Chapter 224

Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 8:01 PM
Waiting down the street from where Jeremy was supposed to live and then seeing him drive up had started a drumbeat in her heart that drowned out the sounds of the street and narrowed her vision until she had seen only him.

And then she saw … them.

A very pregnant woman and a young boy had come out of the house to greet Jeremy and he had swept the child up in his arms and then enfolded the woman in an embrace as he kissed her with obvious warmth.

With her hand on the door handle, Amanda sat frozen, watching this domestic tableau play out in front of her. She knew it was Jeremy. His hair was a different color, his ever-present moustache was gone, and he had lost weight, but she would know the way he carried himself and his walk anywhere. She felt dizzy and nauseous and there was such pain in her heart that she only managed to breath when her vision began blurring.

He’s alive…my god, he really is alive! But…who’s the woman? Is that…his son?

She lost sight of them as they entered the house, their arms around the other, and she sat in the car with tears streaming down her face. She wanted, no … needed, to know what had happened, but some instinct, some deep down gut feeling told her that the explanation would be worse than what she was already imaging.

An indeterminate time later she looked again at the papers Mrs. Bongiovi had given her, the copies of the report by the private investigator. She read them for at least the tenth time.

After contacting several of Mr. Matthew’s business associates, it was determined that he was involved in numerous business ventures in Miami. He frequently spent entire days there, allegedly meeting with vendors (see attached list). In speaking with these vendors (under the guise of new products and the possibility of using the same vendors with Mr. Matthews as a prior referral) it was revealed that these meetings lasted upwards of one hour at a time, with no more than two vendor meetings on the same day. Mr. Matthews usually returned to his office around 7 PM (as confirmed by workers in adjacent offices). Mrs. Matthews would leave the office between the hours of 3 and 5 pm (see attached schedule).

One vendor representative (speaking on the condition of anonymity) revealed that on several occasions he had seen Mr. Matthews and an unidentified woman (blonde, approximately 25 to 30 years of age) in restaurants and bars in the Miami area. This representative stated he had never approached Mr. Matthews during these sightings as he knew Mrs. Matthews and quote “the intimacy between Mr. Matthews and this unknown woman was apparent”. A small list of these locations, particularly the bars, were provided by this witness.

Investigation at several of the named locations revealed that Mr. Matthews was a regular who was known to several of the bartenders. The woman was positively identified as a Christina Simmons, a former bartender who had predominately worked in the South Beach area of Miami. Further follow up uncovered that in 2003 Ms. Simmons took a leave of absence from her head bartender position at _____________ once her pregnancy was evident.

Michael Prichard, a former co-worker of Ms. Simmons, recalled that she returned to work approximately two years following delivery of her child, a son. Mr. Prichard was unable to reveal the father of said child, but did relate that Ms. Simmons had been involved with a married man, a man she continued to see after her child’s birth.

Further discussion with Mr. Prichard confirmed that Ms. Simmons terminated her employment in late 2007 via telephone call with their mutual manager. The manager related that Ms. Simmons was leaving Florida for family reasons and that her last paycheck should be sent to a post office box in Miami. Although Federal law prohibits release of information regarding postal boxes, through sources which will not be disclosed in this report, mail to this post was forwarded to an address in Las Angeles, California (see attached).

Ms. Simmons has been residing at the noted address since early December 2007, along with her son and an as-yet unidentified white male. In addition, Ms. Simmons is several months pregnant.

Update: Within the past week, the male living with Ms. Simmons has been identified as Mark Russell, a photographer. Information on Mr. Russell of a more detailed nature is not yet available, although general background checks reveal a birth place of Seattle, Washington; parents deceased; no siblings; no college except for recent accelerated photography courses. Mr. Russell currently works for a local photography studio in Las Angeles and does free-lance work with local celebrities, notably child photography.

Still sitting in her rented car, Amanda made herself finish reading the report.

Through various government sources who will not be revealed in this report, it has been determined that Mark Russell is the former Jeremy Matthews, reportedly deceased in a car accident in Miami, Florida, on December 6, 2007. Mr. Matthews was identified by his wife, Amanda Matthews, at the Miami coroner’s office. The body of the deceased was badly burned and facial recognition was not possible. Identification was made primarily through a wedding ring, watch, and wallet that were discovered in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The body of the deceased, as yet unknown, matched Mr. Matthews in general appearance vis-a-vis height and general body shape. At the time there was no suspicion of foul play and the remains were released for burial.

The Miami P.D. Detective Division was subsequently contacted by ______________ of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ordered to close the file on Mr. Matthews. No further details were made available to Miami P.D. and their records were closed.

Sources available to this investigator alluded to drug trafficking and money laundering either performed or aided by Jeremy Matthews. In the 18 months prior to his alleged death, Mr. Matthews had taken on a business partner, Enrico Sanchez, a multi-millionaire businessman in the Miami area. This investigator has learned that Mr. Sanchez is a silent associate in a known South American drug cartel. It is unlikely that this information would have been easily discovered by Mr. Matthews as Mr. Sanchez kept a low profile in all but his business and charitable ventures.

Amanda had to stop reading as tears blurred her eyes. She would never believe that Jeremy had been involved in drugs, but there were so many questions.

Why didn’t he tell me about this partner?

Why did he let me believe he was dead?

Who did I bury?

Who is Jeremy?

Who am I?


  1. rutpop Says:

    Oh poor Amanda - she needs dig deep and confront Jeremy. Then she needs to trust Jon and their relationship and let him help her heal. Jon needs to let Richie help him see the big picture. Carol needs to learn how to be a real mother.

  2. Rike Says:

    Rutpop, you said it all.

    How can a man be so cruel and let his wife think he is dead?

  3. Bayaderra Says:

    I'm speachless....

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Poor Amanda. And she had her life back together and was moving on with Jon. Hmmm...waiting to see where this goes! Jon shouldn't give up tho!

  5. Heike Says:

    Incredible - Amanda should talk to Jeremy - but first she has to talk with Jon and explain the situation - and after that she has to confront Jeremy and his new wife with her presence!

  6. Y Says:

    This story just keeps getting better and better, you rock. I just know that Richie will save the day

    Can't wait for more.

  7. Opester Says:

    Wow, Sun, glad to see you are back and publishing the story again! (Hope all is well) Quite the story line-to find out the husband you buried is still alive and then to find out he was not who you thought he was-poor Amanda, poor Jon-such a tangled web we weave...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Loving this story Sunstreaked. You're a brilliant writer and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds. Bring on the next chapter!

  9. Heike Says:

    Is there anybody out there????Huhu, sun, we need some new stuff!!

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