John Francis - Chapter 145

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 8:19 PM
Within a short while Amanda seemed to have made a complete recovery and walked with Jon out to the stage area where a chair had been put for her. She refused to linger over the incident, telling the men she was glad in a way it had happened as the man had been caught. As far as she was concerned it was over and done with and she didn’t want any more coddling. She assured Jon she would stay right there and shook her head a little at herself for that statement. Jon went over to talk to Chris.

“Chris…I can’t thank you enough for thinking of that radio link.” Jon shook the other man’s hand.

“She was smart enough to use it though and to help us get to her by describing where she was.”

Jon nodded, but he still had more to discuss with Chris.

“Listen, here’s the problem, there were six other guys with that one the night she was hurt. I don’t know who they are, but it’s a good guess they’re friends of his. Hell, one of them could be here right now working.”

Nodding his understanding, Chris supplied, “So, she goes nowhere alone until we are out of this country, right?”

“Nowhere and I want only our people as her security. Got it?” Jon’s voice was firm but not demanding as he knew Chris understood the situation.

“How about Jake and Jeff? She knows both of them.” Jon nodded his approval and Chris went to take care of the matter.

Returning to Amanda, he explained what he had asked Chris to do and she immediately agreed.

“I wouldn’t recognize the others, so that works for me. Thanks for thinking about that.” He kissed her, then scolded her.

“I really wish you’d stop scaring the shit outta me!” His grin was wide as he said this and she gave a nod, responding, “Yep, I’m done.” Jeff and Jake walked up then and Jon nodded to both of them.

“Chris explain things to you both?”

Jeff answered, “Yes, clearly. Nowhere without us and only Jovi security.” Jon nodded, kissed her again, and at her urging went back to the sound check.


Amanda watched the sound check in amazement as Jon and Richie made what to her sounded like mistake after mistake. The air seemed to be blue from all the cussing those two were doing, turning rapidly bluer as Tico and Dave added their own variations. Hugh was quieter, but his face remained like it had been carved from stone. She turned to Jeff and Jake, but then saw Chris walking up to her.

“What the heck is going on? What’s wrong today?” Amanda’s voice evidenced her genuine puzzlement.

The three men looked at her as if she had fallen from the sky from another planet. Chris cocked his head at her.

“You’re what’s wrong with them today,” he gave her a rueful smile, softening his words.

“Me? You mean because of earlier?”

She was surprised because as far as she was concerned it was over. Sean was caught, she was safe, and okay she had fainted, but she figured she was entitled after that “little” surprise. She gave Chris a baffled look and he nodded at her.

“Aw hell…” Amanda swore now herself and walked over to the stage, unaware for the moment that she had an entourage.

“Bongiovi!” She yelled as she approached him. Jon turned to see her stalking across the stage towards him. Reaching him, she stood there, hands on her hips and looked at him. She then motioned for the other four men to come to her. They did, wondering what had happened now that she wanted to speak to them all.

Looking at the five of them, she smiled and then started scolding.

“I AM FINE! I know it’s a guy thing or something, but you sound like hell and you’re all making me nuts! Stop worrying and start playing, dammit!”

With that she whirled around, her hair hitting Jon in the face as she stomped back to her chair, Jeff, Jake, and Chris in tow.

The five stood there for a few seconds then the laughter hit them. They met each other’s eyes, grinning like madmen at the reprimand Amanda had just given them. Returning to their places, they then played the hell outta the music for the sound check.


By 4:30 they were all in the limo for the ride to the hotel and then dinner. Taking a quick shower, Amanda brought up staying behind the scenes tonight and since Jon was going to ask her to do that anyway he quickly agreed.

Most of the men’s good nature seemed to have been restored and they all enjoyed dinner. She did notice the grins shot in her direction every once in a while as one or the other of the men thought about what she had said to them that afternoon.

The concert started at 7:00, with the band going on at 7:30. Amanda had dressed warmly as the day, already cold to her to begin with, seemed colder with the imminent setting of the sun.

Upon their arrival at 6:30, Jeff and Jake were waiting for her immediately inside the security gate and followed along as she went to Jon’s dressing room for a few minutes. They took up positions a bit outside the door to wait for her return. Inside his room, stretching and half undressed to get ready for the show, Amanda watched Jon pace back and forth, going from the main room into the bathroom and back again. He had just his jeans on and kept running his hand through his hair. Watching him stalk back and forth, his hair mussed, and his chest bare started wicked thoughts running through her head.

Amanda was completely physically recovered from this afternoon, but she admitted to herself that she wanted Jon’s arms around her to remove the feel of Sean’s. On one of Jon’s passes through, he raised his arms which brought into full play the muscles of his arms, chest, and stomach and bared the hair under his arms. Amanda was now seriously deep into wicked thoughts.

During one of his times out of the main room, Amanda made a decision and quietly locked the dressing room door. She got into his path as he came back in from one of his circuits through the room and he stopped. Without a word, she moved into his arms. His grip was solid, but he was careful of her back and face. He looked at her questioningly, but his questions were answered when she pressed herself against the front of him. He felt himself responding to her unspoken invitation and when he pressed back against her it was with a fullness that had not been there a moment ago.

Kissing her gently but hungrily, Jon moved his mouth down her skin to her neck and into the V of her sweater. Using his hands, he mounded her breasts closer together, moving his mouth to the center. He felt her shivering at his touch and his excitement grew. In a swift motion he drew her sweater over her head and undid the clasp on her bra. Her breasts seemed to spring out from their confinement and he moaned low in his throat at the sight.

She moved her hands to his chest, running her nails over every inch, every hair, every piece of skin she could reach. She licked first one and then the other of his nipples as he drove his hands into her hair, holding her to him. Her fingers moved to his pants and as she undid them, she lingered over the aching length of him.

Jon’s breath caught at her hand motions and he knew he was going to take her here and now. She looked at him and he saw need in her eyes along with a trace of something he couldn’t quite identify. She spoke softly.

“He had his hands on me. Take their feel away, let me feel only you.”

Stopping for just a moment, he murmured, “…the door…” She smiled back at him. “Already locked.” He gave her a crooked grin then.

“So, you planned this?”

Shaking her head yes, she answered. “Oh yeah, you alone…well, actually you alone with me…that I planned.”

He backed her toward a nearby table and stopping only for a moment to take off her jeans and underwear, slowly laid her down onto it. As she lay back on the table, she thought the sight of him with his jeans down just enough to allow him entry and to bare his ass was one of the most erotic sights she had seen yet. She felt a delicious warmth go through her as he gently opened her legs, once again played his magic with his fingers, and then entered her, moving with increasing urgency. She gave a deep moan at his movements and at the sensation of fullness inside her.

He had her thighs in his hands and was pulling her towards him as he thrust inside. The double motion increased the sensations they both felt and as he watched her throw her head back and arch her breasts as she spasmed, he pulled her against him harder and felt himself go inside her. Jon groaned out a whispered “Holy Fuck!” as he came hard and fast and the force of his continued movements and his whispered words caused Amanda to undulate in ecstasy under him once more.

As he leaned over her letting the table support both their weights, sweat dripping onto her, and her thighs continuing to shake, they felt the table begin to shift. There was no time to move as the table legs behind Amanda’s head collapsed inward and with a “WHUF!” they and the table were suddenly on the floor.

Stunned for a moment, Amanda finally managed a shaky laugh.

“Ooh-kay, maybe that I didn’t quite plan that…”


  1. Shelly Says:

    LOL!!! The table!!!!!

    I loved this chapter hon.
    It shows you how great Jon and Amanda are together. Their loyalty and love for each other.

    Hopefully things can get back to the normal for them...

    I wonder if somehow they'll find the others?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOL, that was a cute and funny ending to an intense situation.

    Loved it!!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    *snort* the table!

    I just see another embarrassing moment in Amanda's future cuz you know all the guys heard the table crash and will come running to find out what all the racket is.

    That's just priceless.

  4. Cathy Says:

    Loved Amanda chewing them out and the extra detail of her hair hitting Jon in the face as she turned. Table was too funny.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    you sound like hell and you’re all making me nuts! Stop worrying and start playing, dammit!”

    you go girl! I love Amanda's take charge attitude!

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