John Francis - Chapter 197

Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 6:26 AM


Jon spent the remainder of the day closeted in his study on phone call after phone call. During that same time, Amanda had called Sharon, Jon’s primary assistant, to discuss some upcoming functions with her. There were two dinners to attend, a charity luncheon, another social lunch, and the weekend would be spent in Philadelphia where Jon had Soul business.

“Sharon, I really need some advice. Do you have a few minutes?”

Amanda was quietly panicking at the thought of the formal dinners and luncheons as she had no idea of what she should wear and her dress up wardrobe was rather limited.

“Sure, Amanda, what can I do for you?”

Sharon and Amanda had spoken several times over the last few months and Sharon knew firsthand just how undemanding Amanda could be.

“I need to know what to wear for these dinners and at the luncheons and also where I might get those kinds of clothes!” Amanda’s voice rose on the last as she was at most a Macy’s shopper and somehow she didn’t think that was going to work.

Sharon was thoughtful for a few minutes. “Okay, one of the dinners is more a cocktail type of affair and the other is formal, long dress required. The luncheons need dressy casual. Hmmm…let me think…there’s a shop in the city that should be able to provide what you need. Do you know ‘Christine’s’?”

Amanda laughed. “No, not a clue! Oh god! I completely suck at this!” Her voice again alternated between a laugh and a wail.

Sharon giggled good-naturedly. “Okay, tomorrow is the first dinner. Let me check with Jon and if he’s okay with it, I’ll go with you.”

“Oh my god! That would be so great! Are you sure you don’t mind, I mean I know you’re busy and…”

“Amanda! Just let me check with the boss. I’ll call you back.”

Within a few minutes Jon was walking out of his study talking on his cell, smiling at her the whole way.

“….uh huh…so she does, huh? Well, I guess I can turn the two of you loose with my credit card…” He smiled hugely then as Amanda glared at him, standing with her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, nine o’clock…take good care of her…okay, I’ll tell her…bye.” Jon hung up and crossed over to Amanda.

He waggled eyebrows at her. “More shopping, hmmm?” She tried to continue glaring, but then he smiled at her and her glare melted away as his eyes took on a certain gleam. She moved then, putting the couch between the two of them as she looked at him from head to toe.

“Nope, you’re busy and I just want you for you money…” she tried teasing, backing away thinking she had a good enough of a head start until he suddenly vaulted over the couch and landed inches from her. Her gasp was loud as he grabbed her hand and dragged her toward the stairs. Laughing and trying to plant her feet to prevent him from moving her in that direction, he just glanced back at her and gave a tug that landed her in his arms. Turning her, he gave her a sharp slap on the rear that made her give a yelp and suddenly she was the one dragging him up the stairs.

Both were laughing as they entered the room and Jon gave the door a resounding slam. She wasn’t sure how, but her shirt ended up in shreds on the floor, with his in nearly the same condition. Pausing only long enough to struggle out of suddenly too-tight jeans, her underwear was now as useless at her shirt and her ass was tingling from the stinging slaps Jon delivered to heighten her already inflamed senses.

Jon loved the gasps and moans he was able to get from her whenever his hand made contact with her rear or when he nuzzled at the rising peaks of her breasts. He had caught himself rubbing his thickening member several times while on the phone when his thoughts had gone to her in the other room and he was already near to bursting now that he had her naked.

Amanda saw how stiff he was and how that rigid flesh was nearly purple with the pressure that was building. A teasing grin lit her face as she sat on the edge of the bed and had him stand in front of her. She blew lightly on the unyielding staff and saw it quiver in anticipation. Her tongue slipped out, delicately flicking the tip, tasting the evidence of his extreme arousal. With fingernails and small nips to his front, she reached a hand around to feel his buttocks tightening as he tried to control the urge to thrust.

“Jesus…Manda!” He hissed out, slowly losing control as he grasped her hair gently in his hands. She increased the pressure of her mouth at his touch, approving his efforts and he breathed out a near sigh of relief at her encouragement. Jon’s legs were rigid in the maintenance of his stance and he felt her lips and tongue encircle first one then the other of the drawn up evidence of his arousal. Her teeth grazed him and he nearly stood on his toes from the sensation. Soon he felt the wet warmth of her mouth as she drew him fully in.

Jon felt the suction of her mouth as she moved and her hands grasping the tautness of his ass as she directed his advance. A hum vibrated from deep in her throat as she heard the harshness of his breathing and the tightening of his hands in her hair. Jon felt his hips begin a barely controlled thrusting as her mouth and tongue beckoned him on. A tingle in his toes signaled the onset of his release and his head dropped back as he surrendered to the rushing explosion. Fingernails dug deeply into his lightly furred ass as Amanda took all he had to give.

He felt rather than saw her smile as she had not yet released him. So, she thinks she’s won this round, Jon grinned at that, knowing she couldn’t see him. Releasing her hair, slowly gathering his wits, Jon turned from her and bent to pick up his jeans. Holding them in one hand as if preparing to dress, he smirked at her.

“Thanks, baby, now I can get my mind back on my work.”

He could barely keep a straight face as her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Her jaw working like the tin man, she finally sputtered her words.

“Why you…you…” Her mind failed her then as she couldn’t think of just exactly what she wanted to call him.

Jon paused, looking at her flushed face and taut nipples, seeing her barely able to sit on the bed from frustration. He broke into a wide smile, throwing his head back to laugh. He pounced on her before she could speak what he was sure was a string of curses aimed directly at his quickly recovering manhood. She fell backwards as his weight settled on her, pinning her legs and grabbing her hands with one of his, holding them above her head. His hand moved downward as he lightly brushed the glistening curls that awaited him.

Amanda found her voice.

“Back to work? Get OFF me, you…you…ohhhh!”

She moaned as his fingers struck home, teasing her, stroking her most sensitive spot as she writhed back and forth as his exquisitely talented fingers tormented her, increasing her ache. Jon felt her tighten around his fingers and he grew in direct proportion to her spasms. Stopping just before she peaked, he used a knee to open her fully as she watched him take his erect shaft in his hand to guide it into her. The urgency having been satisfied by Amanda’s play, Jon was able to enter her an inch at a time until he was fully seated inside her. Drawing out he repeated his sweet torture as she began moving her hips to urge him to greater speed. A slow, lazy smile broke across his face as he again slowly repeated his actions again and then again.

Gasping now, feeling welling inside her as from the depths of a dark pool, Amanda grabbed Jon by his hair, forcing his eyes to her.


She thrust her hips up to match her words, pulling harder on his hair to emphasize her seriousness.


He grumbled then grinned as he felt her legs lock around his hips, her heels against his ass, drawing him in to where she wanted him to be. Withdrawing again he heard her growl of frustration as she thought he meant to tease her once more. The growl turned into a near scream as he suddenly thrust fully and forcefully into her warmth. His hard strokes forced her over and she moaned her pleasure. Her legs remained locked behind as she continued to contract around him, riding out the sensations he had caused and with a tightening of his own muscles he again let go, this time burying himself in deep to ride out the waves.

They lay there panting, sweat pouring off their bodies, relaxation turning muscles into jelly and bones into rubber.

Jon murmured in her ear.

“I need…to take more breaks…from work…”

Amanda bit his ear.

“Smart man…all work and no play…makes Jonny…”

He raised his head to look at her…the most wicked smile curving his lips.

An enjoyable time later she agreed he definitely wasn’t a dull boy.


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    Holy Sh*t


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  3. Bayaderra Says:

    Holy Jovi! Have mercy!

  4. Opester Says:

    “I need…to take more breaks…from work…”

    Amanda bit his ear.

    “Smart man…all work and no play…makes Jonny…”

    He raised his head to look at her…the most wicked smile curving his lips.
    An enjoyable time later she agreed he definitely wasn’t a dull boy.

    Loved this part-I especially appreciate the excellent timing in your chapters-they're consistent in length and they always end in such a great way-with a natural finish that leaves me either smiling or thinking-love it!

  5. cheryl Says:

    Oh My GAWD!!! Have I ever told you I love you Sun? hahahaha great chapter you are too good to us!

  6. I need to take more breaks from work!!!

    Love this chapter. Seriously hot and steamy!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wowie Zowie that was good for me, lol. Love how these two are finally on the same page. Still think Amanda needs to tell Jon about her threatening mail before it's too late. And there is alway Mommy Dearest that needs to be dealt with. More please

  8. OK she really needs to tell Jon about these letters and presents. I think maybe Maryann may be back. She did almost kill her before!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    More Soon Please :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Huhu, sun - where are you - can't wait for more - checked in every day ... Greetings from Germany,

  11. Anonymous Says:

    UGH it's been 11 long days since we last heard from Jon and Amanda. Can we please have an update soon.

  12. jovikitn65 Says:

    Love Jon & Amanda...they are good for each other.

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