John Francis - Chapter 120

Monday, June 16, 2008 at 8:15 AM
Amanda had actually raised her hand in a fist while half-sprawled over Jon, but he caught it and pulled her back to sit by him. Richie gave a fake “whew” and wiped his brow. Tico, David, and Hugh were completely useless as they were falling over themselves in their laughter. Jon got her in a bear hug, her arms at her sides, until he felt her starting to shake. He looked at her face then and saw the laughter. She was almost crying with how hard she was laughing. He finally eased up on his grip a little, but remained a bit wary as she was quick and he didn’t need Richie wearing an ice pack on his balls for the next two hours.

Everyone tried to get a grip on the laughter that seemed to threaten to resume at any moment, but chuckles, grins, and wicked smiles were tossed out like Halloween candy every time the other men thought about what had just happened. Amanda finally got her laughter under control and just leaned against Jon now. His grip changed into just holding her, but even he still shook with laughter at times.

Every time one or the other of the guys attempted to talk about the sound check or anything related to the concert, they would get about two sentences in and then start grinning before the laughter would start. Jon just held up a hand, saying without words to wait until they got to the stadium.

They arrived at the stadium with the five men in amazingly good moods and Amanda only still a little grumpy. Obie and Chris from security were waiting for the car as it parked near the private entrance. They looked at the men emerging from the limo, their faces showing that something had happened, something that had all of them grinning like idiots. They all stood by the door waiting for Amanda to emerge. She finally stepped out to see seven men just looking at her.

Her scowl could have frozen bath water, but she had to stop when as if by some pre-arranged signal she was grabbed by five men. Jon took her right arm, Richie her left, Tico grabbed the back of her pants, and she felt two other hands wrap themselves in her hair. Obie and Chris watched this with a growing look of amazement on their faces. Jon gave the order and they moved as one unit. Amanda could feel the giggles growing and barely managed to keep herself under control.

Obie was the first to speak. “Uh, Jon?” He tried, attempting to find out what the heck was going on. Chris, as head of Jovi security, was a little quicker on the uptake.

“Problems again, boss?” He asked Jon.

With laughter gleaming in his eyes, Jon nodded, and the entire group continued to move. They approached the security gate and stopped. Jon spoke to the six officers there.

“Do you see this woman?” They all nodded. “She’s with us, with me, and I want her let in whenever she wants, got it?” Again they nodded, thinking this was one of the stranger things they had ever seen. The five guys got Amanda through the security gate and Obie immediately handed Jon the all access/all areas pass he had made for Amanda. She felt them release her one by one, except for Jon and Richie who continued to hold onto her arms, taking her to where the dressing rooms were.

Tico, David, and Hugh wandered off towards the stage set up, now giving full rein to the laughter that had been building to a crescendo since Amanda’s latest escapade.

“Shit! She’s a feisty one!” David chimed in.

Tico laughed harder as he had spent more time with Amanda. “You have no idea yet. She was just getting warmed up. Did I tell you about the police station?” He proceeded to tell the other two about her temper when they went to get her car out of storage. Laughter again rang out as David and Hugh got caught up in the story.

Chris followed the other three as they moved to the dressing rooms. Once inside the room, Richie and Jon finally released their grip on her. Shaking her hair to settle it a little, she looked at them. The door was open and she could see Chris standing right outside. She could even see the little tremors that passed through him as he tried to hold in his laughter. Hands again on her hips, she called out to him.

“Chris!” He came into the dressing room.

His voice thick with laughter, he answered her. “Yes Amanda?”

She looked at the three of them, shaking her head, her good nature fully restored.

“Go ahead you three, get it out of your system.” Male chuckles were heard then as Richie and Jon attempted through much laughter to tell Chris what had happened. Richie threw in that they were thinking about a leash, but ducked behind Jon as he said it. Amanda threw him a scowl and they all laughed harder.

They heard her mumble, “…freaking comedians, oughtta do a stage act for that instead of singing…”. Both Richie and Jon knew she was not mad any longer, just grumbling for the sake of it. Jon turned to Chris.

“You know what you’ve gotta do, right?”

Chris seemed to have caught the infamous genie of bedevilment of the two men in front of him as he answered as seriously as he could before he laughed.

“Gotta go to the store first, boss, no leashes here.”

Amanda’s head snapped up at that, but even she started to laugh as she realized she was now being teased by Chris. Throwing herself onto a couch she groaned.

“Another thing I’m never gonna live down!”

She looked at the pass Obie had handed her and put it around her neck. She motioned to the men standing there, shooing them.

“Go away. I’m not coming out.” Jon and Richie moved toward her with their panther-like grace and she made a girly “eep” sound as she was pulled up from the couch, stuck between the two again with their hands on her arms and practically dragged from the room.

Jon started, “We are not…” and Richie continued, “…letting you out of our sight!”

Laughing hard now herself, she moved along with them to the stage area where the other three men were directing some of the roadies. They deposited her in a chair where she was in full view and then grinned as they went off to work with their crew. Chris remained by her side. She turned to look at him.

“And what are YOUR instructions?” Her face was scowling, but her eyes were twinkling.

“Follow or take the boss’s lady wherever she wants to go and don’t leave her side.” He grinned at her then. “Ladies’ room, excluded of course.” She nodded and watched the men of Jovi.


The five men were in amazingly good moods from all that had happened and with much laughter and a little bit of astonishment from their road crew as they were used to Jon’s known perfectionist attitude, the equipment set up progressed so rapidly that the band was ready for the sound check by 2:30.

Amanda wandered to the side of the staging area to look out into the stadium before it was filled that night with fans. She saw a group of people a bit to the side, a rather large group from what she could tell, and turned to ask Chris about them.

“There are always members from the local Bon Jovi fan clubs who get to come to sound checks. It’s a perk the band gives.” She nodded then in understanding. The people were in one of the side sections, but quite close and she could make out their faces. They looked as if they were having a blast, rocking out to the songs the band ran through, even if they weren’t the full song.

There were side ramps set up so that Jon could walk out into the audience as much as possible and the screams were loud when he walked over to the section where the fan club was. He stopped and talked with them for a few minutes. Several reached out their hands and he was able to lean a little and shake them. He was actually checking the placement of the ramps so he could do this in the show without leaning so far he would fall, but the fans thought he was doing it just to meet them.

Several roadies had gathered along side the other ramp and Jon repeated his actions, again checking placement of the ramps where he would be doing parts of the performance. Stadium security would be in the open area between the ramps and rails holding back the fans from swarming. Jon might travel through the crowds, but security took their job very seriously.

Turning to Chris, she asked him to direct her to a ladies’ room as she now needed one. He grinned and walked her to the door. She shook her head at him.

“I know, I know, you’ll be right outside.” She pushed the door opened and entered. Using the facilities, she was quite pleased to see that her earlier predictions about her condition seemed to be coming true. She washed her hands, brushed her hair, repaired her make up and finally made to leave the bathroom. Opening the door, she came out laughing, expecting Chris to be standing there. He wasn’t, but there was another man, also dressed in a security shirt. She paused in the doorway and looked at him.

“Sorry, ma’am, Chris got called away on the radio. I’m Jeff.”

“Hi Jeff, I’m Amanda.”

“Yes, ma’am, we all know who you are.”


  1. Opester Says:

    “Yes, ma’am, we all know who you are.”
    That's so right on! I highly doubt that anyone working for the band at this point wouldn't recognize Amanda-after all, Jon and Richie both need their balls!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Another great chapter. I was laughing right out loud, as I could picture all of the band grabbing onto Amanda and walking her through the security gate. Too funny. Thank you.

  3. Shelly Says:

    I love this story Carole!!!

    And Amanda? I'm w/Sandy...I could picture the band grabbing her and walking her through the gate....

    OMG!! Great stuff darlin!!!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Love the last line" Yes ma'am we all know who you are." I truly hope they do otherwise Jon will have to go buy a leash lol.

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