John Francis - Chapter 212

Sunday, February 8, 2009 at 10:42 PM

Amanda felt giddy as they returned to the room. She went in as Jon opened the door and practically twirled as she walked through the room to the floor to ceiling windows that faced onto a dark ocean, she stood there a moment, reflected in dim light of the room. Setting down the room key on a table, Jon came up behind her, and wrapped strong arms around her from behind.

“It’s still your birthday for a few more minutes. Is there anything you want?”

The breath from his whispered words warmed her skin where it touched. She turned in his arms until she faced him, running her fingers into his hair as she drew his lips towards hers.

“I want you.”

Jon’s eyes widened even as a smile crinkled the corners.

His lips touching the softness of hers was his answer.

Currents seemed to shoot through her as he nibbled at her mouth, touching her softly with tongue and teeth, sharing a breath with her. Her blood seemed to warm and her skin felt as if a fever had started, sensitive, aware of the slightest touch. Sliding his hands down her back, he cupped her buttocks, pulling her upward and into his hardness, pressing back against the warmth of her. Reluctantly releasing her, he moved quickly to the back of her dress, sliding the zipper down with one hand while his mouth trailed kisses from her cheek to the smooth hollow of her neck.

Amanda’s head dropped back as Jon’s lips moved lower down the front of her. She felt relief when the clasp of her bra was released and shrugged her shoulders to drop it down. He allowed her to slip it off and quickly removed his own shirt before drawing her back to press her fullness against the tangle of hair that awaited it. Her arms around his muscled back drew him closer to her as her hands found his hair, tugging him more fully against her. Their kisses deepened, mouths fused together as if each needed the other to breathe.

Separating herself only enough to allow her hands to touch the front of him, Amanda ran her fingers through the rough hairs of his chest and lower stomach, teasing by dipping her fingers gently down into the front of his pants. A low growl made a laugh catch in her throat as he entwined a hand in her hair, bending her to his passion. She shuddered when his lips touched a breast, nipping the aroused tip before taking it fully into his mouth. Her eyes closed as pleasure spread from that one point throughout her body. Her hand in his hair tightened as she raised him up to meet her eyes.


The hoarseness of her voice brought a smile to his lips and with a twist she was in his arms and then on the bed. Her dress was gone, his pants were dropped, and he slowly crawled up over her, intent on only one end. The lightest pressure of his knee against her thigh had her opening to him and he slowly moved up until his shaft pressed against her. She reached for him, easing his entry with the arousal that awaited him, until the tip of his length caught and he was inside her, each stroke causing a grunt to leave his throat and an answering moan from hers.

Over and over again he buried himself inside her as she thrust back up to receive him. Deep shudders announced her peak as Jon ground himself further into her, only moments from his own release. Her breath caught and then a muffled scream into his shoulder betrayed her as sensation poured through her. The spasms of her orgasms gripped him and Jon felt himself slip over his own edge, plunging into her once, then twice, as he poured himself inside her.

Lowering himself over her, he allowed his weight to settle on her gently, his arms cradling her, small kisses on the sides of her neck causing giggles to shake them both. She wriggled against him, catching her lip as a smile threatened as his eyes widened at her movements. Squinted dark eyes met his blue as she smiled at him.

“Well, it IS still my birthday, right?”

A raised eyebrow met that question as she actually leered up at him.

The growl that accompanied the duck lips made her laugh even as they once again re-kindled the fire.


“Hey babe? Breakfast is here.”

Jon looked at the closed bathroom door, wondering if Amanda was still in the shower. He had woken that morning feeling that all was right in his world. The party had been a success. She was happy. All their friends had come. He frowned again as he thought of his mother’s “excuse”, then shrugged it off as the door opened and Amanda came out in a hotel robe with a towel wrapped around her head.

“Thanks. I’m starving!”

He gave an exaggerated “I’m so good” puff of his chest as she laughed and poured coffee.

She helped herself to eggs and toast, filling a plate for him also.

“So, what’s happening today?”

Jon sat at the table, taking a forkful of food before answering, and adding a pile of bacon.

“Heading over to Tico’s. The kids can play in the pool and we’ll have lunch, spend the day.”

She nodded at him. “That sounds great. I’m really glad the kids could come.”

His smile was warm as he gazed at her.


Patricia snuggled down deeper into the covers of the bed as she listened to the singing coming from the shower. She grinned to herself, wondering at the man’s energy. They couldn’t have gotten more than four hours of sleep and she ached in places she had forgotten she had, and he was up already, in the shower, and singing.

Now that she thought about it a little more, waking up to hearing Richie sing in the shower was something that she could easily get used to. Throwing back the covers in a sudden impulse, she walked the few steps to the bathroom and knocked on the door. Unfortunately, he had to stop singing to tell her to ‘come in’, but the warm soapy man opening the shower door to invite her was worth the interruption.

A grin split his face as he took in the lushness of the woman standing under the spray. He moved up behind her and cupped her heavy breasts in his hands.

“Mornin’ darlin’…” he nuzzled her neck with his warm breath.

“Ummm…good morning…”

“Glad you woke up.” His hands moved more firmly around her breasts, the thumbs teasing rising nipples.

With her backside firmly pressed against Richie’s front, Patricia couldn’t stop a grin crossing her face.

“Looks like I’m not the only one.”

Richie chuckled in her ear as he pressed his length against her.

Patricia made a low sound of pure pleasure as the long fingers of Richie’s hand reached between her legs and began to weave their magic. The warmth of his shaft against her seemed to grow stronger as their soft breaths turned harsher with the need to be together. In a sudden graceful move, Richie turned Patricia to face him and quickly lifted her up, positioning her against the shower wall, with her legs now wrapped about his back.

Eyes wide in anticipation, Patricia felt him seek entry and then her eyes closed as his length entered her fully and his hands pressed her against him until he could get no further inside. As always, the size of this man brought it’s own mixture of pleasure and pain at the onset which quickly turned to pure pleasure as her body adjusted and moisture slicked down to ease his passage.

Her breath quickened when she heard his hoarse whispered urging, almost in time to his thrusts.

“Come for me, baby…”

Her teeth caught her lower lip as the pleasure built and built.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it…”

Patricia whimpered now, her fingers tightening on his shoulders, using their broadness to both balance herself and aid her in matching his thrusts.

“Baby…” Richie ground out, the slick heat at the core of the woman in his arms working it’s magic, bringing him closer to release.

“God…Richie…ohhhh…” Patricia’s words failed as her orgasm rolled through her, dropping her head onto his shoulder as she clenched her hands on the muscles they found.

Richie felt her go, felt her spasming around his cock, the heat of her growing as he thrust again and again.

“Trish…ahh…god…” He slammed into her again as he poured himself into her willing body.

The two clung together for more than a few minutes afterwards, until Richie reluctantly lowered her off his body and onto the floor. Patricia’s legs trembled as she stood, the warm water beating down on her still throbbing body. Richie shared the water with her, one hand bracing himself against a wall. He reached for the soap to wash and glanced down at himself.

“Well…shit.” His voice was low as he took in the news that there was no protective sheath to remove.

Patricia turned at his voice, glancing at him in puzzlement.


Richie gestured downward and her eyes followed…and widened.



  1. Kay Says:

    Rut roh!

    Oh, shit is right!

    Oh well, they'll find out soon enough. LOL!

  2. Kris Says:

    I wanna Know..NOW! ;-)

  3. Bayaderra Says:

    Oh Oh! Somebody forgot to dress for the ocasion...
    Wow, Sun, what a chapter! ot does not even begin to describe it...I totally forgot that I'm not supposed to read YOUR story before work... How am I suposed to concentrate today?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Sun, happy to have you back...those chapters are more than welcome... wanna know what you know about Richie and Trish - LOL - hurry up....

  5. jerseygirl Says:

    Yup, oh shit! I wanna know too! Great chapter and...more please!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Seems like Richie and Trish are doing great too.


  7. Alice Faye Says:

    Someone forgot the over coat hum? Welsome back!


  8. jovikitn65 Says:

    Oh shit is right! Although I completely understand why they forgot to dress properly for the occasion lol. Only time will tell.

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