John Francis - Chapter 121

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 7:44 AM
Amanda cocked an eyebrow at Jeff then in puzzlement and a little ire, wondering just what that comment meant. He caught her look and flushed a little.

“What I meant, ma’am, is that we know you’re Mr. B’s lady.”

She nodded then and went back to the stage area. She saw Chris talking to Jon and Richie and they immediately saw her return. Both waved at her and she did the same back. Jon finished giving Chris what ever instructions he had been issuing and Chris walked back over to her.

“Sorry, Amanda, Jon had some concerns about the ramp placement on the left side of the stage, the one he works the most, so we needed to go over that. I asked Jeff to wait for you. He’s pretty much the second guy in the chain of command in security for the band.”

She nodded at him. “No problem, Chris. Sorry it seems that someone has to get stuck baby-sitting me.” Her look at the two men was chagrined.

Chris smiled at her, a really nice friendly smile. “Don’t worry, Amanda, we have no problems, okay?”

“Okay, got it. Thanks for waiting for me, Jeff. I appreciate it.”

He smiled at her and turned to Chris who directed him as to the changes Jon wanted. Jeff then left to take care of the situation.

Chris, basing what he was about to say on what seemed to be her good-natured personality, decided to talk to her.

“Amanda, I can tell you really don’t like being followed around and all that and I sure don’t blame you, but there are just too many people and too much security around the stage and the band when they are performing. You need to keep that pass with you at all times, wearing it so it can be seen. I’d also like you to have my cell number.” She dug out her phone and he gave it to her, taking hers in return.

“Chris, it’s not that, I just hate to feel like I’m being a bother or causing problems for someone. Four times now I’ve had to be rescued from being practically put into the “groupie” category and it’s just a little irritating. It has nothing to do with you or even the guys. Everyone has been great, but I feel like I’m making extra work for people, especially Jon as he’s had to do most of the rescuing!”

Chris smiled inwardly as he knew he had been right about her. She was a good person and not out to use Jon as so many of the others had seemed to do.

“Don’t worry about it at all, Amanda. I know Jon and he’s just concerned about you. It’s in his nature to take care of the people he loves.”

She shot a wide-eyed look at him at that statement. He blinked at her stare, but took a breath and continued anyway.

“We can all see how he feels about you and we’re learning just how you feel about him.”

She blushed a bit at that statement, but then grinned at him a little.

“Guess I can see why you’re head of security.”

He gave her a genuine smile then as he realized his words had been taken in the manner he’d meant them to be.

They walked back over to the main stage area and she could see that except for a few drum adjustments by Tico and David having some of his keyboards moved, it seemed the sound check was pretty much over. Chris stood back a little as Jon motioned Amanda over to him. Then he took out his cell and snapped a picture of her as she was talking to Jon so he could show it to the security staff who worked under him and make sure they all knew who she was.

Jon threw a sweaty arm around her shoulder and unconsciously she turned into his shoulder to smell him as he just smelled so damn good to her. Richie noticed, but just grinned. She missed that one. The other men gathered around, talking about the sound check, but all seemed pleased that everything was ready for the concert.

David broke into the group discussion. “I’m starvin’! Let’s go get some chow!” At that the group started heading toward the exit, but Amanda needed to grab her bag from the dressing room. As a group they all headed there with her. She felt like Snow White leading five of the seven dwarves, even though most of the men were taller than her. She grabbed her bag and they headed for the exit. Only Jon and Richie took a hold of her this time, but the others were close by. They entered the limo and since they were so early they headed back to the hotel to shower and change.

Amanda closed her eyes and grimaced at the even larger crowd waiting outside the hotel. Here we go again! Jon and Richie got out, Amanda next, Tico after her, and the David and Hugh. Five hands again positioned themselves on her and they moved through the crowd. There were more police there now and Jon thought of something. He stopped and motioned to what appeared to be a senior officer.

The man came over and Jon spoke almost in his ear as the crowd was so loud.

“This lady is with me. Please take her inside the lobby and wait with her until we get in there, okay?” The officer nodded and his grip replaced Jon’s. Jon leaned in to speak with her.

“It’s okay, baby, let him take you inside.”

She nodded at his thoughtfulness and the officer gently led her to the doors and inside the lobby. He stayed with her as he had been asked and she was able to see the guys, now free of their concern for her, work the crowd outside. They posed for pictures, signed multiple autographs, and talked with the waiting fans, all while moving purposefully towards the lobby doors. Sooner than she expected they were all inside with police now blocking the entrance.

Jon came over to the officer who had helped him and thanked him. The man nodded his appreciation, but refused compensation.

“Can’t do that, Sir, against regulations.”

Jon made sure he obtained the officer’s name as he would contact the man’s supervisor to express his appreciation that way. They all entered the elevator and then went their separate ways to shower and change.

Calling out to the other men, Jon suggested they be ready to leave at 5:15 for dinner and to leave enough time to arrive for their show. All agreed. It was now 4:00, so that time worked for everyone.

Jon was in high spirits, both from Amanda and the adrenaline that was just beginning to hit his system in preparation for the show. He grabbed her and kissed her, moving his hands all over her, undressing her and himself so they could shower. She felt his rising excitement, but as time was short and she wanted to surprise him later, they just managed to turn each other on more in the shower but not do anything about it.

Quickly dressing, Amanda chose a black leather short skirt she had bought with concert clothes in mind, a strapless bra, and a bright blue off the shoulder sweater as the nights were cold. Her makeup was a bit more dramatic as this was a concert at night and she could be a little bolder. Low black pumps completed her look. She had the platinum bracelet Jon bought her on her right wrist, a silver choker with a dark blue sapphire-colored stone that dangled a bit, and silver hoop earrings. She added a black leather carryall she had purchased just for evenings like this and threw in the items she needed.

Jon wore jeans and a loose cream shirt as he would not be getting dressed for the show until they arrived. He had on his boots and was also wearing the bracelet she had gotten him for Christmas. He stopped and looked at her when she emerged from the bathroom and his entire body stiffened, especially the 18 year old member in his pants.

“Jesus Christ, Amanda! You’re wearing that…?” His eyes were wide and he sputtered to a stop.

Feeling concerned now, she gave him her own wide eyes.

“It’s not right? Should I change?”

He growled at her then, low in his throat. “Don’t you dare fuckin’ change!” He turned a little to adjust himself in his pants and she knew then…and smiled. He turned back to catch that smile and growled again, his voice hoarse as he spoke.

“You look…holy shit! Now I’m gonna have this problem…” he motioned to his pants, “…all damn night!”

Deciding that now was the time, she sauntered over to him, swaying her hips gently, her breasts bobbing a little in the sweater.

In her husky voice she pulled his ear to her lips and whispered to him.

“I’m hoping you’ll take care of that problem…and mine…after the show tonight. I want you, honey, and tonight I’m gonna get you!”

He looked at her, comprehension dawning. His pants tightened even further and he sucked in a breath.

“You mean…?”

“Oh yeah, you, me…” she moved her hands over the front of his pants, feeling his growing hardness, “…and this…”

He thrust his hands into her hair, pulling her to his lips and kissed her until she was gasping for breath. Her breasts were mashed against his chest and he reached up to fondle her. She was squirming now, her need as great as his. She moved her hand inside his shirt to feel his chest and pulled on one of his nipples. He squeezed her breast reflexively and ground himself against her thighs.

A loud pounding on the door made them spring back from the other and Amanda heard Jon’s low “fuck!” as he tried to will his hard on away before he had to open the door. No such luck.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I sooo love this story! Jon takes really good care of Amanda. They're meant to be together!

  2. Opester Says:

    Glad that Chris realizes Amanda genuinely loves Jon and appreciates that. No doubt he's seen a lot of phony women and hangers-on over the years and the difference is obvious. Hopefully he won't begin to resent having to keep an eye on her all the time as it could get in the way of doing the rest of his job.

    "She felt like Snow White leading five of the seven dwarves, even though most of the men were taller than her." I loved that line-it really got the visual going!

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