John Francis - Chapter 128

Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 4:39 PM
They woke late the next morning as both were exhausted from the concert and their after-concert activities. Sliding out of bed, Amanda made her way to the bathroom without waking Jon. She groomed herself a little and then called down for coffee and some food. She signed when it arrived, managing to let Jon sleep through all that. There were chairs in front of a sliding glass window that look out over the city. She sat in one, curled with her coffee.

The street was busy and she had a good view from their 10th floor room. She hadn’t stopped yet to take a look around the city and was amazed at the different architecture she could see. Her mind was content this morning, but she was still thinking. I was wrong last night. There has to be trust between us. My god, he’s trusting me with so much. I have to trust that he’ll make the right decisions too. He did show that last night. She heard Jon behind her then and felt arms on her shoulders. He was in his robe and he brushed her hair with his hands.

“Good morning.” She heard a soft rumble.

She reached her hand to touch his and answered with her own greeting.

“Want to join me? She asked him. He moved to the other chair with his coffee.

“I was sleeping pretty hard, huh?” He asked her.

“Oh yeah, managed to get coffee up here without waking you!” She laughed softly as he shook his head side to side.

“Can’t imagine why I was sleeping so hard…” His grin made her blush and she shot him a sideways glance.

“Oh, I have a pretty good idea…” her voice trailed off as he chuckled at her in the masculine way of men who have done something they’re quite pleased with.

They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, still holding hands, waking up to the day. The sunlight coming through the window was hitting Amanda and he looked at her. He loved how natural she was with him with regard to her looks. No false pretenses, no rushing to get some makeup on. Right now her face was just freshly scrubbed and she looked radiant from their evening together. She has the most gorgeous skin! No wonder she doesn’t hide it under all the makeup crap!

Turning to him, she saw him looking at her. “What?”

“Just sitting here thinking of how your skin looks in this light.”

She rolled her eyes. “Jon, I know I don’t have any makeup on, but…” She stopped as he held up his hand.

“That’s not what I was thinking. I was thinking how gorgeous your skin is without any of that crap.”

She laughed softly. “Sure you were. You don’t see these lines?” She pointed to the small lines around her eyes.

Laughing now, he pointed to himself. “And what? You don’t see these lines?”

“But you’re a guy, you get better as you get older…dammit!” She admitted this with female irritation at the natural propensity of some men to get better looking with age. “I swear, it’s the most unfair thing in nature! I’ve seen you since you were what, 24? My god, it’s so not fair! We’re “pretty” and then we get “looks good for her age” and you…argh!” He laughed at her good-natured grumbling.

Teasing her a little, he added, “Well, honey, you do look good for your age.”

Her eyes opened wide in shock at that and Jon roared with laughter. “I’m sorry, but…you just…set yourself up…for that one…” he managed between bursts of laughter.

Trying to give as good as she got, she shot back. “Well at least I’m now entering MY sexual peak years! Match that, Mr. ‘I’m getting better looking with age’!”

His eyes gleaming, Jon set down his coffee cup. “Is that a challenge?” And he moved to her.


Several hours later, as both lay in exhaustion on the bed, Amanda admitted that perhaps Jon’s sexual peak years weren’t quite over and he admitted that she just might kill him yet and she would still look good doing it.


The room phone rang at 2:30. Jon answered.

“Hello?” His voice was raspy from his and Amanda’s last few moments.

“Jon? What the hell’s wrong with your…aw shit, never mind.” Richie chuckled. “So, no problems, I’m guessing?”

Clearing his throat, attempting to regain his normal speaking voice and failing, Jon answered. “No problems.”

Laughter was all that came through the phone. Amanda could hear it clearly and knew it was Richie. She motioned for the phone and Jon handed it to her. Her voice was even more husky than she realized, however, when she spoke.

“Richie? There better be a good reason for this call or you’re a dead man.”

Laughing even harder now as he heard Amanda’s voice, he finally was able to tell her the reason for the call.

“Photo shoot. 5 pm. Tell Jon, okay darlin’?”

“Mmmm…okay Richie. Wait…Jon wants to talk to you.”

“Hey man, what’s up?” His voice was clearing a little now.

“Photos at five…you gonna be able to walk?” Richie teased his friend.

“Fuck you, Sambora” was Jon’s lame response.

“Yeah, well, you ain’t hearing your voices, I am…Jesus! Don’t let her come to the shoot sounding like that. No one will be able to fit into their pants!”

“Dining room, 3:30, okay?” Jon managed, trying to pull his thoughts together.

Richie shot back, “Wear clothes!” and hung up the phone.

Jon slammed the dead phone back into the cradle. “We’ve gotta get moving, babe.”

She moaned, “I know, I know…haven’t you guys ever heard of a day off?”

He smacked her ass and her head shot up, eyes meeting his. “This is a day off almost. Move that ass before I get serious.”

Her eyes moved mischievously to his obviously over-used member. With a wicked grin, she smiled at him. “Right now, babe, you couldn’t find serious with two hands and a flashlight!”

His eyes widened and she moved, fast. With a yelp she was on her way to the bathroom, not quite making it inside before Jon’s hand grabbed her wrist. Although there wasn’t time and in truth neither could manage another round, they both had fun in their shower.

At 3:30 Jon and Amanda entered the elevator to go down to the dining room. Jon was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, while Amanda had on a cream colored shirt and a loose flowing black skirt that was almost peasant-length in style.

Amanda had that look a woman can get, that completely sexually sated look that brings a slit to the eyes, a smile to the lips, and a dreamy expression to the face. Her skin was lightly flushed from Jon’s whisker stubble during the night and her lips were swollen from that and his kisses. Jon’s eyes were a bit slitted too and he was in such a good mood that it was practically indecent. This was the sight that met Richie’s eyes as he stuck his arm into the elevator door to get in with them. Both were leaning against the wall, letting that do the work of holding them up.

Richie’s chin tucked down and he pulled his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose to look at them. They returned his look, Jon full on, Amanda casting her eyes downward.

“Well, good morning, or is it afternoon?” Richie drawled out. His only response was a yawn from the two of them and a mumbled ‘mornin’.

“Uh huh…” Richie murmured, leading the way out of the elevator and to the dining room. Amanda and Jon followed a little more slowly. The other guys were already there and sitting at a table. Richie rolled eyes at them out of sight of the other two and then all four turned to watch them follow behind him. They walked to the table and both fell gratefully into chairs.

“Coffee?” Jon croaked. Amanda just sat, blinking her eyes, trying to get them to open more fully.

Tico called out a ‘good afternoon’ to her and she blinked and looked at him. In a voice raspy from sex she answered, “hey Tico, hi guys” including the other men.

“So where’s this shoot today?” They informed her that it would be at a studio and she almost groaned in relief, knowing she would probably be able to sprawl on a couch somewhere. Three of the men looked at Richie, who was grinning an evil smile, then looked at Jon and Amanda. They all were very worldly men and didn’t need neon signs to point them in the right direction.

His voice drawling, Richie started. “So, Jon, those bags under your eyes? Think the cameras gonna see ‘em?” Jon shot him a glare. “Amanda, honey, you’ve got to let this boy get some sleep. He’s not getting any younger, ya know!”

“We slept!” She shot back defensively, but seeing Richie’s grin, a blush stained her face.

“Sambora…!” Her voice filled with warning. A warning no one seemed willing to heed.

“Damn, Jon!” They heard David’s voice. “A little extra makeup for you today, huh?”

Hugh chuckled softly. “That’s what happens when you’re with a younger woman.”

Jon’s head shot up. “What!? She’s only three years younger than me!”

“Then why does she look great and you look like shit?” Richie asked mockingly.

Amanda started giggling then, remembering their recent bedroom conversation. Drawing her voice out to match Richie’s tone, she answered him. “That’s because I’m in my 40’s…”

They all looked at her, with the exception of Jon who knew where this was going.

Tico had to ask. “And that means?”

“Well, you know what they say about women in their 40’s, right? We’re hitting our stride.” She grinned at them then, her smile as wicked at Richie’s.

Richie looked at Jon sympathetically. “So who you want invited to your funeral?”


They finished their meal and by 4:30 were on their way out of the hotel to the waiting limo. Amanda didn’t worry about who had a hold of her today as she was deep in her sexual fog from last night. Jon was so charming to the fans from his good mood that they almost didn’t make it to the car. Richie decided that he would keep a hand on Amanda as she was likely to walk off a cliff if someone didn’t. They made it through the throng, their group intact, and were off to the shoot.

They arrived at close to five, the traffic a bit heavier than expected and entered the building. A crew of assistants whisked the men off to get ready for the shoot and Amanda was shown to a side couch where she promptly sprawled as gracefully as she could. She was glad she didn’t have to do a photo shoot right then.

She half reclined, her legs tucked almost underneath her and her hair spread out behind her. The half-smile that crossed her lips and her still slitted eyes drew the glance of the photographer, who unknown to her snapped off several shots. Good bone structure, great skin, great hair, not beautiful, pretty, sexy, nice look there. Wonder who she is? He then reloaded his camera, waiting for the men of Bon Jovi.

The five men came back out and Amanda’s eyes widened a bit. Holy shit! They look amazing! And they did. They were dressed casually, but that fit their looks. Tico was in the black he favored, but the shirt had no sleeves and showed off his muscled drummer’s arms to perfection. Hugh looked long and lean in his black pants and off white shirt and David, who had enough charm to look good in the goofiest of outfits, looked elegant in the dark trousers and silver shirt he had on. Richie was in a deep crimson shirt, opened almost to the waist and black pants. He had his trademark Stetson with him as they would be using it in some of the shots. And, Jon, well, Jon had on black leather pants that must have been painted on by someone in wardrobe. The white collared shirt was open to show a generous amount of chest hair and it gaped a bit so that one nipple was occasionally exposed. The bags under his eyes from their night had been camouflaged and he looked fresh and ready for the camera.

Sitting on her couch, Amanda felt her throat dry out. She had looked at all the other men and could appreciate how fine they looked all prettied up for the camera, but Jon made her unable to breathe. Even though she wouldn’t have thought it possible, her nipples sprang to attention under her cream sweater, showing through the thin material. She had changed her posture when Jon entered and the photographer again snapped off a few shots of her, noting with his practiced eye that there were changes in her appearance. He again wondered who she was, but was now wondering whom she was with.

Looking at the men now ready for the camera, his eye sought them out through his lens. It was immediately apparent which one of the men was with the woman on the couch. He quickly shot several frames, but realized that Jon probably wasn’t going to approve them as they showed his current state pretty clearly. Stopping and saying he needed to change the lighting, he quietly motioned to get Jon’s attention.

“Mr. Bon Jovi…” he started.


“Jon. I shot some frames, but you’re probably not going to approve them.”

With a confused look on his face, he asked why not.

“Well…the woman on the couch, she’s with you, right?”

Jon nodded.

“Uh, the pictures show you’re glad she’s here,” was the best the photographer could manage.

Jon had been aware of his arousal since seeing Amanda lying on the couch, her own evidence of her awareness of him clearly showing, but as he had not looked at his own pants, he had not known what was apparent to the eye of the camera.

“Aw shit! Sorry man, um, give me a minute, okay?” The photographer nodded gratefully and moved to change the lighting.

Jon walked over to Amanda. Her eyes moved to follow him and his breath quickened.

“Honey…the photographer, well, I can’t shoot photos in this condition.” He made a small motion and her eyes followed. “Shit! Manda! Stop that!” His voice softly groaned at her. Laughing now, she got up from the couch and grabbed her bag.

“If I go outside to look at shops on the street, will they let me back in later?”

“Hey, Jason!” Jon called to the photographer, who looked over at him.

“Amanda’s gonna take a walk around outside. Will you tell your people to let her back in whenever she wants?”

“Sure, Jon, no problem.” He moved to speak with his assistant.

Jon kissed her and she smiled at him and then the rest of the men who had grins a mile wide on their faces. She stuck her tongue out at them and then left the room, going down the stairs to the outer door.

Richie grinned at Jon’s lingering glance at her departure and called out to him. “Hey man, point that thing in this direction and let’s get this over with!”

Jon’s raised middle finger was his only response as he walked back over for the shoot.


  1. Opester Says:

    “Hey man, point that thing in this direction and let’s get this over with!”

    Gotta love Richie! What a cutup and he just doesn't miss a single thing! Poor Jon, there's no privacy between brothers!

  2. Sunstreaked Says:

    Opester! I lost all my readers again!

    (Looking around, mumbling, "I know they're here SOMEWHERE!")

  3. Anonymous Says:

    you haven't lost me........
    I kept wondering if you'd gone on vacation and left us hanging here.
    Please don't stop writing. I think everyone just enjoys your story and forgets to tell you how much we love it.
    I get greedy always wanting another chapter but not telling you I loved it.

  4. Opester Says:

    It's tough to keep feeling motivated when folks don't leave any remarks or comments and we writers begin to feel like no one is interested. I understand, Sun! At least the counter tells us someone is looking...whether they are reading, though-who knows?

  5. lori Says:

    You didn't lose me. I agree with anonymous. I love your story and it's progression. Can't wait for more!

  6. Daydreamer- Says:

    First I want to thank you for all of the wonderful comments that you left on my story! I appreciate it so much. I was starting to feel like only 2 or 3 people were reading it, so it's very encouraging to know that other people are enjoying it too. I honestly haven't written any fiction since I was about 13 years old (20 years ago - yikes!!) so I wasn't sure if I could still do it or not. Either way, it's FUN!!

    I also wanted to let you know that I'm REALLY enjoying your story, too. I'm on chapter 116 right now, but I'm reading as fast as I can to catch up. I love your writing. I was really impressed with your attention to detail when they were preparing for their trip to England. I've never been out of the U.S. so I'd be horrible at describing all of that! You really seem to know your stuff.
    I can't wait to see what happens in the chapters to come.

    I'll be sure to leave you more comments once I catch up. I'm hooked on Amanda and Jon!

  7. Shelly Says:

    You didn't lose me either!!!

    Keep on writing.

    I get that way too when people don't leave comments so I totally understand what you are getting at.

    I love this story! You're one of the reasons why I pressed on with my own FF's.....

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Here.. I'm here! Was on vacation and just caught up! I do love your writing and your character development is top notch. This is one of my favorite fan fics -- Keep 'em coming! :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'm still here too. I anxiously await every new chapter. Please don't stop. I promise to drop a note as often as I can.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my gosh-I'm rolling again! THis is TOO FUNNY. I love the way the guys do not let ANYTHING go!

    (I'm almost caught up now-so you have to keep them coming! I've been reading 20-30 chapters a day-so I'm heading for serious withdrawls soon)


  11. jovikitn65 Says:

    This story just gets better and better. Please keep up the great work.

  12. jovikitn65 Says:

    This story just keeps getting better with each new chapter. Keep up the great work.

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