John Francis - Chapter 136

Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 7:14 AM
They decided on a club they had been to before, rather than a pub this time as they were pretty dressed up. Amanda soon found out that a London nightclub, even a high end one, was a rather unique experience. There were people dressed in every type of clothing she could imagine and she saw hairstyles she hadn’t seen since the early 80’s. She felt a bit overdressed in her floor length skirt as most of the other women were in short skirts and the like, but decided she would just make the best of it.

The men staggered their entrance into the club, much as they had done at Dr. Feelgood’s in Florida, and made it to a clear table where they could sit in some comfort. After ordering drinks, they started moving off as they wanted to enjoy their last night in London and soon Jon and Amanda found themselves sitting alone. The club at first was playing alternative music, but as the hour grew later they changed to more of a classic rock mode.

Leaning back against Jon’s arm, Amanda remained totally aware of him even as she people watched. At times she had to laugh as she saw someone wearing something that looked as if they reached into their closet while wearing a blindfold and at other times when someone had the spiked Mohawk that was so out of date in America. Jon kept turning to bury his nose in her neck and hair, breathing her in. She turned at one of those times and her lips met his. That was all it took. Within moments they were so engaged in each other they wouldn’t have parted for a bomb threat.

He kissed her lips, drawing the bottom one in with his teeth grazing it lightly, and heard her suck in a breath.

“You make me crazy, John Francis,” she whispered to him. Another kiss was his answer.

“You have no idea what you do to me…” he started to speak against her lips, but she giggled and casting her eyes downward informed him that she had a pretty good idea. He laughed then, a huskiness entering his tone.

“Dance with me,” he asked her.

She pulled back and looked at him, knowing he didn’t like to draw attention to himself in public.

“Are you sure?” She asked him, looking around the club.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure babe!”

He took her hand and led her to the dance floor. A slow song was just starting as they reached the floor. He took her into his arms and she moved against him. His skin seemed to burn her everywhere it touched and his smell was making her dizzy with desire. Pulling her tightly against him, he knew she could feel his arousal and he gently pressed himself against her, her breasts against his chest, his hand low on her back.

“Mmmm…the way you smell…” she whispered to him, breathing deeply, inhaling his musk and spice, something no cologne could mask.

She felt him respond to her words, the hardness against her own warmth growing.

“Thank you for taking me around today. I really had a great time.”

She pulled back a little to smile at him as she knew how busy he could be and appreciated the entire day they had enjoyed all by themselves.

“I’m gonna take you back to the room soon, you know that, don’t you?” His voice hoarse in her ear. “I can’t wait much longer, Manda…”

“I don’t want to wait either, honey…” she breathed back at him.

The entire day, all the time they had spent together, the small touches, the laughter, the smiles, and the heat they generated simply by being in the same room, had all been leading to the night.

The song ended and he led her off the floor. Neither had noticed a buzz growing in the club as one by one the members of Bon Jovi had been recognized by an increasing number of people. Jon suddenly found his way blocked by a group of fans who had now seen him. Amanda gave his hand a squeeze and backed off, letting him meet with those who had gathered. She moved to the table around the growing crush of people, but kept her eye out for the others. Richie was similarly surrounded and the groups of people around the other three were only slightly smaller. She was a little worried as they did not have any security with them and moved to get one of the managers of the club so the guys could get out without a problem.

Amanda asked one of the servers for a manager and was pointed in the direction of a large dark-haired man. She went up to him and had to tap his arm to get his attention.

“Excuse me, may I speak with you for a minute?” She asked as politely as the noise in the club permitted.

He nodded at her. “I’m here with the guys from Bon Jovi and the crowd now knows they’re here. I need you to help me get them out to their limo before this gets too crazy.”

Again he nodded at her. “You work for them?”

“Yes, well, actually…yes, I work for them,” she made her response more decisive at the end, figuring that was easier than ‘I’m Jon’s girlfriend’.

The man picked out some of his own security personnel and moved into the crowd. She watched for a few seconds, then moved out to the front door to see if the limo was still in sight. It was. She returned to the interior of the club, moving into what she figured would be the path Jon would take to the front door. The manager went to Jon first as he had recognized him and started clearing a path. Other personnel from the club had moved to the other men and were extricating them from the growing number of fans.

Jon was looking around for Amanda as he followed the manager. The man had told him that “your assistant said to get the guys out of the club” and he figured that was her. Approaching the front door, he saw her and their eyes met. She moved so she would be in his path and he turned a little to make sure he went to her. Taking her hand in his, looking over his shoulder to see that the others were also moving toward the front door, Jon continued outside. There were quite a few people outside waiting to get in and the word had passed like a wind through those gathered that Bon Jovi was inside the club. As Jon opened the door, his hand firmly grasping Amanda’s, there were screams from those waiting.

The limo driver had the back door open and as quickly as possible Jon moved them to the waiting car. He motioned for Amanda to get inside so he wouldn’t have to worry about her and using the door on one side as a shield and the bulk of the driver on the other, he watched to see first David, then Hugh and Tico, and finally Richie exit the club accompanied by house security. Nodding at the manager, Jon expressed his thanks as the men got into the limo. The doors closed and they locked them. Settling down into the seats, Jon looked at Amanda.

“Good save there, hon, that was turning into a mob.”

“What are you talking about?” Richie asked him.

Motioning towards Amanda, Jon told him she had told the manager of the club they needed a bit of help and that’s why club security was suddenly there, getting them all out.

Giggling at the look on Richie’s face, Amanda couldn’t resist.

“Well, damn, I figured it was my turn to rescue somebody instead of always having it be me!”

Dave threw in his two cents. “But we like rescuing you!”

Hugh grinned, “You get so worked up!”

Tico laughed, “And there’s always the possibility that you’ll punch Jon again!”

Amanda looked at Richie then, waiting for it. He shook his head.

“No way, darlin’, I like my balls right where they are!”


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Two chapters! Thank you! That was a great surprise!

    I thought for sure they were going to get separated again at the nightclub! Thank goodness they didn't as the rest of the night sounds very promising!


  2. CaliJoviGirl Says:

    these 2 chapters were excellent!!! i could almost taste the food!!! i loved Richie's last line....LOL!!! seems like Amanda is waiting for dessert in their hotel room.....

  3. Opester Says:

    I love that Amanda helped out the guys this time and "rescued" them-it's good to see that she's catching on and not feeling as intimidated by the crowds and the lifestyle. And we're all glad that Richie gets to keep his balls, LOL!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Go Amanda!! The fact that all the guys like Amanda speaks volumes to me. This was a fun chapter for me.

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