John Francis - Chapter 151

Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 7:27 AM
Amanda continued wandering around, sticking close to the directions on her map, but not really seeing anything. Okay, girl, time to decide. You said you wouldn’t put up with cheating, but that was before you fell for him like a ton of bricks. She knew what she should do, but her heart refused to listen to her brain and she knew she still loved him and still wanted to be with him.

Her self-worth had taken a huge knock seeing Jon and Carrie. The younger woman was beautiful and confident and had been with Jon for five years. Amanda could not dismiss the images that were burned in her mind and seeing it over and over planted the seed of an idea. She finished her afternoon with a few purchases at a specialty store.

Her cell rang as she was finishing; it was Jon. She let it go to voice mail. It rang again, and then again, and then a fourth time. She answered.


“Manda!” Jon’s voice was relieved, yet careful at the same time.

“Hi Jon.” Her voice was emotionless.

“You coming back soon? We have to leave in an hour.” He tried regular conversation as he didn’t want to talk to her about Carrie on the phone.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I’m on my way. See ya.”

She hung up before he could say another word. Moving back in the direction of the hotel, she tried her best to compose herself before she saw him. If only I didn’t have to see him again I know I could do the right thing.

In the hotel room, Jon poured himself a double Jack and then another. He was dreading seeing her face when she walked in and dreading even more trying to explain what had happened.

In a few minutes he heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Richie again, he opened it to find Amanda standing there, her head averted from his. She moved into the room, still not looking at him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to run late. I’ll be ready in just a few minutes.”

She moved away from him to the bathroom and closed the door before he could follow her. Jon stood there, watching her walk away from him and slowly closed his eyes. He could picture what she had seen with Carrie suddenly taking him into her mouth. How the fuck do I explain that, even though I stopped her?

Jon didn’t go into the bathroom to join her in the shower, instead waiting until she had come out. They passed each other and he desperately wanted to explain, but couldn’t yet seem to find the words. Amanda meanwhile was trying not to look at him as she felt she would listen and believe anything he had to stay if she was gazing into his eyes when he said it.

When Jon came out of the shower, Amanda had done her makeup and was dressed. He stopped in disbelief at the sight of her. She had always dressed before in a casual and elegantly sexy way, but nothing over the top. Tonight, however, she seemed to be channeling a different personality and demeanor.

She had on the short, black leather skirt she had worn previously, but had added a black leather corset that tied up the back with multiple criss-crossings of leather. He had never seen this before and actually hadn’t imagined she would wear something like it.

The corset pushed her already full C cup size into what looked like D’s and created some serious cleavage. She had on stockings, as well as boots that also laced up the front and had a spiked heel. She had done her makeup a bit more dramatically and her hair was such a riot of curls and waves that when it touched the top of her buttocks he felt he couldn’t draw a breath.

Seeing Jon stop dead in his tracks as he exited the bathroom did much to boost Amanda’s self-confidence and striding over to the bar she poured herself a Jack and coke, downed it, and then poured another. Her eyes met his then and he saw in them the dare that he say anything to her. He managed to refrain, but had trouble getting his own pants on. He felt anything but calm as he took her in from head to toe, seeing the strut to her walk and the sway of her ass.

He saw that she wore a necklace that this time drew the eye to her cleavage and she had on heavy amethyst earrings that swayed when she moved her head. Neither talked, Jon because he didn’t know what to say yet and Amanda because she didn’t want to discuss anything prior to Jon’s performance. It was 6:00 pm now and they had to leave. Amanda grabbed her carry-all and refreshed her lipstick, using a provocative color that made her already lush lips look even fuller, then moved to the door.

Jon joined her, still feeling that he was going to explode at the way she looked. He wanted to touch her, to reach out and bridge this gap between the two of them, but when he had moved toward her in the room she had raised one eyebrow and he had again stopped dead, this time from the waves of coldness coming from her.

Walking out of the room, they met Tico, Dave, and Hugh who actually stopped in mid step, watching Amanda strut down the hall. She was walking a bit in front of Jon, which gave him a bird’s eye view of her ass in the tight leather skirt.

Amanda’s voice was husky, the to-go cup in her hand filled with Jack and coke brought up for a drink before she addressed them, but her voice was eerily without emotion.

‘Hey boys, ready to play?”

The double-entendre of her question in comparison with the flat tone of her voice had all three of the men staring at her as she walked to the lobby, not even once turning back to glance at Jon. His eyes were dull as he looked at them and they looked at him. The question what the fuck? seemed to hang in the air. Jon shook his head at his friends, but didn’t offer a word of explanation.

Richie was already in the lobby and when he heard the click of female feet walking towards him, he instinctively turned. His own mouth opened at her appearance. Like Jon, he had never seen her in anything but casually dressy clothes and he would not have believed she was the type to dress in this manner. Holy fucking shit! was his only thought as Amanda moved with a predatory stride toward the door.

“Hey Richie,” she greeted him emotionlessly. She continued on her course, moving out to the limo where the driver hurried to open the door for her.

The men, with the exception of Richie who knew what was going on, looked at Jon, then at each other, then at Richie. No one said a word as they all moved to the door and out into the limo. It was only after they had entered the car and took their usual places that they realized the chill radiating off Amanda as she withdrew into herself, not once looking at Jon or touching him in some way.

Jon was sitting next to her, but saw she had turned a bit away from him and did not engage in conversation with anyone. Jesus! How the HELL did I get into this? He knew, of course, but just didn’t know how to get out of it.

With the exception of Richie, the other men were completely confused. They knew Jon, however, and if he wasn’t talking they weren’t going to get anything out of him with questions. Each at some point on the ride gave a small shake of their head and decided to just let whatever was happening go on without them.

Richie kept glancing at Jon and at his friend’s slight shake of the head knew that they had not discussed anything. Upon their arrival at the concert site, Amanda exited the car and strode towards the entrance. The men got out of the limo, but the confusion continued and they just followed her to security.

Chris was at the gate waiting for the band and his mouth dropped open at the sight of Amanda. He had never seen her dress so provocatively and his confused gaze immediately went to Jon. This didn’t help, however, as Jon seemed as bewildered as he was. Amanda went through security with Chris’ aid and proceeded to what she called “the beverage room”. Richie followed Jon to his dressing room and stood staring his friend.

“Jesus Christ, Jon!” came his hoarse exclamation.

“No fucking shit, Rich.” Jon’s voice equally hoarse.

“I’m just guessing, but you two didn’t talk, did you?”

“No and right now I’m not sure I can.” Jon shook his head and Richie joined him.

“Okay, show now, talk later, right?” Richie’s look was full of questions and Jon answered him honestly.

“If I don’t throw her down somewhere first…” His voice so hoarse with longing and regret that Richie didn’t know what to say. He left Jon then, moving off to change for the show.

Chris came to his door then, knocking.

“Uh, Jon, where, uh…Amanda?” He struggled to get out.

Jon didn’t know where to have her go tonight. He wanted her close, but knew she was angry and might not want to be near him right now. He shook his head in confusion, but managed to answer his head of security.

“Wherever she wants, man.”

Nodding rather rapidly, Chris agreed and left. Amanda was waiting down the hallway a bit and when Chris approached her, she said “front” and led the way, stopping again to get a drink. Chris had no idea what was going on, but was not about to argue with what seemed to be a determined and seriously pissed off woman. He watched as she poured a generous amount of Jack into a glass, topping it off with coke, and then looked at him, waiting for him to lead her to her seat.

“I’d like another drink later, Chris,” she informed him, her voice soft and undemanding.

“Sure, Amanda, no problem.” Chris replied, leading her to her seat.

It was now 6:30, with Bon Jovi due to take the stage at seven. Jon was even more frenetically working the halls than he always did prior to a show and Richie kept a close eye on his friend. They finally heard their cue to take the stage and walked on. Jon immediately sought out Amanda and saw that she was in the front row in the center, but unlike the others who were locked on either him or Richie, she had turned her head away from him.

Anger mixed with lust provided the fuel for tonight’s performance and as Jon strutted and did his stuff, his eyes constantly moved toward her. He saw though that whenever he glanced her way she seemed to be looking in another direction. In truth, Amanda had to force her gaze away from Jon whenever he came to her area of the stage as his mere presence was enough to draw her gaze like an invisible thread between the two.

Chris kept glancing at Jon and Amanda and saw a sign from Jon that meant for him to bring her to the side stage for “Bed of Roses”. Chris moved to her then, lifting her over the rail as she actually glared at him. Shouting to be overheard over the screaming fans, she informed him she was fine where she was. Chris only managed the word “boss…” before she scowled even more deeply at him and stalked off to where she was sure he was taking her.

The fan area changed just prior to that song and Amanda was moved out with the others. They were dancing to the next song, “Bad Medicine’ and so was she. She shook her ass, swayed her hair, made her breasts shake, and felt a moment of pure female satisfaction when Jon fumbled in the middle of the song, admitting to the audience that he had forgotten the words.

He started “Bed of Roses” then, moving along the stage, shaking hands with the fans, timing himself perfectly to end up before her when the song hit the dance stage. Amanda was waiting and instead of Jon taking her hand to lead her into a dance, she walked suggestively out toward him and he almost forgot the words again.

The crowd was screaming in appreciation at her nerve as it was always Jon who chose someone from the audience to dance with. They thought it was all part of the show and loved that a woman had him a little rattled. He gave her his smile, the mega-watt one, but she shook her head and when he brought her in close to dance with her, she made sure he heard her.

“Not working this time, Bongiovi.”

He grinned again, keeping the dance portion going longer than usual as Richie played along on the guitar, understanding a little of the duel that seemed to be happening before his eyes. Amanda subtly pressed herself against his front and felt his immediate response. She increased the pressure and saw Jon’s eyes blaze.

She swayed away from him then, turning to return to the fan area before he could kiss her, her movements a bit exaggerated as she knew Jon would be watching her. Giving the crowd wide eyes and eliciting laughter from them, he followed her, coming up right behind her and as she turned, he grabbed her and dipped her low, kissing her thoroughly until she gasped against him. Standing her upright, he mugged for the cameras and the crowd then returned to the show.

A song later and she moved off the stage with the others, ignoring their glances at her and the special attention she had received from Jon. Chris was waiting, but she walked past him back to the ‘beverage room’, fixing herself another Jack and coke.

“Manda? You okay?” He asked her quietly.

“Absolutely, Chris, no problems.”

Her response was quick and a bit tart. He backed off then, not understanding, but realizing that he didn’t need to be in the middle of these two. She didn’t return for the rest of the concert, another sure sign to Chris that something was very wrong.

John Francis - Chapter 150

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 9:22 AM
As Carrie walked down the hallway toward the exit, Richie was returning from getting some ice and saw her. She did not see him. He stopped moving from utter astonishment and then strode to Jon’s door. He knocked and Jon opened the door.

“Hey, man, what’s up?” Jon asked his friend, attempting to get his emotions and anger under control.

“Tell me I didn’t just see Carrie leave your room.” Richie spat out, anger coloring his voice.

Surprised at this, Jon shook his head. “Yeah, she was just here. I told her again it was over and had her leave. She just showed up. She’s been calling, but I haven’t returned any of her calls. The damn desk let her in to wait for me and when I got out of the shower she was just here.”

Jon didn’t feel the need to explain what Carrie had done while she was here. He had stopped her and already felt bad that his body had reacted without his will being involved.

“Where’s Amanda?”

Jon’s shoulders rose in a questioning motion. “I haven’t called her yet. We got back early and I figured she was still out looking around.”

“Do you know how fucking lucky you are she didn’t come back and see Carrie here?” Richie asked, voice still a little pissed.

“You have no idea how glad I am about that, bro’, no fucking idea.” Jon told his friend, knowing there was a bit more about Carrie’s visit than he had let Richie know.

Richie was calming down now as relief coursed through him that Jon was not falling back into old patterns and habits. He didn’t want Amanda hurt by something innocent that was not Jon’s fault.

“Better let her know you’re back.” He told Jon.

“Yeah, I will. Just want to chill for a few minutes. Didn’t expect Carrie to be here.”

Jon’s voice carried a hint of something that only Richie would have heard, but no explanations as to what that was were forthcoming. Richie nodded and returned to his room, still thinking about what Jon was not saying. He went back inside his room, but couldn’t just sit as he was too keyed up to relax. He grabbed his jacket and exited the hotel.


Amanda left the hotel in a bit of a daze. She had so wanted to believe that Jon was willing to change, but what she saw had her questioning everything. She had no idea what she was going to do and couldn’t make her mind form coherent sentences yet, let alone coherent thoughts. What she wanted was to stop loving him so much, maybe then her heart wouldn’t feel like it was breaking right now. She wasn’t that kind of person though and she knew that the love she felt could not be turned off like a switch.

There was a park just a little ways from the hotel and Amanda found herself sitting on one of the benches, simply listening to a bit of quiet in the busy city, trying to get herself together for when she would have to see Jon again.

Richie was walking along the street, hands in his pockets, deep in thought, when he caught a flash of sunlight hitting something in a park on the street. The flash drew his attention from his thoughts and he squinted in the sun, realizing that what he was seeing was light on a silvered statue. As he looked over in that direction he saw a woman who reminded him of Amanda. Almost without thought, he moved a bit towards the woman and realized it was Amanda. Entering the park he moved in her direction and called out.

“Hey darlin’!” She turned slowly towards him at the sound of his voice and when he saw her face his steps faltered. He continued slowly forward and reaching the bench asked if he could sit down.

“Hey Rich, sound check over, hmmm?” Her voice tried for normalcy and failed.

“Yeah, got done a little earlier than expected today.” His attempts at normal conversation also seemed to fail as his well-honed radar perked up at her voice.

“Good, you’ll all get to rest up then before the show.” She kept her eyes turned away from him, even as she attempted conversation.

He took the plunge. “Jon call you yet?”

A deep breath, then, “No, he’s busy.”

Oh fuck! She knows! Richie thought, but wondered why she was so upset if Jon had done what he said he had.

“You saw Carrie.” Richie said flatly.

“Yep, I saw Carrie.” Her voice was sarcastic and harsh, deeply surprising Richie.

“He told her to leave, you do know that, right?” Richie tried, his long-standing friendship with Jon urging him to aid them both.

She turned to him then and gave him a look so full of pain he felt it in his own heart.

“Was that before or after she finished the blow job?”

For a moment what she said left him so speechless he could only stare at her, feeling his own mouth drop open.

“What?” He managed to get out.

“It doesn’t matter, Rich. He is who he is. I either have to accept that or…”

She left the sentence hanging and he just continued to stare at her. He was astonished at what she had said, at what she was saying. He couldn’t make himself believe that Jon had done something to jeopardize what he had with her, but he also didn’t believe she was lying or making something up.

He needed more information as what he was hearing from the two of them were different stories.

“I don’t understand.” He said quietly to her.

“You don’t have to. I do understand…now.” Her voice remained deadly calm and even more chilling for that tone.

Before he could come up with a response, she pulled her cell phone out and dialed. He heard her talking.

“Hey, Jon. No, still out, this city is so great. Uh huh, that’s good you finished early. Yeah, I know we have to leave at six, but I’m gonna keep looking around for a bit. That okay with you? Good, okay, see you later then. Bye.” She hung up and looked at Richie.

“See?” She asked him as she returned the cell to her purse. “No problems.” She stood up then. “Great city here, lots of surprises. See ya.” She moved off then, not looking back.

Richie sat on the bench for a few more minutes, trying to understand what the hell was happening and then moved off at a fast pace for Jon’s room.


Jon sat staring at his cell for a few moments after hanging up with Amanda. Something didn’t sound right in her voice and she got off the phone so quickly. He guessed she could just be busy, but his gut told him there was more to it. A loud pounding soon brought his thoughts back to the present. Opening the door, he saw Richie standing there again.

“Yeah?” He asked, not sure why Richie was back and pounding on his door.

Richie moved into the room and closed the door. Jon looked at him, wondering what the hell was going on.

“Rich, I already told you I sent Carrie away, that I told her it was completely over.”

With wide eyes, Richie looked at him. “I think you’ve got bigger problems than that.”

Confusion showed in Jon’s eyes as he waited for Richie to explain.

“I left the hotel for a walk and found Amanda in a park right down the street.” He hesitated and Jon nodded at him to continue.

“Apparently she was here in the room, Jon. She said Carrie gave you a blow job.”

Jon’s head throbbed with a sudden onset of pain at what Richie was saying to him.

“Jesus fucking Christ! Tell me you aren’t serious?!”

Harshness in his tone, Richie responded. “No, you tell me she was wrong.”

Jon told him then, everything that had happened, and demanded to know what Amanda had said.

Feeling for both Amanda and Jon, Richie ended his story with, “She said you are who you are and she understands now.”

Jon closed his eyes and then let loose with every swear word he had ever learned in every language he had ever heard.

Muttering to himself, Richie heard, “okay, okay, I can explain this, I can fix this, I can…”

“Jon!” Richie shouted a little to make himself heard.

His head snapped up as he was deep in his own thoughts. “What?”

“I don’t mean to rain on your parade, man, but what the fuck is a good enough explanation for your dick in another woman’s mouth?”

Jon blinked at Richie’s words, hearing them spoken out loud stunning him more than a little.

“I…uh…but…so fast…but…” Jon’s voice was a broken stammer as he tried over and over to hear himself explaining this to Amanda.

“Listen, man, I understand and I believe you, but…shit, bad fucking timing,” was all Richie managed to get out.

John Francis - Chapter 149

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 6:49 AM
They went to the lobby then and saw the rest of the men ready to leave for the airport. The ride was swift and soon they were all aboard the Jovi jet. Amanda greeted the personnel she had met before, grimacing a little at their reactions to her face. They had heard what had happened, so at least she didn’t need to provide any explanations.

The guys all settled in for the relatively short flight and Amanda and Jon had a glass of wine as they continued to talk softly about their families and the need to keep them up to date. As Jon pulled out his laptop to get his business updates, Amanda took a book she had bought out of her carryall and started to read.

After his earlier conversation with Amanda, Jon brought up the account information for the credit card he had given Amanda. As he suspected, there were no charges. He also brought up the ATM bank account she had access to; again no charges that weren’t his. He believed her about the money, having only spent about $50, but he was still shaking his head subtly at the information. He finished by answering a few emails and then closed his laptop as they would be arriving in Glasgow shortly.

Shortly came the announcement over the loudspeaker about their arrival in twenty minutes. The sleeping men stirred and the ones awake started packing away their gear. Amanda closed her book and made a quick trip to the restroom. Her face was still vividly bruised, but even she could see it was starting to heal. She heard the chime to return to her seat as the jet was about to land as Glasgow Airport.

The guys were scheduled to perform the next night and as they were deplaning she could see that someone had let it out that the band was coming in today.

Walking down the steps, Amanda could see many hundreds, maybe even thousands of fans who seemed to have managed to fill every possible nook and cranny behind the fences in front of the limos.

She could hear the screams of the women in the crowd as the men exited the plane and as Jon was last off behind her, the screams grew in intensity. There was a strong police presence and in what she had seen happen with the guys and their fans, they took a few minutes to walk over to the fences and sign what they could, shaking hands thrust through the links, and talk to the people there. She stayed back at the limo, but watched as they spent some ‘fan time’.

Within a relatively short period, the guys had all returned to the limos and they were off to their hotel. They drove through winding streets with buildings of every description. The men were telling her that Glasgow was the largest city in Scotland and she could see the modern mixed in with buildings that were centuries old.

They soon pulled up in front of One Devonshire Gardens, built in 1880, renovated to include all the most modern amenities, including a spa in the suite where Jon had arranged for them to stay. This suite, #29, called a luxury town house, included a sitting room and a bathroom with a shower with computerized controls.

As they entered the room, Amanda tried very hard to keep her jaw from dropping. She was sure that next to Mar-A-Lago this was one of the most amazing places she had ever seen. Turning to Jon, having to almost use her hand to keep her mouth from hanging open, she gave him wide eyes.

“How did you know about this place? My god! It’s amazing! Have you stayed here before?”

“Yeah, it’s one of the few places we stay when playing here. Pretty cool, isn’t it?”

“Cool? Cool? Not sure that’s the right word. Actually ‘holy shit’ comes to mind first!”

He laughed at her obvious enjoyment of the suite and grinned when she started putting a few items away, but kept stopping to stare at something or the other. It was close to seven by the time everyone was ready for dinner and they decided to keep it casual that evening. Tico had remembered a great tavern from one of their last visits and they decided to head over there. Jon dressed in jeans and a soft blue long-sleeved shirt that made his eyes seem other worldly. Amanda also chose jeans and a long button down green shirt that hugged her curves in all the right places. She had started to put her hair up, when Jon stopped her with a finger wag.

“I like it down, baby…please?”

He smiled at her as he asked, giving her that grin that started a chain reaction from his lips to her female center. She gave a light head shake at herself. It’s just not right that he can do this to me with just a damn smile! She complied with his wishes and finished her makeup. She was able to cover most of the bruising and as the swelling was mostly gone, she felt she looked better than she had in quite a few days. They met the other men at the main entrance and she joked with them by letting out a wolf whistle of her own. They all grinned at her.

“Do y’all ever have a bad day?” She asked, looking at them in mild amazement.

They were some of the best looking men she had ever seen and she was finding that being surrounded by five handsome men was something she was very willing to get used to.

Richie looked at her from head to toe, then gave Jon a smirk. “Better watch out for her tonight. She looks good in green.”

Jon nodded, he had noticed. “Don’t worry, the lady is definitely taken!”

Amanda blushed lightly at that and gave her own silly grin.

“Yeah, right, reassure me. It’s not fair when your boyfriend is better looking than you are!” Her grin was teasing as she looked at Jon.

“Don’t even bother, Bongiovi, it’s not MY ass they’re trying to grab all the time!”

He flushed a little at that remark as it seemed to set off a chain reaction of teasing from the other guys. They moved outside to the waiting car and set off for dinner.


Once again Amanda watched as the men ate and drank with relish, enjoying the evening and preparing for the concert the next night. Apparently they enjoyed Scotland and she was treated to several stories about places to see when they would come back another time for a longer period. She knew this was a short visit, with the concert tomorrow night and then flying out early the following day. Turning to Jon, she asked him quietly if he thought she could skip the sound check tomorrow and see some of the city.

Dave overheard their conversation and grinned at Jon. “So, she’s bored with us already, huh?”

That earned the full attention of the other men at the table and they turned to get in on the talk. Amanda stuttered a little in her explanation as that wasn’t what she meant and Tico finally let her off the hook.

“You should look around, the venue tomorrow is a bit tough to get arranged right and we’ll probably be fussing with stuff for hours.”

Jon nodded at his friend. “Yeah, dammit, that’s true. Always takes so long.” He gave Amanda a smile. “You should go…” He hesitated, knowing he was about to insist on something she probably wouldn’t like.

“I want Jeff to go with you.”

She turned to him, her eyes wide. “What?”

“I don’t want you to go alone…” he started, as the others started to chime in.

“He’s right, Manda…” Richie threw in, nodding at Jon.

She looked around at the five men, four of whom were nodding at her, the other watching, gauging her reaction.

“But…” She tried to protest, however, the five answering frowns that met her stopped her words.

Jon wanted to insist that she have Jeff with her, but he waited, trying not to force her, to let her realize that he just wanted her to be safe.

Amanda shook her head in mild disbelief.

“Ooh-kay…” she breathed out. “I don’t think I need a baby-sitter, but…”

“It’s not a baby-sitter, Caro…” Tico spoke in his deep voice, causing Amanda to turn to him. “You’ve been hurt already and your picture has been in the paper. People are starting to know who you are. Take Jeff with you so all of us can relax a little.”

Feeling as if she had gained four brothers along with a lover, she smiled at them.

“Alright, I go with Jeff.” She grinned at them. “Better tell him to put on good walking shoes!”

Jon folded her hand in his as he smiled, dazzling her and making her feel as if she would agree to anything just to get that smile. They finished their meals and left as everyone felt like having an early night.


Entering their suite Amanda continued to explore as Jon returned phone calls and got to talk to his kids. It was the weekend and he spent a good deal of time catching up on what was happening in all their lives. He was glad this little three concert set was almost over as he missed his kids and wanted to see them soon. He had been a bit neglectful in his own mind since the divorce and felt he some lost time to make up for.

He finished both his business and family calls and when he sat there quietly drinking some wine afterwards she could see the weariness on his face. She thought the best thing for him would be to get some sleep and she moved to the bathroom to complete her night time routine. Jon was still sitting there when she returned and she moved behind him, lightly touching the tops of his shoulders.

“Honey, I hope you don’t mind, but I am really beat tonight. Think we could just do a cuddle?” Her voice was soft and cajoling as she thought to move him to the bed and toward getting some sleep.

“Yeah, babe, that sounds great. I was just sitting here thinking about all the shit to do in the next day or so and getting more tired by the minute.”

He reached to pat her hand and then stood, kissed her, and moved to the bathroom. He was back in a few minutes and after leaving an 8:00 am wakeup call, he got into bed with her. She spooned him then, letting him relax against her warmth and faster than she had hoped, he was sleeping deeply.


Morning found Jon and Amanda moving at warp speed as first the wakeup call, then the coffee, then the guys started calling about breakfast. Jon appeared well rested this morning and in truth was glad she had only wanted to go to sleep last night. As it was a Sunday, the concert would have an earlier start time and the guys had to start the show by seven that night. By ten that morning they were ready to head out for the sound check and after saying goodbye to them all and being thoroughly kissed by Jon, she headed out to do some exploring.

Before leaving, Amanda and Jeff got some general directions from the front desk staff, more specifically if there were some areas they should avoid, and they were kind enough to make her a small map to get her back to the hotel when she needed to. They spent a great day, wandering, doing a small amount of shopping, sightseeing, and stopping for a drink when her feet got tired. She tried one of the local ales and was impressed. She also decided that while whiskey wasn’t really her drink, she was in Scotland and she had to try at least one brand.

The tavern they were in was the genuine article and she and Jeff found themselves talking to several of the local men and a few women. The barkeep was impressed with the American woman’s interest in the local history of his establishment and the surrounding area and when she asked to try a whiskey, he told her that no one could come to Scotland and try just one. She therefore found herself trying four different kinds and then ordering a small amount of food to soak up the whiskey she had been cajoled into trying.

She knew from her map that they was very close to the hotel, not more than five minutes away, and at two that afternoon they decided to head back and get cleaned up, and perhaps order some coffee to offset the effects of her mildly whiskey-aided afternoon. She had not yet heard from Jon, but hadn’t expected to. She had seen him at a few sound checks now and knew he was totally engrossed in getting everything as right as possible for the show.

Making their way back easily to the hotel thanks to the map, she smiled at Jeff as he left her to go back to her room. Amanda expressed her thanks for his “baby-sitting” and he laughed and said he didn’t mind the day off. They said their good-byes and Amanda left the front area to return to room #29.

Although the hotel was modern, they still used an old-fashioned key instead of a card to enter a room and Amanda reached the suite and opened the door. The rooms were large and spread out and she was in and starting to close the door when she heard the murmur of voices. Thinking that Jon had returned and was talking to Richie, she started to call out when it became clear that one of the voices was Jon, but the other was a woman. Leaving the door cracked, she moved closer to where she heard the voices, curiosity making her moves quieter than usual.

“Carrie! How the hell did you get in here?” Jon’s voice was angry. He had come back early from the sound check, showered, and thrown on loose sweats. He was walking back out toweling dry his hair when he realized that Carrie was in the main room portion of the suite.

“I’ve stayed here with you before, honey, they remembered me and gave me a key to wait for you. Besides, you’ve been ignoring my calls and I wanted to see you.”

“I’ve been ignoring your calls because I told you that night that we had to stop this.”

“Jonny, you still saw me when you were with your wife. Why does this new girlfriend of yours change things?”

“Dammit! I told you I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes I did before!” His voice softened then. “Carrie, I’m sorry it was so abrupt in London, but I can’t see you anymore.”

Amanda was hidden from the room by a large plant, but it allowed her to see into the main room around a corner. She was able to observe as well as listen.

Carrie moved in close to Jon, trailing a hand down his chest and stopping at the waistband of his sweats, where her fingers lightly curled around the edge of the pants.

“I know you’ve missed me, Jon, we were so good together. I never asked you to leave your wife and I won’t ask you to leave your girlfriend.”

Amanda saw Carrie suddenly drop to her knees in front of Jon, his pants slipping down with her as she had them gripped in her hand. Carrie was quick and before a stunned Jon could react, she had encircled him with her mouth. Instinctively his hands moved to her hair. He hissed out, “Jesus, Carrie!” as his natural male reaction to her mouth could not be stopped.

Staggered by what she had just seen, Amanda backed up and rushed from the suite, the door softly closing behind her.

Jon’s hands tightened in Carrie’s hair as he forcibly drew her back from his shaft. Turning away from her as she sat back on her heels, stunned that he had stopped her, Jon pulled up his sweats. Taking a deep ragged breath, he turned around to her again.

“I’m not doing this. We are not doing this.” His look was glacial as he met her eyes, his voice getting harsher with every word.

“Go home, Carrie, and don’t call me again. This is over.”

He waited until she had risen from her position on the floor and then walked her to the door of his suite. She gave him a glance that was still full of surprise as she had expected to get him back in her life. It was why she had not made a scene at the hotel in London as she knew he hated scenes. She had bided her time and then made her move. She had not expected to fail, but she had been with Jon enough years to realize that his mind was made up and he was not going to change it. She left without a further word.

John Francis - Chapter 148

Sunday, July 27, 2008 at 6:49 PM
It was close to one that morning when Amanda felt the events of the day beginning to wear her down. She tried to hide her yawns, but it was becoming harder and harder to do. Jon saw that she had reached her limit for the evening and before making his way to her side, he told the guys he was taking her back to the hotel. They agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning at ten and be ready to leave by three for the airport.

“You ready honey?” Jon approached her and she agreed gratefully.

They caught a cab and making their way through some paparazzi that were outside the tavern, flashbulbs working overtime, they were soon at the Merrion. Thankfully the fans and the press had not found this hotel and they were shortly in their room. Amanda took a quick shower while Jon talked to Obie on the phone about the next days’ plans. He knew Obie was still awake as he had received a text to call when he returned to the hotel, no matter what time. Amanda curled into her robe and giving Jon a sleepy smile, fell asleep as he was talking to Obie. Jon joined her shortly thereafter and they slept, curled against the other.


Waking at 8:00 the next morning, Jon was up before the phone rang for the wake up call and grabbed it on the first ring. Amanda stirred at the ringing of the phone and gave him a warm sleepy smile.

“Mornin’,” her voice was husky from sleep.

“Hey sweetie, how you feeling this morning?”

“Better. How’s the damage today?” She asked, referring to her face.

Giving her a crooked grin, he answered. “Well, not sure purple, yellow, and green are your colors!”

“Oh lord! Now it’s changing colors?” She wailed softly.

“Just means it’s healing, honey.” His voice was reassuring, but in truth she still looked like just what had happened.

“We’re meeting for breakfast at ten. It’s eight now, so I’ll get us some coffee and you get the shower running.”

Stretching, she nodded her agreement and moved off to the bathroom. Jon came in about ten minutes later, knowing now from experience that she liked having a few minutes to herself first. He got into the shower with her after taking care of his own morning needs and brushing his teeth. She was already washing her hair and he took over with a grin.

“Hey! That’s one of my favorite things to do!” His smile was warm.

“You’re spoiling me.” She purred back at him as the movements of his hands on her head felt so good.

“Remember the dressing room yesterday, before the show?” He grinned at her. “I think you’re spoiling me!”

She flushed lightly at the reminder of her boldness. “You complaining?” She growled at him.

“Not a chance, just remembering!”

His grin was bold now and he felt himself responding to her. She glanced at him then, her flush deepening.

His eyes darkened as he asked her, “Want to spoil me again?”

She did.


They emerged from the shower after a while, dressing warmly for the day, with Amanda throwing clothes into suitcases as she got ready. By ten they were on their way to the dining room and due to Jon’s penchant for being on time they were the first to arrive. One by one the others staggered in, each in a different stage of a hangover. All wore sunglasses and Richie looked positively languid as he floated into the room. Amanda stifled a giggle as she had an idea of what had aided Richie’s good mood this morning. They all nodded at her and Jon, but everyone was a little on the quiet side as they started downing cups of coffee.

“Well, good morning guys!” Amanda sang out, noting a slight wince on the faces of the four other men. She lowered her voice and teased them. “Guess you guys had a late night, hmmm?”

Four grins met hers, with Tico and Hugh the only ones who seemed not quite so affected by alcohol this morning. She smiled warmly at them, her admiration for their restraint in the midst of temptation genuine. Breakfast was a little subdued, but the guys were used to this lifestyle and all seemed to be recovering rapidly with food in their stomachs.

“So, we need to leave by three for the airport and then a short flight to Scotland for the last show.”

Jon was giving them information they already knew, but they also knew his need to set things in motion. They all nodded at him.

Tico responded, “We’ll be ready.”

Jon and Amanda left then, returning to finish packing, leaving the others with their coffees and attempts at hangover recovery.

It was close to twelve that afternoon when Amanda and Jon were completely packed and ready to go. He turned to her as they had some time and asked her if she wanted to do any shopping. She thought that was a great idea and after Jon made arrangements for their bags to be picked up for the plane they exited the hotel and walked to the center of town.

Amanda found a beautiful handmade rich cream-colored woolen sweater and decided that would be her souvenir from Ireland. She also found a handmade Irish linen tablecloth for her mother and got that. Actually, Jon bought them, even though she protested that she had money. He just gave her a look and she shook her head at him.

They stopped for a coffee afterwards and Jon asked her if she needed more money than what he had given her prior to their trip.

“Jon! You gave me a thousand dollars! I can’t have spent more than fifty this entire time!”

He looked at her, slightly amazed. “What? You mean you have almost all the money still with you?”

With squinted eyes, she looked at him. “Of course I do! I bought some drinks and a few toiletries I had forgotten, but that’s all I needed.”

Laughing softly, he shook his head from side to side. “Richie was giving me some hard facts back around Christmas time about what my mother had said, about what a ‘gold digger’ you were. I think I’m gonna tell him he owes me another punch in the mouth.”

Her eyes were wide as she had not heard about this. “What are you talking about?” He relayed some of the story and she laughed at him. “Don’t you remember what I said? I’m LOW maintenance!”

“I guess so, but it’s okay to get things you want, Manda.”

“I have what I want, Jon.” Her voice was soft and her eyes were warm as she looked at him.


They returned to the hotel at 2:30 to see that the luggage was already in the lobby waiting to be loaded into the limos. They checked their room one more time and called for their bags to be taken down. Jon’s cell rang as the bellhop was loading their bags.

“Hey Dot! How are you and the kids?”

“Good, Jon, but what the hell happened in Ireland?”

“Aw shit! It made the papers there already?” His voice growled into the phone.

“What happened to Amanda? The papers and TV are full of reports and there are some pictures of her with a huge bruise on her face.”

Jon told her what happened and when he had finished she asked if Amanda was there and if she could speak with her. Jon handed her the phone.

“Hi Dot.” Amanda greeted her.

“Hey Manda, you okay?” Dot’s voice expressed her concern.

“Yeah, sore and bruised, but they caught the guy who did it, so at least he won’t get a chance for a while to do this to someone else.”

“I was telling Jon that the papers and TV are running this coverage, although just as an add on to each new hour. Someone apparently got the police report and it’s in the news here.”

“Damn!” Amanda swore softly. “I’m sorry, Dot, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just wanted to know if you were okay.” Dot’s voice reflected the friendship she was beginning to feel for Amanda.

“Thanks for asking, but yeah, I think it looks worse than it feels right now.” Amanda’s voice was also warm as she sensed Dot’s genuine concern. “Thanks for thinking of me. Here’s Jon again.” She passed the phone to him.

“Hey, did you tell the kids what happened?” He asked, his concern evident in his voice.

“Sure, they’d seen the coverage too.”

She hesitated then, knowing she had to tell Jon yet again that his mother was being a bit difficult.

“Jon, your mom…she thinks Amanda is bringing bad press coverage around you and she’s not listening to anything different right now.”

“Dammit!” He swore into the phone. “Thanks, Dot, at least you know what’s really going on and you’re keeping the kids informed instead of mom. She has got to stop this or she and I are going to have some serious problems!”

“I know. I’ll keep in touch and you do the same, okay?”

“I will, and Dot…thanks.”

“Take care, Jonny.” She spoke softly as they both hung up.

Turning to Jon, Amanda spoke with real puzzlement in her voice. “Jon, I just don’t understand why your mom is so…unhappy with me.”

Jon started to try to explain to her his ideas when her own cell rang. “It’s my mom” she informed him.

“Hi mom!”

“Amanda! Are you okay, honey? What happened? The papers and the TV here are showing pictures of you and saying you were hurt?” Jennifer’s voice was a bit strident with her concern.

“Mom, let me explain…” Amanda began, telling her mother what had happened. “…I’m really okay, and they caught the guy. I was just in the wrong place, mom, that’s all.”

“Honey, I know you are a grown woman, but please call me before I have to read about it in the papers, okay?” Her mother scolded her daughter a little, not pleased that she had to learn second hand about things that concerned her child.

“I will, mom, and I’m sorry. I should have called you.” Amanda’s voice was contrite, knowing her mother was right.

“We’re leaving now for the airport and heading to Glasgow, Scotland, for the last concert and then back to New Jersey. I’ll keep in touch, okay?”

“Alright, honey, just be careful.”

“I will, mom, I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”

Amanda groaned when she hung up the phone. “Damn! I should have called her! It never occurred to me that it would be in the papers there already!”

Jon hugged her to him. “We’ll both keep in better touch with our families, okay?”

She nodded at him. “Yeah, she needs to hear things from me first.”

John Francis - Chapter 147

Friday, July 25, 2008 at 1:20 PM
Amanda was able to fix her makeup and her clothes were still in relatively good condition, but her hair was sopping wet and she wasn’t sure how that could be explained. She decided to follow Jon’s example and not answer any questions she didn’t want to. Besides, only the other guys would be bold enough to ask. Jon dressed in casual clothes after their shower, jeans and a white long-sleeved shirt. Giving her a grin, he asked if she was ready to go. Shaking her head ruefully at her appearance, she said yes. They moved out the door and down to the after party room.

Entering together, although they tried to just mingle their way in, still caused quite a stir. For one, they were pretty late coming in, and second, Amanda was glowing, Jon was grinning, and both looked like they had just had a good time, wet hair and all. The other guys shook their heads, grinning at each other; however, the press in the room had a field day. Cameras flashed before Amanda realized they had even been seen. Questions were called out by the press as the bruise on her face was apparent to everyone. Jon knew they were going to have to address this or else the press would run with whatever they wanted to.

Holding up his hands, Jon indicated that he would take questions. They came fast and furious at first.

“Who’s the woman, Jon? - What happened to her face?” - Why are you late getting to the room? - Is this your girlfriend? - Are you getting married, Jon? - Who hit her?”

Jon answered the questions he wanted to.

“This is Amanda Matthews, my girlfriend. The other night she was unfortunately attacked by a man while she was out walking in the city. When she attempted to free herself from this man and his friends, he hit her in the face. Ms. Matthews has reported this to the police and the man responsible has been caught.”

Another reporter spoke to Amanda.

“Ms. Matthews, was the man who hit you a resident of Dublin?”

“I don’t know where he resides, but the incident took place here.”

Another reporter tried, but Amanda shook her head.

“Jon has provided you with the information as to what happened. I would prefer not to talk about it any further. Thank you.”

She then turned away, heading toward the drink table. The band formed a half circle around her, preventing any further reporters from getting near her. She could hear them again relaying that she had nothing additional to add.

Jon moved away from her then, knowing from experience that most of the reporters would follow him. He started talking about the benefits for different charities from their concerts and where they would be going next. He refused to hear questions that related to Amanda and the press soon realized he would not answer anything else with regards to her.

Richie bumped Amanda’s arm with his to get her attention. “You okay, darlin’? How’s that pretty face doing?”

“Well, I know I still look like hell…” she gestured vaguely towards the press around Jon, “…but it doesn’t hurt quite so much.”

“That’s not what I meant, Manda.” Richie almost scolded her.

She nodded at him. “Yeah, I was more scared than anything. I really am okay, Rich.”

He nodded at her then. “You know we’re heading out tomorrow, just one more show in Scotland, and then a few days off and then back to the states.”

“I’m surprised you guys are doing this so soon after the last tour.”

“We usually wouldn’t have and we’ll be hitting the studio when we get back, but the benefits for charities were too good to pass up.”

Amanda smiled at him. “That’s something I really admire about you all. You really do give back to communities and organizations that help other people.” Cocking her head at him, she grinned.

“Does that mean I get to see you guys in action in the studio?”

His grin was wicked as he answered her. “Pretty sure that’s a yes. Jon doesn’t seem to be able to let you out of his sight for long.”

He paused then and grinned even wider. “Nice wet hair, by the way.”

She grumbled under her breath, “Dammit, Sambora, I knew you would be the one to say something!”

“I…uh…happened to knock on Jon’s door before…” he left that sentence hanging as she blushed remembering Jon had told her she was loud.

She gave a groan of embarrassment, “Oh my god!”

Laughing full out now, he answered her. “Exactly!”


The party lasted only another hour and they all left to go back to a bar by the hotel. They were leaving the next day for Scotland, so they were staying close, not doing the entire town. Amanda settled herself next to Jon on the seat, Richie again on her other side, the other three on the opposite seat. They were discussing the concert and Tico was giving Richie and Jon a good-natured ribbing about their joking around during the show.

“Between you shakin’ your ass, Kidd, and Swing over there playing it for the ladies, I’m not sure they even heard the music!” His grin was wide as he said this and David and Hugh chimed in with their own grousing about the women in the audience going nuts whenever Jon shook it or Richie wore his Stetson or gave Jon a hard time on stage. They both laughed, realizing he was right, but Jon defended the two of them a little.

“Hey, got to change it up a bit or the fans are gonna think they keep seeing the same show over and over.”

Richie threw in, “Don’t believe that shit for a minute! Jon knows the women go nuts when he shakes his ass and he likes to hear those screams.”

Amanda’s muffled giggles stopped Jon’s response to Richie’s comment. He turned to her.

“What?” His face giving her a mock scowl.

“Hey, don’t look at me, but I do believe the phrase ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ does apply to you, John Francis!”

He grinned at her then and flashed her a full smile that caused her to blush again and the other men to laugh.

Their arrival at the bar put an end to that line of conversation for which Amanda, for one, was grateful.

They made their way into the tavern, ordering drinks, and starting to relax after their performance. There were several crew members who had been invited, as well as other locals associated with the show. From the joking in the car, Amanda knew the guys were all in a good mood tonight and ready to cut loose a little. She noticed that several of the local ladies were also present and when the music starting blasting everyone hit the floor dancing.

David was dancing with a very pretty woman and enjoying himself, while Tico and Hugh danced, but as was their way, kept their behavior appropriate for married men. She saw that a leggy blonde had attached herself to Richie and she watched as the woman fell for the dark haired man’s charms.

Jon was standing beside her and she glanced at him and then inclined her head towards Richie. Giving a slight shake of his head, he just grinned at her. “Richie likes blondes,” was all he offered in explanation. Taking a handful of her hair in his hand, he rubbed his fingers through it.

“Me…guess I’m partial to brunettes.” She smiled at him and gave him a considering look. “So, I guess no dye job for me?”

“Shit no, woman!” He gave a look of disbelief that she would even consider it.

Teasing him then, she said, “And how many colors has your hair been over the years?”

He grinned, then laughed. “Ok, guess I’m not the best one to give advice in that area.”

Nudging him then, she urged him to go mingle. “Jon, go visit with your friends and the people you need to. I don’t think I need any baby-sitting here.”

She ordered them both another drink and then with a slap on his ass, sent him on his way. He gave a start when she smacked him and turned to give her a considering look. Laughing at his expression, she mouthed “no way” and shooed him off. He gave her a smirk and moved off to schmooze with some of the local bigwigs who had been invited to this party. She watched as several of the women there seemed to hone in on Jon as if he was wearing a beacon, but after what had happened with them today, she wasn’t worried.

Chris was there and keeping a close eye on Amanda. He had taken Jon’s instructions to heart and when he saw that she was looking around the tavern, he made the assumption that she wanted to find a bathroom. He was suddenly at her side and touched her arm lightly.

“Manda? You need to leave for a few minutes?” He asked her quietly.

“Hey Chris, yeah, I do.”

He motioned toward the back of the pub and indicated that he would accompany her. Before leaving, he caught Jon’s eye and motioned that he would be with Amanda when she left the room. Jon, deep in discussion with the Mayor of Dublin, nodded.

Exiting the room, Amanda followed Chris as he led her to the bathrooms. She thanked him and entered, taking a few minutes after her urgent need was taken care of to brush her hair and take a look at her face. The bruise was a vivid purple and seemed to run from her hairline to her chin. She had never in her life before been hit by someone in anger and she was still a little stunned at what had happened. Thank god they caught that guy. Jesus! He was even bigger than I remembered!

Opening the door, she stuck her head out and saw Chris leaning against a wall a little down the hallway. She moved towards him, but when he started to go back to the room, she asked if they could just hold off for a few minutes.

“Chris, I have to tell you again how grateful I am for your help today. That radio…well…I think I would’ve been really hurt if I didn’t have a way to call for help.”

Although Chris knew what she was saying was true, he was still angry at himself for not sending someone to her immediately when he had been called away.

“Amanda, I’m just sorry I didn’t send someone over to you as soon as I had to leave. That was just stupid on my part.”

She put her hand on his arm. “There’s no way either of us could have known he would be here, so stop thinking you did something wrong, okay?”

He nodded at her. “Ooh-kay, but from now on, you get security with you, agreed?”

“I feel ridiculous needing security, but I can’t argue, so…agreed.”

“Amanda…can I speak frankly with you?” Chris began hesitantly.

“Of course!” She was surprised he felt he needed to ask.

“These guys, this band…this is the big leagues, Amanda. They aren’t some small time group just hanging on. They have millions of fans and not all of them are just fans, some are what we call fanatics. They will do anything to get close to Jon or Richie or the others. I know this is something you aren’t used to, but it sure looks like you’re going to have to.”

She was listening to him, considering what he was saying to her. “Chris, is there something you’re really trying to say to me?”

His eyes raised a bit in surprise, but he nodded. “Yeah…it’s pretty apparent that you and Jon are…together, and not in a casual way. The press has been a little slow on the pick up with his new relationship with you, but it’s going to be public in a big way anytime now. Don’t be surprised if not everyone is happy for the two of you.”

“You mean the ‘fanatics’ as you called them?” She asked.

Nodding at her, he confirmed what she had just asked. “Yes, that’s what I mean. Once your picture is in the paper enough, you’re going to be approached in public and not everyone will be nice about it. I just felt you needed to know.”

“I understand and thanks for giving me this information. I’ll keep it in mind.” She started to say something else, but at that moment Jon appeared in the hallway to the bathrooms. He saw them talking and quirked an eyebrow at Chris in question.

“No problems, boss, Amanda just wanted a break for a few minutes.” Chris responded to Jon’s unspoken question.

Turning to her, he asked, “You okay, baby?”

She smiled at him. “Yep, doing good. Just had to thank Chris again for his help today.”

Jon turned to his head of security. “Chris, if I didn’t express it well enough earlier, thank you.”

Nodding at Jon, the three made their way back to the main room of the tavern.

John Francis - Chapter 146

Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 7:25 PM
Serious laughter erupted from the two when they heard knocking on the door. Jon managed to call out that they were okay and the noise stopped. Amanda started giggling and couldn’t seem to stop.

“You should have seen the look on your face, Jon! Oh my god!”

She curled up on her side with the laughter that shook her. He had moved up and off her at that point or she would have rolled him with her.

“What are we going to do about this table?” She laughed harder as he helped her to her feet.

Hitching his jeans up, he laughed with her.

“Not a damn thing…”

He helped her gather her clothes and they both went into the bathroom to clean up. Dressing herself again, Amanda felt deliciously languid and gave Jon her own sexy smile. He shook a finger at her.

“No way, woman, don’t smile at me like that or I’ll never get on stage!”

He jumped into the shower quickly and was out in a few minutes. He dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved red shirt that he left unbuttoned more than half way. Amanda fixed her hair and made sure she looked as presentable as possible under her current circumstances. The bruise was still there, but she had managed to tame the look of fresh sex. It was now a half hour until the band was to perform and she went to Jon for a second, kissed him on the cheek, and wished him a great show. She could see he was moving into his performance mind set and she turned to go. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him, kissing her thoroughly.

He whispered in her ear. “I’ll be planning something for later tonight, baby.”

And with that and a light slap on her ass, he let her leave the room. Amanda walked out looking slightly bemused and knew her mind would be occupied at least in part by what plans he might have for later that night.


Jeff and Jake were waiting outside the door for her, but she couldn’t help notice they had moved a little further down the hall. Putting on her best blank face, she smiled and asked where she was supposed to go. Jeff called Chris on the radio who said she was to be stage left, Jon’s side, and they were to stay with her.

She stopped to get herself a rum and coke and then they went to the stage area. When passing through the halls she saw the guys who smiled and waved and she did the same. She was taken to the area where she would watch the concert and waited, enjoying the band now playing. Jeff stepped away a little before show time, leaving her with Jake, and brought her a fresh drink.

Amanda saw again what had happened at the two shows she had seen so far, the excitement level of the crowd progressively rising until it became something palpable in the air. The guys all entered the stage and they started the evening off with “You Give Love a Bad Name”. The Dublin crowd roared their approval and never let it stop.

The set list was mixed with the favorites they always included as well as some they had not played for a while such as “Welcome To Wherever You Are” and “Always”. There were some songs from Lost Highway also, but the guys made sure they did not repeat what had been done during that tour.

Jon seemed to be in a good mood and was joking with the crowd and he and Richie played jokes off on each other several times to the crowd’s approval. Several times he looked in her direction and one time he shot her a smile, THAT smile, the one that made her knees weak and she knew he was trying to remind her of what he had said before. That he was planning something.

Damn! I need another drink! She asked Jeff and he obliged.

Jon ran over to her during the change before the first encore and kissed her gently in deference to her bruise, but it was even more erotic for the softness of it. She could smell his sweat and managed to take a deep breath before he left her to dry off and change.

It’s gotta be pheromones, he just oozes them! She also felt against her what she had been seeing all night.

He might wanna start re-thinking the not wearing underwear thing! Then she laughed at herself and enjoyed the rest of the concert.


The guys raised their hands together, bowed, and then left the stage. Remaining in the area where she had watched the entire concert, Amanda shook her head. She didn’t think she would ever get tired of watching them perform. They always seemed to be having such a good time and the crowd reaction was almost a high.

As before, she gave them time to shower and just unwind from the show. She didn’t feel they needed her with them right afterwards and until she was told differently she would follow the same plan.

Turning to Jeff and Jake, she had a big smile on her face. “They really do a hell of a show, don’t they?”

They nodded at her, but were a little surprised she hadn’t asked to be taken to Jon.

“Would you both mind if we stopped by a bathroom on the way back?”

They nodded ‘no’ to her and she took a few minutes to freshen up.

She could hear a radio squawking in the hallway and when she came back out Jeff told her that Jon had asked that she come to his dressing room. Stopping again in the room where there were drinks, she freshened hers and brought Jon two beers. She knocked on the door and heard “come on in”.

Opening the door, she got in two steps and came to a full halt. Jon looked like he had just come off the stage instead of having already showered, although he did have his shirt off. Her skin tingled as she watched him stalking around the room, still burning off the high from the show. He saw her and gave her a huge smile, taking one of the beers from her hand, downing it in a few fast swallows. Moving her further into the room, Jon gave the door a resounding slam to shut it. Feeling heat rise, she took a big sip of her drink. She looked at him, her eyes a bit wide.


He pulled her into his arms and she devoured the scent of him. His skin was still damp and his hair was slicked back from his hands. His mouth moved to hers and he kissed her, gently increasing the pressure until she whimpered from his taste.

“You’re all I thought about tonight out there. I kept feeling myself inside you and hearing you moan when you came.” He let go of her for a moment to lock the door. “I know I said I had plans, but I don’t want to wait.”

Backing into the shower with her firmly in his grip, Jon took of his sweaty pants and standing naked and golden in front of her he quickly stripped her of her clothes. He turned the shower on and moved them both under the warm spray. His need for her was urgent and he turned her back towards him. She felt his hands move from her breasts to her warm wetness and with one quick thrust he was fully inside her. Her loud gasp and his low moan were masked by the sound of the water.

Their coupling was furious in its intensity, Jon moving her against him with the strength of his hands and arms. Her arms were braced against the shower wall as she met his urgency with her own thrusts. At his hoarse request, she brought one hand down to aid her arousal and that, coupled with the pounding of the hard flesh inside her, was her undoing.

Her breath was coming in pants as she neared her peak and when pushed over she screamed “Oh my god!!!” as he continued his relentless pursuit of her flesh. Jon had not lied about thinking about her during the show and the sexual energy of the crowd had seemed to be feeding directly into his fantasies about her. He had been aroused during his entire performance and had needed to be careful when dancing with the woman from the crowd during “Bed of Roses” lest she think it was for her.

Richie had been giving him shit during the entire show, away from the microphone of course, which didn’t help his condition at all. He had sent for Amanda as quickly as he could, knowing she wouldn’t seek him out immediately after the show.

Now he had her where he wanted her, screaming as she came, his length buried inside her. He threw his head back as his orgasm hit, the veins thick in his neck, sweat mixing with the shower spray. He groaned with the intensity of his release and held her to him for several moments afterward, feeling her surround him. He raised her up to hold against his chest as he slipped from her warmth, breathing heavily in her ear.

“I couldn’t wait, baby, I just couldn’t wait.” His voice was whiskey hoarse in her ear.

She turned in his arms and kissed him, breathing in little gasps of her own.

“Holy hell, Jon…”

Her legs were shaking and she held onto him for support. She pulled back a little now and laughed softly at what she knew was her completely bedraggled condition.

“How am I supposed to go out into the other room now? I mean, they already know we broke the damn table!”

He gave her a devilish grin and laughed himself.

“That’s why it’s good to be the boss, baby.”

John Francis - Chapter 145

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 8:19 PM
Within a short while Amanda seemed to have made a complete recovery and walked with Jon out to the stage area where a chair had been put for her. She refused to linger over the incident, telling the men she was glad in a way it had happened as the man had been caught. As far as she was concerned it was over and done with and she didn’t want any more coddling. She assured Jon she would stay right there and shook her head a little at herself for that statement. Jon went over to talk to Chris.

“Chris…I can’t thank you enough for thinking of that radio link.” Jon shook the other man’s hand.

“She was smart enough to use it though and to help us get to her by describing where she was.”

Jon nodded, but he still had more to discuss with Chris.

“Listen, here’s the problem, there were six other guys with that one the night she was hurt. I don’t know who they are, but it’s a good guess they’re friends of his. Hell, one of them could be here right now working.”

Nodding his understanding, Chris supplied, “So, she goes nowhere alone until we are out of this country, right?”

“Nowhere and I want only our people as her security. Got it?” Jon’s voice was firm but not demanding as he knew Chris understood the situation.

“How about Jake and Jeff? She knows both of them.” Jon nodded his approval and Chris went to take care of the matter.

Returning to Amanda, he explained what he had asked Chris to do and she immediately agreed.

“I wouldn’t recognize the others, so that works for me. Thanks for thinking about that.” He kissed her, then scolded her.

“I really wish you’d stop scaring the shit outta me!” His grin was wide as he said this and she gave a nod, responding, “Yep, I’m done.” Jeff and Jake walked up then and Jon nodded to both of them.

“Chris explain things to you both?”

Jeff answered, “Yes, clearly. Nowhere without us and only Jovi security.” Jon nodded, kissed her again, and at her urging went back to the sound check.


Amanda watched the sound check in amazement as Jon and Richie made what to her sounded like mistake after mistake. The air seemed to be blue from all the cussing those two were doing, turning rapidly bluer as Tico and Dave added their own variations. Hugh was quieter, but his face remained like it had been carved from stone. She turned to Jeff and Jake, but then saw Chris walking up to her.

“What the heck is going on? What’s wrong today?” Amanda’s voice evidenced her genuine puzzlement.

The three men looked at her as if she had fallen from the sky from another planet. Chris cocked his head at her.

“You’re what’s wrong with them today,” he gave her a rueful smile, softening his words.

“Me? You mean because of earlier?”

She was surprised because as far as she was concerned it was over. Sean was caught, she was safe, and okay she had fainted, but she figured she was entitled after that “little” surprise. She gave Chris a baffled look and he nodded at her.

“Aw hell…” Amanda swore now herself and walked over to the stage, unaware for the moment that she had an entourage.

“Bongiovi!” She yelled as she approached him. Jon turned to see her stalking across the stage towards him. Reaching him, she stood there, hands on her hips and looked at him. She then motioned for the other four men to come to her. They did, wondering what had happened now that she wanted to speak to them all.

Looking at the five of them, she smiled and then started scolding.

“I AM FINE! I know it’s a guy thing or something, but you sound like hell and you’re all making me nuts! Stop worrying and start playing, dammit!”

With that she whirled around, her hair hitting Jon in the face as she stomped back to her chair, Jeff, Jake, and Chris in tow.

The five stood there for a few seconds then the laughter hit them. They met each other’s eyes, grinning like madmen at the reprimand Amanda had just given them. Returning to their places, they then played the hell outta the music for the sound check.


By 4:30 they were all in the limo for the ride to the hotel and then dinner. Taking a quick shower, Amanda brought up staying behind the scenes tonight and since Jon was going to ask her to do that anyway he quickly agreed.

Most of the men’s good nature seemed to have been restored and they all enjoyed dinner. She did notice the grins shot in her direction every once in a while as one or the other of the men thought about what she had said to them that afternoon.

The concert started at 7:00, with the band going on at 7:30. Amanda had dressed warmly as the day, already cold to her to begin with, seemed colder with the imminent setting of the sun.

Upon their arrival at 6:30, Jeff and Jake were waiting for her immediately inside the security gate and followed along as she went to Jon’s dressing room for a few minutes. They took up positions a bit outside the door to wait for her return. Inside his room, stretching and half undressed to get ready for the show, Amanda watched Jon pace back and forth, going from the main room into the bathroom and back again. He had just his jeans on and kept running his hand through his hair. Watching him stalk back and forth, his hair mussed, and his chest bare started wicked thoughts running through her head.

Amanda was completely physically recovered from this afternoon, but she admitted to herself that she wanted Jon’s arms around her to remove the feel of Sean’s. On one of Jon’s passes through, he raised his arms which brought into full play the muscles of his arms, chest, and stomach and bared the hair under his arms. Amanda was now seriously deep into wicked thoughts.

During one of his times out of the main room, Amanda made a decision and quietly locked the dressing room door. She got into his path as he came back in from one of his circuits through the room and he stopped. Without a word, she moved into his arms. His grip was solid, but he was careful of her back and face. He looked at her questioningly, but his questions were answered when she pressed herself against the front of him. He felt himself responding to her unspoken invitation and when he pressed back against her it was with a fullness that had not been there a moment ago.

Kissing her gently but hungrily, Jon moved his mouth down her skin to her neck and into the V of her sweater. Using his hands, he mounded her breasts closer together, moving his mouth to the center. He felt her shivering at his touch and his excitement grew. In a swift motion he drew her sweater over her head and undid the clasp on her bra. Her breasts seemed to spring out from their confinement and he moaned low in his throat at the sight.

She moved her hands to his chest, running her nails over every inch, every hair, every piece of skin she could reach. She licked first one and then the other of his nipples as he drove his hands into her hair, holding her to him. Her fingers moved to his pants and as she undid them, she lingered over the aching length of him.

Jon’s breath caught at her hand motions and he knew he was going to take her here and now. She looked at him and he saw need in her eyes along with a trace of something he couldn’t quite identify. She spoke softly.

“He had his hands on me. Take their feel away, let me feel only you.”

Stopping for just a moment, he murmured, “…the door…” She smiled back at him. “Already locked.” He gave her a crooked grin then.

“So, you planned this?”

Shaking her head yes, she answered. “Oh yeah, you alone…well, actually you alone with me…that I planned.”

He backed her toward a nearby table and stopping only for a moment to take off her jeans and underwear, slowly laid her down onto it. As she lay back on the table, she thought the sight of him with his jeans down just enough to allow him entry and to bare his ass was one of the most erotic sights she had seen yet. She felt a delicious warmth go through her as he gently opened her legs, once again played his magic with his fingers, and then entered her, moving with increasing urgency. She gave a deep moan at his movements and at the sensation of fullness inside her.

He had her thighs in his hands and was pulling her towards him as he thrust inside. The double motion increased the sensations they both felt and as he watched her throw her head back and arch her breasts as she spasmed, he pulled her against him harder and felt himself go inside her. Jon groaned out a whispered “Holy Fuck!” as he came hard and fast and the force of his continued movements and his whispered words caused Amanda to undulate in ecstasy under him once more.

As he leaned over her letting the table support both their weights, sweat dripping onto her, and her thighs continuing to shake, they felt the table begin to shift. There was no time to move as the table legs behind Amanda’s head collapsed inward and with a “WHUF!” they and the table were suddenly on the floor.

Stunned for a moment, Amanda finally managed a shaky laugh.

“Ooh-kay, maybe that I didn’t quite plan that…”

John Francis - Chapter 144

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 4:33 PM
Sean MacWilliams had not given the American woman another thought once his balls stopped aching quite so much from her knee to them. He had no problems with slapping her and during the time his groin was really painful he thought he should have used his fist on her. A big man, used to taking advantage of his size in any fight, he was accustomed to getting what he wanted or taking it if needed. His wife had finally divorced him after he had knocked her around one too many times and although at first appearance he was a handsome man, he had trouble keeping a woman with him as his drinking caused his fists to fly too often. He was lucky in one aspect, however, he had no police record as the women he had been involved with were just glad to get away from him.

One of the things his size did bring him was the opportunity to earn extra money whenever there were events at the Racecourse. He acted as security for the races and for any concerts that played there. He knew the American rock group Bon Jovi was playing tonight, but didn’t much care for their music. It was money and that was all he cared about. Using his security clearance and knowledge of the venue layout, he managed to sneak into the room where alcohol was being set up and down several shots of whiskey without being caught. As far as he was concerned, he didn’t give a shit who was playing tonight as long as he could get some whiskey and get paid afterwards.

Leaving the room after another of his stealthy entries for a drink, he caught sight of a woman with very long dark hair. He only saw her from the back, but her hair was familiar and he tried to think where he might know her from. He was out of her line of sight and when she turned to talk with another man, he saw her face and the huge bruise on it. His eyes hardened. The American bitch! He smiled as he thought of how he could pay her back for the way his balls had ached for two days and still continued to ache even now. Moving further away from her so she wouldn’t see him, his mind raced.

Amanda had no idea that the man who had caused her so much trouble was anywhere near her. She had not heard back from the police that they had any suspects and as they were leaving tomorrow she didn’t really expect to. Chris was with her, but was being constantly called on the radio for this or that problem. Swallowing two more of her pain pills with the coke she had to drink, she turned to Chris and put her hand on his arm.

“Chris, go take care of what you need. I’ll be here just looking around and I’ll keep in touch, okay?” He nodded a bit reluctantly, thinking he would send someone else to be with her as soon as he could. He handed her another two way radio set to his frequency and showed her how to use it by pressing the button.

“Press this one at the same time and it locks the line open, but don’t forget to release it when you’re done as otherwise no one can respond to you until you do so.” She nodded her understanding and he left then to take care of yet another problem. She tucked the radio into the pocket of her jacket.


Amanda wandered a bit backstage, watching the set up from different angles, taking note of things she had never seen before. Tico was also a perfectionist when it came to his drum placements. She was amazed at the different types available to him and knew she would have to ask him soon what they all were. Jon, Hugh, and Richie were running through various guitars and checking their sound and tuning. David was directing the crew for his keyboards and moving things to suit his height and preference during a concert.

Moving from the main stage area, Amanda felt a bit of dizziness and looking at her watch, she realized she might have taken the additional pain medication a little too soon. She felt fine, but there was a bit of fuzziness in her thinking and she made a mental note to pay more attention to her timing. She thought splashing some cold water on her face might be a good idea and looked around the area she was in, trying to find a restroom nearby. She didn’t see one.

Sean watched the woman looking around and when she moved towards an area that led to a lower level, he followed her, keeping back in case she looked behind her, but she never did.

Walking a bit away from the main area, Amanda found a downward sloping ramp that branched off into different corridors. She was sure she would find a bathroom somewhere down there though. She took one of the corridors and followed it, but soon realized that she was moving in the wrong direction. Dammit! I could get lost in a paper bag! She came to the end of the corridor that apparently led to some sort of storage area and turned around to go back the way she had come.

Sean had been watching her and saw her go down a hallway that he knew was a dead end. He moved then, following her, grinning evilly when he saw her come to the end, stop, and then turn around. He had been quiet and was about ten feet from her when she saw him and came to a dead stop.

She froze for a few seconds, shock stopping her forward momentum. She actually shook her head, almost believing the medication was causing her to hallucinate a nightmare. Oh my god! It’s him!

Not moving yet, Sean just smiled at her, chilling her with his words.

“Hello bitch.” His voice was hard with his anger and aided by the whiskey he had consumed already.

His voice startled her out of her frozen condition. She heard words in her head, a recent voice saying ‘press this one at the same time and it locks the line open’ and seemingly of it’s own accord her hand slowly moved into her jacket pocket and she pressed by feel the buttons Chris had shown her. Her voice was a shout as she confronted her attacker.


“Not a chance, girlie, you kicked me in the balls. They’re still achin’ and I’m thinking you need to do something about that.”

He didn’t bother to keep his voice low as he felt secure in the knowledge that they were in a separate area from the rest of the people around.

Up near the staging area, Chris suddenly heard his radio beep and then a woman’s loud voice. He knew immediately it was Amanda and he quickly searched the area for her as he ran towards Jon and the rest of the guys. Grabbing the radio of one of the other Jovi security personnel, he put out a call that Amanda needed immediate help and that she wasn’t in the main area. He didn’t know where she was, but knew they had to find her fast.

“Jon!” His voice was loud and frantic and drew the attention of everyone. He pulled out his radio and held it up. They could all hear Amanda’s voice then.

“The only thing I’m gonna do is kick them into your throat this time. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!”

“You fuckin’ bitch! Nobody talks to me that way!” Sean started a slow menacing advance towards her then as Amanda backed away.

She screamed loudly, hoping to draw attention. “I’m in a hallway that dead ends at a storage room!”

“Who you callin’ for? Nobody’s gonna hear you down here, you stupid bitch, we’re not on the same level as your friends.”

He was now only two feet away from her and she felt sheer terror well up inside her as he towered over her. Protecting himself from another possible attempt by the woman to unman him, he reached out and grabbed her arm. He pulled her in front of him and wrapped one beefy arm around her throat. His other hand moved to cup her breast and he squeezed it hard, only stopping once a whimper of pain had escaped her throat.

Satisfied he had subdued her enough, he started to back her to the door of the storage room a few steps away. He knew that once he got her inside the room, he could do anything he wanted to her and no one would be able to hear.

The men on the stage moved as a unit towards the ramp that sloped down to where it seemed Amanda was. The band had been to this venue before and security was aware of what levels had what areas on them. Chris had the additional security men with him and it was a race to see whether they or Jon got down there first.

Amanda atempted to scream, but the arm around her throat tightened and she couldn’t manage a sound. Sean fumbled for the keys on his belt, looking for the one to unlock the storage door. His movements stilled as he heard the pounding of feet coming in their direction. He whispered roughly into her ear.

“Make one sound and I’ll snap your neck.”

She didn’t even dare move to acknowledge she had heard him until a tightening of his arm around her throat had her nodding her agreement as best she could. He pulled her to the back of the darkened corridor, waiting to see who was coming down toward them. They both heard voices calling out her name, the words seeming to come from multiple directions.

“She’s down here somewhere guys. I heard on the radio and the storage areas are one level down. Fan out, we’ve got to find her.”

Amanda recognized Chris’ voice as he directed the search. The footsteps moved away from where Sean was holding Amanda and he pushed her slowly towards the end of the corridor, intending to get her to another area he knew as this area was being searched. Standing at the edge of the entrance, Sean listened but didn’t hear anything. He moved her out, but before she had taken two steps the arm around her throat tightened as Sean was knocked clear off his feet by a punch thrown by Big Jake.

Jake had just re-entered the area when he saw Amanda step from a darkened doorway. He took a few silent steps toward her then saw the arm around her neck. Watching closely, he waited for his moment. As soon as the man holding her stepped clear of the wall, Jake punched him with the speed and power of a professional boxer. Amanda fell as Sean’s arm dragged her with him, but she rolled away from him once they hit the floor. She stopped when she suddenly reached a wall, but couldn’t summon the energy to get to her feet.

Sean may have gone down like a falling tree, but he was not out. He staggered to his feet, moving toward the other big man who beckoned him to come on. He followed Jake out into the open area and the two squared off. Amanda felt the beginning of an opening behind her and scooted on her rear until she was as much out of sight as she could be. She leaned sideways against a wall and tried to catch her breath.

Jake and Sean moved toward the other, sizing up each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Sean moved to throw a punch at Jake’s face, but the big man was quicker than he looked and blocked the punch, only to land another on Sean’s jaw. He staggered and tried to rally when again he heard pounding feet entering the area. Several security guards went to Jake’s aid and within moments Sean was on the floor, overwhelmed by sheer numbers and a few more shots from Big Jake’s fist.

Amanda heard her name being called and tried to answer. Jon’s voice was the one that broke through her paralysis.

“I’m here…over by the wall…Jon!!!” Her voice rose as she called his name.

A flashlight suddenly shone on her and Jon and Richie were immediately at her side. They helped her to her feet and she turned to Jon, her eyes wide and her breathing too rapid. She stared into his eyes for a moment and then hers glazed over and she slipped into a dead faint. Her fall was arrested by the men holding onto her and Jon swung her up into his arms and carried her up the ramp, Richie at his side.

The surge of adrenaline made Amanda seem as light as a child as Jon carried her into his dressing room. Laying her on one of the couches, he saw that Richie was already calling for medical help. Taking off his t-shirt, Jon quickly entered the bathroom, ran the shirt under cold water and started bathing her face and neck to try to bring her around. His frantic eyes sought Richie’s.

Nodding grimly, Richie answered the silent question. “I think she just fainted, Jon.”

Jon nodded back at Richie, but continued his ministrations. A siren could be heard in the background and as Chris appeared at the doorway to the dressing room, Richie motioned for him to get the paramedics.

The cold water woke Amanda who became instantly aware, although her eyes remained closed. Flailing her arms she tried to move away. Small scared sounds escaped her throat as her fear turned once more into terror.

“Manda! You’re safe, baby, you’re safe.”

Jon spoke softly to her and she calmed as she heard his voice, opening her eyes now, seeing him beside her. He held her wrists so she wouldn’t hurt herself, but let go quickly once she calmed at his presence. She suddenly bolted upright into his arms and he held her tightly, stroking her hair. She was breathing rapidly and her skin was clammy. Her face seemed to have lost its color and she was shaking.

There was a noise at the door and Amanda stiffened in Jon’s arms until she heard the men identify themselves as medics. Moving aside, but holding her hand as she refused to let his go, the men quickly assessed her condition. Richie stood at her feet at the end of the couch, his and Jon’s eyes frequently making contact as they listened to the medical jargon. An oxygen mask was slipped over Amanda’s nose and mouth and she took several deep breaths.

One of the paramedics spoke to them, asking what had happened. Amanda provided the basic information before she had fainted and Jon and Richie supplied the rest. Examining her throat, it was determined she was not injured although there might be additional bruising. Her face and back were again checked and some new scrapes were cleaned and bandaged.

The other medic assured them all that Amanda had most likely fainted from hyperventilating following the stress she had undergone. Further medical treatment was not needed as long as she avoided strenuous activity and drank plenty of fluids. Once the medics cleared the scene and Amanda was lying back down on the couch, they heard Chris’ voice.

“I already called the police, Jon, and they’re on their way.” Jon nodded at Chris.

Reaching into her jacket, Amanda brought out the radio and pushing the button to release the continuous ‘on’, she gave a shaky laugh.

“Gotta give Chris a raise, Jon, this was his idea.”

She finished the glass of water she had been given and listened as Chris explained to Jon about the radio. Feeling markedly better, Amanda sat up on the couch, immediately drawing the attention of all present.

“I’m okay. I’m not hurt, I was just scared.”

She stood up then and moved to leave the room, Jon and Richie at her side. Neither argued with her, but both followed her as she went into the after party room and poured herself a large brandy. She took several swallows of the brandy, finished it and poured herself another. The brandy calmed her and she was able to stop shaking by the time Chris again walked in the room about ten minutes later. She turned to him and moved immediately to give him a hug.

“Chris, I think your radio idea saved me. Thank you.” He nodded at her and then looked at Jon.

“I’m sorry, boss, I was looking for someone to send over to her, but I didn’t do it fast enough.”

Jon shook his head, absolving Chris of his regrets. “You gave her that radio, right?” Chris nodded. “That’s what saved her. Thanks man.” He nodded at Jon in understanding.

David walked into the room, bringing two police officers with him. “Sorry, but they need to talk to Manda.”

She turned to them, answering their questions and Chris and the others who had heard her over the radio corroborated her statement. They asked about her face and she told them that Sean was the one who had hit her. She assured them that she did want to press charges and that she had been to the police station the night of the incident. After taking her statement, they left, taking a still cursing Sean with them.

Most everyone associated with Bon Jovi had gathered in the room with Amanda, Jon, and Richie. Jon quickly related the story of what had happened to her and that the man the police were taking with them was the one who had hit her. They were also apprised of the recent incident. She was moved by their expressions of sympathy towards her and expressed her appreciation for their good wishes.

As most of the crew were heading back out to finish the sound check, Jake walked into the room. He immediately got a completely flabbergasted look on his face as Amanda enveloped him in the biggest hug she could manage. He looked at his ‘boss’, who was smiling at him and then at the woman hugging him for all she was worth. He gave her a rather awkward pat on her back and she released him.

“Thank you SO much, Jake! I was so scared of him, he’s so much bigger than me and I already knew how hard he could hit.”

Jake’s expression was now grim. “He’s the one who did that to your face?”

She nodded, thinking he knew that already. Jake turned to walk out of the room. Amanda called out to him.

“Jake! Where are you going?”

“To teach him not to hit women…” came the angry, deep-voiced response.

Catching up to him and grabbing an arm, she asked him to please not hurt that man anymore as Jake was just “too big” and could seriously hurt Sean. Jake seemed pleased with her ‘too big’ comment and agreed he would just let the police take the other man away. Rolling her eyes at Jon, she gave him a ‘help me out here’ look. Jon congratulated Jake on doing an excellent job and in truth was sincerely grateful for the big man’s help.

“Thanks for looking after my lady, Jake,” Jon said, shaking the big man’s hand.

“You got it, boss.” Jake nodded and both Amanda and Jon grinned at the big guy’s pleased expression.

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The content of this blog is pure fiction. Actual places and real people are named, but in no way should anything be taken as fact. This is a story, with adult content and mature situations. If you are offended by such, please do not read.

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