John Francis - Chapter 161

Monday, August 18, 2008 at 7:49 AM
“So…” Jon snuggled Amanda closer into his arms in the shower, “…Richie will be gone for a bit taking the bimbo home and I was wondering…”

“You were wondering how long it would take me to get dressed and ready for the day, right?” She teased him.

“No…actually, I was wondering how long it would take to get you flat on your back in the bed out there.” His smile was wide and started the heat inside her.

She finished rinsing herself off and grabbed a towel as he stood there looking at her with eyes blazing.

“Well, that depends Bongiovi, how fast can you get your ass outta that shower?” She squealed in surprise as he turned the water off, grabbed a towel, and then her, dragging her naked wet body along with his to the bed.

“That fast enough for ya, baby?” He asked as he pushed her onto the bed and fell on top of her, bracing his weight on his arms.

She answered him by starting to lick the water off his skin, concentrating on his neck and upper chest muscles, running her hands over his back and ass, feeling the moisture from the shower. His eager shaft was pressing against her leg and she pushed him up enough so she could rise into the position she wanted. Moving her head between his legs, she started to lick the water off him, teasing and nipping as she went, as Jon’s legs strained from his squatting position. She took him full into her mouth, feeling the softness of the skin of his cock that coated the hardness underneath. He grew more erect in her mouth and teasing a little further, she moved her hand to his shaft and her mouth to his testes, again nipping and licking until small groans were heard.

Jon felt her mouth on him and felt the rush of orgasm building. He wanted to prolong it though and brought his hands to her waist where he pushed and flipped her onto her back, spreading her legs in a decisive movement. She gasped in anticipation, knowing he was about to turn the tables on her. Moving his mouth to her softness, he returned her teasing motions, licking and nipping her as she had done to him until his fingers inside her told him she was ready for him.

He entered her slowly this time, prolonging his pleasure and hers, feeling her tighten around him as her excitement increased. She stroked his chest, rubbing the hair there and lightly teasing his nipples as his motions increased. Soon he was stroking into her more fervently, increasing his pace and she moaned her appreciation. He saw her begin to arch as her orgasm approached and he plunged deeper and deeper into her, her excitement causing his own peak to near. With a deep groan Amanda came and grabbing Jon’s ass to pull him even deeper inside her, she brought him with her. Their moans mingled into music as each felt the other fall into bliss.

Collapsing onto her, Jon felt his body shudder from the effects of their passion as her legs continued to quiver under his.

Gasping in little breaths, Amanda managed to speak. “…Gotta…admit…I like…how…you think.”

Jon laughed breathlessly and answered her back. “…and I…sure like…a woman who thinks…like I do.”

He rolled off her then, but kept her in his arms. Amanda felt such deep satisfaction, not solely from their lovemaking, but from how he held her afterwards and how he made her feel. Eventually they did get dressed and make their way downstairs, but as often happened with them, the lovemaking seemed to draw them closer in some way that made their eyes meet more often and small touches seem necessary.

Amanda fixed breakfast and Jon threw on a fresh pot of coffee, removing one scoop at her raised eyebrow. He grinned like a kid caught in the act of being bad and she laughed at him. While they were eating, Jon asked her to come with him to see his kids.

“I’d love to. How soon do you want to go?”

“Well, it’s eleven now, half hour okay?”

“Sure, I’ll be ready.” She nodded at him as she was loading the dishwasher.

Jon called Dot to make sure the timing was okay for the kids’ schedules.

“Hi Jon.” She answered.

“Hey Dot, wanted to know if the kids were going to be home for a while. I’d like to come over with Amanda and see them for a bit.”

“Sure, they’re home this afternoon and I know they’d love to see you.”

“That’s great! We’ll be heading out in about a half hour so see you soon.” They hung up after their good-byes and Amanda went to finish getting ready.

They were just pulling into the driveway of Dot’s house when Jon swore softly. Amanda turned to him.


“My mom’s here.” His voice was a little tight as he spoke.

“Oh. Okay, so we just deal with it, right?” Her voice was a bit cajoling as she could see his tension level rising a bit.

“Right.” He answered as they got out of the car and walked to the front door.

Eric was home and answered their knock. “Hey guys! Nice to see you.”

Jon extended his hand and Eric shook it. “Nice to see you too.”

Eric started to shake Amanda’s hand, but she turned it into a small hug and smiled brightly at him. “It’s really nice to see you again, Eric.”

He gestured for them to come in and called out to the kids that their dad and Amanda were there. Footsteps were heard coming from several directions as Jake and Romeo rushed to hug their dad. He staggered a little from their combined onslaught on his legs, but laughed and hugged them back as they both started talking at once. Jesse walked in a few seconds later, with Stephanie a few steps behind him. Both hugged their dad and said hello to Amanda. Dot and Carol walked into the main room from the kitchen, both with dishtowels over their shoulders.

Amanda smiled at both women. “Hi Mrs. Bongiovi. Hi Dot. Thanks for having me over to visit again.”

Dot’s smile was definitely warmer than Carol’s as she welcomed Amanda.

“Well, if the dishtowels weren’t enough of a clue, I’d have to say that with the amazing smells coming from the kitchen you’re cooking. Need a hand?” Amanda asked with a smile.

Dot started to answer, “Sure, we can…” when Carol interrupted. “No, thank you, everything is under control.” Taking in the widening of Dot’s eyes but responding to Carol, Amanda replied. “No problem, but please let me know if there’s some way I could help.”

Nodding at her, Dot answered. “We sure will. Thanks for the offer.”

Amanda sat on one of the couches listening to Jon talk with his children. She asked Stephanie about something she was wearing and soon they were both engaged in talk about clothes and current teen fashions. Amanda mostly listened as Stephanie complained about things she wasn’t allowed to wear at school and rolled her eyes at her mother’s restrictions. The boys seemed intent on getting Jon outside to play some football and Eric seemed pleased when Jon invited him to go along. The five were soon involved in an elaborate game of touch football that seemed mostly to involve no one running over Romeo. Amanda could see that Stephanie wanted to join in and she urged her to do so.

“I think the teams are uneven Stephanie, so you’d better go outside and help your dad.” She smiled at Stephanie’s grin and then at her sprint to the door to join in the game. Dot came in just after that, bringing Amanda a cup of coffee. She had her own with her and sat down to talk.

“How are you doing? How’s your cheek?” Dot asked first, remembering seeing the pictures of the huge bruise Amanda had.

Raising her hand to her cheek, she smiled wryly. “Almost completely healed, thank goodness! That bruise was huge! Got yelled at by my mother for not calling her before she saw it on the news.”

They talked about what had happened and how the three shows had gone. Amanda brought the conversation around to Dot’s impending wedding and for the next half hour they discussed dresses, flowers, food, guests, cakes, and all the details that make a wedding so special.

Taking Dot’s hand in hers, Amanda said, “I know I don’t know you, Dot, but I hope this is a really special day for you and for Eric.”

Swallowing a little hard, Dot gave Amanda’s hand a squeeze. “I think it will be, but it’s also going to be hard…” She broke off.

“Because Jon will be there.” Amanda supplied, guessing where the other woman’s thoughts might be going.

“Yes, there is that. It’s what I want and I love Eric, but I never thought until it actually did happen that Jon and I would ever not be together.”

“I don’t think anybody ever thinks it will happen to them, no matter what the loss is…” Amanda began, “…and I do think that as corny as it sounds it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.” She gave a chagrined smile then. “Sorry, that was so Hallmark card, but I know I wouldn’t have missed one single minute with Jeremy even though I thought I would die too when he did.”

Dot was quiet for a few moments and then looked at Amanda. “You’re right. I wouldn’t have missed any of the love we once had or our kids. Now I need to look forward.”

“You got another chance, Dot, and it sure seems like you’ve found love again. Your eyes light up when you see Eric, did you know that?” Amanda cocked her head in question as she had also seen the way Eric looked at Dot. Shaking her head, Dot said no. “Oh, they do, and I’ve seen the way Eric’s eyes follow you whenever you’re in the room. I think you’re both very lucky to have found each other.”

“Thank you, Amanda, you’ve given me a lot to think about.” Dot smiled at her, realizing that she was speaking the truth. She had loved Jon but she loved Eric now and she was looking forward to her new life.


  1. calijovigirl Says:

    Nice chapter...great to see the interaction with Amanda and Dot. Geez Jon's mom is a force to be had for sure.!!! the touch football was cute too...

  2. Shelly Says:

    Love the burgeoning relationship between Dot and Amanda. This is good chapter Sun.

    Dear God....Jon's mom!!!!

    This could get interesting.

    Looking to see where this goes.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I almost forgot they were coming back from Europe for the wedding, so much happened over there!

    I think it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

    Thanks for a good chapter ;)


  4. Opester Says:

    Love Dot and Amanda together-you just have to respect both women and know that they would be friends. Carol certainly is tough to get through to- I wonder how Jon will handle it and whether Carol has hurt Amanda's relationship with the kids. Kids always notice things like that.

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    Nice to see Dorothea and Amanda getting along. Now would someone please explain to Mrs. B that although she is family, it is extremely rude to talk out of turn.

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