John Francis - Chapter 203

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 9:15 PM

“You two heading back to New York tonight?” Jon broke into the silence that had descended on the four in the limo as they traveled back to the helicopter pad.

Richie nodded.

“Yeah, Trish has to work tomorrow.”

Patricia grinned then.

“Only for another two weeks. I gave my notice yesterday.”

Amanda’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What? You’re leaving your job? What are you gonna do, Trish?”

A big smile on her face, Patricia explained her plans.

“For the last several months I’ve been doing training at work for others to take over my caseload. I’ve been mostly administration for the last two months as I want to get out of this job and move into another level of my field.”

Jon and Amanda nodded at her to continue, while Richie just smiled as he already knew what Trish was planning on doing.

“I’ll be taking a few months off while I see what else is out there. This has been planned for quite some time now and it just seemed yesterday was the right time to give my notice.”

“That’s great, Trish! Sounds pretty exciting. I’m sure there’s so much you could do with the degrees you have.” Amanda nodded her support of the plans she had just heard.

They pulled up to the chopper as they were still talking about Patricia’s job change. Getting out, the two women were still deep in conversation as they walked to the waiting helicopter. Jon grinned at Richie.

“Good news, right?”

Richie’s eyes twinkled as his smiled widened.

“Oh yeah, definitely good news. She’s great, ya know?”

Jon nodded. “Yeah, I can see that. She seemed pretty comfortable tonight, with all the reporters and cameras and shit.”

Nodding his head, Richie agreed. “Yeah, doesn’t seem to faze her a bit. Thank god, man, because my life sure ain’t a secret.”

“I hear ya. Gets old.” Jon sighed a little heavily as he thought about the constant media attention for the last 29 years.

“They’re waiting for me to screw up again, you know that, right?” Richie’s voice was heavy with disgust and regret.

“Fuck ‘em, man, you’re human. You made a mistake. It’s over and I know you’re never gonna do it again. So, screw ‘em.”

Jon knew how rough things had been for Richie after his arrest and how hard his friend had worked to get through the media attention and his subsequent probation. Since that time Richie had made sure never to drive if he had even had only one drink.

“Thanks Jon. You know I appreciate everything you did.” Richie lightly rested his hand on Jon’s shoulder for a brief moment.

“You’d do the same, so forget it.” Jon answered, knowing it was true.

They helped Patricia and Amanda into the chopper and the four settled back for the short trip.


Topix was buzzing as the Bon Jovi Forum had hit after hit on the on the new discussion “JON BON JOVI ENGAGED!!!”

Viva, JONSPEACHES, Sterling, Ana A, iloverichie, Channel BonJovi, Sue NJ, Annab3lla, Cali Jovi Girl, and Maureen H were all posting as quickly as they could as they received their own IM’s and PM’s and the news spread. MonkeyJoe got hollared at again for spelling Jon’s name “John”, but that quickly passed as the others got back to speculating.

Jack had called Janey back as she had hung up so quickly he hadn’t been able to tell her about the woman with Richie. She had learned her name was Patricia, but Jack didn’t yet know her last name yet. Janey had gone on the “Dirty Little Secrets” forum and this new information was being bandied about, with everyone pooling their resources to find out who Patricia was and if there were any pictures.

Amanda’s picture was posted on several Jovi forums, as well as linked on Topix, and the still scant information about her was spread via the web.


Susan’s phone rang, distracting her from the book she was reading.


“Susan? Did you hear? Did she call you? Did you know already?” Susan’s co-worker, Janet, fired off her questions without seeming to wait for an answer.

“Janet? What are you talking about? Did I know what?” Her book resting her on her lap, Susan reached for her wine glass as she spoke.

“About Amanda’s engagement to Jon Bon Jovi, that’s what! Where have you been? It’s all over the forums!”

“Janet, you know I don’t follow those things! How would I know what’s being said?” Susan’s voice evidenced her amusement at her co-workers obsession with all things Bon Jovi.

“You’re her best friend. You have to have known! Oh, you’re so mean! You never tell me ANYTHING about her and Jon!” Janet pouted over the phone as Susan’s near ‘no comment’ answer every time she asked her a question was infuriating.

“I told you before that I’m not gonna talk about Amanda and Jon. She’s my friend because she knows I don’t gossip and I’m not gonna start now just because she’s dating Jon!” Susan’s voice tightened with frustration as she was tired of Janet pumping her for information. She had made it clear, she thought until now, that she wasn’t going to talk about them, but apparently Janet wasn’t listening.

“At least tell me if you knew or not! Susan please!” Janet tried again to get some “inside information”.

“Yes, I knew, okay? Janet, that’s IT! I am not talking about their personal life so you need to stop asking me questions about them.”

Janet blew out a breath as she heard the anger in Susan’s voice.

“Okay, I’m sorry! It’s just that I love the band and Jon so much!”

“Well, I’m guessing this means he’s taken so you’d better just concentrate on the band!”

Reluctantly Janet answered. “I get it. He’s taken. Damn! I just know I would have been perfect for him!”

Susan moved the phone from her mouth as she struggled to not laugh outright at Janet’s declaration. Her co-worker was 56, more than a little plump, and already a grandmother. Putting Amanda’s personality and looks against Janet’s was a little like comparing a panther and a tabby cat.

“Janet, I’m gonna go. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, sorry to bother you. See you at work. Good night.”

Susan hung up the phone and gave in to her laughter.

A few minutes later, she gave into her curiosity and turned on her computer.

Several mouse clicks later she sat there in open-mouthed astonishment.

“Oh wow.”


  1. AliceFayeNC Says:

    "Oh WoW!" Couldn't say it better myself.

    Thanks for useing my name and my big mouth on your blog. LOL I am now famous! LOL

    Great story and with everything going on right now on Backstage.. this just fits in.

    Love it keep up the good work.

    Alice Faye...yes that Alice Faye! Sheesh!!!

  2. Shelly Says:

    Count me in for being famous now.

    I've been playing catch up.

    And i'm w/AF. this fits in w/all the bs stuff.

    And the story is great..

    as usual!

  3. Bayaderra Says:

    I'm with Shelly and AF :)
    Still loving every chapter! And yes, got major kick out of seeing my name! LOL
    Now, bring on MORE!!!!

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