John Francis - Chapter 207

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 12:16 PM

Richie and Jon spent Thursday in the studio while Amanda spent most of the day on the boards. She had never known these existed and during her traveling from one site to another she found something called “Fan Fiction”. That pretty much consumed the rest of her day.

From The Goddess Hathor I’m never turning her loose on Richie! Or would Richie LIKE me too?, to The Fiction Mistress Jon is NEVER going to New Orleans without me!, to Opester hmmm…a sauna…now that might work! to the others she found from Shelly to Willowll to Tara and Tre. Amanda had no idea who these women were but she found herself feeling rather smug that even their wild imaginations couldn’t match the real thing.

She was finally drawn away from the computer when she realized she was experiencing some unexpected side effects from all her reading. Wandering out to the studio, she quietly came in to see if maybe, just maybe, Jon might be done for the day … or at least needing a break.

“Hey guys! How’s it going?” She smiled brightly at the two, while devouring Jon with her eyes.

Richie spoke in his gushing teasing voice.

“An angel, I swear to god, an angel! Save me from this tyrant. I need a freaking break, man!”

Jon started a nominal protest until Amanda gazed straight at him and licked her lips.

“Uh, yeah, a break sounds good. An hour or so, okay?” He grinned at Richie, who grinned right back.

Taking Jon’s hand in hers and leading him from the studio, Richie heard her call back.

“At least an hour, bro’!”


Heading back to the house at a rather fast clip, Jon was dragged along until he increased his stride and paced her.

“What’s gotten into you?” He teased her.

“Nothing…yet…wanna pick up the pace there, big guy?”

Jon gave a huge grin and did just that, with Amanda suddenly finding herself sprinting along side him into the house.

Taking the stairs two at a time and quickly locking the door, Jon finally stopped long enough to throw back his head and give a belly laugh.

Standing with her hands on her hips, Amanda glared at him.


“You…” he laughed harder, “you’ve discovered fan fiction, haven’t you? Admit it, come on! You’ve been on the computer all day.”

He accompanied these words by undressing himself as he moved further into the room. First his shirt, baring that chest, the one Amanda had just seen on the internet but which was even more glorious in person. Then the jeans were unsnapped, just that first button, the one that drove her nuts with the potential it hinted at. By the time he had slipped off his shoes and tugged down his jeans, his erection bobbing in its eagerness, she was dry mouth and panty soaked.

“Uh, well, I, oh shit! Can we talk about this later?” She panted at him, stripping off her own clothes as fast as she could.

Jon was enjoying this. He had read a few himself and had to admit that even he was impressed with his purported prowess.

“What got ya, baby? Was it this?” He plunged his fingers inside without warning. “Or this?” As his tongue replaced the fingers. “Or maybe this?” As he spread his legs and drove into her.

Amanda was speechless except for small grunts and moans. She hadn’t quite realized the extent of her condition until her every need was being satisfied. They were soon soaked in sweat and neither one noticed.


Richie, never one to underestimate Jon, was lounging in front of the TV in the pub. It was two hours now and counting.

He figured he’d be able to see the end of the game.


Lying back on the bed a satisfying time later, breathing slowly returning to normal, Jon continued his earlier comment.

“So? Was I right? You discovered fan fiction?” He grinned at her sudden blush as she admitted in a rather strangled voice that yes, she certainly had.

“You knew about those?”

“Yeah, all the guys do. They’re pretty harmless, but damn! Some of those women have wild imaginations!”

Nodding rather vigorously, Amanda grinned in agreement.

“Oh yes they do. Hey, does Richie know about … hell, what was the name? Hathor? The Goddess Hathor?”

Jon laughed outright at that, grabbing his belly as he did so.

“Trust me on this, Richie DEFINITELY knows about Hathor! When we’re on the plane and he’s on the computer?” He looked at her to see if she knew what he was talking about and continued at her nod.

“If he’s totally engrossed, it’s usually because Hath wrote another story about him!”

Laughing herself at that mental picture, she turned toward Jon with a considering look on her face.

“And you? Which ones get to you?” Her voice was teasing, but she had a natural female curiosity as to which ones Jon enjoyed. Hell, I might get some ideas!

There was a bit of a pause as Jon considered her question. He had a few he read when he had the time and he even had a secret identity on one of the Jovi boards unrelated to Backstage.

“Well, did you see the one called “The Big Easy” and another called “The Sauna”?” He grinned wickedly as he remembered some of the scenes from those two.

Nodding quite determinedly at that point, she answered him.

“I sure as hell did … AND let me just say you are NEVER going to New Orleans without me, got that?”

Flashing her a huge smile with bedevilment lurking in his eyes, he teased.

“But hotel saunas are okay, right?”

Turning on him in a flash, she straddled his waist as he lay on his back and curved her nails over his abs.

“Abso-fucking-lutely NOT!”

She pressed the points of her nails into the hardness of his stomach which shook with the laughter that overcame him from her heated response. His tight belly wasn’t the only thing that shook as he grabbed her hands and flung her over onto her back. He quickly spread her thighs with his knee and hovered over her.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just looking at the menu…with you I eat ALL my meals at home!”


  1. Bayaderra Says:

    OMG Sun!!! You killed me with the last 2 chapters! Poor Obie...always the last to know...And yes Amanda, the fan fic has that certain side effect that our hubs have been enjoying...
    And crap, since I started to dabble myself...lets hope David does not webcrawl...*blush*

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Holy moly! I am laughing so hard I don't know what to say......

    This was too funny!! And yet, we all wonder if its a possibility!!

    Linda ;)

  3. AliceFayeNC Says:

    where to start? I am smiling so big and trying not to laugh too hard. Should remember E's reminder...sit on a towl!

    fan Fiction so many to read so little time in the day. Got my fave's bookmarked wonder if Jon does too?

    Great Two chapters! Can't wait to read more.


  4. Opester Says:

    Certainly does make me wonder what Jon's favorite would be or if he's ever lifted any ideas from our stories? I wonder if it ever scares him when some of us get too close to home or if he just laughs at the heroic sexual exploits of our character Jons? Does he scream at the Sauna "but I hate cats!!!!" or gaze into his audience and wonder which one is really Amanda? My guess is that he just sits there and rolls his eyes, smiling, just like the cat who got the cream...

  5. It totally freaks me out to think that any of them read our stuff and *gasp* know who we are!!!

    Great, funny chapter!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Y'know after following this story all this way, I hate to say it but you have now lost me - it just got stupid!

  7. Leigh Says:

    I'm cracking up with these last few chapters...I've read the works of some of the FF writers you've mentioned, and GOD FORBID they actually webcrawl and find them, especailly my sorry first attempt

    Much Jovi Love

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