John Francis - Chapter 116

Monday, June 9, 2008 at 6:11 PM

The organizer quickly realized that Jon Bon Jovi’s girlfriend was the one who had been left outside and his manner immediately changed. He apologized profusely, but Jon waved it off.

“You said we’re running late, right?” The man nodded. “Then let’s go.”

They moved into the main press room where a long table had been set up. The room was full of media personnel of all types, from print to TV, and cameras flashed even as the guys were walking into the room. Jon put his hand on the organizer’s arm.

“I want her in front, but to the side, near the door where we’ll be leaving. I don’t care if you have to move someone.” The man nodded again and took Amanda to where Jon had directed. The men approached the raised table area, Richie and Jon sitting in the middle, flanked on one side by Tico and Hugh and on the other by David. The men put their press smiles on and prepared for the questions. As usual, the first was for Jon.

Question: You were here in the UK not too long for Lost Highway. Are you reprising those concerts?

Jon: No, most of these concerts are for charitable organizations and while we will be playing some of the music from Lost Highway, we’re planning on opening up the set list a little more.

Question: Richie, you’ve had it pretty rough in the American press the past few years. Do you feel they were treating you unfairly?

Richie: Most of what was reported was not accurate, but yes I did go through a divorce and then a relationship that didn’t work out.

Question: Hugh, you seem to be one of the least well-known members of the band. Do you feel that the others purposefully overshadow you?

Hugh: Not in the least. We all have our job to do. I’ve always been proud to be a member of this band.

Question: David, it’s well known you studied at Julliard. Why would you settle for being in a rock band, even if it is a very famous one.

David: The energy this band has, especially during our live shows, is amazing. I don’t know anywhere else where I could be part of such a creative process.

Question: Jon, there’s been quite a bit in the American news about you over the last year. Quite frankly, some of it was a bit unflattering. Are you having a drinking problem?

Jon: As you all know, I was divorced last year after a long marriage. It was a very hard time for me. No, I do not have a drinking problem.

Question: Tico, as the oldest member of this band, do you see yourself continuing for much longer playing rock and roll?

Tico: I see no end to this band, so yes, I see myself being with them for quite some time.

Question: Jon, we’ve heard here that there is someone new in your life. Are you getting married again?

Jon: Shit! I don’t want to answer this in front of Amanda. There is someone new in my life and we are in a committed relationship. I have no marriage plans at this time.

Question: Jon, your ex-wife has recently stated in an interview that she will be getting married again soon. How do you get along with the new man in her life?

Jon: I get along very well with him. He treats Dorothea as she deserves to be treated and I wish them both all the best.

Question: Does that mean you didn’t treat her well? Is that why you got divorced?

Jon: Dorothea and I have remained close friends since our separation and divorce. She and I share four beautiful children together and we will always be connected through them.

Question: Richie, you recently had to go through rehab. Did you succeed?

Richie: During that bad time in my life when I also lost my father, I decided to seek out some professional help to deal with the stresses in my life. The answer to that question is yes, it succeeded.

Amanda listened to the press ask questions for the next 45 minutes, amazed that the guys could take such leading questions that could provide so much tabloid fodder and turn them right around on the people asking them. She admitted to herself that she did feel a bit of regret inside when Jon said he had no marriage plans, but chided herself. You really think he’s gonna take such a chance again, Manda? He wants to be with you. That’s enough.

The man who had organized the event finally announced that time was up. Jon was the first one up from the table, with Richie right beside him. They moved to the exit door, one gently grabbing one of Amanda’s arms and the other taking her hand. Following security out, Richie laughed and told Amanda that she better get used to this, as they weren’t letting her out of touch, let alone out of sight.

By unspoken signal, the five men formed a phalanx around Amanda, with Jon and Richie still gripping her tightly, and they moved to the limo. They waved at the fans being held back by security, but did not let go of her. She was first into the limo and the rest quickly piled in. There was silence when they all got into the car, each man wondering just a little at Amanda’s possible reactions.

She gave them one. She started giggling, getting louder and louder, as the men looked at her, grins beginning on their faces. She laughed until tears rolled, gasping trying to explain.

“You all keep looking at me…like I’m gonna punch him again…I won’t…it was just that day…the handcuffs…” They all laughed now as they had that incident in the backs of their minds. She noticed that Jon was busy sending a text message to someone, but she didn’t interfere. Small giggles still escaped her, but her laugh had released the tension the men were all feeling and four out of the five were in a good mood.

Jon, however, was pissed. First she gets locked out again, then he had to lie right in front of her about no marriage plans, then instead of her being mad at anyone she laughs the whole thing off. He was going to talk to Chris, his head of security, and figure out what to do about this continuing problem. Until then, he and Richie were going to keep her secure between the two of them.

Raising his eyes to meet Richie’s, he stared at his friend for a moment, motioned his head slightly toward Amanda, and received Richie’s answering nod in return. They had a plan for now anyway.

They returned to the hotel and once again were confronted with a large crowd. Word had traveled that Bon Jovi was back in town and where they were staying. Richie nodded at Jon, then glanced at the other three. They all knew what to do. Hugh and David got out of the limo first as they were tall men. Jon, Amanda, and Richie were next, with both men having a good grip on her, and Tico brought up the rear. There was already a police presence there and they were able to get inside the hotel with a minimum of fuss. They stopped for autographs, but one or the other of the men always kept a hand on Amanda.

She was moved to the door with the men and they all entered the lobby where police stopped fans from following them. Jon stopped at the front desk and asked to speak with a manager. Richie moved Amanda off to the side a little.

After getting the manager’s name and learning he was the head manager of the hotel, Jon explained about Amanda. He wanted it clear, crystal clear, that she was a guest of the hotel, staying with him, and that she was to be allowed to enter at any time.

“I want you to make your staff aware of this. Now that the public knows where we are staying I will not hesitate to move immediately to another hotel if this is not taken care of. Do we have an understanding?”

The manager assured him they did, understanding the implied threat towards the reputation of the hotel. Thanking the man, Jon then softened his threat a little by acknowledging that they would hate to do so as they had always been very satisfied staying with the London Marriott. The manager nodded again. He was not head of the hotel because he was stupid.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I soooo enjoy your story! I love how you pictured this very important and ever present aspect of their lives, the press conference. You came up with some pretty good questions. I hope the muse is with you, I'll be checking tomorrow too.


  2. Opester Says:

    That was a tough press conference-I thought it was pretty probably though and that the guys handled it great! Maybe Jon could just give Amanda an all access pass for the coming show until people begin to recognize who she is?

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    I like how you write Jon, he seems to be a take charge kind of guy who won't take shit from no one. Great job.

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