John Francis - Chapter 187

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 7:58 AM

Jon heard a car pull up to the front of the house. Glancing out the window he saw her get out and head for the front door. He left his study and went to meet her there. The key scraped in the lock as she came in, closing the door behind her. She turned to see him standing there and for a second the two just stared at each other.

She spoke.


He answered.


And then he moved.

Shock flew through her when they collided, as he had hurriedly crossed the last few steps to her. She started to speak again, but he stopped her with his lips. His mouth was bruising as he tasted her and as always happened she was helpless to do anything but answer him. He slowly backed her to the door, pressing her against it as he pressed himself to her curves. They ate at each other’s mouths, tongues fiercely possessive, as their bodies began to tremble. Gasping, they eased up to breathe, their eyes never leaving the other.

Amanda stared at Jon as she tried to slow her ragged breathing as urgency threatened to overwhelm her. He looked deep into her eyes, seeing them dilate with her passion. He threaded a hand into her hair, pulling her back to his mouth as he kissed her softly, nibbling at her full lips with his teeth and the lushness of his lips. Her teeth grazed his bottom lip in response as she felt the roughness of his unshaven beard rub against her softer skin.

So deeply lost was she in his eyes and his sweetly tempting mouth, she startled when he cupped her breast, squeezed it lightly, rubbing the nipple until it sprang up against his touch. He loosened his grip on her hair, moving both hands to her breasts and she trembled as he fondled her through her shirt. His mouth never let go of hers and both forgot that breathing was necessary for life in their need for the other’s taste.

She felt his hands leave her breasts and whimpered softly at the loss. A moment later she felt the spreading warmth of his hands on her bare skin as he slipped them under her shirt, holding her waist, bending her back a little with the force of his lips. She arched against him, pressing herself against the hardness that awaited her. Jon ground his hips into her and heard a gasp when he shifted to thrust against her warmth. Her head tilted back and he kissed her exposed throat, nibbling at her neck, warming her skin and igniting her desire with his lips.

His hands slipped out from underneath her shirt and grabbing the two sides he split it in two, causing her to lift her head in surprise. A flick of his fingers undid the front of her bra, his hands moving to replace it. Her skin flushed as he rubbed his thumbs against her tips, making them peak in his hands. She dropped her head to his shoulder as she felt a heaviness in her groin and the tightening of an impending orgasm. He nudged her head with his chin and captured her lips again when she raised it. His fingers persisted in their sweet torment against her swelling breasts.

Their tongues continued to explore as they fought for breath and control in the rising of their need for the other. She worked the buttons of his shirt, fumbling in her haste, until he took his hands from her and ripped the shirt open. In a blink his hands returned to her, continuing their explorations. Her hands moved to him, glad the barrier against his skin was gone. Her hands shook as she placed them on his chest feeling the burn of his heat against the sensitive nerves of her fingertips. She spread her fingers to feel more of him underneath her hands. His stomach quivered as she hungrily moved to feel more of the muscles under the fur.

Jon reluctantly pulled back from her but knew he had to have her soon and he didn’t want to take her on the floor in the hallway. He captured her hand in his, pulling her along with him up the stairs. She followed him silently, jagged breaths the only sounds as they hurried to their bedroom. Jon swung the door closed as they entered, then pulled Amanda into his arms to continue his assault on her mouth. They ended up as they had been downstairs, her back pressed to the door and his hardness nestled against her loins.

He kissed her again and again, gently teasing her tongue with his until once again her breathing grew ragged. His hands resumed their explorations, stroking her skin with his fingertips as she moved herself closer to him. Her body was on fire from his probing tongue and skillful hands and with a push she urged him to lead her to the bed where the burn she felt could be quenched. He pulled her with him, each dropping clothes as they neared the bed.

With a gentle shove, Jon had her sit on the bed. Before she could reach for him, he pushed her back and knelt on the floor. Grasping her legs, he kissed the inside of her thigh as he worked his way to her. Amanda lay on the bed, near to panting in anticipation.

“Jon…oh god!” Her voice was tremulous as she breathed out her need.

“Shhh…” He whispered back to her before dipping his head to gently touch her with his lips and tongue.

Electric shocks seemed to go through her as he touched her. His breath burned and his lips urged her on. He felt her thighs begin shaking and she suddenly moaned and thrust herself closer as the waves broke over her. She tossed her head wildly as he refused to let go, riding it out with her, as she clutched at the sheets and screamed his name.

Lying there boneless afterwards, she felt him rise up to her. She moved to welcome his kiss, but he stopped at her breasts, laving the tips and mounding them together while pressing his hardness against her leg until she began to shiver again. He moved then, holding her open to his gaze until she looked at him and saw the wild light in his eyes. Capturing her eyes, Jon moved his aching shaft to her opening, taking himself in hand to wet the end, rubbing it up and down until her eyes blazed and then he struck home.


“I want you to find out everything. Do you understand?” The woman’s voice was low, yet forceful, as it traveled through the phone.

“Yes, ma’am, I do understand. It will involve travel, so those expenses will be extra.” The man on the other end answered.

“That’s not a problem. It’s only one city. Find out whatever you can about her.” The woman instructed.

“I’ll call you as soon as I have something.” He informed the voice on the phone.

“No, I’ll call you in a week.” The woman hung up the phone with a self-satisfied smile.


The couple raised a wine glass as the dark-haired male of the two spoke.

“To meeting new people.” He said in his distinctive voice.

The woman smiled, dimples flashing, surprised that the man had actually shown up.

“That’s a good toast. To meeting new people!” She smiled as she responded to his twinkling chocolate eyes.


The woman sat, sipping a beer, as she cut letters out of a paper.

“Fucking bitch! Get rid of me!” She continued to mutter to herself as she thought about all she had lost and who had caused it.

She smiled as she pasted the letters on the paper and addressed the envelope.


A cooling breeze flowed over the woman, bringing her the scent of warm seas.

The door on the balcony opened and the man came out, carrying a glass of wine. He captured her lips with his.

“You okay, honey?” He asked her, his lips in her hair against her ear.

“Yeah, I just had to…let go a little more I guess.” She answered him back.

“Take your time, love, I’m not going anywhere.”

She smiled as he said this. That was what she was counting on.


He slumped over her, barely able to breathe from the force of their mating. She held him with trembling limbs as she gulped great mouthfuls of air. Her skin was warmed by his as he lay on top of her, partially supporting his weight, his head buried in her shoulder. The room was darkening as night slipped in, their play having lasted far longer than either expected. He raised his head, capturing her eyes with his.

“Marry me.”


  1. JerseyBound Says:

    I KNEW he would come to his senses sooner or later. Great chapter, keep them coming

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You know he's no "Should I, could I, would I..." ... he has to take her...another great chapter....

  3. Dot Says:

    All I can say is............WOW!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Confused...a little disappointed in Amanda...but I'll wait for her response before judging her too harshly!

    Thanks for another great chapter!!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is a great story. I've been reading it over the past few weeks & have finally caught up. The story line is awesome & your writing is fantastic. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Ok comments. Well I think it's Mrs. B hiring the PI; she just wants to destroy Amanda & she needs evidence to do it. Won't help but she'll try anyway. The Psycho is Carrie, who is also sending the other sh!t mail. The couple on the balcony is Dot & her hubby. Hmm chocolate eyes - has to be Richie, lol.

    And for the proposal, well it's bold but Amanda's a smart woman. She's not going to commit to him unless he's heard & understood her point of view & makes some big changes in how he deals with her & their relationship.

    Sorry for the long post. I'll keep them shorter next time, lol. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Amanda forgives way too easily,
    Even if it is Mr. Jon Bon Jovi!

  7. Cheryl Says:

    OMG! yes! yes! yes! At least that is what I would say haha great chapter Sun! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely a hot chapter, but sex (even mind blowing sex with Jon Bon Jovi) isn't going to fix this relationship. And proposing at the end of it can almost be worse than calling out Dot's name. If I were Amanda I'd still be wondering why I was there and what Jon wants with me when he could get sex from any woman at any time.

    I don't post often, but I LOVE this story! Thanks for keeping it going, and keeping us in suspense with all the snippets at the end. Can't wait to see how all this works out.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Oh like proposing is going to make it all better! Make him earn it. Does he think sex is going to just fix everything?!? Even sex with him, which I'll admit can make it all better at that moment, bu the big picture??? I hope she is not that stupid or dickmatized.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    See I would have said yes but that is in my own fantasy not in this story cuz if I was Amanda in this story I wouldn't cuz like everyone is saying that is not going to fix the whole Dorothea situation especially saying her name in the middle of making love, he is going to have to grovel. At least I would hope so cuz that hurt Amanda I am sure.

  11. If she says "yes" now she's crazy. What the hell is Jon's problem?? He needs electro shock therapy!

  12. Shelly Says:

    finally playing catchup w/the story sun.

    this chapter is great.

    Glad Jon came to his senses, but I wouldn't have let him get away w/that so easily..LOL!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my god!!!! what a great chapter going from scene to scene AMAZING WRITING!!!!! but i cant believe that amanda keeps lettiing jon sex his way back to her, she has to be stronger than this. C"MON AMANDA!!!! stop being weak

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