John Francis - Chapter 118

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 10:01 AM
They agreed on traditional English food that night at a pub they had been to before. Amanda enjoyed fish and chips, while the others were a bit more adventurous. Sticking to beer tonight with her English meal, she was relaxed and enjoyed another great evening. Jon kept touching some part of her, but it was apparent that their concentration was on the concert the following night. They were in deep discussion about the set list, with Jon arguing that they bring back some of their older tunes, and the guys groaning as they knew that no matter what Jon decided tonight, he was sure to change it tomorrow.

Richie urged them all to attend a blues club he was fond of after dinner and Jon and Amanda agreed to go. Tico, David, and Hugh wanted to hit some of the other clubs that they knew from other visits to the city. Amanda didn’t ask any questions. The other three took the limo and Richie, Jon, and Amanda grabbed cab. Richie directed the driver and they were soon at the club.

Taking her hand, Jon followed Richie into the club. It was loud and the music was amazing. They wandered over to the bar and ordered drinks. Finding a table, the three sat for a while and then it happened. Richie excused himself and meandered up to the band that was playing. A short discussion later and Richie joined the men on the stage, his guitar playing taking Amanda’s breath away.

“Jon, he’s so good! He really loves to play, doesn’t he?”

He leaned into her so she could hear him better. “He does this almost everywhere we go. It relaxes him and he loves all types of music. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band turn him down.”

They listened to their friend play, enjoying his amazing talent, for close to 45 minutes. At the end of that long set, the band proudly announced their guest guitarist. “…and for those of you who don’t know a true master, let me show you one…Mr. Richie Sambora!” The club broke into loud applause as Richie acknowledged their appreciation.

Before stepping off the stage, Richie grinned wickedly in Jon’s direction and Jon gave a low groan. He mumbled, “…don’t do it asshole, don’t you…”

Richie quieted the crowd and spoke to them.

“I have a friend here tonight and I’d like to ask him to play a song or two with me. He’s a little shy, so start clapping if you’d like a few more songs.”

The crowd broke into a loud rhythmic clapping and Jon threw Richie a glare that had Richie widen his already mischievous grin. The lights dropped low as Jon got up from the table as unobtrusively as he could and made his way to the stage. There was almost utter darkness on the stage and the crowd couldn’t yet see who had joined Richie. They heard two acoustic guitars begin and instantly there was silence as the chanting dropped off. Then, still in darkness, the opening strains of “Wanted Dead or Alive” floated out into the crowd. Jon’s voice was heard then and the lights came up, showing the two men of Bon Jovi.

The crowd was so stunned they sat there with barely a murmur, listening to the beauty of song done in that unforgettable way. When the last sound of the dual guitars died away the crowd exploded in applause, stomping their feet, shouting, and pumping their fists into the air. Jon spoke to Richie and the other musicians and then started in singing “Lie To Me”.

Amanda sat there listening to Jon’s voice and Richie’s harmonies with joy in her heart. They sounded so beautiful together. Their voices blended like few she had ever heard before in her life. They ended that song and again the crowd went crazy.

Jon turned to Richie and asked him something. Richie grinned, nodded, and the guitars started again. This time it was a song Amanda had never heard. Jon spoke to the crowd.

“This is an old one of ours, but it has a special meaning. Hope you enjoy it.” They then started singing “Diamond Ring”.

Diamond ring, wear it on your hand
It's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man
Diamond ring, diamond ring
Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring
Red, red rose, brought it home to you
Blood red rose, tells me that you're true
Red, red rose, blood-red rose
Like a fire inside that grows, blood-red rose
When you're hungry, I will fill you up
When you're thirsty, drink out of my loving cup
When you're crying, I'll be the tears for you
There’s nothing that I wouldn't do for you
When you're hungry, I will fill you up
When you're thirsty, drink out of my loving cup
When you're crying, I'll be the tears for you
There’s nothing that I wouldn't do for you
You know, I bleed every night you sleep
'Cause I don't know if I'm in your dreams
I want to be your everything...
Diamond ring, wear it on your hand
Gonna tell the world, I'm your only man
Diamond ring, diamond ring
Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring
Darling, you're my everything, diamond ring

You’re my queen and I’m your king
Diamond ring
Now you've got me on your string
She wears a diamond ring.

Author’s Note: Youtube website for this acoustic version.

Amanda listened to the words of this beautiful song, again blending Jon and Richie’s voices so perfectly. Her heart beat a little faster as she heard the words, but she remembered the press interview and gave a little smile. Maybe in another life.

The men finished and stood to tremendous applause from an audience that still couldn’t believe Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi had played for them. They thanked the band members and moved off the stage. Richie paid their tab and they exited the club. They walked a little ways down the street, Jon holding Amanda’s hand, Richie on her other side.

She spoke softly. “You both are just amazing together. Those songs are so beautiful done that way. I’m so glad I got to hear you like that.”

Richie glanced at Jon over Amanda’s head and shook his head ‘no’. Jon understood that to mean that Amanda heard but still didn’t get it. I know it was that damn press conference, but I can’t til after Dot’s wedding. They caught a cab within a block and went back to the hotel. Tomorrow was a big day.

The crowd in front of their hotel had grown smaller to just a few die-hard fans. There was hotel security outside now and the three quickly entered the lobby. They rode to their floor and Richie gave Amanda a kiss on the cheek goodnight. “See ya in the morning, man” he said to Jon.

Jon opened the door and they entered the room. He wanted so badly to ask her. He knew she was it, but it just wasn’t right yet. He held her tight. Undressing her, he kissed her softly although he knew she still wasn’t ready for him. It’s just that he needed her skin against his. They each used the bathroom and then came together again in the bedroom. Jon called down for a wake up at nine the next morning and then pulled Amanda into his arms. He breathed her in and felt her relax against him. He slept. She breathed in his scent and then she too slept with the man she loved.


  1. Opester Says:

    Wow, what a treat that would be! Why don't the guys ever come to a bar near me and play an acoustic set, LOL?!?!
    Great job again, Sun! Loved how Amanda got to see this side of the guys and boy will she be pleasantly surprised when she finds out it may happen in this lifetime!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love this story. Can't wait for more.

  3. willowLL Says:

    Diamond Ring! A favorite of mine!

    Great chapter!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    More, more, more!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ok so are they reading this too???? LOL They played Diamond Ring last night in amsterdam!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sunstreaked Says:

    NO WAY!!! They played Diamond Ring??? I LOVE that song - hope somebody youtube'd it. What a treat - it's been so long since they've done that live. Thanks for letting me know so I can search for it! WOW!

  7. jovikitn65 Says:

    I remember the guys doing a radio show back in the 90's I think, that was the first time I heard Diamond Ring. It was so beautiful

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