John Francis - Chapter 192

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 8:15 AM

The ride to the apartment was fairly short and using the underground garage avoided the possibility any lingering paparazzi.

Arriving at Jon’s apartment, Amanda left out an involuntary sigh of relief. It was apparently louder than she meant it to be as Jon turned to her with a look of puzzlement on his face.

“What’s the matter, babe?” He asked her softly.

She shook her head, really not wanting to discuss her worries about their engagement breaking out into the media. Dorothea needs to know first, and the kids, and MY mother and oh god, Jon’s mother! She shivered involuntarily at that, knowing Carol was not going to be happy about this.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to attempt an explanation.

“I want to talk to you about something, but I want to say it right so you know what I mean.” She hesitated, waiting until he nodded at her to continue.

They took off their coats and she held off until they were settled on the couch with glasses of wine and a fire started before she continued.

“There are important people who need to know about this before anyone else – Dorothea, your kids, my mother, your mother…” her voice dropped at the last. “I’m so happy you asked me, but there are other people to consider.”

Jon was silent for a few minutes as he thought about what she had said. He knew she was right as he had chosen a similar course by not asking her before Dot’s wedding. He also knew the kids needed to hear it first and his mother…he was not looking forward to that.

She twisted the engagement ring on her finger as she pondered her next words.

“Jon…please don’t take this wrong, but I don’t need this ring right now to know that you asked me and I said yes. We could avoid all sorts of complications if we just wait a little bit on that.”

For a moment his need to do what he wanted and damn the consequences rose, but he tamped it down as he realized she was making a lot of sense. She was doing this for him, he understood that the more he thought about it. And she was right, they would know and that was enough for right now.

He turned to her and took her hand in his, bringing his other hand up to cup her face in a gentle motion before he kissed her softly.

“Yeah, babe, I see what you’re saying and I think you’re right.” She brightened at his words as it seemed he really did understand what she meant.

Amanda removed the ring from her finger and handed it to Jon.

“Put this someplace safe, okay?” She teased, a twinkle in her eyes.

He took the ring, tightening his hand around it. He looked at her then and his eyes were eloquent.

“Only for a little while…a very little while.” His soft lips against hers belied the determination in his voice.


Arriving at Patricia’s apartment, Richie helped carry her bag upstairs and after a slight hesitation she invited him in.

“Would you like a drink?” She asked, prolonging the moment of his departure.

“How about some coffee?” He asked, having noticed her hesitancy at the door.

The gust of a sigh met his question as she nodded and moved to the kitchen. Richie settled himself on her couch and took in the largish well-kept apartment. There wasn’t any clutter and the colors were soft and muted, with vibrant splashes here and there. He liked the open, yet cozy, feel of the rooms and smiled at Trish as she returned with a tray with coffee and fixings on it.

“I like your apartment. It’s really comfortable.” His smile was genuine as he looked at her.

“Thanks. I sorta like everything in its place.” She served the coffee and then moved back onto the couch next to Richie.

They were silent for a few minutes as each sipped the warm fragrant brew. Richie’s arm was on the couch behind her and his hand reached to make small circles at the base of her neck. Setting his cup on the table, he turned to her, his warm eyes capturing hers.

“I want to kiss you again.” He smiled as he asked for permission.

“I’d like that.” She answered a little shyly and set her own cup down.

Warm expressive lips took possession of hers as he gently nibbled and teased, opening her to taste the flavors of coffee and mint that met his foray. She leaned forward into his kiss, enjoying the soft wooing of his mouth and his hand in her hair. They stayed like that for long minutes, then Richie moved a hand up to cup her breast. Trish startled at his touch and drew back.

“Richie…” she breathed rather raggedly, “…I don’t…not yet…I’m sorry…” She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the rejection she was sure was to follow.

She opened her eyes suddenly at the delicate touch of a roughened finger to her lips.

The eyes that met hers did not hold rejection or disappointment or anger – just hunger and the beginnings of acceptance.

“Darlin’, we don’t need to rush. I’ve done that in my life – hell, sometimes that was my life – but with you…” He hesitated himself then, somewhat unsure of what he was thinking. He suddenly decided to take the plunge, consequences be damned.

“I like you, Trish, and I want to get to know you, spend time together. If it’s right, the rest will come when we’re both ready.” He waited then for her response, hoping he had not just made a fool of himself.

Patricia blinked at him, searching his face. She saw only sincerity and honesty and she just melted, there was no other word for it.

“I’d like that very much. Thank you for understanding.”

At that Richie gathered her in his arms, tucking her head under his chin as they sat there thinking about possibilities.


Monday morning showed a lessening of the snowstorm that had continued through the night. The decreasing snow was the only thing that was slowing though as Jon’s phone started ringing early and didn’t seem to show any signs of letting up. Amanda woke to his voice low on the phone as he sat on the side of the bed, apparently woken out of sleep by the ring. She heard him making plans for an urgent meeting in a few hours and when she placed her hand on his lower back to let him know she was awake, he turned to her with a rueful smile that indicated his reluctance to let anything interrupt them.

Ending the call, Jon turned to her, brushing her hair from her face. His eyes were warm and she willingly answered the unspoken rising urgency she felt when he continued his exploratory touches.

The phone’s insistent ringing brought an end to their time together before they could finish and Jon growled as he glanced at the ID and answered his cell.

“Yeah?” His voice was rough with growing passion.

He listened to the voice on the other end and she could see his eyes begin to squint and his jaw tightened.

“Okay, I got it, Tony…what paper?” He listened again.

“That fuckin’ rag?” His voice now held traces of anger.

“Goddam it! Alright…I’ll take a look at it…” he trailed off as Tony was obviously saying something.

“What’s she saying now?” Jon raised a hand to his head as if a headache had suddenly started.

“I’ll talk to her after I see it…okay? I have a meeting in a few hours and I’ll get a copy.” His voice had flattened out now as he thought about what he had heard.

“Yeah, I hear ya. Talk to you later.” Jon hung up the cell and just sat on the edge of the bed. Amanda’s hand hovered near his back again, but did not land as she waited for him to tell her what was going on.

“Jon…? She asked quietly.

He turned then, but she saw his eyes were closed and his smile didn’t reach them.

“It’s nothin’, babe…” He started, but then stopped as her face changed in response to his answer.

“Don’t do that! I’m not stupid!” Her voice came out a bit stronger than she intended as she was still a bit bothered from the recent days.

“Jon, you have to stop this. Just start talking…the rest will come.”

His shoulders lifted with the strength of his sigh as he heard her words and the last few days flashed through his mind.

“Okay…you’re right. There are pictures of you in The Star. Recent pictures. And a story to go with them.” He looked at her then, gauging her reaction.

“You know I didn’t talk to anyone, right?” There was worry in her voice as she thought of his mother’s accusations.

“Of course I know that! There are shots from a restaurant and the beach…” He began, only to have her interrupt.

“What?! I did that Saturday, after…” She trailed off then, not wanting to bring up what she had been thinking.

“Let’s just pick up the magazine and see what they said, okay?” His voice was soft as he looked at her.

“Okay…shit! What did they say about me now?” Her voice ended in a near wail.

“Baby, it’s gonna happen. It’s my life…” He stopped when she started to giggle and then roll on the bed with her laughter. He thought for a moment she might be losing it.

“…and…it’s now…or…never…right?” She laughed even harder then, nearly rolling off the bed with her deep belly laughs.

Jon looked at her with astonishment for a second and then the irony of it hit him and he dived onto her, catching her before she did roll off the bed.

She continued to giggle even when he captured her lips with his and squirmed even harder when those same lips traveled to her neck.

“Oh my…Jon…stop!” She begged him as her stomach began to hurt from her laughter.

He kissed her silly and she enjoyed every second. His cell again interrupted.

“FUCK!” He growled loudly as he recognized the distinctive ring of his partner in crime, Richie.

“Yeah…? He hissed into the phone.

“Shit, man, what’s with the greeting?” Richie laughed a little at Jon’s apparent irritation.

“Anybody ever tell ya you’ve got bad timing, Sambora?” He laughed into the phone.

“Yeah, you, but not for a while. So how’s the fiancĂ©e? Richie’s voice turned sing-song as he asked this.

“She’s fine. So what’s up?” Jon grinned at Amanda as he answered.

“I wanna know if you need me this week studio-wise?” Richie asked.

Jon thought for a few minutes, realizing he had several meetings, a few dinners, several interviews, and a Habitat function, but no studio time scheduled.

“Nah, wasn’t planning on hitting the studio this week. What’s up with you? You goin’ somewhere?”

“No, but Trish has the week off and I want to spend some time with her.” Richie admitted this and then held the phone a little ways off from his ear as he waited for ribbing he was sure to get.

Jon didn’t disappoint. “You like her, huh?”

Richie reluctantly admitted his interest. “Yeah, I like her.”

“Did you sleep with her yet?” Jon asked with a sly grin on his end.

“Fuck you, man!” Richie shot back, starting to take a breath to say more when he heard Jon answer.

“Sorry, bro’, that was a shitty comment. I like her too.”

Taken aback a little by Jon’s sudden stop to the teasing, he could only sigh on his end.

“She’s…” he stopped, wondering at his sudden thought.

Jon didn’t hesitate.


“I’m fucked, aren’t I?” Richie breathed out in a voice as close to a male whine as he could get,

“Yep, could be lookin’ that way…” Jon agreed.

“Okay, yeah, well…” Richie surprised Jon by stammering just a little then.

Jon laughed, a genuine expression of pleasure for his friend.

“Go! Have fun and get to know your lady. Call when you get a chance.”

“I will…and Jon?” Richie paused.


“Take care of that woman of yours. She has no idea yet what she’s in for when this breaks.”

“I hear ya and I do know what you mean.” Jon finished his conversation with that and hung up.

He turned back to Amanda and relayed the conversation he’d just had with Richie, including the warning.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good to see, that the two have fun together... I hope everything is fine with you, sun... can't wait for the next chapter..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love Amanda's reaction to things! She always seems to look on the bright side and handle it-when Jon allows her in!

    Great chapter ;)


  3. Shelly Says:

    See Jon's mom is at it again....

    I can't wait till she finds out that Jon and Amanda are engaged.

    I completely understand Amanda's viewpoint on giving Jon back the ring...for now.

    And Richie and Trish..I love them already!

  4. "she has no idea what she's in for when this breaks..."

    profound words, mr. sambora. can't wait to see what happens when Mrs. B finds out!!!

    great chapter, thanks!

  5. Opester Says:

    “Baby, it’s gonna happen. It’s my life…” He stopped when she started to giggle and then roll on the bed with her laughter. He thought for a moment she might be losing it.

    “…and…it’s now…or…never…right?” She laughed even harder then, nearly rolling off the bed with her deep belly laughs.

    Loved that part-I giggled too-I wonder if they ever actually catch themselves saying lines from their own songs-it's gotta be hard to resist! I also liked Richie's timing-I can just imagine they do things like that to each other....hell, maybe Jon and Richie should get married (j/k)! :)

  6. Opester Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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