John Francis - Chapter 168

Monday, September 15, 2008 at 9:23 AM
Arriving at one of the guys’ favorite bars, the three limos pulled up to discharge their passengers. With smoothing of dresses and jackets and fluffing of hair by the women, the ten entered the bar to the sounds of music. The bartender, Al, yelled out a “hey” to the guys and motioned to a back set of tables where they could sit. Two waitresses appeared, along with Al, to take their drink orders and for Al to say hello. The guys all started getting more comfortable, taking off their jackets now and relaxing as the drinks started to arrive and the group got more and more rowdy with laughter and joking all around.

David and Jen kept the crowd laughing with their comments and Richie joined in whenever the opportunity presented. Jackie smiled, but was a little more quiet. Hugh and Kelli talked quietly with each other, laughing when the others threw out their one liners. Jon continued his attentions toward Amanda, still holding her and nuzzling her neck whenever he had the chance.

Throwing in his two cents, Richie looked at them and piped up. “You two need a room?”

Amanda cocked her head at him. “We have a room, Richie. Why? You trying to get rid of us?”

“Nah, just keep seeing Kidd’s face disappearing into your hair. Figured he was whispering naughty things to ya!”

Putting on a shocked face, Amanda laughed. “Jon? Naughty things? But he’s so sweet!”

Four sets of eyes swiveled to her and four mouths dropped open until they caught the gleam in her eyes. The men then threw back their heads laughing.

David threw in “How much have you had to drink tonight, hon?”

“Not enough for the nachos to be in danger!” She smiled back at him.

“Don’t pay any attention to him, Amanda,” Jen elbowed David in the ribs, “he’s doing the same thing to me, he just hasn’t been caught at it yet!”

“Thanks, Jen, I appreciate that. You think you can stick around for a while? These guys seem to think making me blush is like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. At least, they try hard enough to pull the handle!”

Jen answered, throwing a sly look at David. “You just have to give as good as you get, isn’t that right, FB?” David’s light-toned skin blushed a dark red as he mumbled to her “…G…I swear…”. He laughed when Jen made a “mouth-is-locked-and-key-is-gone” gesture towards her lips. Jon smiled indulgently towards the two and gave a small chuckle.

“They aren’t gonna tell, Manda, I can see it already.”

“I get it…besides, I wanna live a little longer!” Amanda grinned at Jen as she said this.

Excusing herself as the laughter bubbled up, Amanda made her way to the ladies’ room. A few minutes later the door opened and Jackie entered. After using the facilities, the women were washing their hands when Amanda spoke up.

“Sorry we haven’t had much of a chance to talk tonight, Jackie. Seems it’s hard to have a conversation in this crowd.”

“Well, I’ve been out with these guys quite a bit and the women seem to come and go. Just doesn’t seem worth the effort to have a conversation with someone I’m not likely to see again.”

Amanda was not the same woman Jon had met almost two months ago and some of her newly rediscovered backbone and her own naturally slow to ignite but then watch out temper stirred. She spoke to the other woman with not a little sarcasm.

“That’s a bit presumptuous of you. Why would you say something like that?”

Turning towards Amanda with a bit of a bored look on her face, Jackie answered her. “Amanda, right?” She received a nod in return. “Well, Amanda, I’ve known Richie and these guys for years. I’ve seen women come and go and other than the ones they’ve married, none of you seem to last for very long.” Fluffing her hair and re-doing her lipstick, the woman continued.

“Richie and I have an understanding. He hasn’t talked to me about you, so I figure you’re probably not important and I won’t be seeing much of you again.

Raising an eyebrow at her, Amanda stared at her with an even-tempered expression.

“Well, Jackie, I’ve been with Jon for over two months and I’ve never heard YOUR name mentioned, either by Jon or Richie. Perhaps it’s because you aren’t important enough.” Looking the other woman up and down, she then shook her head sadly. “I already know you don’t deserve Richie.”

Jackie’s mouth fell open at that, but she quickly regrouped, her voice now dripping with sarcasm.

“Honey, you aren’t good looking enough for Jon and you’re certainly not young. Obviously you’re just the flavor of the moment, so I guess all I can say is enjoy the ride. The benefits are excellent.”

Unknown to Jackie, Alejandra had come into the bathroom during the last several exchanges, and had overheard both Amanda and Jackie. The door was set back from the sinks and mirrors and she was able to stay out of sight as she had listened.

Choosing that moment to enter, Alejandra, one of the wives of the group, turned to Jackie, her smile sweetly lethal.

“Ah, Jackie, I see your last surgery was not a success. I’m so sorry.” She smiled at the now stunned woman.

“What the hell are you talking about, you bitch!” Jackie hissed loudly.

“Careful, dear, I’m one of the wives, remember? I’m certainly not a ‘flavor of the moment’. Unfortunately, you’re too stupid to realize that neither is Amanda. And, what I meant is, your last boob job was better. This one is…” she cocked her head at Amanda, a gleam in her eye as she perused Jackie’s appearance, “…how do you say it? Uneven? Crooked? Or would the word just be “obvious.”

Jackie’s face suffused with color. “You fuc…” She stopped in mid sentence at the look Alejandra shot her.

“One more word, puta, and I will have Amanda speak to her man who will make sure you cease to exist.” Alejandra knew Jackie would get her meaning, that all her “perks” would disappear and she would never be welcomed back around Bon Jovi.

Her expression now ugly with her anger, Jackie glared at Alejandra. “You think this one…” she gestured towards Amanda, “…has any influence over Jon? He could have anyone. Why would he choose someone so…ordinary?”

Shaking her had back and forth at the stupidity and arrogance of the woman before her, Alejandra actually laughed softly.

“You really are out of the loop, aren’t you dear? You say that you and Richie have an understanding. Well, we all know what that means. It means you’re presentable enough to bring into public when he needs a ‘date’, but you’re not important enough to have intimate knowledge of the band or the men.” She paused briefly as Jackie began to puff up in resentment.

“We all know what Amanda means to Jon. We all know how he hasn’t let her out of his sight for months and we all know what kind of person she is. It’s only you who has no idea. But then again, why should I be surprised at that?” Turning to Amanda before Jackie could respond, she asked.

“Ready to return to our men, hon?” Amanda smiled and without another glance at Jackie, moved to the door. “Absolutely, Alejandra. They get so jealous when we’re gone too long, don’t they?”

Alejandra laughed and the two women left the room, leaving an enraged Jackie standing in silence as the door closed.

They met Jen in the hallway as they were walking back to the table.

“Hey! We were wondering where you went off to. Jon’s getting whiplash trying to watch the bathroom hallway for you to come out!”

Laughing herself, Amanda shot back, “Oh? And David’s not going to be doing the same with you? Hmmm?” Jen flushed lightly, ducked her head and grinned. Amanda smiled at her and teased.

“Sorry girlfriend, it seems that man is head over heels…and, if you’re not the same, then…well, my people reading skills have really slipped!”

Nodding her head, Jen answered. “Yeah, he’s great. I’m starting to think I’m in trouble!” She then turned the tables on Amanda. “What about you, girl? You think I haven’t heard some of those stories?” Getting a really wicked, but somehow still sweet, grin on her face, she teased.

“Ten days and he still didn’t have your number, huh?” Amanda’s mouth dropped and her jaw moved like the tin man in Oz as she tried to come up with a response. Jen threw her a saucy wink and gave her a small pat on the arm.

“I don’t blame him…or you!” They both laughed and each decided right then that they would be friends. In the way of women, neither had to say a word, just a look passing between them was enough. It was a done deal; friends.

Jen turned to Alejandra. “And you!” She teased. “Tico is practically chewing napkins waiting for you, so both of you better scoot before the ladies’ room is invaded!”

The three were still standing there outside the door when it opened and Jackie walked out. Her expression was blank, while her eyes gleamed in anger. She moved past the three women without so much as an ‘excuse me’ and practically stalked back to the table.

Looking at Alejandra and Amanda, Jen cocked her head. “Is she as big a bitch as she seems?”

Both women smiled and nodded. Alejandra piped in. “Bigger!” By their laughter, Jen knew she has missed some exchange in the restroom. With a small shake of her head she indicated she was going in. She opened the door then paused, looking up and around. Alejandra and Amanda watched her.

“What are you looking for?” Amanda asked.

“Those damned winged monkeys…ya know, the ones that normally follow her around?” Jen laughed at the expressions on the other women’s faces.

They all shared a laugh at that, with Jen then entering the restroom and the other two returning to the group.

In the few moments it took them to return to the table, they saw Jackie leaning in to speak to Richie, her body posture expressive to say the least. Exchanging looks, the women sat by their men. Richie was shaking his head ‘no’ and from Jackie’s face it was apparent that wasn’t the answer she expected. Grabbing her coat and purse she rose from the table and headed for the front door.

Richie gave a small grimace and said, “Excuse me for a moment.”

Tico looked at his wife and knew something had happened. She winked at him and said something in Spanish that had him nod his head in agreement. Hugh and Kelli decided they were going to call it a night and as they were gathering their coats, Jen returned to the table. Taking a quick look at the soon to be departing couple, she made the announcement that David had better “take her to bed or lose her forever”. They all groaned at the Top Gun reference, but it got David moving and throwing kisses and giving hugs the four exited the bar.

As Richie had still not returned, Tico turned to Jon and started speaking in a low voice. “I thought he wasn’t seeing her anymore?”

“Richie does what he wants to, but I don’t know what he sees in her.” Jon answered.

“Mi amor,” Alejandra questioned her husband. “She doesn’t care about him. Why does he continue to see her?”

“She’s just always been someone he could take to events, but I don’t like the way she was tonight. She acted bored and condescending towards you ladies, and you,” he turned to Jon, “she will never forgive for turning her down.”

“Too damn bad,” Jon shot back, “Richie was seeing her and I don’t poach.”

This was news to Amanda. “What?” She shot out, looking from Jon to Tico and back again.

Jon looked peeved at the memory, but explained the back story. “Richie and she met after one of the shows and for a while they seemed to be an item. She would come back stage after concerts and I walked into my dressing room after one show and found her there waiting. She was pretty sure I would take her up on her ‘offer’ and when I practically threw her out after telling her that I wasn’t doing something like that to my friend. She didn’t take it very well.”

With concern clouding her eyes, Amanda asked, “Does Richie know about this?”

Jon nodded. “Yeah, I told him. Honestly, I didn’t know he was still seeing her.

Alejandra spoke then. “She gives herself airs she does not deserve.”

Tico knew then for sure that something had happened when the three were in the restroom.

“What is it, mi amor?” He asked his wife.

“She was rude because she believes that other than the wives, the rest are…what was it Amanda?” She turned to her.

“Flavors of the moment.” Amanda’s response was quick and decisive in her quote of the other woman.

Tico and Jon exchanged a look, but before either could speak, Richie came back into the bar. He sat down at the table and took a large swallow of his drink. The others waited for what he would say.

“Well, ladies…” his eyes sought out Alejandra and Amanda, “…I’m not sure whether to kiss you or have these two take you over their knees!” Laughter erupted at that statement as Richie shook his head.

“Old habits are hard to break, but I think this is one habit I’m glad is gone!” He shook his head, glancing between Amanda and Alejandra. “What did you two do to her in there?”

Before Amanda could even take in enough air to gasp at Richie’s implication, Alejandra answered him.

“She called Amanda ‘ordinary’ and ‘old’ for Jon and explained that she was rude to her because you hadn’t mentioned Amanda to her and therefore Amanda was only the ‘flavor of the moment’ as far as she was concerned.”

Crossing her arms over her chest and giving Richie a look he was coming to know, Amanda’s voice was a honeyed drawl.

“Richard, we are so going to have to talk!”


  1. Romaine Says:

    Oh no, my belly hurts from laughing!!! This chapter is amazing!! Thank you :-D

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    Welcome back! We missed you!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Lol - great chapter. I loved how the ladies straightened out miss conceited in the bathroom. They were a heck of a lot kinder than I would have been. Let's hope that's the end of her.

    Thanks for posting. You have been missed. You're writing is awesome & addicting, lol.


  4. Sandy Says:

    Welcome back! You were definitely missed!

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    Welcome Back to Carol and Jon and Amanda and the whole gang. We missed you all :)

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    Welcome back!!!! It was definitely worth the wait!!!!! Loved this chapter! Flying monkeys!!!! LOL It's wonderful when we can put small minded witches in their place!!!

  7. Welcome back my friend!!

    This was a great chapter!

  8. jovikitn65 Says:

    Yes Amanda I do believe you need to talk to Richard, he seems to be making some really bad choices when it comes to the women he dates.

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