John Francis - Chapter 129

Friday, July 4, 2008 at 12:55 PM
The shoot was an amazing success. The guys were all in high spirits, poking fun at Jon, laughing, grinning, throwing out wisecracks, and their spontaneous good humor was all captured on film by the photographer. He had switched to digital for some of the shots and those were amazing too. Within an hour after the shoot, the negatives were ready for viewing. The guys were all really pleased with the majority of the photos and several were decided upon. They about fell over laughing at the first shots the photographer had taken that showed Jon’s reaction to Amanda’s presence. As expected, Jon vetoed those photos, but the jokes from the men became a bit more raucous at his expense.

The next photos that were shown were the ones of Amanda. The men went silent. Jason, the photographer, had captured her in the natural light of the studio and she looked alluring and soft and so feminine.

“Wow!” Richie’s voice was soft. “Those are amazing!”

Nods all around confirmed his opinion. Jon spoke up.

“Can I pay you for those? I want them for myself.”

Jason nodded and printed them for him. “She takes good photos, but she’s not a model. That’s one of the reasons these turned out so well. She didn’t know they were being shot.”

Jon nodded his agreement with that. “She’s also not a public figure, so can I have the negatives too, please?”

Jason looked at him, a slight frown of displeasure on his face. “Jon, I do this for a living. I know about having a release signed. I would never provide these to the public.”

“Jason, I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant.”

Nodding his acceptance of Jon’s apology, Jason handed over the negatives of the shots of Amanda. Jon provided a generous payment for the photos, far beyond their value as he realized he had insulted the professional.

“Thanks again, man, and I’m sorry if I came across as an ass, it’s just that she is not a public figure…” he stopped as Jason cocked his head at him.

“She’s with you, right Jon?”

He nodded. “Then she’s a public figure whether you want her to be or not. You ever want photos of her released, bring back the negatives and we’ll go from there.”

Jon agreed and the men made ready to leave the studio. It was now close to seven and Amanda had not returned. Jon called her cell.

“Hey babe, where are you?”

“Hi Jon, sitting inside a little pub about half a block from where you guys are. You done? Need me to come back yet?”

“Nah, just tell me which direction.”

Go out the building and go to the left. I’m on the same side of the street about half way down.”

“Okay, babe, see you in a few.” He hung up, turning to the other men.

“You guys want a drink or something before we head back?” They nodded and thanking Jason and his assistants, they moved as a unit out of the building and towards where Amanda was sitting.

From inside the pub, Amanda watched as the men of Bon Jovi entered from the street. Jon and Richie had caps on and sunglasses, with the other men just wearing sunglasses. She couldn’t believe that they could just walk down the street without a throng suddenly appearing, but they had made it to the pub and joined her at a table.

“So how was the shoot guys?” They had all changed back into their street clothes, but still remained the five good looking men they were.

Richie grinned at her. “Well, after Jon was able to have photos taken, everything went great!”

She glared at him. “Oh no, you are so not blaming that on me!”

Again, Richie smiled at her. “It sure as shit wasn’t our fault!”

They all looked at her. “Okay, already, I get it!” She glared at Jon. “This is your fault too!”

His smug smile was answer enough and she huffed at him and returned to her drink. They all ordered then, ready for an adult beverage after the shoot. They sat there as the day darkened, talking about the concert the night before, the shoot, and their plans for the next several days. Apparently they would be in England until Wednesday then they were flying to Ireland for the next show. As the evening wore on, they all ordered food as they were comfortable where they were and didn’t want to get up yet. The group got a little louder as the drinks flowed a bit more freely and they all relaxed.

Amanda was feeling the effects of the drinks and made sure she ate, however, the glow she had with her all day since the night before seemed to be reasserting itself with the help of the alcohol. She leaned into Jon and played lightly with his thigh under the table out of sight. He squeezed her hand to stop her as it was moving up his thigh to a certain area. He took in a breath and turned to whisper in her ear.

“You keep that up I’m taking your ass outta here and into the nearest available alley.”

That stopped her hand for a few moments as she thought about whether he would or wouldn’t really do that. She brought her hand back up to the table, but wicked thoughts played around in her mind. A few more drinks brought those thoughts to the forefront. She knew she was getting a little drunk, but it really didn’t seem to matter. Jon mattered. She wanted him and damn soon.

Jon was watching Amanda closely and realized that she was getting a little, or maybe quite a bit, tipsy. Richie also noticed Amanda’s progressing condition and grinned at Jon, who gave him a devilish grin in return. Excusing herself to use the ladies room, Amanda weaved a little as she crossed the room. Her arousal was evident again and the men in the room followed her progress as she went past them. One made a ‘big boobs’ gesture over his chest and laughed with his friend. Jon felt a flash of irritation and that made him get up from the table. The men laughed to themselves as he followed Amanda towards the bathrooms.

Glancing at the men around him, Richie asked, “Anybody wanna make a bet?” The other four shook their heads no.

“Shit, Sambora, you think I wanna give my money away?” Tico laughed low.

Jon had reached the area of the restrooms and was having some wicked and possessive thoughts of his own. Opening the door of the women’s room, he quickly glanced inside. There was no one in sight and he called her name.


“I’m here Jon” he heard her call back.

He entered and saw there were three stalls. Only one was closed, the farthest one back. He went to the stall and knocked softly.

“Jon?” He heard her surprised voice.

“Yeah, baby, hurry, let me in.” His voice was soft and husky.

She flushed and opened the door. He entered quickly and locked it behind him.

“Are you crazy?” Her hiss reached his ears.

“Yeah, you make me crazy,” he said as he reached for her.

Taking her into his arms, he felt her press against him and he responded even more than he already had. She molded herself to his shape and felt warmth explode between her legs. He kissed her then, holding her to him with her hair, and she answered him. She was on fire and he was the cool water she needed. Not caring where they were, she moved against him. Jon was a little more cautious, but there was no one else in the room right now and he answered her response, moving his hands to her breasts. She arched against him and he felt himself grow in his jeans.

Their breaths were gasps now and he knew he was going to take her here, right now, just like she wanted him to. Moving his hand to her skirt, he lifted it up, raising it to reach her underwear. She aided him as best she could. He removed her panties and put them in the back pocket of his jeans. He opened his jeans and his cock practically flew out. He braced himself against one of the walls and lifted her until she was able to wrap her legs around his waist. He then put her against the wall of the room and in one thrust was inside her.

Jon muffled her moan with his mouth as he moved inside her. She had wrapped her arms around his neck and had locked her legs behind his back. The sensation of him inside her, the single hard thrust of his entry, was almost enough to bring on her peak, but she needed more. They both froze as the door opened and at least two women entered. Jon stilled himself inside her and she stopped moving, although she ached to have the friction of his shaft. They stayed that way until they heard the women leave and then he moved again. Thrusting hard and steady he brought her all the way to her release as she cried out against his tongue. Changing his grip a little, he drove into her and brought her to him at the same time. He felt himself thrown over the edge as he exploded inside her, this time muffling his moan against her mouth.

Panting, holding her against the wall, Jon tried to calm the beating of his heart. Amanda’s warmth soaked him and he still felt her spasms squeezing him. She had dropped her head to his shoulder and he felt the warmth of her quick breaths. He slowly softened and was able to lower her to stand on the floor. She stayed pressed against him though, and she heard him say almost in a whisper, “Holy shit, Manda!”

Finally raising her head, she looked at him, still with a bit of a gleam in her eye, and answered.

“The night isn’t over, baby.”


  1. Lori Says:

    Wow, nice chapter Sunstreaked. Loved the bathroom scene.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm thinking her panties in his back pocket...are they gonna come back to haunt him???

    Great chapter....


  3. Daydreamer- Says:

    Ooooh, I'm with Linda - I hadn't even THOUGHT about the underwear in the back pocket! LOL

  4. Opester Says:

    Whoa, seriously hot chapter! Amanda is really becoming quite bold, but I totally understand how Jon could bring that out in a woman! And yes, what about those panties, LOL?

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    A bathroom stall?! Wow talk about being in the moment lol. Sure hope Jon remembers to give Amanda back her panties that he stuck in his back pocket.

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