as he looks?”

Amanda whirled around, trying to find the source of the crude questions, but was unable to discover the culprit.

Setting the books down, she started to shove her way through the growing wall of people, still being careful to move as circumspectly as she could. She finally reached the door and with an exhaled breath she got out and hurried toward the salon. A bit breathless she opened the door and without a word of explanation walked toward the back of the waiting room where a door separated those waiting for their appointment from those already receiving services.

“Mrs. Matthews!” The receptionist called out to her retreating back, but her attention was quickly turned to a group of people entering the main door.

“Excuse me! Can I help you?”

One of the women called out as she tried to move toward the back room door, “Where’d she go? She came in here, Jon’s fiancée. We want to talk to her!”

The others with the pushy woman voiced their loud approval and intentions, but hadn’t counted on the manager suddenly appearing.

“Unless you are here for an appointment, you need to leave the premises now!”

The ringleader of the group almost sneered at the woman.

“She’s here and it’s a public place. We ain’t leavin’ lady!”

The manager blocked the door to the back and without taking her eyes off the crowd in her shop, issued an order.

“Cathy, call the police. Dial 911 now!”

She looked at the woman who had announced her intention to stay until Amanda came out and spoke loudly enough to be heard by everyone in the room.

“I can refuse service to anyone and I’m doing so. You have less than one minute to leave or when the police arrive I’ll press charges against all of you for trespassing!”

The group could hear Cathy speaking to a police dispatcher describing the situation and giving details as to what certain people in the group looked like, particularly the instigator. The others behind her were already moving to the door, several exiting immediately. The woman who had led the group into the salon threw a hateful look at the owner and then turned to leave.

Janice, the owner, called out loudly.

“Don’t come back!”

The obnoxious woman turned back at that, about to make a remark, when Cathy piped in.

“I got her picture on my cell, Janice.”

The woman looked startled at that, her expression changing at once from aggression to anger as she glared at Cathy and then slammed the door open, leaving quickly.


Amanda had heard everything that had been said in the front room and when Janice came back after the last person had left her shop, she put a hand on Amanda’s shoulder.

“You okay?”

Letting out a shaky breath, Amanda nodded and then gave the woman a hug.

“Janice, thank you so much! I’m sorry this happened…I was just at the bookstore and then there were a whole group of them asking questions. I got out of there as fast as I could, but could only think of getting in here. I didn’t think they would follow me in. Is everything okay in your shop?” She realized she was speaking a little too rapidly, but the adrenaline in her system was high and she strove to calm down.

The sound of police radios interrupted before Janice had a chance to answer and she returned to the front room. Amanda followed and soon Cathy was showing the cell pictures she had taken and Janice was identifying the woman who had caused the most trouble.

The police officers took statements from those involved as Janice signed papers for trespassing protection.

One of the officers pulled Amanda aside to talk with her.

“Mrs. Matthews, we know who you are. We read the papers and we certainly have dealt with situations with overzealous fans of Mr. Bon Jovi’s before.”

Amanda nodded as she listened.

“Are you going to be here in this shop for a while?” She nodded yes at the question.

“Here’s my card. When you’re ready to leave, call this number and we’ll have a patrol car come by.”

Amanda took the card, thanking the officer and agreed she would call. Finishing their reports, the officers departed.


Getting Amanda a cup of tea after things had settled a little, Janice held up a hand as Amanda attempted to apologize again.

“You did the right thing coming here. We know you and I know what to do with troublemakers.”

Amanda smiled at that, impressed with Janice’s quick thinking and handling of the situation.

With a huge grin on her face, Janice made Amanda an offer she couldn’t refuse.

“Now, how about a massage to get rid of some of that tension I see in your shoulders?”

Leg and eyebrow waxing done, hair trimmed, and after another cup of tea, Amanda found herself relaxing under the skilled hands of one of Janice’s best masseuses.

While getting dressed after a quick shower to remove the massage oil, Amanda heard a knock at the dressing room door. Janice called out, asking if she could come in. Throwing on her shirt over her jeans, Amanda opened the door.

“Feeling better?” Janice asked, a smile on her face.

“A lot better! Thanks so much for suggesting that massage. It really helped.”

Nodding her approval with a smile, Janice’s face changed a little as she informed Amanda of the new situation.

“There’s a huge crowd outside. I saw what looked like some professional photographers, as well as a group watching to see what’s going on.”

Rolling her eyes, Amanda sat down on a bench, both to put her boots on and to think.

“I really was hoping to avoid calling the police again, but I don’t want people getting pictures of the car I use or the license plate. Damn! Janice, can I leave the car here for a bit until those people clear out?”

“Sure, most of the shops here are open until at least nine and the ice cream shop stays open until ten, so you have plenty of time to get it later before everything’s closed.”

“Why don’t you call that officer who gave you his card and see if he’ll get you a ride somewhere else where you can be picked up. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have Jon come here and get you!”

Amanda gave a small laugh at that. If there was a crowd just waiting for her, she could imagine what would happen if Jon showed up.

After a few minutes of thinking, Amanda turned a considering eye toward Janice. She explained her idea and Janice called Donna in. A moment later she agreed and taking Amanda’s keys, she left the shop to get the car. The crowd outside ignored her as soon as they realized she wasn’t who they were waiting for.

Amanda couldn’t suppress her smile as she drove away from behind the salon. The back door idea had worked.

And there was no need to tell Jon anything.

John Francis - Chapter 207

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 12:16 PM

Richie and Jon spent Thursday in the studio while Amanda spent most of the day on the boards. She had never known these existed and during her traveling from one site to another she found something called “Fan Fiction”. That pretty much consumed the rest of her day.

From The Goddess Hathor I’m never turning her loose on Richie! Or would Richie LIKE me too?, to The Fiction Mistress Jon is NEVER going to New Orleans without me!, to Opester hmmm…a sauna…now that might work! to the others she found from Shelly to Willowll to Tara and Tre. Amanda had no idea who these women were but she found herself feeling rather smug that even their wild imaginations couldn’t match the real thing.

She was finally drawn away from the computer when she realized she was experiencing some unexpected side effects from all her reading. Wandering out to the studio, she quietly came in to see if maybe, just maybe, Jon might be done for the day … or at least needing a break.

“Hey guys! How’s it going?” She smiled brightly at the two, while devouring Jon with her eyes.

Richie spoke in his gushing teasing voice.

“An angel, I swear to god, an angel! Save me from this tyrant. I need a freaking break, man!”

Jon started a nominal protest until Amanda gazed straight at him and licked her lips.

“Uh, yeah, a break sounds good. An hour or so, okay?” He grinned at Richie, who grinned right back.

Taking Jon’s hand in hers and leading him from the studio, Richie heard her call back.

“At least an hour, bro’!”


Heading back to the house at a rather fast clip, Jon was dragged along until he increased his stride and paced her.

“What’s gotten into you?” He teased her.

“Nothing…yet…wanna pick up the pace there, big guy?”

Jon gave a huge grin and did just that, with Amanda suddenly finding herself sprinting along side him into the house.

Taking the stairs two at a time and quickly locking the door, Jon finally stopped long enough to throw back his head and give a belly laugh.

Standing with her hands on her hips, Amanda glared at him.


“You…” he laughed harder, “you’ve discovered fan fiction, haven’t you? Admit it, come on! You’ve been on the computer all day.”

He accompanied these words by undressing himself as he moved further into the room. First his shirt, baring that chest, the one Amanda had just seen on the internet but which was even more glorious in person. Then the jeans were unsnapped, just that first button, the one that drove her nuts with the potential it hinted at. By the time he had slipped off his shoes and tugged down his jeans, his erection bobbing in its eagerness, she was dry mouth and panty soaked.

“Uh, well, I, oh shit! Can we talk about this later?” She panted at him, stripping off her own clothes as fast as she could.

Jon was enjoying this. He had read a few himself and had to admit that even he was impressed with his purported prowess.

“What got ya, baby? Was it this?” He plunged his fingers inside without warning. “Or this?” As his tongue replaced the fingers. “Or maybe this?” As he spread his legs and drove into her.

Amanda was speechless except for small grunts and moans. She hadn’t quite realized the extent of her condition until her every need was being satisfied. They were soon soaked in sweat and neither one noticed.


Richie, never one to underestimate Jon, was lounging in front of the TV in the pub. It was two hours now and counting.

He figured he’d be able to see the end of the game.


Lying back on the bed a satisfying time later, breathing slowly returning to normal, Jon continued his earlier comment.

“So? Was I right? You discovered fan fiction?” He grinned at her sudden blush as she admitted in a rather strangled voice that yes, she certainly had.

“You knew about those?”

“Yeah, all the guys do. They’re pretty harmless, but damn! Some of those women have wild imaginations!”

Nodding rather vigorously, Amanda grinned in agreement.

“Oh yes they do. Hey, does Richie know about … hell, what was the name? Hathor? The Goddess Hathor?”

Jon laughed outright at that, grabbing his belly as he did so.

“Trust me on this, Richie DEFINITELY knows about Hathor! When we’re on the plane and he’s on the computer?” He looked at her to see if she knew what he was talking about and continued at her nod.

“If he’s totally engrossed, it’s usually because Hath wrote another story about him!”

Laughing herself at that mental picture, she turned toward Jon with a considering look on her face.

“And you? Which ones get to you?” Her voice was teasing, but she had a natural female curiosity as to which ones Jon enjoyed. Hell, I might get some ideas!

There was a bit of a pause as Jon considered her question. He had a few he read when he had the time and he even had a secret identity on one of the Jovi boards unrelated to Backstage.

“Well, did you see the one called “The Big Easy” and another called “The Sauna”?” He grinned wickedly as he remembered some of the scenes from those two.

Nodding quite determinedly at that point, she answered him.

“I sure as hell did … AND let me just say you are NEVER going to New Orleans without me, got that?”

Flashing her a huge smile with bedevilment lurking in his eyes, he teased.

“But hotel saunas are okay, right?”

Turning on him in a flash, she straddled his waist as he lay on his back and curved her nails over his abs.

“Abso-fucking-lutely NOT!”

She pressed the points of her nails into the hardness of his stomach which shook with the laughter that overcame him from her heated response. His tight belly wasn’t the only thing that shook as he grabbed her hands and flung her over onto her back. He quickly spread her thighs with his knee and hovered over her.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just looking at the menu…with you I eat ALL my meals at home!”

John Francis - Chapter 206

at 12:14 PM

Jon’s cell starting ringing at eight that morning, waking the two out of a sound sleep. Amanda curled further around Jon’s body as he attempted to stop the incessant ringing. Seeing it was Obie, he answered.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Sleep deepened his voice and fogginess from lack of sleep slowed his brain.

“What’s up? WHAT’S UP?!?!?! Jesus, Jon, what did you do?” Obie had not heard yet about the engagement and his first exposure was the Backstage boards.

Trying to shake the sleep from both his voice and his head, Jon actually had no idea what Obie was talking about.

“Obie…Obie! What the hell are you talking about?”

“You! Amanda! You’re engaged? It’s all over the internet, Jon! Backstage almost crashed!”

A low chuckle met this emphatic response as Jon realized the fans and the forums had been unleashed.

“Yeah, we’re engaged. Sorry, man, didn’t mean to keep it from you. Only a few people know so far.”

“Yeah, right, Jon…a few people! You’d better turn on your computer and you’d better be ready for the media!” Obie calmed a bit at Jon’s unruffled response and was relieved at his agreement to check out the sites. After talking for a few more minutes, with Jon giving permission to answer general, but not specific questions, they said good-bye.

Jon turned to Amanda, seeing her pretend to still be asleep buried beneath the covers.

“Wake up woman! I know you heard me. The boards are a buzzing and we’re probably in the papers.” He managed to pull the covers off her head over much mumbled protesting.

“What boards?” She mumbled as she tried replacing the covers with a pillow.

Jon laughed out loud. In fact, he almost rolled off the bed.

Amanda peered out from under a pillow.

“What? What’s so funny?”

Jon stood up and threw the covers off her.

“Come with me, honey…you’re about to get an education.”

Shortly after brushing their teeth and with coffee brewing, Jon booted up his computer. A few mouse clicks later and there on the screen was the Bon Jovi Forum on Topix.

The first thread was JON’S ENGAGED !!! and she saw there were already over 1,000 posts since the news had broken the night before. This was followed by Bon Jovi Fan Fiction, Who’s Got the Hottest Lips Jon or Richie? and one she didn’t understand simply titled Dial Soap.

Amanda sat clicking through several of the topics until on another page she hit a certain one.


Opening it up, she saw a link and clicked on it.

She sat back in amazement at the size of the picture and then she started looking at the comments. One comment noted that if you clicked on the picture it got larger – she did so and sat there looking at it in surprise. She then read the comments underneath the picture.

Sterling: OMG ~ IGLOO time!!! I just melt over the silvery fur!! Looks like it was sprinkled with silver pixie dust, doesn’t it? Mmmmmm…

Lida89: WOW !!! (nothing else can come out)

FYI: From now on that’s what I’ll tell myself about the silver in my hair. It’s pixiedust. LOL Makes me feel better! By the way, as a rule gray hair is coarser than “regular hair”. Saw on another thread a question about the fur being soft.

Jovial: OMG, what a picture. And holy s**t, so close to the yummy fur. Oh and his eyes that close up are so intense. Thud!!! I’m a goner!!

Kelzy: Niiiiccce!!!! *licks lips*

UK Dot: Leave me alone while I have a good look to see how far down he keeps that fur trimmed. LMAO!

Iloverichie: Let the salivation begin for all Jonny lovers…For me, this isn’t at all difficult to look at…kinda see the attraction…love the silver fur…he does get better with age…

Tina Bon Jovi: OMG!! How am I supposed to study now after seeing this???…If I don’t pass my exam, it’ll be his fault…I’ll just have to spank him. LOL

Sterling: I bet he’d love that too!

Paula L: What a beautiful man he is!

BebeReader: Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Blonde Jonny, life size???????

FUR Lover: *THUD* Awesome picture

UK Dot: Hey girls! Here he admits he’s had an “EXTENSION” LOL

UK Dot: Gotta make another comment here, lol. When you click on that pic and it goes huge, that fur is straight in your face! Suffocate me baby…

Jon almost lost his keyboard when Amanda spit out coffee after that last comment.

John Francis - Chapter 205

Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 5:49 PM

“Baby? Did I hurt you?”

Barely able to catch her breath from the intensity of the orgasms that had racked her body, blackening her vision and leaving her boneless, she finally managed to gasp out an answer to his concerned question.

“Richie…my god…what…how…do…you…do that to me?” Patricia’s voice trembled as much as her strained limbs from the aftershocks of the rush of orgasm after orgasm that had flowed through her as he sunk inside her, relentless in his efforts to please her.

Propped up on his elbows, still encased in her soft flesh, Richie gave a small chuckle of relief that he had not hurt her. He felt a moment of pure male satisfaction that he had excited her enough to have her respond over and over and his length, still deeply buried, gave a small twitch as his eyes devoured the deeply flushed creamy skin of the woman underneath him.

“Want me to move?” He asked as he started to push further up, then stopped suddenly as arms and legs encircled his body, holding him to her.

“Don’t you dare!” She growled at him, proving her point by tightening herself around his semi-erect member.

Richie laughed at that, then with chagrin in his voice he answered her.

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet, but I do need to get rid of something before it decides to leave on it’s own.”

A puzzled expression met him as it took her a moment to realize he meant the condom he was wearing. Patricia laughed then, a deep belly laugh that cause Richie to feel a tingle again where he was still joined with her. Sliding up and off the woman underneath him, Richie discretely disposed of the protective barrier and then slipped back into bed. He gathered Patricia in his arms, holding her close as she threw a leg over one of his and snuggled her breasts against his warm chest.

Settling against him, Trish heard the rumble of his words against her cheek.

“What are you gonna do at the end of your two weeks?” His voice was casual, but curious as this was something she hadn’t discussed with him.

“I’m going to take at least a month off and figure out what I really want to do. Ya know, Richie, I got everything I wanted work wise, but it wasn’t enough. Can you understand that?” There was confusion in her voice as she acknowledged this, both to him and to herself.

His chest rumbled with his laughter as he answered her.

“Yeah, babe, I think I can understand that.”

Patricia raised her head, looking at Richie’s face, seeing the smile that lingered. Her words to him reverberated in her mind and she shook her head ruefully.

“Wow…did it again, didn’t I? The ‘duh’ award. I think I better make a space above the fireplace for the trophy.”

“Nah, it’s okay ‘cause I really do know what you mean.” Richie answered more truthfully than even he realized.

There was silence again as the two were lost in their thoughts and then Richie asked something he had been thinking about for a few days.

“After you’re done at work, what do you think about taking a trip with me? I need to go to California as Heather has a shoot and I’ll have Ava.”

Trish didn’t answer right away as she thought about what Richie was asking her. Not just a trip, but to meet his daughter.

“Are you sure, Richie? “

“Sure about what? The trip or you meeting my daughter?” His eyes caught hers as she had tipped her head to see his face.

“Meeting your daughter.” Patricia answered honestly, her voice holding an indefinable tone.

“Trish, I’m not gonna lie to you. Some of my past choices haven’t been the best, but since Denise, no one, and I mean no one, has met my daughter.” Richie met her eyes without flinching and she realized once again that the honesty of this man was one of the things that had attracted her in the first place.

“You do realize we’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks, right?” Trish knew her feelings were growing for this amazing man, but she was having difficulty believing he would return them.

“Honey, I like you a lot. I want to see where this goes and that means me being a part of your life and you being a part of mine. Ava is the love of my life and she’s always going to come first with me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have room for someone else – someone special.”

There was silence as Patricia thought about what Richie was and was not saying, but in truth the decision was easy. Something about Richie was reaching into her heart and while she would cut out her tongue rather than put him on the spot by demanding more than he was offering, she was willing to accept this as progress toward whatever was waiting for them.

Smiling hugely, she kissed his soft lips and breathed her answer against them.

“I’d love to come with you. Thanks so much for asking.”

Richie pressed his lips more determinedly against hers and gave her his thanks in a much more intimate way than words.


Early Wednesday morning the Topix boards and the DLS forum were in full swing. As there were more than one forum that the Jovi women belonged to, T’s Place was also running full steam as more and more members checked the “News” section and saw all the posts they had missed the night before.

SamanthaC, in addition to running her own blog as “The Fiction Mistress” was on both DLS and T’s place and was busy posting and IM’ing. As quickly as she answered one, another popped up.

BedofRoses: Sam! Saw your blog! Is it true? Jon’s engaged?

SamanthaC: Oh yeah! For sure? You see her pictures yet? She’s from Florida, but not a celeb.

PhoebesSmellyCat: Samantha – what’s the scoop? Been away for a few days and now I come back and all hell’s broken loose?

SamanthaC: Read the blog, babe, it’s all there! ROFL!


The Goddess Hathor, a known dark side girl (the name Richie girls had for themselves) and a prolific fan fiction writer, received her own fair share of emails and PM’s.

trishsambora: HATH! Who was Richie with? Thought he wasn’t dating anyone?

TheGoddessHathor: Damn! I know! Trying to find out myself. Anybody out there got info?

MissMoose: Papers said her name is Patricia and she’s a psychologist! Richie getting out of the starlet business?

TheGoddessHathor: Of course he is! He’s been reading my stories! What? You never knew my alter ego was Patricia? LMAO!

rsgrl: LOL! Right Hath! You get Richie after me hon – that is if I ever let him go!


The Dirty Little Secrets board was also in full OH MY GOD mode as one member after another checked in to verify what they had heard and read.

rue: Wait a minute! Jon picks a regular woman to get engaged to and it WASN’T ANY OF US?!?!? WTH is up with that?

koolsheena: No no no! Jon is supposed to go for us younger girls! He needs to wait to meet me! ROFL!

Tara: Excuse me! Y’all can get to the back of the line! Damn! Can’t leave the computer for five minutes before something happens!

The chat went wild at that point as mysovereign, Jovi Babe, jovidiamond, and cheryl54 all chimed in with their comments and observations.

Cheryl541, the Youtube queen of Jon and Richie compilations was warned that she could NOT stop putting her videos together just because of this. She laughingly agreed.

John Francis - Chapter 204

Friday, December 12, 2008 at 9:16 AM

The limo drove down the street towards Jon’s house, Amanda and Jon talking quietly about their evening in the back of the car. They were interrupted by the driver’s voice over the intercom.

“Mr. Bon Jovi?”

Jon toggled the switch.


“There’s a crowd of people in front of your gates, sir.”

Jon and Amanda exchanged looks at this news.

“Can you get through to the gate?” Jon asked.

“Yes sir. If they move out of the way, that is.” The driver responded, sizing up what he would have to do.

“Who’s there, Jon?” Amanda was surprised at this news, as the hour was rapidly growing late.

Jon held up a finger for her to hold on.

“Steve, is it reporters?” He waited for the reply.

“I see lights, Mr. B, so I would guess so.”

“Reporters? Already? It’s only been a little more than an hour and a half since we left the dinner!” Amanda was having trouble believing reporters would be outside Jon’s house at this time of night.

Jon just smiled grimly as he placed a call on his cell phone. Reaching his head of security at the estate, he was assured when they told him they were ready for the limo and would do what was needed to keep the reporters and anyone else outside the property.

Amanda smiled at him when he closed his cell.

“I almost forget those guys are there. They hardly show themselves except when needed, don’t they?”

Nodding at her, he answered. “Yeah, they’re supposed to be unobtrusive, but I do need to have them around.”

They quieted as the car approached the gate and the security officer’s moved the crowd out of the way so the limo could enter. Jon had already informed the head of security that he would not be speaking to the reporters, so the questions called out were ignored. The tinted windows of the car prevented actual shots of the two inside, but this didn't stop the attempts.

Dismissing the driver for the night and entering the house, both moved to deposit coats and slip off shoes, opting for comfort over glamour.

Settling herself on one of the couches, she heard Jon call out.

“Glass of wine?” He stood there barefoot, his shirt open to the waist and the top button of his pants undone, cocking his head at her in question.

Taking in his near-state of undress, it took Amanda a moment to answer his question. The blood in her body seemed to have thickened. She didn’t realize she was staring at him until he repeated his question, a teasing grin on his face.

“Uh, wine, sure…” Jon grinned knowingly as a light blush touched her face. He brought over two glasses of red and settled himself on the couch next to her.

Taking a fortifying sip of the rich red wine Jon handed her, Amanda tried to get her mind off the track it had taken when seeing him stand across the room from on her in all his glory. The deep breath only had the opposite result as the intoxicating scent of the man – his cologne, the soap he had showered with, and the indefinable something that was Jon himself – flooded her already inflamed senses.

Jon, sipping his own wine, let his eyes roam over the woman next to him. He saw the rise of her breasts as she took a deep breath and noticed the light flushing of her skin. Reaching out one finger, he traced her lips as she looked deeply in his eyes. She caught his finger with her teeth, nibbling at the tip until Jon put down his glass and brought his other hand to the side of her face.

Lips replaced a lightly calloused finger as Jon’s hands on the side of her face brought her to him. Warm turned into heat as each soft kiss brought nerves to the tingling forefront and a limbs turned liquid as the fire spread. Soft polished fingers traveled from a lightly stubbled chin down a strong throat to furred muscles as those same hands slipped off the opened shirt of the man in front of her. Lips replaced those fingers as Amanda nuzzled and nipped at the fully exposed span of Jon’s chest and abdomen.

Jon’s fingers threaded themselves in the rich length of her hair as he let the strands rain through his fingers, twirling it through his sensitive hands. Those same hands unzipped the dress covering the skin he coveted. He gave a grin at the matching purple underwear that was revealed as the gown slipped from her shoulders and he drew it down over her hips. Blue eyes darkened as passion rose at the sight of the hose and garters that sheathed smooth legs.

Amanda’s eyes began to slit as her own arousal rose, seeing the look in Jon’s eyes. His hands spanned her waist, beginning to stroke from breasts to thighs as she lay back watching him. He leaned over her, shirtless, pants unbuttoned but still on, and her own hands traced the fur of his chest, following the line that disappeared into the top of those pants. Even the uncustomary looseness of the pants could not hide the burgeoning hardness inside. Her hand reached down to cup his growing warmth and a low growl emerged from a masculine throat.

Neither said a word, letting their hands and eyes and mouths speak for them. Low moans and throaty growls revealed their growing passion as their remaining clothing was slowly removed, each revealed area caressed and teased until Amanda’s legs were quivering with need and Jon’s fully engorged organ pearled with his impending release. Skillful fingers played with the softness of skin as Amanda’s own desire evidenced itself with full readiness.

Strong hands spread willing thighs as Jon braced his arms to plunge into Amanda’s offered warmth. Slowly the tip of his length touched the soft opening awaiting his throbbing shaft. A gasp and then a deep guttural sigh signaled Amanda’s pleasure as he seated himself fully inside her. Legs came up to encircle his lower back and buttocks as she sought to drive him deeper into her. He withdrew to his end and then tightening the muscles of his legs and ass, he plunged again and again, repeating the motion over and over as he watched her response.

Amanda felt a rising liquid heat inside her as her back began to arch in reaction to the man, his smell, and the hardness inside her. Passion overtook her as her head began to move from side to side, her nerves on fire and her toes beginning to tingle. A slight change in the angle of Jon’s thrusting threw her over the edge into an orgasm that had her screaming her pleasure and chanting his name as she rode out the waves that flowed through her body.

Never pausing in the relentless thrusting into her body, Jon felt himself nearing his own release. The firm muscles of his ass clenched over and over again as he used the strength of his legs to drive into her, sweating dripping from his hair, low groans and harsh breathing deepening as orgasm approached. He flicked her nipple with his tongue, causing her to gasp and thrust her breast deeper into his mouth. He suckled the tip for a moment until her hands tightened in his hair and they were both thrown into orgasm. The intensity of his spasms caused him to press himself more fully into her as she used her legs and her hands in his hair to keep him deep inside. They rode out their release, bodies fused together, sweat mingling, until both could draw a relaxing breath.

The intensity of their encounter started shaky laughter as Jon raised himself up from her body. Their skin stuck together as the sweat bonded them and both felt the loss of the warmth from the other. Jon pulled her up with him as he turned to sit on the couch, their bodies still joined intimately. Amanda straddled him, reveling in the new sensations. Holding her to him around the waist, he reached for one of the wine glasses and they shared a drink, cooling parched throats hoarse from their gasping breaths.

Dipping a finger in the wine, Jon anointed the still darkened tip of one of her breasts and licked the sweetish fluid from her skin. She wiggled at the heat of his mouth, unconsciously moving to allow him greater access. The expected softening inside her suddenly twitched, making her walls grasp him tighter as he once again began a leisurely exploration. He took another sip of the wine, then handed her the glass, to allow him to use both hands to mound her breasts together, the wine spilling from his mouth as he laved one tip and then the other.

With unhurried licks and strokes Jon feasted on her warm flesh, trailing his tongue up her neck to fuse his lips with hers. The taste of rich wine mingled with the spice of their mouths as their tongues dipped and swirled, re-engaging sated senses until their breathing became harsh and their still joined bodies began moving against the other, each seeking that small slice of heaven that awaited them.

John Francis - Chapter 203

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 9:15 PM

“You two heading back to New York tonight?” Jon broke into the silence that had descended on the four in the limo as they traveled back to the helicopter pad.

Richie nodded.

“Yeah, Trish has to work tomorrow.”

Patricia grinned then.

“Only for another two weeks. I gave my notice yesterday.”

Amanda’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What? You’re leaving your job? What are you gonna do, Trish?”

A big smile on her face, Patricia explained her plans.

“For the last several months I’ve been doing training at work for others to take over my caseload. I’ve been mostly administration for the last two months as I want to get out of this job and move into another level of my field.”

Jon and Amanda nodded at her to continue, while Richie just smiled as he already knew what Trish was planning on doing.

“I’ll be taking a few months off while I see what else is out there. This has been planned for quite some time now and it just seemed yesterday was the right time to give my notice.”

“That’s great, Trish! Sounds pretty exciting. I’m sure there’s so much you could do with the degrees you have.” Amanda nodded her support of the plans she had just heard.

They pulled up to the chopper as they were still talking about Patricia’s job change. Getting out, the two women were still deep in conversation as they walked to the waiting helicopter. Jon grinned at Richie.

“Good news, right?”

Richie’s eyes twinkled as his smiled widened.

“Oh yeah, definitely good news. She’s great, ya know?”

Jon nodded. “Yeah, I can see that. She seemed pretty comfortable tonight, with all the reporters and cameras and shit.”

Nodding his head, Richie agreed. “Yeah, doesn’t seem to faze her a bit. Thank god, man, because my life sure ain’t a secret.”

“I hear ya. Gets old.” Jon sighed a little heavily as he thought about the constant media attention for the last 29 years.

“They’re waiting for me to screw up again, you know that, right?” Richie’s voice was heavy with disgust and regret.

“Fuck ‘em, man, you’re human. You made a mistake. It’s over and I know you’re never gonna do it again. So, screw ‘em.”

Jon knew how rough things had been for Richie after his arrest and how hard his friend had worked to get through the media attention and his subsequent probation. Since that time Richie had made sure never to drive if he had even had only one drink.

“Thanks Jon. You know I appreciate everything you did.” Richie lightly rested his hand on Jon’s shoulder for a brief moment.

“You’d do the same, so forget it.” Jon answered, knowing it was true.

They helped Patricia and Amanda into the chopper and the four settled back for the short trip.


Topix was buzzing as the Bon Jovi Forum had hit after hit on the on the new discussion “JON BON JOVI ENGAGED!!!”

Viva, JONSPEACHES, Sterling, Ana A, iloverichie, Channel BonJovi, Sue NJ, Annab3lla, Cali Jovi Girl, and Maureen H were all posting as quickly as they could as they received their own IM’s and PM’s and the news spread. MonkeyJoe got hollared at again for spelling Jon’s name “John”, but that quickly passed as the others got back to speculating.

Jack had called Janey back as she had hung up so quickly he hadn’t been able to tell her about the woman with Richie. She had learned her name was Patricia, but Jack didn’t yet know her last name yet. Janey had gone on the “Dirty Little Secrets” forum and this new information was being bandied about, with everyone pooling their resources to find out who Patricia was and if there were any pictures.

Amanda’s picture was posted on several Jovi forums, as well as linked on Topix, and the still scant information about her was spread via the web.


Susan’s phone rang, distracting her from the book she was reading.


“Susan? Did you hear? Did she call you? Did you know already?” Susan’s co-worker, Janet, fired off her questions without seeming to wait for an answer.

“Janet? What are you talking about? Did I know what?” Her book resting her on her lap, Susan reached for her wine glass as she spoke.

“About Amanda’s engagement to Jon Bon Jovi, that’s what! Where have you been? It’s all over the forums!”

“Janet, you know I don’t follow those things! How would I know what’s being said?” Susan’s voice evidenced her amusement at her co-workers obsession with all things Bon Jovi.

“You’re her best friend. You have to have known! Oh, you’re so mean! You never tell me ANYTHING about her and Jon!” Janet pouted over the phone as Susan’s near ‘no comment’ answer every time she asked her a question was infuriating.

“I told you before that I’m not gonna talk about Amanda and Jon. She’s my friend because she knows I don’t gossip and I’m not gonna start now just because she’s dating Jon!” Susan’s voice tightened with frustration as she was tired of Janet pumping her for information. She had made it clear, she thought until now, that she wasn’t going to talk about them, but apparently Janet wasn’t listening.

“At least tell me if you knew or not! Susan please!” Janet tried again to get some “inside information”.

“Yes, I knew, okay? Janet, that’s IT! I am not talking about their personal life so you need to stop asking me questions about them.”

Janet blew out a breath as she heard the anger in Susan’s voice.

“Okay, I’m sorry! It’s just that I love the band and Jon so much!”

“Well, I’m guessing this means he’s taken so you’d better just concentrate on the band!”

Reluctantly Janet answered. “I get it. He’s taken. Damn! I just know I would have been perfect for him!”

Susan moved the phone from her mouth as she struggled to not laugh outright at Janet’s declaration. Her co-worker was 56, more than a little plump, and already a grandmother. Putting Amanda’s personality and looks against Janet’s was a little like comparing a panther and a tabby cat.

“Janet, I’m gonna go. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, sorry to bother you. See you at work. Good night.”

Susan hung up the phone and gave in to her laughter.

A few minutes later, she gave into her curiosity and turned on her computer.

Several mouse clicks later she sat there in open-mouthed astonishment.

“Oh wow.”

John Francis - Chapter 202

Monday, December 8, 2008 at 5:44 PM

Settling back in the car, Jon turned to Amanda, concern on his face.

“You okay, baby?” His voice was as soft as his smile.

“I’m fine. I knew there would be questions and I’ve learned that I only have to answer the ones I want.” She took his hand in hers. “You don’t have to worry about me, Jon. I need to get used to this, right?”

He looked at her, seeing her calm acceptance of the reporters, their questions, and the cameras. He realized she was changing from someone who had never been in the spotlight to someone who was getting more comfortable being in one. He thought back to Dorothea’s attitude toward the press as something of a necessary evil and one she was determined to avoid at all costs. He wanted Amanda to be with him as Dorothea had never been and he was glad to see her new confidence.

Patricia was sitting quietly, a little shocked from the overwhelming flashes of the cameras they had just passed through. Richie turned to her.

“How about you? You okay?” His voice was soft and a warm grin accompanied it.

Taking a deep breath, Patricia answered with her own soft grin.

“Yeah…but wow…you guys do that all the time?”

The three laughed then at her obvious amazement. Richie’s deep chuckle brought her eyes swinging to his face.

“Well, considering that Jon and Amanda just gave them something newsworthy, I’d say that was a little more than usual.” He turned to Jon.

“How long do you think, man?”

The women were confused by that cryptic statement and turned toward Jon.

He gave a rueful laugh, shaking his head.

“Probably not more than fifteen minutes. Somebody has already called someone and it’ll hit the internet.”

Richie nodded in agreement.

“Yep, probably be out there before we hit the chopper.”

They made small talk during the rest of the drive. Jon would not have been surprised to learn that he was off his estimate by more than ten minutes.


“Hey sis! Whatcha doin’?”

“Hey yourself! Just sitting at the computer. What’s up, Jack?”

“Oh, not a whole lot. Just out on an assignment.”

Distractedly, typing on a forum as she talked, Janey murmured, “Uhm hmm…”

Jack continued.

“Yeah, so I’m in Philly tonight, covering a Soul event, and …” He paused, waiting for his words to sink in.

“Uhm hmm…Philly…Soul…WAIT! You’re at a Philly Soul event? Jack! Was he there? Did you get pictures?” Janey grasped the phone more firmly, her attention now solely on her brother’s voice.

“Did I get pictures of whom?” Jack teased, knowing his sister’s obsession with all things Bon Jovi.

“Yeah, the whole team was there. Who’s picture do you want?”

“JACK!” Janey screamed into the phone. “You know who I’m asking about! Was he there?”

Chuckling now, Jack held the phone a bit away from his ear at his sister’s last scream.

“Oh yeah, Jon and Richie were both here…and yes, before you ask again, I got pictures.”

“You’re the best, Jack! I get copies of the ones the magazine doesn’t want, right?” Janey’s voice was eager in anticipation. Her brother had always provided her with pictures for her private collection.

“I got him coming in and going out, so there’ll be plenty for you…” Jack left his sentence hanging and again adjusted the phone, knowing his sister well.

“How did they look, Jack? Oh god, Jon’s SO gorgeous and Richie…hmmm…Richie…” Janey’s voice also trailed off as her thoughts wandered.

“Janey! I do not want to know what you think about Richie! I’m your brother, for god’s sake!” His voice rose as he was only partially teasing.

“Sorry, Jack. So, what was going on tonight?”

“It was a pre-season appreciation dinner for the contributors to the Soul and…” Jack continued, as Janey’s attention again wandered to the forum where she answered a personal message from one of her friends.

“…and, of course, his fiancée looked gorgeous. She has probably the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen and Jon’s announcement of their engagement will be in all the papers tomorrow…”

“Uhm hmm…hair…engagement…” Janey was nodding her head distractedly as she listened and typed and it was only when she realized she had typed the word ‘engagement’, did her thoughts return fully to her brother.

“Engagement? Who’s engaged? What are you talking about, Jack?” She frowned into the phone as she realized she had not really been listening.

“Will you STOP typing for a few minutes?! I’m trying to tell you that Jon Bon Jovi is engaged! Sheesh, Janey, why did I even bother to call you!?” Jack shook his head on his end of the phone, getting annoyed now.

“Jon’s…engaged? Is that what you said? JACK! Did you SAY that?” Janey gripped the phone, not quite ready to believe she had heard what she thought.

“Yes, you ditz! Jon’s engaged to that woman Amanda Matthews. Didn’t I just say that?” He grinned as he could picture his sister’s response.

“Oh my god! No way! Jack, come on, you’re kidding me, right? Because I wasn’t paying attention? Okay, I’m listening, I promise, but please don’t tease me about that, alright?” Janey apologized, hoping her brother was teasing her.

She heard laughter through the phone as Jack heard her almost pleading with him.

“Okay, sis, but I’m not teasing. He’s engaged and it’ll be in the papers tomorrow. Debra was in the ladies’ room and overheard Amanda talking to another woman and she asked Jon when he left a few minutes ago. He confirmed it.”

“Oh…my…god…Jack! Oh my god! You’re sure? You’re not kidding?” Janey’s voice was a whisper as she realized what her brother was saying.

“Nope, not kidding. You’ll see tomorrow.” Jack now started laughing outright as his sister continued to sputter into the phone.

“Jack, I gotta go! Holy hell…I gotta go…I gotta…”

Jack interrupted.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, you’ve gotta go tell your ‘sistas’. Geez, Janey, how old are you anyway?” He teased, knowing his sister belonged to several Jovi forums online. Her spreading the news wouldn’t hurt and in fact would probably increase the number of papers bought tomorrow.

“Thanks, Jack, really…thanks! And I still want pictures!” Janey was so anxious to get off the phone and back online she didn’t hear her brother’s good-bye as she snapped her cell phone shut.

Turning back to her computer, Janey pulled up both her Yahoo and MSN accounts and started typing.


In North Carolina, alicefaye4jon was working on her latest Jon Bon Jovi fan fiction when a message popped up on her Yahoo account.

FUR Lover: Alice! Just got off the phone with my brother. JON’S ENGAGED!!!!!!!

Looking at her message, Alice shot back a reply.

alicefaye4jon: What are you talking about? Engaged to who? Come on, Janey! Stop kidding around!

Janey laughed. She and Alice teased back and forth a lot. She was a die-hard Richie girl and Alice was, well, for Jon.

FUR Lover: Sorry girlfriend! Jack says Jon is engaged. Said it’ll be in the papers tomorrow and that Jon confirmed it! Thought he was yours, honey? ROFL!

alicefaye4jon: OMG!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!! Janey! He’s engaged? To that Amanda?

Janey wasn’t surprised that Alice knew Amanda’s name. In the Bon Jovi online community news traveled faster than even the speed of sound. “Jovi-news” was always spread through the forums and pictures and tidbits of information were dissected over and over again until every nuance had been explored.

FUR Lover: Oh yeah, to Amanda. Dorothea got married last week, remember? So they probably waited. But, yeah, he’s engaged!

Alice sat there for a moment as she digested this news. Almost everyone in the Jovi society truly had the best wishes of the band uppermost in their minds. Sure, they talked…about Jon’s ass, Richie’s Stetson and his rumored ‘gift’, Dave’s curls, Tico’s arms, Hugh’s niceness, and they loved the music, but even more so, they genuinely loved the guys. Most of them, while envying Dorothea being with Jon forever, were saddened when they heard about the divorce.

So, Alice, while wishing she could have Jon – and here she laughed to herself – doesn’t everyone? – was glad for him.

alicefaye4jon: Janey, I can’t believe it, but I do! Gotta go, chick!

Janey, interrupted in her other conversations, responded after a minute.

FUR Lover: LOL! Yeah, me too! Talk later chica!

On her end, Alice got busy typing.


alicefaye4jon: Opester! Girl! Where are ya?

Opester: What’s up babe?

alicefaye4jon: Got news for you girlfriend! You sitting down?

Opester: LOL! Duh, I’m at the computer!

alicefaye4jon: ROFL! Yeah, okay, well, hang on to your keyboard!

Opester: WHAT!!??

alicefaye4jon: Ya know that certain fantasy guy of yours? The one you wanna get in a sauna?

Opester: Yeah? What about him?

alicefaye4jon: He’s…

Opester: ALICE! What?!?!?!

alicefaye4jon: E N G A G E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opester: No way! WHAT??? Are you kidding?

alicefaye4jon: Nope! NOT kidding. FUR Lover just IM’d me! Her brother’s a photog, remember?

Opester: Holy shit! Gotta go!

alicefaye4jon: LOL! Yeah, me too! Cya babe!


FUR Lover: Bay! Wake up!

bayaderra: Hey! Whatcha doin’?

FUR Lover: Waking you up! Got news!

bayaderra: Yeah? And…?

FUR Lover: Jon’s engaged! He’s freaking ENGAGED!

bayaderra: SHIT!!! NO WAY!!!

FUR Lover: LMAO! Oh yeah! WAY!


And so it went…

From FUR Lover to justme7800, to rutpop, to norwichliz, to JonButtLover.

Alice was also busy, reaching Shelly, heatherbonjovi, sunstreaked, willowll, and SamanthaC.

SamanthaC, the Fiction Mistress, reached The Goddess Hathor. They immediately updated their blogs and the news then spread to other countries.

It had spread as far as Australia within the next five minutes.

The Jovi women were nothing if not efficient.

John Francis - Chapter 201

Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 9:39 PM
WOW! I had no idea this would go on so long (too long according to some!) and that there would be so much more to go. Thank you all very much for sticking with me and I hope you decide to stay for the rest. Thanks for reading, for your comments, and for helping me have a heck of a lot of fun!


Outside the restaurant one of the female field reporters was going over some of the footage of the night, seeing if the shots of people going in were good enough, when she suddenly stopped the camera tech.

“Wait! Back it up about ten seconds…no, no, okay…hold it!” She leaned closer to the monitor and after pointing to an area on the screen, the tech sharpened the focus.

“Holy Hope diamond, Batman!” She mumbled out loud as the small crew gathered around her.

She pointed, touching the screen. “Do you all see that?” They nodded at her, the feel of a scoop vibrating in the air.

Glancing at the other two, she commanded. “Get ready.”

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t alone in her discovery. Murmurs started to fill the air outside as one after another of those present with digital cameras or film were reviewing their shots and preparing their new stories.


The remainder of the evening passed quickly as those present mingled, talking about the new season, the upcoming charitable projections, and just every day catching up with friends and associates.

Patricia was charmed over and over again by Richie’s easygoing manner and how he frequently threw in jokes and wisecracks. She found herself watching him as he talked with some of the players, realizing they were as comfortable with him as he was with them. She wondered if there was any situation he could be in where he wouldn’t be at ease.

Jon and Amanda made the rounds also, receiving congratulations wherever they stopped as the news had traveled fast throughout the room. Once again Amanda found herself inundated with a barrage of new names and faces and she felt as if a permanent smile was etched on her face. Excusing herself at one point, she traveled the length of the room to the bathrooms where she could gain a few minutes respite.

After using the facilities, she was washing her hands at the sink when the door opened and Patricia walked in around the corner of the entrance. A woman exited one of the stalls, smiled and said hello as she washed her hands, then headed for the exit. Waiting for the almost silent ‘snick’ of the door, Patricia and Amanda’s eyes met and both woman gave a sigh at finding a familiar face. Rolling her eyes, Amanda grinned.

“Got any tricks for remembering a gazillion names?” Her voice was full of laughter as her question was met by a shake of Patricia’s head.

“You too, huh?” Trish asked, pantomiming an exaggerated heartbeat.

“Ooh yeah, I’m good with the people at the table, but the rest…I think I’m gonna have to use the internet and start checking out the Soul website.” Amanda shook her head, thinking about all the people she had met tonight, including the players and their wives and girlfriends.

Her voice full of amazement, Patricia began relating how she had seen Richie just charm his way through the room, so comfortable with everyone.

“He is one of the most likeable people I’ve ever met. I can see why he and Jon have been friends for so many years.” Amanda replied, grinning a little at the look on Trish’s face, that of pure enchantment.

Cocking her head, she continued. “You really DO like him, don’t you?”

Patricia blushed lightly and cast her eyes down to the floor and then back to Amanda’s face.

“He’s…I’m…it’s…” she took a deep breath. “…he’s really great, Manda, not at all how I expected somebody so famous to be.”

Nodding in agreement, Manda answered her. “They are just so…normal…” she laughed then, “…until they’re NOT, but that always comes as a surprise…”

Laughing herself, Patricia agreed, then changed the subject to a question she had wanted to ask for the last hour.

“At the table, that woman…?”

A huge eye roll answered her question. “That was Jackie. I met her a few weeks ago and she was pretty rude. Tico’s wife, Alejandra, called her on it and I think Richie dumped her that night…or it was mutual…either way it seems that was an attempt to cause Richie some embarrassment. Sorry to interfere, but I just couldn’t let her get away with a snarky comment.”

With a small frown on her face, Patricia replied, “I didn’t mind that, Richie said pretty much the same thing you just did, but I think you surprised him. He said you usually didn’t say things like that.”

“Just because I don’t usually go on the attack with people doesn’t mean I’m a pushover. I’m just not a quick to anger kind of person, that’s all.” Amanda’s voice was firm as she answered.

“Well, thanks just the same. She doesn’t seem like the nicest of people.”

“Not from what I’ve seen anyway.” Amanda answered quietly.

Grinning suddenly, Patricia whispered, “So, how does it feel to be engaged to Jon Bon Jovi?”

Gasping at that, Amanda started to reply. “I’m not engaged to…oh hell, whether I think of him as John Francis or not, he is Jon Bon Jovi, isn’t he?”

Laughing now, Patricia nodded her head vigorously. “Yep, and that guy I’m here with is Richie Sambora. Just pinch me now, okay?”

“Nah, I heard how you two met. I think he liked that you didn’t know who he was at first. And then you didn’t freak out when you did.”

“What about you and Jon? Did you ‘freak out’ when you met him? I mean, Richie hasn’t really told me anything about that.” Patricia asked, curious as to Amanda’s first reaction to Jon.

A surprising blush rose up to cover Amanda’s face as she shook her head. “Yeah, I freaked out, but…well…oh hell, I will tell you, Trish, but not tonight and not here, okay?”

“Sure, another time. Wanna do a girls lunch?” Patricia invited spontaneously.

“I’d love to! Next week, okay?”

“Next week. Sounds great!”

Finishing touching up their lipstick, the women closed their purses, and gave one last look in the mirror.

“Ready?” Amanda asked.

“Yep, ready.” Patricia answered.

Neither heard the quick silent opening of the door as the reporter who had been in the bathroom when Amanda entered slipped out before the other two turned the corner.


Hurrying out to her news van, Debra Patterson could almost feel the blood pounding through her veins. Gathering her crew at the back of the van, she related what she had overheard.

“No shit! You heard the other woman SAY they were engaged?” This question came from the camera man as he prepped another camera.

“Definitely, the one named ‘Trish’ asked her and the other one – Amanda right?” She looked at her tech for confirmation and continued at his nod. “Amanda said she was, but she thought of him as John Francis.”

Wide eyes met her statement as she blurted out, “THAT’S the angle we’re gonna use for this! You guys ready?”

The two men nodded at her and quickly prepared what they needed.


Patricia and Amanda returned to the table where the others had gathered once again. Their men smiled at them in greeting as the women slipped into their chairs. Taking a sip of her wine, Amanda looked around the room seeing most everyone engaged in conversations of one sort or another. She was lost in thought when she realized that Jon was standing gathering his few items in preparation to leave. He held his hand out for her.

“Babe?” His voice was questioning.

“Oh, sorry.” She answered as she gathered her coat and bag. “I was just people watching.”

“You ready?” He held her coat as she put it on.

“Yes…thank you.” She nodded as she slipped on the coat. Looking across the table, she saw Richie and Patricia doing the same and moving towards them. The four said their goodnights to the people at their table and others as they moved to the entrance of the restaurant. As the men opened the heavy wooden doors to the outside, letting Amanda and Patricia walk thru first, the walkway exploded with camera flashes and both women stopped in their tracks, startled at the intensity of the lights. Jon and Richie moved up quickly after a fast glance at the other, taking a hand in each of theirs as they pulled the women gently to their sides.

“Jon! Over here! Jon!” The calling voices came from all sides as the cameras continued to flash.

“Jon! Are you engaged? When are you getting married? Amanda! How long have you been engaged? Jon! Richie! Did you know? When are they getting married?” The shouted questions continued as the four made their way to the waiting car.

Amanda stepped a little behind Jon at this barrage from the waiting reporters, keeping a small smile on her face and her eyes straight ahead. A squeeze of his hand was her only warning as he stopped, knowing he had to address this before the papers printed whatever they wanted. She squeezed his hand back, letting him know she was ready. Jon stopped and Amanda stood at his side. Together they faced the cameras and the questions.

A clear female voice cut through as soon as those waiting realized Jon was stopping to speak with them.

“Jon, Debra Patterson, WJNO, is it true you’re engaged?”

“Hi Debra, yes, Amanda and I are engaged.” Jon smiled an easy-going smile at her, knowing direct answers without elaboration were best.

“When did you ask her Jon?” A voice called out from the crowd.

“We’ve been engaged for a little over a week. There were other people we needed to tell first.” Jon replied, knowing from long experience where this was going.

“Is it true she calls you ‘John Francis’?” Debra called out before another reporter could be answered.

Turning towards the woman a little, a small frown flashed across Jon’s face as he considered his answer. With a quick decision, he laughed, smiling his huge press smile, and answered her.

“Yes, she does call me that sometimes. Just reminds me who I am underneath all this.”

The other reports laughed at this, most finding they were smiling back at Jon in reaction to his smile.

“You two met in Florida, right Jon?” Another voice filled the air. “How did you meet?”

“Yes, we met in Florida at a small restaurant near Tico’s home.” Jon answered, then scanned the crowd, anticipating another question.

“What does Dorothea say about your engagement Jon?” A voice from the back called.

“Dorothea is very happy in her new marriage and wishes us the best, as we did for her.” Jon replied. Amanda could hear a certain tone enter his voice now as the questions turned toward his ex-wife. The tone intensified when the next question concerned his children.

“What about your kids, Jon? Do they know they’re going to have a new step-mother?”

Jon took a breath to answer, but an overzealous reporter saved him by asking another question.

“Do you have children, Amanda?”

Feeling a slight jerk of her hand in his at the first real question directed at her, he again pressed his hand tightly against hers. She let out her breath and answered.

“No, I have no children.”

“You were married before, right?” Debra shot out.

“Yes, my husband was killed in a car accident.” Amanda answered, not quite realizing she was mimicking Jon by keeping her responses direct and to the point.

Richie had moved Patricia to the car during the time Amanda and Jon had stopped to answer some of the reporters and returned now, calling out that they needed to get to their appointment. Jon nodded at his friend, turning and moving toward the waiting car.

Knowing there was more to this story from what she had overheard in the ladies’ room, Debra took a gamble to ensure that she would stay on the good side of the temperamental Jon Bon Jovi. Her voice was clear as she called out to the departing couple.

“Congratulations to both of you!”

As she had hoped, her courtesy halted them in their tracks and she gave a silent prayer that her cameraman was ready as Amanda and Jon turned and provided the best photograph of the night. Their smiles were genuine, their eyes bright, and their hands intertwined. Cameras again flashed and with a wave the two were in the car and it was pulling away.

A voice whispered in Debra’s ear.

“Good job, Deb. Got that one nailed.”

Debra smiled at her cameraman and nodded.

“We need to get research on this.” He inclined his head at her in agreement.

She whispered to herself.

“Oh yeah, there’s a story here.”

John Francis - Chapter 200

at 8:10 AM

They quickly returned to the waiting men who were already talking to Craig Spencer, the other majority owner of the Soul, and Ron Jaworski, the team president. Introductions were made and Amanda immediately sensed the genuine friendship that existed between these men. Richie was also a member of the ownership group, something neither Amanda nor Patricia found surprising.

Moving into the bar area, the group found Joe Krause, the Soul director of sales, and Matt D'Orazio, the arena bowl winning quarterback, getting drinks. The women were introduced to the two and Jon was given a friendly slap on the back from D'Orazio, the 6’4” man a large figure next to Jon’s shorter height and smaller frame. Amanda ordered a white wine, while Patricia opted for a red. Jon and Richie got their own drinks and moved into the center of the restaurant.

A hum seemed to go through those gathered as Jon and Richie entered, the two women at their sides. Most of those present were friendly with the two men, but there was still a level of celebrity that had been attained by these two that coupled with their presence commanded the attention of those gathered. Making the rounds, Jon and Richie split up, taking different sides of the room. Amanda was introduced over and over again and had more names thrown at her than she could possibly remember, but she was pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone was and felt herself relaxing, her grip of Jon’s hand lessening as the evening progressed.

Seated a while later at a table that included Craig Spencer, Leo Carlin (also a member of the ownership group), Rich Lisk (the general manager), Ron Jaworski, Richie, Patricia, and the spouses of the other men, the talk centered around the 2009 season and the upcoming February All-Access Party at The Franklin Institute, the 2009 Open Practice, and the Season Ticket Holder Invite. Amanda was a little taken aback by all these scheduled events and gave a silent “thank you” to Sharon for taking her shopping. She resolved right then to pay much more attention to the schedule that was updated on her phone, realizing she would need all the advance notice she could get.

Richie was attentive to Patricia during the dinner, turning to her frequently to make sure she was not left out of the conversation and answering her questions about arena football, a game she also was unfamiliar with. Seated next to Jon, Craig turned at one point and gave his partner a wide smile and a nod.

“I can see congratulations are in order.” His voice was low and did not carry as he talked to Jon.

A wide smile met his words as Jon nodded and nudged Amanda to include her in the conversation.

Craig smiled at her also. “Congratulations Amanda.”

“Thank you, Craig.” She answered him softly, realizing he was the first outsider to say anything to them.

Perhaps subconsciously she had been keeping her left hand down, either against her side when standing or in her lap during dinner. Cutting her food had made using her left hand inevitable and she figured she shouldn’t be surprised that other people had noticed.

Not having heard something before, Craig inclined his head toward Jon.

“How long?” He asked, again smiling.

Jon grinned back. “About a week now. And, no…” he answered before Craig could ask, “…the press haven’t found out yet.”

Craig nodded. “Ahh…got it.” He had been a friend and partner of Jon’s long enough to know how he felt about his private life and those in it.

“Well, that’s really good news…” He started, when Jaworski’s voice across the table called out to them.

“What’s good news?”

Quickly glancing at Jon, Craig answered.

“That most of the players from 2008 are signed again for the new season.”

Jaworski grinned at that.

“Oh, thought you might have meant those two getting engaged.”

The table was suddenly silent as every eye turned toward Amanda and Jon.

Smiling a crooked grin at Jaworski, Jon answered him.

“Leave it to you, Jaws, to bring the conversation to a stop!”

Laughter broke out when Richie started humming the theme to the movie “Jaws”.

“Dunh, dunh…dunh, dunh…dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh…”

He suddenly stopped and “oofed” at an elbow to the ribs from Trish. More laughter was heard then as she had not been subtle about it.

Jon threw back his head and laughed. “Rich, man, I think that one’s smarter than you. I’d be careful.”

Richie grinned at his friend. “You know me, man, I’m always careful.”

At that Amanda started laughing. “Oh please! Here speaks the man who needs followed around with a wooden spoon to stop his mouth!” She glanced at the others who while not knowing exactly what she meant seemed to understand why she would say it.

Craig decided to join the teasing.

“I see she knows you, Richie. Yeah, we have to practically hog tie him to get him to sit and listen in the meetings.” He nodded at the other men, who grinned back, knowing Richie’s penchant for injecting a smart-ass remark whenever possible.

Richie’s face reddened at bit that that before he recovered and laughed.

“Hey, don’t hate me because I can multi-task.”

Jon laughed harder. “I think it’s called Attention Deficit Disorder these days, bro’.”

In deference to the other ladies present, Richie refrained from shooting Jon the finger, but raised an eyebrow, indicating his “brother” would pay for that one.

‘Jaws” had listened to this byplay, but as was his nature, returned to finish the ‘meal’.

“Congratulations, you two.” Ron called out over the remaining laughter, the others joining in to add their best wishes.

Jon shook his head at Jaworski’s single-mindedness, but both he and Amanda grinned and smiled at the words of those at the table.

The conversation returned to discussion about the Soul and after a few post-dinner speeches by Jon, Craig, and Bret Munsey, the head coach, about the championship win and the upcoming season, the rest of the evening was spent socializing.

Having “worked the room” with Jon before the dinner, Amanda thought she had seen everyone who was there. There were roughly 150 people in the largish restaurant and between being introduced and one additional trip to the restroom, she thought she had seen everyone there. She was laughing at something Craig had said to Jon when she saw Jackie approaching with a man who looked about thirty years older than her. They neared the table, with Jackie tucking her hand possessively around the other man’s arm.

“Jon, Craig, how are you doing?”

Both men turned to see the new arrivals. Jacob Falcon was a businessman located in the Philadelphia area who had been a rather late arrival to the Soul. He was on one of their charitable boards and was in his late 60’s.

Jon’s smile had turned from genuine to press as he saw who was on Jacob’s arm.

“Jake! Nice to see you. Glad you could make it.”

Craig also added his hello’s, noting himself the sudden change in Jon’s expressive face.

“This is Jackie Parsons. Jackie this is Craig Spencer and of course Jon Bon Jovi.” Jacob introduced the men to Jackie.

“Nice to meet you, Craig. Jon and I are old friends.” Jackie purred out her greetings.

It was obvious to Jon that Jacob did not know the full history of Jackie’s comment. His eyes narrowed when she turned toward Richie and Patricia.

“Hey Richie…” Jackie began, throwing a contemptuous look at Patricia. “That’s the best you could do, hmmm?”

Patricia’s face reddened and Richie’s face began changing into a thundercloud as Amanda’s voice cut into the air.

“Yes, isn’t is amazing how much better you can do when you stop looking in the gutter?”

The heads of those present at the table all swiveled in her direction as she continued to look at Jackie who was now staring at her with open-mouthed astonishment. Continuing to meet Jackie’s eyes unflinchingly, the two women were locked in what seemed to be a staring contest. The silence at the table finally seemed to register in Jackie’s ears and she turned a deep shade of red at the barely hidden snickers that were beginning.

Craig’s voice was heard then speaking to Jacob as the others gave glances around and resumed conversation, deliberately trying to ignore what had happened. Jon glanced at Amanda who continued to stare at Jackie, refusing to back down until the other woman finally turned her head away from the table. She shot a quick glance at Richie who caught it and winked at her while continuing to talk to Trish. Craig and Jacob finished and the he and Jackie moved off to another table.

Once those two were out of earshot, small chuckles broke out amongst those who had heard the exchange. Ron “Jaws” Jaworski laughed as he looked at Amanda.

“Remind me to stay on your good side, sweetheart!”

Amanda grinned back at him.

“You aren’t the only one who has teeth, Jaws!” She teased him, hearing Jon and Richie join in the laughter. She glanced at Patricia then and saw her smile back. Obviously whatever Richie had said had put her at ease again.

While Jon and Craig talked, Jon continued to shoot glances Amanda’s way, wondering at her sharp rebuke. He had never heard that tone from her before and was a little surprised, but glad Jackie had been shut down in her attempt to start trouble with Richie in front of the others. When Craig turned to speak with another person who stopped by the table, Jon turned to her.

“I don’t think I want to be on your bad side either…” He teased, a grin crooking his lips.

She smiled back as she answered. “Sorry, but she’s a bitch and my limit is low on those.”

He laughed softly. “Glad I don’t get bitchy then…”

He stopped at the widening of her eyes as she struggled not to snort with laughter.

A deeper tone entered his voice as he looked at her.

“Why are you laughing? I do NOT get bitchy! Men do not get BITCHY!”

These low-toned statements just managed to set her off in peals of laughter at the expression on his face. Seeing others turn at her giggles, she waved a hand to show she wasn’t talking, but she did keeping grinning at the expression of outrage on Jon’s face.

She had almost managed to get herself under control when he leaned over and spoke in a whisper.

“I do NOT get bitchy!” He attempted to look affronted, but by the crook of his smile he failed to pull it off.

Amanda whispered back. “Men never think they get bitchy…but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

Her sudden explosion of laughter only made his duck lips stick out further.

John Francis - Chapter 199

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 1:15 PM

“Trish! You almost ready, babe?” Richie called out, wondering at the amount of steam escaping the bathroom.

Grasping a towel around herself, Trish came out of the bathroom with her hair up, tendrils escaping, and threw Richie a pleading look.

“I need 15 minutes, okay?” She didn’t pause as she moved to her vanity where within a short time she had applied her makeup. Dropping the towel, she dressed in her underwear, stockings, and a jade green floor length gown. Richie, dressed in a formal black suit and deep gray shirt, opened as usual, gave her a wolf whistle when she was finished.

Trish’s cheeks dimpled as she smiled at him and gave a curtsey.

“Why, thank you, sir!”

Richie drew her to him, careful not to fuss her dress, but aching to touch the softness of her shoulders and back. They had been spending every possible minute together during the last two weeks and he was finding himself more intrigued by her as the days passed. Their relationship had recently progressed to the physical, but even then he was surprised that he enjoyed talking with her almost as much as making love to her. And, he admitted to himself, it was making love.

Running his hands down her bare shoulders, he stepped in to kiss her, breathing in her perfume and the warmth of her skin.

“Thanks for going with me tonight.” His voice was a caress at it reached her ears.

She whispered back to him. “Thanks for asking me.”

A car horn interrupted their second kiss and they reluctantly parted, heading toward the waiting limo.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jon watched as Amanda finished dressing. She had chosen the amethyst gown this evening and had just finished applying her perfume when she glanced in the mirror and saw Jon grin at her.

“So apparently you WANT me to get you naked again as fast as possible?” His smirk was sexy and ironic at the same time as he moved to her to nuzzle her neck.

She grinned back at him in the mirror as she watched him behind her.

“Just want you thinking about it.”

He gave a brief regretful glance at his watch. Fifteen minutes until we need to leave…damn, not enough time!

“Thinking about it isn’t the problem…” he gestured to the now full front of his pants, “…walking around all night with this is…” He cupped her breasts over the dress and she gave a small gasp of her own. Pressing his erection into her buttocks, he grinned into the mirror.

“Now you’ll be thinking about it too…” His grin bordered on evil as she pushed back against his now fuller erection and shook a little. He gave a small groan and with sheer will moved away and swatted her on the ass. She gave a jump at the unexpected smack and turned suddenly as he moved further away.

Shaking her head as she gathered her purse and wrap, she muttered almost too low to hear.

“Damn! Now he’s done it!”

They were both laughing as they began their night.


Richie and Trish were driven to a heliport in the city where they were flying to meet up with Jon and Amanda and then the four would be flown into Philadelphia for the dinner. The Soul personnel, from players and their wives, to managers, select VIP patrons, and others would be there for a pre-season celebratory dinner for their Arena bowl win. There had been a players dinner before, of course, soon after their win, but this involved their sponsors and others who participated in the season.

Jon and Amanda were waiting in their car at the local airport for the helicopter to arrive and made their way to the chopper once they were given the “all clear”. Carefully entering they nodded and smiled at the other two and mouthed “hello” but were unable to talk due to the noise. Neither woman had wanted to wear a headset that might muss their hair and the men just grinned at one another and settled in for the short flight to Philadelphia.

As they approached for landing, they all saw a waiting limo and the four quickly exited the helicopter and entered the car. Everyone gave a small sigh at the reduction in noise and started talking at once. Sharing a bottle of wine on the drive, the women moved naturally into complements about what the other was wearing, while the men were of course talking football.

Patricia made a small motion towards the ring on Amanda’s hand and crooked an eyebrow at her.

“Did it sink in yet?” She joked, a half smile on her face.

“Actually – no, not yet. I just put it back on. We had to tell some other people first and didn’t want them to find out from the press.”

Nodding in understanding, Patricia responded.

“How did that go?”

“Better than I expected…” Amanda responded, a slight hesitation evident in her voice.

Squinting at her, Patricia’s expression expressed her confusion.

Shaking her head a little side to side, Amanda blew out a small breath of air before answering in a low tone.

“Uh, Jon’s mother doesn’t seem to like me.” Her simple statement was accompanied by her own brief look of confusion.

“Ahhh…” Patricia nodded in understanding, although she didn’t really and wished she could ask for more details but felt the time wasn’t right.

Amanda shrugged and settled back in the seat next to Jon. He took her hand in his even as he and Richie continued to talk. On the opposite seat, Richie had also taken Patricia’s hand in his. She was a bit nervous about this evening, knowing there would be press there, as well as official photographers inside. She and Richie had discussed what they would say and agreed that they would acknowledge they were dating. Asking Richie to answer most of the questions had not been a hard decision.

They arrived at the Italian restaurant that had been booked for this event and prepared to exit. Jon flashed what Amanda realized was the beginnings of his “press grin” at them, rolled his eyes, and gave a small chuckle.

“Everybody ready?” He looked at Amanda and Patricia in particular, knowing Richie would always be “on” when needed. The women nodded back, both unknowingly taking the same deep breath as they gathered their purses and adjusted their coats.

Jon stepped out first, smiled hugely at the members of the press waiting outside and then turned to help Amanda out. She exited quickly, smiling at the inevitable flashes of the cameras as she joined Jon at his side. Richie and Patricia joined them and for once the babble of many shouted out questions and the blinding flashes of the cameras were turned off them and towards Richie and the “new woman” who was with him.

Richie deftly answered the questions he wanted to, answering that the woman with him was “Patricia”, a “psychologist” he was “dating”, while Patricia smiled until she felt her face would begin to crack. Richie gripped her hand a little more tightly, giving it a small squeeze and she looked at him to see him wink and begin to lead her to the entrance. His wink gave her a reminder that this was a “show” and she started to relax a little.

As Jon also answered questions from the press, Amanda was a bit surprised to hear her name being called out along with his and questions for her. She answered honestly when asked if she had always been a fan of arena football, giving a rueful smile and a negative shake of her head. Jon overheard and gave a theatrical impression of shock, earning laughter from the press and not a few photographs. She playfully gave him a small swat on the arm for that and was met with more laughter from those who saw it.

The four entered the restaurant, handed over their coats and moved to the interior. Amanda and Patricia begged off for a moment to head to the restroom where they quickly smoothed hair and re-applied lipstick, both grateful their makeup and hair were pretty much okay for the photos that had been taken.

“Wow! That was a first!” Patricia whispered as she put her comb back in her bag.

“I have no idea how they DO that all the time!” Amanda whispered back, giving a small laugh as she remembered her first time in the spotlight. She turned to the other woman.

“The only thing I know is to NOT act surprised, no matter what question gets thrown out. They can really be rude sometimes and Jon says to just act like you didn’t hear it.” Amanda offered, knowing a little of what Patricia might be feeling.

Patricia nodded at her and blew out a breath. “Yeah, I can see where that would be important. Thanks.”

Pausing for just a moment before speaking, Amanda took her own breath and looked at the other woman.

“Trish…” she began as Patricia looked right at her, “…Richie is a really great guy and…” she paused then, suddenly not sure how to phrase what she wanted to say.

Understanding dawned in Patricia’s eyes as hers met Amanda’s.

“He is a really great guy. I had no idea, but the more we talk and…” she paused herself then, a light blush crossing her cheeks, “…the closer we get, the more impressed I am.” Trisha lowered her head and then brought it back up, again meeting Amanda’s eyes.

“I really like him, Amanda.” Her voice was low at this admission.

Laughing softly now, nodding her head, Amanda grinned.

“What’s not to like?”

A grin and another blush were her answer.

Warning and Disclaimer

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