John Francis - Chapter 122

Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 2:03 PM
Jon went to answer the door. It was Richie. He looked at Jon, heard his slightly ragged breathing, and then looked at Amanda. A long wolf whistle came from his lips.

“Holy shit, Amanda!” His voice was husky in male appreciation. He noticed her flushed face and, being a man, he also noticed her very prominent nipples poking through her bra and sweater. Grinning slyly at the two, he made a “tsk, tsk” sound.

“Sorry, but we gotta hit the road.” His grin was wide, however, and being the smart ass he was it showed that he wasn’t sorry at all.

Jon threw him a look that Richie returned with an innocent face. Amanda grabbed her bag and they left the room, Jon still trying to adjust himself in his always tight pants. They met the other men in the lobby, where Obie was also waiting.

“The limo’s on its way, should be less than five minutes.” Obie said.

Amanda had walked out behind Richie and Jon and it was a moment before the other three got a good look at her. Slightly stunned expressions met her and then wide smiles crossed the faces of the waiting men. A low wolf whistle came from one of the three and Amanda threw a saucy grin at them. They returned to their conversation while they waited for the car.

Richie standing a bit to the side saw Jon almost dancing in place as he tried to get things to settle down enough to leave the hotel. His low laugh at Jon’s predicament caught Jon’s attention.

With an almost plea in his voice, Jon whispered, “Come on, man, you’re not fucking helping.”

“Hey, I didn’t cause that, she did. Should make a nice view for the folks outside though, hmm?”

A growl entered his voice as he told Richie, “Let’s get to the car fast, okay?”

Jon missed the gleam in Richie’s eye as he answered, “Sure man, sure.”

Amanda knew that even through the bra she was wearing, her response to Jon was still a bit visible. Glancing at Jon and seeing that he definitely was still evidencing his response to her didn’t help.

Richie turned to talk to Amanda, noticing but not letting her notice, that her problem also had not gone away. He laughed to himself, oh yeah, this was gonna be fun.

Obie announced that the limo was here and Jon turned to get Amanda. He came to a dead stop as his eyes immediately went to her breasts. Making himself move and shaking his head softly, he took her arm and started to lead her out to the limo. Following the other men, he whispered in her ear.

“You are so not helping things here!”

She giggled softly as she answered him.

“Oh, and YOU are?”

They were trailing a bit behind the others and Obie, trying to organize called back to the two.

“Jon! Come on, the limo’s here. Gotta get to dinner. Let’s go guys, what’s the hold up?” He glanced back at the two of them, but missed Richie’s whispered comment to Amanda, the one that really got her moving.

“Come on, darlin’, I promise that will still be there after the show.”

She whipped her head around to look at him and saw the sparkle in his eyes as he tried to contain his laughter. She flushed deep crimson then and started mumbling. He couldn’t quite catch what she said, but was pretty sure there was a reference to ‘balls’ somewhere in there.

Richie had one of her arms and Jon took the other. They made it to the limo quickly as they had to eat and get to the stadium within a certain time. They smiled and waved to the fans, but didn’t stop this time to chat or sign anything.

The seven, including Obie, entered the limo and they were off to get some food. They chose Italian that night and as she had seen before, the spirits of the men were climbing higher as the time passed. She was a little quiet as she was so aroused by what had happened before she felt herself tingling from head to toe. Jon tried to keep his eyes off her as much as he could because he had just managed to get himself calmed down, at least a part of him had.

By 6:45 they were on their way to the stadium. Amanda drew her pass out of her purse and put it around her neck. She wasn’t taking any chances. The men laughed and talked, getting psyched up for their performance. Richie kept throwing out leading lines but could see that right now at least they weren’t working. Jon and Amanda were too deep into their own thoughts to hear much of what was being bantered about.

The trip through security went smoothly, with several of the guards greeting Amanda by name. Chris had done his work, showing her picture, and most of security was quite aware of who she was by now. They moved to the dressing rooms, Jon taking Amanda’s hand in his, almost dragging her towards his private room. The other men noticed of course, but just shook their heads in amusement.

They entered Jon’s room and he slammed the door shut, grabbing her and pulling her into his arms. She gasped as she felt his hardness return and he once again fondled her, as she did him. It was getting closer and closer to show time and Jon knew he couldn’t do anything about his need for her until later. They gently drew away from the other, their eyes promising what later would bring for each of them.

“I gotta change, baby.” His voice was hoarse and full of his need.

“I know.” Her answer was as husky as his.

“Shit!” He groaned as he moved to where his stage clothes were stored. He quickly stripped and put on another pair of jeans that he paired with a white sleeveless t-shirt. His biceps bulged and when he raised his arms to stretch Amanda could see the underarm hair that drove her wild, along with part of his lower abs and the “V” that went down into the jeans that rode low on his hips. She stifled a moan herself at what she was looking at, knowing just what that “V” led to.

He turned to her and her eyes took him in from head to toe. She lingered over his jeans area and he felt himself again stiffen for her. He managed a strangled, “Manda…” and she drew her eyes away. She moved to the door.

“You’ve got to get finished getting ready.” She grabbed the doorknob and started to open the door. He moved lightening quick to her, grabbing her hair.

“I want everything you promised me later…everything.” He gripped her hair tighter at the thought of what was to come.

“I want it too…God, yes…I want you.” He kissed her and then she left him before they went too far. She stood outside his door, against the wall for a few moments, bringing her emotions and her body a bit back under control. Unknown to her, Jon was inside doing the same.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    this was a great chapter. Poor Jon trying to hide that little/big problem!
    This is by far my favorite fan fic story.
    How is Jon ever going to last through a whole concert, knowing what is waiting for him after the show!
    Thanks for this great story

  2. Opester Says:

    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who finds armpit hair such a turn on in men! I sure wish Jon would show it off more often in real life!!!!!!!!!

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    The fireworks between Jon and Amanda could rival any 4th of july display. Bring on the concert! Hope I am dressed appropriately lol

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