John Francis - Chapter 152

Friday, August 1, 2008 at 5:34 AM
Jon looked for her during the encore change, but didn’t see her and before he could explore further it was time for the first encore and then the second. They finished the show and holding up his hands at the questioning looks shot to him by the other men, Jon moved off to his dressing room. He showered quickly and changed, moving to the room where he figured Amanda had gone. He was actually one of the first to arrive, with Richie there soon afterwards and the rest of the guys within ten minutes. For an after concert party, the mood was a bit subdued, Jon socializing as he needed, with Amanda keeping a ways off to herself. They all quickly decided to move on to a local pub.

Amanda gathered her things and moved to the limo, Jon and Richie following, tossing each other looks the whole time. She entered, as did they, and the other three men followed.

“Good show guys, you really get the crowd going.” She complemented them and they murmured their thanks, still aware of the tension between the two.

The limo took them to a local pub where they could hear the music out in the street. Moving inside, the men were still wondering what the hell had happened and Jon and Richie were getting whiplash from throwing looks back and forth at the other. Amanda quickly ordered a drink and then followed the men to a table. The drinks started, along with some food, and they finally started to relax a little.

The tavern was playing classic rock and Amanda, starting to feel the full effects of the whiskey she had been drinking all day, became a bit reckless. She stood up and walked to the bar, ordering another Jack and coke, when a man approached her and asked her to dance. She took a big swallow of her drink and nodded at him.

The jukebox had just started “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker, and Amanda proceeded to dance in a manner that stopped almost all the conversation in the entire bar. Her hands slid her skirt, moved up her waist almost to her breasts, and then she started a deep slow hip shake that made a few of the men in the bar take an immediate gulp of their drink.

Tossing her hair wildly, shaking her breasts and moving her hips, Amanda danced in a provocative and suggestive manner, without descending into the sleazy side. The man dancing with her was almost not even moving as he watched her and Jon felt a slow burn begin. The next song was Aerosmith’s “Crazy” and Amanda continued her sensual dance, feeling the music and the whiskey take her for a ride.

The men of Bon Jovi just looked at Jon and saw his eyes narrow and then become fixed on the target she presented. When the next song came on, The Righteous Brothers “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”, Jon got up from the table and moved to the man who had started to take Amanda in for a slow dance.

His curt “the lady’s taken” stopped the man and he moved to take Amanda into his arms. Her eyes had closed at one of her favorite songs, but she would know the smell of the man surrounding her anywhere. Her eyes opened wide as she moved toward him. He pulled her in close, even though she stiffened a little.

Whispering in her ear, he told her, “I know what you saw.” She stiffened further. “I stopped her. I have no excuse, but I stopped her and sent her away for good.” She looked at him.

“There’s no problem, Jon, I understand.” She answered him, moving with him to the slow dance.

Another man cut in then, and she turned from Jon to dance with him, her moves once again flowing sensually. Jon stared at her for a moment and then returned to the table. A fast dance came on again Amanda danced. The men at the table stared at Jon, but he refused to explain, only escalating his drinking. He was now drinking straight Jack and Richie tried to get him to slow down.

“Give her time, man…” Richie started quietly, however, the look Jon shot him was the closed off one that Richie had become all too familiar with during the past year.

Jon stood up then, looking at his friends. He took another swig of his Jack and turned towards Amanda. He practically stormed over to her and without a word, cut in, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.

Amanda gasped at the forcefulness of Jon’s motions towards her. He led her from the dance floor, grabbed her bag and shoved it into her hands. He glanced at his friends.

“We’re outta here.” His voice brooked no interference, but he caught Richie’s nod.

Leading Amanda outside, not releasing his hold on her, he quickly hailed a taxi. Still not talking, they got into the cab and within a few minutes were back at the hotel. Jon’s anger and jealousy were equaled by Amanda’s anger and jealousy and like male and female lions they strode to their room. Jon opened the door and pulled her through with him. He slammed the door and backed her into it, seeming to loom over her.

Their eyes warred with the other, each waiting for the other to break. Amanda fell first.

“Dammit!” She yelled at him. “Tell me I didn’t see what I saw!”

He didn’t answer her, he just started kissing her, harder and harder, pressing himself more firmly against her, breathing her in.

Speaking into her ear, he whispered. “I didn’t know she was going to be here and I sure as hell didn’t know she was going to do that. I stopped her immediately and told her to leave and never come back. You have decide whether you believe me or not.”

Looking deeply into his blue eyes, seeing the pain, the love, and the lust held there, she knew that the heart she so deeply wanted to stop hurting was never going to stop as long as he held it in his hands. It belonged to him so completely that she couldn’t answer him with words.

Her own longing and love poured from her mouth to his as she kissed him roughly, grabbing his thick hair in a tight grip and pressing herself against him. Jon answered her kiss with the pent up passion he had been feeling all night since he had seen her dressed the way she was and then dancing and his hands moved over her breasts, roughly taking possession.

He moved her into the bedroom, pulling her along with him and when her knees hit the back of the bed she fell onto it. He looked down at her and ripped open his shirt and then dropped his pants. Amanda was gasping from the forcefulness of his motions and from her own feelings. She felt Jon reach up under her skirt and remove her underwear, hiking her skirt enough to expose her lower body to him.

With a growl deep in his throat he slid between her thighs, feeling her wetness and warmth as she arched to receive him. Their lovemaking was fast and furious and lust and love warred with the other as to who would win. Amanda’s need rose to consume her and Jon answered with the strength in his arms and legs and thighs. She screamed his name as she came and he moaned hers when his own orgasm hit.

Gasping as they lay there, watching Amanda’s breasts heaving inside the corset, his need quickly rose again and undressing her and then he proceeded to make love to her over and over until neither had the strength to move nor the desire to do so.


  1. Kris Says:

    Wow!.. I'm

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Whew....speechless, too...

    Okay, Sunstreaked, you are forgiven for calling us greedy wenches!

    :) Have a great day, hon!


  3. Daydreamer- Says:

    Well, that's certainly one way for them to vent their anger! :)

  4. Shelly Says:

    Finally caught up!!!

    Well hell!!!

    That's what I call some make up sex !!!

    *fanning face*

  5. Kay Says:

    "like male and female lions they strode to their room."

    Damn! That vision is so vivid, I can almost feel the steam exuding from them!

    Fantastic job!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i know that i am just starting to read this story and these are all older comments amanda really this weak of a women. reguardless of what happened after she left the room, she saw him respond to carrie and her not being there she really doesnt know what happened. Amanda needs to toughen up a little and not be so weak for this man. Jon is starting to control her with sex in my opinion...c'mon manda!!!!

  7. jovikitn65 Says:

    Wow talk about hot!!

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