John Francis - Chapter 204

Friday, December 12, 2008 at 9:16 AM

The limo drove down the street towards Jon’s house, Amanda and Jon talking quietly about their evening in the back of the car. They were interrupted by the driver’s voice over the intercom.

“Mr. Bon Jovi?”

Jon toggled the switch.


“There’s a crowd of people in front of your gates, sir.”

Jon and Amanda exchanged looks at this news.

“Can you get through to the gate?” Jon asked.

“Yes sir. If they move out of the way, that is.” The driver responded, sizing up what he would have to do.

“Who’s there, Jon?” Amanda was surprised at this news, as the hour was rapidly growing late.

Jon held up a finger for her to hold on.

“Steve, is it reporters?” He waited for the reply.

“I see lights, Mr. B, so I would guess so.”

“Reporters? Already? It’s only been a little more than an hour and a half since we left the dinner!” Amanda was having trouble believing reporters would be outside Jon’s house at this time of night.

Jon just smiled grimly as he placed a call on his cell phone. Reaching his head of security at the estate, he was assured when they told him they were ready for the limo and would do what was needed to keep the reporters and anyone else outside the property.

Amanda smiled at him when he closed his cell.

“I almost forget those guys are there. They hardly show themselves except when needed, don’t they?”

Nodding at her, he answered. “Yeah, they’re supposed to be unobtrusive, but I do need to have them around.”

They quieted as the car approached the gate and the security officer’s moved the crowd out of the way so the limo could enter. Jon had already informed the head of security that he would not be speaking to the reporters, so the questions called out were ignored. The tinted windows of the car prevented actual shots of the two inside, but this didn't stop the attempts.

Dismissing the driver for the night and entering the house, both moved to deposit coats and slip off shoes, opting for comfort over glamour.

Settling herself on one of the couches, she heard Jon call out.

“Glass of wine?” He stood there barefoot, his shirt open to the waist and the top button of his pants undone, cocking his head at her in question.

Taking in his near-state of undress, it took Amanda a moment to answer his question. The blood in her body seemed to have thickened. She didn’t realize she was staring at him until he repeated his question, a teasing grin on his face.

“Uh, wine, sure…” Jon grinned knowingly as a light blush touched her face. He brought over two glasses of red and settled himself on the couch next to her.

Taking a fortifying sip of the rich red wine Jon handed her, Amanda tried to get her mind off the track it had taken when seeing him stand across the room from on her in all his glory. The deep breath only had the opposite result as the intoxicating scent of the man – his cologne, the soap he had showered with, and the indefinable something that was Jon himself – flooded her already inflamed senses.

Jon, sipping his own wine, let his eyes roam over the woman next to him. He saw the rise of her breasts as she took a deep breath and noticed the light flushing of her skin. Reaching out one finger, he traced her lips as she looked deeply in his eyes. She caught his finger with her teeth, nibbling at the tip until Jon put down his glass and brought his other hand to the side of her face.

Lips replaced a lightly calloused finger as Jon’s hands on the side of her face brought her to him. Warm turned into heat as each soft kiss brought nerves to the tingling forefront and a limbs turned liquid as the fire spread. Soft polished fingers traveled from a lightly stubbled chin down a strong throat to furred muscles as those same hands slipped off the opened shirt of the man in front of her. Lips replaced those fingers as Amanda nuzzled and nipped at the fully exposed span of Jon’s chest and abdomen.

Jon’s fingers threaded themselves in the rich length of her hair as he let the strands rain through his fingers, twirling it through his sensitive hands. Those same hands unzipped the dress covering the skin he coveted. He gave a grin at the matching purple underwear that was revealed as the gown slipped from her shoulders and he drew it down over her hips. Blue eyes darkened as passion rose at the sight of the hose and garters that sheathed smooth legs.

Amanda’s eyes began to slit as her own arousal rose, seeing the look in Jon’s eyes. His hands spanned her waist, beginning to stroke from breasts to thighs as she lay back watching him. He leaned over her, shirtless, pants unbuttoned but still on, and her own hands traced the fur of his chest, following the line that disappeared into the top of those pants. Even the uncustomary looseness of the pants could not hide the burgeoning hardness inside. Her hand reached down to cup his growing warmth and a low growl emerged from a masculine throat.

Neither said a word, letting their hands and eyes and mouths speak for them. Low moans and throaty growls revealed their growing passion as their remaining clothing was slowly removed, each revealed area caressed and teased until Amanda’s legs were quivering with need and Jon’s fully engorged organ pearled with his impending release. Skillful fingers played with the softness of skin as Amanda’s own desire evidenced itself with full readiness.

Strong hands spread willing thighs as Jon braced his arms to plunge into Amanda’s offered warmth. Slowly the tip of his length touched the soft opening awaiting his throbbing shaft. A gasp and then a deep guttural sigh signaled Amanda’s pleasure as he seated himself fully inside her. Legs came up to encircle his lower back and buttocks as she sought to drive him deeper into her. He withdrew to his end and then tightening the muscles of his legs and ass, he plunged again and again, repeating the motion over and over as he watched her response.

Amanda felt a rising liquid heat inside her as her back began to arch in reaction to the man, his smell, and the hardness inside her. Passion overtook her as her head began to move from side to side, her nerves on fire and her toes beginning to tingle. A slight change in the angle of Jon’s thrusting threw her over the edge into an orgasm that had her screaming her pleasure and chanting his name as she rode out the waves that flowed through her body.

Never pausing in the relentless thrusting into her body, Jon felt himself nearing his own release. The firm muscles of his ass clenched over and over again as he used the strength of his legs to drive into her, sweating dripping from his hair, low groans and harsh breathing deepening as orgasm approached. He flicked her nipple with his tongue, causing her to gasp and thrust her breast deeper into his mouth. He suckled the tip for a moment until her hands tightened in his hair and they were both thrown into orgasm. The intensity of his spasms caused him to press himself more fully into her as she used her legs and her hands in his hair to keep him deep inside. They rode out their release, bodies fused together, sweat mingling, until both could draw a relaxing breath.

The intensity of their encounter started shaky laughter as Jon raised himself up from her body. Their skin stuck together as the sweat bonded them and both felt the loss of the warmth from the other. Jon pulled her up with him as he turned to sit on the couch, their bodies still joined intimately. Amanda straddled him, reveling in the new sensations. Holding her to him around the waist, he reached for one of the wine glasses and they shared a drink, cooling parched throats hoarse from their gasping breaths.

Dipping a finger in the wine, Jon anointed the still darkened tip of one of her breasts and licked the sweetish fluid from her skin. She wiggled at the heat of his mouth, unconsciously moving to allow him greater access. The expected softening inside her suddenly twitched, making her walls grasp him tighter as he once again began a leisurely exploration. He took another sip of the wine, then handed her the glass, to allow him to use both hands to mound her breasts together, the wine spilling from his mouth as he laved one tip and then the other.

With unhurried licks and strokes Jon feasted on her warm flesh, trailing his tongue up her neck to fuse his lips with hers. The taste of rich wine mingled with the spice of their mouths as their tongues dipped and swirled, re-engaging sated senses until their breathing became harsh and their still joined bodies began moving against the other, each seeking that small slice of heaven that awaited them.


  1. Bayaderra Says:

    Uhmmm Sun...
    I wanted to post an intelligent and witty comment....But the ending of the chapter turned my brain to mush ;) So all I can say is THUD!!!

  2. each seeking that small slice of heaven that awaited them

    I love it!!

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