John Francis - Chapter 206

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 12:14 PM

Jon’s cell starting ringing at eight that morning, waking the two out of a sound sleep. Amanda curled further around Jon’s body as he attempted to stop the incessant ringing. Seeing it was Obie, he answered.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Sleep deepened his voice and fogginess from lack of sleep slowed his brain.

“What’s up? WHAT’S UP?!?!?! Jesus, Jon, what did you do?” Obie had not heard yet about the engagement and his first exposure was the Backstage boards.

Trying to shake the sleep from both his voice and his head, Jon actually had no idea what Obie was talking about.

“Obie…Obie! What the hell are you talking about?”

“You! Amanda! You’re engaged? It’s all over the internet, Jon! Backstage almost crashed!”

A low chuckle met this emphatic response as Jon realized the fans and the forums had been unleashed.

“Yeah, we’re engaged. Sorry, man, didn’t mean to keep it from you. Only a few people know so far.”

“Yeah, right, Jon…a few people! You’d better turn on your computer and you’d better be ready for the media!” Obie calmed a bit at Jon’s unruffled response and was relieved at his agreement to check out the sites. After talking for a few more minutes, with Jon giving permission to answer general, but not specific questions, they said good-bye.

Jon turned to Amanda, seeing her pretend to still be asleep buried beneath the covers.

“Wake up woman! I know you heard me. The boards are a buzzing and we’re probably in the papers.” He managed to pull the covers off her head over much mumbled protesting.

“What boards?” She mumbled as she tried replacing the covers with a pillow.

Jon laughed out loud. In fact, he almost rolled off the bed.

Amanda peered out from under a pillow.

“What? What’s so funny?”

Jon stood up and threw the covers off her.

“Come with me, honey…you’re about to get an education.”

Shortly after brushing their teeth and with coffee brewing, Jon booted up his computer. A few mouse clicks later and there on the screen was the Bon Jovi Forum on Topix.

The first thread was JON’S ENGAGED !!! and she saw there were already over 1,000 posts since the news had broken the night before. This was followed by Bon Jovi Fan Fiction, Who’s Got the Hottest Lips Jon or Richie? and one she didn’t understand simply titled Dial Soap.

Amanda sat clicking through several of the topics until on another page she hit a certain one.


Opening it up, she saw a link and clicked on it.

She sat back in amazement at the size of the picture and then she started looking at the comments. One comment noted that if you clicked on the picture it got larger – she did so and sat there looking at it in surprise. She then read the comments underneath the picture.

Sterling: OMG ~ IGLOO time!!! I just melt over the silvery fur!! Looks like it was sprinkled with silver pixie dust, doesn’t it? Mmmmmm…

Lida89: WOW !!! (nothing else can come out)

FYI: From now on that’s what I’ll tell myself about the silver in my hair. It’s pixiedust. LOL Makes me feel better! By the way, as a rule gray hair is coarser than “regular hair”. Saw on another thread a question about the fur being soft.

Jovial: OMG, what a picture. And holy s**t, so close to the yummy fur. Oh and his eyes that close up are so intense. Thud!!! I’m a goner!!

Kelzy: Niiiiccce!!!! *licks lips*

UK Dot: Leave me alone while I have a good look to see how far down he keeps that fur trimmed. LMAO!

Iloverichie: Let the salivation begin for all Jonny lovers…For me, this isn’t at all difficult to look at…kinda see the attraction…love the silver fur…he does get better with age…

Tina Bon Jovi: OMG!! How am I supposed to study now after seeing this???…If I don’t pass my exam, it’ll be his fault…I’ll just have to spank him. LOL

Sterling: I bet he’d love that too!

Paula L: What a beautiful man he is!

BebeReader: Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Blonde Jonny, life size???????

FUR Lover: *THUD* Awesome picture

UK Dot: Hey girls! Here he admits he’s had an “EXTENSION” LOL

UK Dot: Gotta make another comment here, lol. When you click on that pic and it goes huge, that fur is straight in your face! Suffocate me baby…

Jon almost lost his keyboard when Amanda spit out coffee after that last comment.


  1. Too freakin funny!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    nice touch with the link to the picture your attention to details is great!!! But the main pic on the page under the chapter number is amazing. prob one of the best pics i've seen of jonny boy. When and where did it come from??????

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