John Francis - Chapter 155

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 7:50 AM
Spending part of the morning with Linda preparing a room for her friend, Amanda didn’t quite notice when the men disappeared. She figured it out soon enough and walked to the studio on the grounds. Opening the door slightly, she could hear arguing, discussion, guitars, vocals, drums, and what she knew was the men working out some new songs. Standing in the doorway, she listened to the creative process between them, hearing as they worked out guitar riffs and vocals. As she had told Jon what now seemed ages ago, she had loved Lost Highway and was really anxious to see where they were going to take their music next.

Entering quietly, she sat to the side, not wanting to interrupt. Something must have cued Jon though because within moments he was at her side, kissing her hello.

“Who told you I was here?” She asked, puzzled.

“Nobody. Just knew.”

“I thought it was just me knowing when you came into a room.” She laughed softly.

Kissing her again before he returned to work, he said, “Guess not.”


The day passed quickly, Amanda bring lunch to the three men that she and Linda had prepared. They all stopped to eat and as she had brought her own, she joined them. Turning to them, she asked what she thought was a favor.

“Uhm, I would love to be here sometimes to listen, but you need to feel free to tell me you want privacy, okay?” Smiling at her, they shook heads and Jon answered.

“We will, hon, but the others will probably only throw ya out if you distract me too much!”

Her eyes got wide and her skin flushed. “Do you three have like a bet going as to how many times you can get me to blush in one day?”

The three looked at each other and she could see the wheels turning.

“NEVER MIND!!!” She shouted out at them all and they grinned like guilty kids.


The guys continued to work in the studio for most of the day as Amanda did some exploring. She found that Jon had a gym in his home that would provide her with a good work out. She felt guilty not having done anything physical - okay, outside the bedroom - she giggled to herself, for over a month. She changed into some workout clothes and decided to get going again. She did her cardio and was working on progressive weights and different body areas when she heard the door to the gym open. Finishing her reps, she then put the weights back and looked to see who had come in. She knew she looked like hell. She was dripping with sweat, her hair back in a bun, and her clothes were sticking to her from the moisture of her workout.

Jon had been watching her for a good ten minutes as she worked her set and was waiting until she finished. Dressed himself in loose sweatpants but no shirt, he walked up to her then as she backed away from him.

“Go away! I smell like a drowned rat!” She held out her hands to ward him off. He, however, thought that she smelled like pure sex and refused to listen to her. Stalking her around the exercise equipment, she evaded his pursuit, threatening him with all manner of bodily harm if he came anywhere near her. He faked a fade to the right and suddenly came around toward her from the left and grabbed her in an unbreakable grip from behind as she turned to run.

“You smell like sex, baby,” he purred into her ear and she felt the evidence of his arousal pressing into her from behind.

“You’re a crazy man, Bongiovi! Get off me before you get sweat all over you!”

He laughed at her then, as that was exactly his intention. He moved her forward, still holding her from behind, and she was forced to walk or be carried. She walked. There were some floor mats to the side and back of the room and he took her over there, pushing her to the floor with his knees and finally dropping his arms from around hers. She tried to move then, to get away, but he was quicker and before she knew it he had her arms above her head, his legs on top of hers, and his sex pressing into her thigh. Not all of her ragged breathing now was due to her workout.

Jon licked her neck, tasting the sweat on her skin and the scent that was her. She tasted salty and sweet at the same time and his body reacted. She struggled against him, as determined as he seemed to be that he not take her while she was in this condition. Jon, however, was stronger and even more determined that he was going to have her this way. She struggled, she cursed him, she even tried to bite him, but he stripped her pants off as she did so and then without warning plunged his fingers inside her.

“Oh my god!” She hoarsely cried, her body going boneless for a second as she felt his hand teasing her. She then recovered and in the spirit of their play, she twisted enough to cause him to remove his hand to hold her down.

“No way, not this time.” She panted at him, her exertions to get away from him growing more determined.

“Oh yes, this way, this time…right FUCKING NOW!”

His voice rose as his hand gripped her wrists and he moved his other hand back to the center of her desire. He teased her, moving slow, then quick, then smooth, then harsh, as she twisted and tried to get away from the growing need he was causing. Jon held her wrists tighter, talking to her in the way he had where his words brought her need surging even more to the forefront.

“Oh yeah, baby, fight me, make me work for it. You know it’s coming, I’m gonna be inside you and you’re gonna come for me. You can’t get away, baby, I’m stronger than you and…”

His hand left her for long enough to push down his sweat pants and using his knee, he spread her legs and quickly dropping down to her. With one ball smacking thrust he was inside her and she moaned.

“Oh…fuck!” She managed to pant out.

He moaned against her ear, “You got it, feel it baby, here we go…”

He was as good as his word. His plunged inside her, using one arm to hold himself above her, the other still gripping her wrists, as she felt herself arch against him, practically begging him to do whatever he wanted. Her will to resist fled and she wrapped her legs around him, urging him to take her. He released her wrists and she pulled her nails across his ass and back, pushing him inside her harder and harder until with one more thrust she came, a star-seeing, mind-numbing, white light series of orgasms that he felt surround him. It seemed that she could not stop coming over and over as he continued his assault against her.

Jon felt her let go, felt her rise to her peak and then she came, so fiercely and so continuously that he knew it was one after the other after another. He felt himself squeezed so tightly inside her during her multiple orgasms that he couldn’t stop his own. He thrust once, twice, and then on the third his own spasms hit and his heart felt it would burst out of his chest. His thrusts increased for a moment as he pushed himself inside her as far as he could go and then he had to slow, had to ride the wave of pleasure he was on.

She was not able to talk, not able to think, and barely able to breathe. Her vision actually blackened for a moment as she was experiencing her pleasures and when Jon lay over her, gasping, panting, his weight heavy upon her, she thought she had actually died and that heaven so far was freaking wonderful.

She managed to breathe out eventually, “My god, Jon…I think I almost passed out!”

He grinned at her, that wonderful, full on smile that made her melt. “And that would have been a bad thing?”

“It’s just…never happened to me before…what are you doing to me?” Her voice was hoarse with passion and full of wonder.

“I only know what you’re doing to me, Manda, it’s…a new experience for me, to feel this intense about someone I love.”

“Didn’t you and…” her voice trailed off as she realized it really was none of her business.

His voice was sad and a little weary and held a note of old pain as he answered.

“A long time ago, but even then it was shaped by what we were going through at the time. We were together in high school, then broke up for several years, then got married and almost immediately started having kids. I wasn’t the same person she knew from high school when we got married and although I loved her, I’m not sure I was in love with her except at first.”

His admission of this was the first he had ever spoken of these feelings to anyone, but he felt safe in revealing them to Amanda.

“I was in love when I married, Jon, and that love grew, but in truth it became a comfortable love, not an intense love.”

She was hesitant then, but continued, “We probably won’t be able to sustain that either, that intense ‘in-love’ feeling. You need to think about that.”

He looked at her. “Baby, I know that…hell, I earned the t-shirt for it, but I think somehow things might be different for us.’

“I hope so, I really do, but something this intense just can’t last…can it?”

“We’re at different places in our lives. Sure, I still have my kids, but we’re adults, Manda, not kids starting out. I think that just might make it different.”

She thought about what he was saying to her and it did make a good bit of sense. She knew her infertility and her age precluded children, so that wasn’t something they would deal with, they would just have each other.

They got up and dressed, with Jon assuring Amanda that she could use his workout room anytime she wanted to.

Any time at all.


  1. samanthac70 Says:

    Ok, excuse me while I get religious for a moment, but sweet holy mother of GOD what has gotten into everyone today? Wow...just WOW...I think I may need to take a cold shower....

    Unbelievably, um, inspiring shall we say?

  2. Sunstreaked Says:

    Samantha - Let me tell ya, after writing that chapter my husband was in serious trouble! I was in a "mood" - what can I say?

    Perhaps it's because it's Wednesday, i.e., "hump" day?

    Sorry - ROFL - that was BAD!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Speechless...absolutely speechless..

    Excuse me whle I head for my cold shower....


  4. Anonymous Says:

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  5. Anonymous Says:

    "The number of gym goers is rising and gym equipment is some of the hottest selling product sold in the market today. Working out is the way out for most while others are overcoming obesity by changing their diets. You can get more information about Fitness Equipment which I browsed on internet can fetch you help."

    Does Jon come with it?

  6. Daydreamer- Says:

    OMG HOT. HOT HOT HOT. *thud*

  7. Shelly Says:


    I'd like to have a workout like that....


  8. jovikitn65 Says:

    I'm with Shelly. Where do I sign up for a Jonny workout..

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