John Francis - Chapter 146

Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 7:25 PM
Serious laughter erupted from the two when they heard knocking on the door. Jon managed to call out that they were okay and the noise stopped. Amanda started giggling and couldn’t seem to stop.

“You should have seen the look on your face, Jon! Oh my god!”

She curled up on her side with the laughter that shook her. He had moved up and off her at that point or she would have rolled him with her.

“What are we going to do about this table?” She laughed harder as he helped her to her feet.

Hitching his jeans up, he laughed with her.

“Not a damn thing…”

He helped her gather her clothes and they both went into the bathroom to clean up. Dressing herself again, Amanda felt deliciously languid and gave Jon her own sexy smile. He shook a finger at her.

“No way, woman, don’t smile at me like that or I’ll never get on stage!”

He jumped into the shower quickly and was out in a few minutes. He dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved red shirt that he left unbuttoned more than half way. Amanda fixed her hair and made sure she looked as presentable as possible under her current circumstances. The bruise was still there, but she had managed to tame the look of fresh sex. It was now a half hour until the band was to perform and she went to Jon for a second, kissed him on the cheek, and wished him a great show. She could see he was moving into his performance mind set and she turned to go. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him, kissing her thoroughly.

He whispered in her ear. “I’ll be planning something for later tonight, baby.”

And with that and a light slap on her ass, he let her leave the room. Amanda walked out looking slightly bemused and knew her mind would be occupied at least in part by what plans he might have for later that night.


Jeff and Jake were waiting outside the door for her, but she couldn’t help notice they had moved a little further down the hall. Putting on her best blank face, she smiled and asked where she was supposed to go. Jeff called Chris on the radio who said she was to be stage left, Jon’s side, and they were to stay with her.

She stopped to get herself a rum and coke and then they went to the stage area. When passing through the halls she saw the guys who smiled and waved and she did the same. She was taken to the area where she would watch the concert and waited, enjoying the band now playing. Jeff stepped away a little before show time, leaving her with Jake, and brought her a fresh drink.

Amanda saw again what had happened at the two shows she had seen so far, the excitement level of the crowd progressively rising until it became something palpable in the air. The guys all entered the stage and they started the evening off with “You Give Love a Bad Name”. The Dublin crowd roared their approval and never let it stop.

The set list was mixed with the favorites they always included as well as some they had not played for a while such as “Welcome To Wherever You Are” and “Always”. There were some songs from Lost Highway also, but the guys made sure they did not repeat what had been done during that tour.

Jon seemed to be in a good mood and was joking with the crowd and he and Richie played jokes off on each other several times to the crowd’s approval. Several times he looked in her direction and one time he shot her a smile, THAT smile, the one that made her knees weak and she knew he was trying to remind her of what he had said before. That he was planning something.

Damn! I need another drink! She asked Jeff and he obliged.

Jon ran over to her during the change before the first encore and kissed her gently in deference to her bruise, but it was even more erotic for the softness of it. She could smell his sweat and managed to take a deep breath before he left her to dry off and change.

It’s gotta be pheromones, he just oozes them! She also felt against her what she had been seeing all night.

He might wanna start re-thinking the not wearing underwear thing! Then she laughed at herself and enjoyed the rest of the concert.


The guys raised their hands together, bowed, and then left the stage. Remaining in the area where she had watched the entire concert, Amanda shook her head. She didn’t think she would ever get tired of watching them perform. They always seemed to be having such a good time and the crowd reaction was almost a high.

As before, she gave them time to shower and just unwind from the show. She didn’t feel they needed her with them right afterwards and until she was told differently she would follow the same plan.

Turning to Jeff and Jake, she had a big smile on her face. “They really do a hell of a show, don’t they?”

They nodded at her, but were a little surprised she hadn’t asked to be taken to Jon.

“Would you both mind if we stopped by a bathroom on the way back?”

They nodded ‘no’ to her and she took a few minutes to freshen up.

She could hear a radio squawking in the hallway and when she came back out Jeff told her that Jon had asked that she come to his dressing room. Stopping again in the room where there were drinks, she freshened hers and brought Jon two beers. She knocked on the door and heard “come on in”.

Opening the door, she got in two steps and came to a full halt. Jon looked like he had just come off the stage instead of having already showered, although he did have his shirt off. Her skin tingled as she watched him stalking around the room, still burning off the high from the show. He saw her and gave her a huge smile, taking one of the beers from her hand, downing it in a few fast swallows. Moving her further into the room, Jon gave the door a resounding slam to shut it. Feeling heat rise, she took a big sip of her drink. She looked at him, her eyes a bit wide.


He pulled her into his arms and she devoured the scent of him. His skin was still damp and his hair was slicked back from his hands. His mouth moved to hers and he kissed her, gently increasing the pressure until she whimpered from his taste.

“You’re all I thought about tonight out there. I kept feeling myself inside you and hearing you moan when you came.” He let go of her for a moment to lock the door. “I know I said I had plans, but I don’t want to wait.”

Backing into the shower with her firmly in his grip, Jon took of his sweaty pants and standing naked and golden in front of her he quickly stripped her of her clothes. He turned the shower on and moved them both under the warm spray. His need for her was urgent and he turned her back towards him. She felt his hands move from her breasts to her warm wetness and with one quick thrust he was fully inside her. Her loud gasp and his low moan were masked by the sound of the water.

Their coupling was furious in its intensity, Jon moving her against him with the strength of his hands and arms. Her arms were braced against the shower wall as she met his urgency with her own thrusts. At his hoarse request, she brought one hand down to aid her arousal and that, coupled with the pounding of the hard flesh inside her, was her undoing.

Her breath was coming in pants as she neared her peak and when pushed over she screamed “Oh my god!!!” as he continued his relentless pursuit of her flesh. Jon had not lied about thinking about her during the show and the sexual energy of the crowd had seemed to be feeding directly into his fantasies about her. He had been aroused during his entire performance and had needed to be careful when dancing with the woman from the crowd during “Bed of Roses” lest she think it was for her.

Richie had been giving him shit during the entire show, away from the microphone of course, which didn’t help his condition at all. He had sent for Amanda as quickly as he could, knowing she wouldn’t seek him out immediately after the show.

Now he had her where he wanted her, screaming as she came, his length buried inside her. He threw his head back as his orgasm hit, the veins thick in his neck, sweat mixing with the shower spray. He groaned with the intensity of his release and held her to him for several moments afterward, feeling her surround him. He raised her up to hold against his chest as he slipped from her warmth, breathing heavily in her ear.

“I couldn’t wait, baby, I just couldn’t wait.” His voice was whiskey hoarse in her ear.

She turned in his arms and kissed him, breathing in little gasps of her own.

“Holy hell, Jon…”

Her legs were shaking and she held onto him for support. She pulled back a little now and laughed softly at what she knew was her completely bedraggled condition.

“How am I supposed to go out into the other room now? I mean, they already know we broke the damn table!”

He gave her a devilish grin and laughed himself.

“That’s why it’s good to be the boss, baby.”


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    Holy hell...that was hot...


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    What Linda says......

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    And here I thought it couldn't get any hotter?! I think I need to wake up hubby now lol.

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