John Francis - Chapter 160

Friday, August 15, 2008 at 9:40 AM
Full bellies, wine, and a very tiring day had everyone ready to turn in early that night. Amanda caught Richie before he went to his room and stopped him with a hand on his arm. Looking deeply into his eyes, she thanked him for what he had done for Susan.

“You’re a good man, Richie. Thank you.” She kissed his cheek and made her way to her room.

Jon was in the shower when Amanda returned to the room. “Can I come in, hon?” She called out.

“Of course. Been waiting for you.” She joined him in the shower, however, both were tired and full and just enjoyed touching each others skin that night. They moved to the bed and curled into what was becoming their favorite sleeping position, Jon spooned behind her, holding her close.


It was close to 2:30 in the morning when Susan left her room to get a drink from the fridge. She was in a large t-shirt that had belonged to her ex-husband and opening the door, grabbed a bottle of water. It was quiet in the apartment and she walked over to the large window to look out onto the city lights. She was having some difficult thoughts this evening. In her heart she knew she could never do what Amanda was doing, changing her life in the manner she did, traveling, putting up with the crowds and all that came with being with such a famous person. She wondered what was going to happen to her friendship with Amanda with her life having changed so much. A voice in the darkness was heard.

“You’re up late, sweetie,” Richie spoke softly to her so he wouldn’t spook her. He had seen her come out and get a drink, but he was deep in the shadows of the room and knew she hadn’t seen him.

“Holy hell, you startled me!” She hissed back at him, surprised that she was not alone. “Can’t you sleep?” She asked him.

“I was, just woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep yet.” He looked at her. “What about you?”

“Just thirsty.” Richie motioned to one of the other chairs.

“Want to sit for a few?”

“Sure.” She settled herself comfortably in a chair, sipping her water.

“Everything okay, Sue?” Richie asked after a few minutes.

She sighed and shook her head yes, but then started talking. “I can’t help but be a little worried about Amanda.” Richie was silent, waiting her out. “What’s going to happen to her when this is over, Rich?”

He was more than a little surprised by this question. “What makes you think it’s going to end?”

“Rich, I can read, he’s made it clear a couple of times that he’s not going to marry her and actually that’s a good decision, it’s too soon. They just met really. But, dammit, she loves him, I can tell, and at some point she’s gonna come home, back to reality, and I’m worried.”

In a quandary because of his loyalty to his friend, Richie had no real response for Susan. “Don’t you think we need to let the two of them make up their own minds?”

“I know and I swear I’m not saying a word to her, but I don’t know how she does it. I don’t think I could ever live this lifestyle and be happy. I like coming home to my house at the end of the day, seeing my friends and co-workers, having my routines. I’m sure that makes me sound like a stick-in-the-mud, but she and I have always been different in that way.” They sat quietly for a few more minutes, both thinking their own thoughts, then Susan stood, said goodnight, and went back to her room. Richie was awake a bit longer.


The next two days were fairly quiet as Jon and Richie worked in the studio and Amanda and Susan spent the rest of their time together. The guys had some meetings on Friday, but spent almost all day Saturday in the studio. They saw the men when they brought in food and drinks and at dinner. Susan was flying out at seven Saturday night as she had previous plans for Sunday she couldn’t change. Amanda and Jon drove her to the airport, Richie staying at the house this time. They made small talk on the drive, Susan thanking Jon for having her come for a visit. She hugged her friend hard when it was time for her to board her plane and asked her to keep in touch. Amanda kissed her cheek and assured her she would. They waved as Susan left the boarding area and then turned to leave.

On the drive back Amanda was a little quiet herself. “You okay, baby?”

“Yeah, but something was up with Susan. I’ve known her too long. I just don’t know what it is.”

“Maybe she’ll be ready to talk about it in a few days. I mean, nothing happened that you know of, right?”

“No, nothing. I can’t explain it, just a hunch I guess.”

Jon took her hand in his. “So, give her a little time and then ask.”

She smiled at him. “I will. Thanks again for having her come for a visit, hon.”

His answering smile was bright and sweet and she felt herself melt inside.


It was still early enough when they returned from the airport that Amanda asked if they wanted coffee and then went to put some on. Jon and Richie went into Jon’s office where he questioned his friend regarding Amanda’s concerns about Susan.

“She’s worried about Amanda, that’s all. This life isn’t for Susan and she doesn’t get how easily Amanda fit into it. At least that’s what I got.” Richie told Jon, letting him know a bit about some of their other conversations.

Jon nodded his understanding and they returned to the kitchen. Richie had decided that he wanted to go out that night, however, Jon and Amanda begged off. He gave them a well-deserved smirk and went up to shower and get ready to go out. He did agree to Jon’s condition that he take a limo and Jon called for one. Richie gussied up to go out was quite a sight and Amanda put her hands on her hips and gave him her own wolf whistle. Jon grinned as she did so and with a wave, Richie was off.

Spending a quiet evening in front of the TV watching a movie sounded great to them both. They ended their evening in bed, sharing their warmth and their heat.


Early Sunday morning Amanda woke and exited the bedroom as quietly as she could after brushing her teeth. She walked down the stairs and started to go into the kitchen. Linda was off on weekends and she planned on getting herself some coffee. As she entered the kitchen, a woman’s bare rear-end with only the thinnest of thong straps showing was bent over getting something out of the bottom of the fridge. Stunned for a moment, Amanda actually rubbed her eyes to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was. She must have made a noise, because the rear-end stood up and the upper body it was attached to turned to look at her.

The large-breasted blonde dressed in a skimpy camisole and the aforementioned thong looked at Amanda in her terry cloth robe and appeared to dismiss her, except it seemed, to assume she was hired help.

“I’d like some coffee, doll.” The blonde spoke with what Amanda considered to be a bad New York accent. It grated on her ears anyway. Not moving yet as she tried to get her not yet awake brain to process this new information, the blonde threw her a hard glare.

“Look, lady, you work here. All I want is some fuckin’ coffee.” Moving aside then to give Amanda a clear view of the coffee pot, the woman plopped herself down on one of the chairs. Not answering her, Amanda proceeded to make the coffee as the blonde sat waiting to be served.

“I like it with cream and sugar too.” She informed Amanda, who nodded and continued. When the coffee was ready, she brought two cups to the table, poured, and then sat down at the other end. The blonde finished her cup and motioned to Amanda for a refill. Amanda pointed to the pot. “Help yourself,” she gritted out.

“What the fuck? I just told you I wanted another cup of coffee!” The outrage was apparent on her face at being dismissed.

“And I told you to help yourself. The pot is right there.” Amanda replied evenly.

Getting up indignantly, the woman threw Amanda a glare. “Don’t think I won’t tell Richie how rude you were to me. You’ll be looking for another job by the end of the day.”

Before Amanda could answer there were footsteps on the stairs and Amanda could see Jon coming through the living room. He had on jeans only and his hair was slicked back from the shower. A slow smile started on her face. This should be good, she thought. Jon was also brought up short by the nearly bare rear-end that was facing away from the coffee pot and he looked at Amanda who cocked her head at him and just sat there waiting. Apparently the woman hadn’t seen Jon yet or heard him come down the stairs as she was continuing to berate Amanda.

“Why are you sitting here anyway? You could at least start breakfast.”

Amanda’s eyebrow quirked up at Jon and he had to school his face into sterner lines as he was about to laugh at her expressions.

“Good morning!” His voice called out, causing the blonde to spin and then drop both her coffee cup and her mouth at the sight of Jon in just his jeans. Totally ignoring the blonde as if she wasn’t even in the room, Jon crossed on the other side of the table away from the broken cup and went up to Amanda. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her soundly.

“Morning, baby. You sleep well?” His voice was a whiskey purr that almost seemed to radiate sex as he spoke to her.

She hooked her hand in the top of his jeans and pulled him closer. “When you finally let me get some sleep, yeah, I slept well.”

A small whimpering noise escaped the blonde and they heard her clearly. “Holy shit! You’re Jon Bon Jovi!”

“Yeah, I am. Who the hell are you?” His voice no longer had the purr.

“Shari, Shari Somerfield.”

Looking at Amanda, Jon winked and then let out a bellow, “SAMBORA!!!” A few minutes later a hung-over Richie Sambora came down the stairs from the shower and saw the blonde in her thong and camisole, Amanda in her terry cloth robe, and Jon in his jeans. Amanda spoke first.

“Richie, apparently I’ve been rude to your guest by not getting her another cup of coffee, only telling her to help herself. She assures me that you won’t be pleased by this and that I’ll need to be looking for another job by this afternoon.” Richie winced at both her tone and at the stink eye she was throwing at him.

“Uh, Cherry, uhm, I never said this was my house.” Richie began rather lamely, now getting stink eye from Jon.

“Richie…” Jon’s voice was low as he spoke, “…this is SHARI, Shari Somerfield, to be exact. You two have met before, right?”

Glancing away from Jon and Amanda, Richie mumbled, “Yeah, we’ve met.”

Amanda chose that moment of tension to get another cup of coffee and excuse herself to use the shower. She couldn’t help herself and gave Richie’s arm a discrete one-friend-to-another squeeze as she passed. She moved silently out of the room and upstairs.


Jon grabbed a broom and started sweeping up the broken glass. Shari made no move to help and no move to cover herself. Sober this morning, although with a bitch of a hangover, Richie almost groaned out loud at bringing Shari back here to Jon’s house. They had stayed down in one of the staff bedrooms, but still, Jon was sure to be pissed. The broken cup was cleaned up and Jon made a call on his cell phone. Richie overheard “thirty minutes, sounds good” and then he hung up, cocking an eye at Richie.

“Shari…” Richie called her name “…we’re heading out in half an hour.” He got up then and turned her to head out of the kitchen back toward one of the staff rooms. Jon grabbed himself a coffee and headed up to join Amanda. He went into the bathroom after hearing the shower running and saw her back to him, shoulders shaking. He stepped in and took her in his arms only to realize she was laughing and trying to hide her laughter with the sound of the shower.

“Oh Jon! You should have seen her ordering me around! It was hilarious! We have so got to find a nice woman to hook Richie up with though, that one really was a bimbo!” Her laughter was infectious and Jon felt his own anger draining away. He would have read Richie the riot act about bringing that type of woman back to his house, but no real harm was done and Richie was sure to be more embarrassed that Amanda knew than if Jon himself were to give him shit.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I am laughing so hard!! That was hysterical!

    Bye, Bye Shari, Cherry, whatever!I don't think there is anyone in that house that cares to know!


  2. Sandy Says:

    Oh, that was great. I am still laughing! What a bimbo!

  3. Shelly Says:


    Cherry!...Shari!! LOL

    I'm still laughing!!!

    OMG sun that was hysterical....

    Priceless stuff w/Richie.....Everyone like....okay....whatever...LOL


  4. Lori Says:

    Really good chapter!! I am still laughing! Richie needs to find a regular girl, but this chapter was just hysterical.

  5. Kay Says:

    Bring back Susan!


  6. Oh good heavens, that was the funniest picture!!! Great chapter

  7. Opester Says:

    One of my favorite chapters (and a favorite Richie moment so far!)The "You two have met before, right?” comment was absolutely classic-way to go there, Jonny boy!

  8. jovikitn65 Says:

    OMG can you say BIMBO!!! Richie where the hell did you find her at? Wait, don't answer that. This chapter had me laughing so hard.

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