John Francis - Chapter 154

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 5:27 AM
It was close to ten that night when the plane landed and everyone made their way to the waiting limos. Tico and Richie were staying the night at Jon’s, while David and Hugh went to their homes. They made arrangements to meet on Wednesday at the studio at Jon’s house, everyone wanting a day off after their traveling.

The four heading to Jon’s talked quietly during the drive, with Amanda seeming to do more yawning than talking. Linda had left a note on the kitchen table that there was food for them if they wanted it and with Amanda re-heating and Richie assisting, they were soon sitting down to a good deal of food. Everyone was hungry and made short work of the home-cooked meal. Tico and Richie knew what rooms were theirs when they stayed at Jon’s and took their bags up.

Amanda cleaned up the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and putting away the few leftovers. Jon gave her a hand and they were soon heading to their room. Both showered quickly and within a half hour were curled together, asleep.


Waking very early the next morning as her inner clock seemed to be scrambled, Amanda went to the kitchen to get the coffee going. It was only six and Linda was not up yet. Sitting at the table with her first cup, she heard someone come down the stairs and within a moment Tico entered, smiled at her, and went to the coffee pot. He sat with her at the table, taking his first sips, trying to get himself to wake up.

“So, a day off and then the recording studio, right? Amanda asked.

“Yeah, but only two days for me. Alejandra and Hector are back from visiting her family and I’m going home on Thursday.”

“You must be really anxious to see them after all this time.”

“These days I’m home with them as much as I can be and when I’m not they usually travel with me. Hector is young enough that he’s not missing any school and I want to be with my boy and my wife.” Tico’s voice was soft as he spoke about his family. “They would have been with us on this trip, but Alejandra had made plans to visit with her family as it was only two weeks.”

“I hope I get to meet them some day. I think you’re all very lucky to have one another.”

Amanda smiled at her friend, remembering his restraint on the road and seeing that it seemed to be easy for him as he loved his wife and his young son.

“You’ll meet them, caro, they’ll be coming to Dot’s wedding with me.”

Her eyes were a little surprised at that. “Are all the guys coming to that?”

“Yes, Dot and Eric invited all of us. We’ve known each other for so many years.”

“Did you know she invited me too?” Amanda questioned him.

“Jon told us. I’m glad you’ll be there with him. Even though it’s been over for them for many years, it’ll still be a hard adjustment for him and for her.” Tico’s voice was thoughtful as he spoke.

They continued to make small talk and soon heard more footsteps on the stairs. Richie came into the kitchen and went straight for coffee.

“Morning.” He mumbled, still not quite awake.

“Good morning!” Amanda’s smile was bright as she had been awake for a while now.

Tico grinned at Richie, knowing that until that first cup of coffee hit, his friend was a bit of a grump. Just as he was getting his second cup, Jon came down and entered the kitchen. He kissed Amanda, gave smiles to his friends, and moved himself to get coffee. After refilling everyone’s cup, Amanda put on another pot, able to tell already that it was going to be one of those major caffeine days.

Jon started talking as she was making another pot. “Hey, Manda, it was Rich’s idea, but what do you think about inviting your friend Susan up here for a few days?”

She turned to him in surprise. “I would love to have her come up, but are y’all sure you wouldn’t mind?”

They all nodded ‘no’ at her and at Jon’s further explanation that they would be busy in the studio, she thought it was a great idea.

“So, why don’t you call her and see when she can come and I’ll take care of the ticket.” Jon encouraged her.

Her smile of warmth at him for his thoughtfulness made him catch his breath and he knew he would have to thank Richie for the suggestion. Amanda beat him to it. Turning to Richie, she kissed his cheek.

“Thank you for thinking of that. I would love to see her!”

Richie smiled at her and smirked at Jon, clearing indicating that in their constant game of one-upmanship, he was in the lead. Behind Amanda’s back Jon shot him the finger, but Richie just grinned at him.

They heard Amanda talking to herself – “okay, it’s only 7:30, I can catch her before she leaves for work” – and then she was leaving the kitchen at a near run to get her cell. The three watched her as she left, enjoying her excitement at what they thought was something so small.

Quickly dialing, Amanda got Susan on the phone.

“Hey, Suze!”

“Hey yourself! What’s going on there, girlfriend?”

“You got any time off coming to you?” Amanda asked quickly.

“Sure, tons, I never use sick days, you know that. Why?” Susan was puzzled at her friend’s questions.

“So, so, when can you be ready to leave for New Jersey?” Amanda asked with excitement in her voice.

“WHAT?” Susan shrieked from her end of the country. “Are you kidding?”

“No, not at all. Find out and call my cell later so Jon can get you a ticket, okay?”

“Holy shit! Okay, I’ll call you later. Oh my god, Mands, you are serious, right?” Susan was beginning to feel excitement rise.

“Yes, dead serious! Now get going and let me know!”

“Okay, call ya later.” Susan hung up but not before Amanda heard at least one more ‘holy shit’ come through the line.

Walking back into the kitchen, she told the men that Susan was going to call her later as soon as she checked her available time off at work.

“Uh, guys, uhm, Suze is a bit of a fan…” she started, the laughed, “…in case you didn’t know that already!”

Laughing themselves, they told her they were pretty sure they could handle one fan. Jon gave her his pouting face though, asking her, “You mean you aren’t a fan?”

“Well, hell, I am now!” She grinned at him and then rolled her eyes at the other two.

Linda walked in to the kitchen to the sounds of laughter and warmly welcomed everyone back. Amanda moved to her to give her a hug and to thank her for the food that was prepared for them the night before. Linda’s grin was answer enough and she set about cooking a huge breakfast for them all. With Amanda working alongside her, breakfast was soon ready.

Shortly after nine that morning, Amanda’s cell rang and it was Susan.

“Okay, girl, got it cleared as of today. I can leave anytime after five tonight as I do need to go home and pack, although I can leave a little early.” Susan sounded excited and ready to get on her way right this moment.

“Alright, Suze, pack some warm clothes as it’s cold up here and…wait, hold on…”

Jon was motioning for her to speak to him before she hung up. He quickly told her he would get on the phone for the airlines as they were speaking. They made small talk while Jon made flight arrangements, asking if Susan could be at Palm Beach International Airport for a 7:00 pm flight.

“Did you hear that, Suze? Can you get to PBIA for a seven o’clock flight tonight?” Amanda asked her friend.

“Sure, it won’t take me long to pack and…wait, where do I go to get the ticket?”

Jon explained it was an E-ticket and she would get it at the airport. Amanda relayed that information to her friend.

“Okay, Suze, we’ll pick you up when the flight gets in tonight. Jon says he booked direct, First Class, so you should be here at roughly midnight.”

“Alright, girl, see you around midnight and tell that hunk of yours thanks!” Susan laughed then, teasing her friend.

“You can tell him yourself when you get here! Remember, it’s cold, pack warm! Love ya, babe!” Amanda laughed and hung up.

She looked at Jon. “Are you just naturally efficient or is it something you learned?”

“Learned, babe. Too many damn flights to too many damn cities!” He grinned at her, excited for her that her friend was coming to visit.

Tico begged off from accompanying them, but Richie was not about to be left out. “I think she needs to be met in style, Jon, what do ya think?”

“I was thinking limo, of course, gotta treat my girl’s friend right.” He grinned back at Richie, knowing his friend all too well.

Amanda rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Oh, you guys are gonna be bad, aren’t ya?”

They turned almost identical innocent eyes to her and she laughed until her sides hurt.

“Oh, yeah, definitely bad!”


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Sunstreaked-glad your internet is working! Thanks for a new chapter!


  2. Shelly Says:

    Oooh.....This is going to be fun!!!
    Susan is on her way!!!

    I just read...Sorry about your internet Sun.....

    Thanks for the new chapter as usual!!!

    Great stuff....Looking forward to more!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yea! Such fun. Looking forward to Susan's arrival.. should be good!

  4. Daydreamer- Says:

    I was going to write exactly what Shelly wrote, but she beat me to it!! This is definitely going to be FUN!!

    I loved this little interaction:
    Richie smiled at her and smirked at Jon, clearing indicating that in their constant game of one-upmanship, he was in the lead. Behind Amanda’s back Jon shot him the finger, but Richie just grinned at him.

    And when Amanda said exactly what I was thinking:
    Amanda rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Oh, you guys are gonna be bad, aren’t ya?”

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    I don't think bad even begins to cover what Jon and Richie will do to Susan. I know Suan is a fan so hopeully she won't freak out too bad lol.

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