John Francis - Chapter 109

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 8:53 AM
Amanda opened her eyes the next morning and within less than ten seconds the smile that had been there the night before returned. Oh my god! That man is making me crazy! He had returned her “gift” from that night at the cabin in Tahoe with such patience and skill that a blush returned to her face as she remembered the sounds that had come out of her and then finally the words she had said. I begged him, I actually begged him to make love to me! She pulled the pillow over her head and groaned into its muffling depths.

The image of that golden head between her thighs returned and replayed over and over in her mind. He refused to stop, keeping her on a fine edge, until…

“Good morning, baby!” His voice came through the pillow over her face. The one she refused to remove.

“Mornin’.” She replied, her voice dampened by the pillow. She would just keep the pillow there until she stopped blushing, that’s all. He’ll leave me a cup of coffee and go away.

She yelped when the pillow was pulled away from her by strong hands. Her hands replaced the pillow until those same hands took them away from her face and put them over her head. She closed her eyes. Her face was flaming red.

She heard Jon’s chuckle. “Open you eyes, baby, or I’m gonna have to make you scream again.”

Her eyes flew open at that to meet his blue ones that sparkled with pure male satisfaction.

“I’m gonna want to do that again real soon…real soon…you’ve been holding back on me.” His voice was whiskey hoarse as he remembered her reactions to his mouth.

“Oh god…” she moaned, “don’t…I’m…you…”

Continuing in that low husky tone, he held her hands above her head with one of his and pulled the sheet down over her breasts with the other. He could see now that her blush had spread, but her nipples were hard and aroused. Taking one of her nipples in his mouth, he tongued her for a few moments as her breath rasped. Lifting his head, he looked at her.

“Yeah, baby, you think all day today about where I was last night and what I was doing. You remember where my mouth was and how many times you came for me. And I’ll remember how sweetly you begged me to take you, to put myself inside you and…”

She moaned then, his words igniting the feelings she had awoken with. She looked at him, desire strong in her eyes. He dropped his pants to answer her plea and she was ready for him. Their coupling was furious, burning them both in the fire of love and lust.

Afterwards Jon managed to gasp out, “ we’ll both think about this all day.”

He heard a murmur of agreement in his ear.


Jon actually had brought her coffee, however, it was cold by the time she could drink it. He assured her that once he could move again, he would bring her another cup. She assured him that once she could move again, she would drink it. They lay for a few more minutes, breathing finally slowing.

“Baby, we do have to get moving. Today is the last day we have before we’re gone for weeks and there’s still quite a bit to do.”

She grumbled, but started moving. Turning to him as she walked to the bathroom, she asked him, “coffee, please?” He heard the shower and remember he promised to get her coffee once he could move. She moved, that meant he had to. Shit! He got up and went down for a fresh cup for her. She was standing in the shower with her head against the tile letting the water just cascade down over her. She heard the shower door and without looking, just reached out a hand for the cup. Moving out of the water, she took her first sip and cracked open an eye at him.

She managed to glare with that one eye, even as she was mumbling “thank you” for the coffee.

He chuckled at her. “What’s the matter, baby?”

“You…are…killing…me…” she ground out.

“But what a way to go, right?” He laughed now, as both her eyes opened and putting the coffee cup to the side, she grabbed him by the chest hair and pulled him into the shower. Her grip was strong enough that it was go with the hair or lose it, so in he went, jeans and all.

She surprised him again when she pulled him in for a kiss, still clasping his chest hair, and then mumbled against his mouth.

“If I go, I’m taking you with me.”

She released him and stuck her head back under the shower. Jon shucked off his wet jeans and grabbed the shampoo. He washed her hair for her, conditioned it, and then bathed her. She made small purring sounds and seemed to be gradually waking up. Jon showered himself after her as she stayed enjoying the water and her coffee. She moved out of the shower and grabbed her thick robe.

Stumbling downstairs, taking her cup with her, Amanda refueled her caffeine withdrawal and sat at the table. She knew Jon wouldn’t be long and she was right. No sooner was half a cup gone than he ambled into the room. He grinned at her, THAT grin, and she swore under her breath and then started laughing.

“You really think that’s gonna save your ass, don’t you?”

Pretending apprehension, he asked, “Does my ass need saved?”

“I swear, Jon, I’m gonna start wearing garlic and a cross if that…” and she motioned towards the front of his pants, “…keeps acting like an 18 year old!.”

He threw back his head and laughed, “Jesus! Garlic and a cross!” He kept making suspicious almost giggling sounds as he got his own cup.

“Okay, so what do we have to do today?” She was actually waking up, but felt a bit tired from all their extracurricular activities.

“We have to pack for a few weeks, which should take me about ten minutes…” he grinned, “…and you about half the day…and I have calls to make, the plane to arrange, the kids to see…”

She waved at him to stop. “Got it, busy as hell…just tell me what I need to do.”

“Coffee, eat, and pack, then we’ll take it from there.”

“Coffee, I can do coffee.” She moved to the pot again.

There was a knock at the door and it opened.

Jon called out, “Hey Rich, come on in.”

“Morning…hey Manda.” He came into the kitchen and kissed her cheek.

She looked at Jon. “How did you know it was Richie?”

“Very few people have a key to my house and I know Richie. He’s about ready to get out of the nest, right man?”

“Oh yeah, love the mom, but I’m too old for the ‘when will you be home’ routine.”

Richie helped himself to coffee and sat with them.

“So what’s happening here? What do you need help with? I’m freaking bored!”

“Well, I’m off to start packing, so help this one with something!” She motioned toward Jon, flapping her hand. She was off with a grin and a wink.

“What’s that all about, bro’?” Richie asked a little worriedly.

Jon grinned hugely. “Apparently, I’m killing her.”

Nodding in complete understanding, Richie grinned back. “Ah, got it.”

Chuckling again, he told Richie about the “garlic and cross” remark and Richie about fell off the chair laughing. “She’s gonna be a lot of fun on the road, ya know?”

“Yeah, she sure does make me laugh.”

They sobered a bit then and discussed the upcoming dates, the arrival of the other band members, the possible set lists even though Richie knew Jon would change them at a whim, and other band and travel related plans.

They heard a voice then calling from upstairs.

“Jon? How many suitcases can I take?”

“Manda” he called back, “I own the plane.”

There was silence for a moment, then both men were pretty sure they heard the word “JERK!” They did, however, completely miss the ‘goddam’ that was in front of it.


  1. Mishna Says:

    Garlic and cross, LMAO!!! I wonder if it really will work. Good chapter!

  2. Opester Says:

    Love the garlic and a cross line and Jon's "I own the plane"! He definitely got her back on that one! These two are so cute together!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I just recently found your story and I'd like to say that you are a very talented writer. I love this story! I feel like a fly on the wall feeling every emotion. Thank you for continuing the story.

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Funny chapter here, lots of great one liners that I can't even pick a fav. Just know I was laughing.

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