John Francis - Chapter 144

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 4:33 PM
Sean MacWilliams had not given the American woman another thought once his balls stopped aching quite so much from her knee to them. He had no problems with slapping her and during the time his groin was really painful he thought he should have used his fist on her. A big man, used to taking advantage of his size in any fight, he was accustomed to getting what he wanted or taking it if needed. His wife had finally divorced him after he had knocked her around one too many times and although at first appearance he was a handsome man, he had trouble keeping a woman with him as his drinking caused his fists to fly too often. He was lucky in one aspect, however, he had no police record as the women he had been involved with were just glad to get away from him.

One of the things his size did bring him was the opportunity to earn extra money whenever there were events at the Racecourse. He acted as security for the races and for any concerts that played there. He knew the American rock group Bon Jovi was playing tonight, but didn’t much care for their music. It was money and that was all he cared about. Using his security clearance and knowledge of the venue layout, he managed to sneak into the room where alcohol was being set up and down several shots of whiskey without being caught. As far as he was concerned, he didn’t give a shit who was playing tonight as long as he could get some whiskey and get paid afterwards.

Leaving the room after another of his stealthy entries for a drink, he caught sight of a woman with very long dark hair. He only saw her from the back, but her hair was familiar and he tried to think where he might know her from. He was out of her line of sight and when she turned to talk with another man, he saw her face and the huge bruise on it. His eyes hardened. The American bitch! He smiled as he thought of how he could pay her back for the way his balls had ached for two days and still continued to ache even now. Moving further away from her so she wouldn’t see him, his mind raced.

Amanda had no idea that the man who had caused her so much trouble was anywhere near her. She had not heard back from the police that they had any suspects and as they were leaving tomorrow she didn’t really expect to. Chris was with her, but was being constantly called on the radio for this or that problem. Swallowing two more of her pain pills with the coke she had to drink, she turned to Chris and put her hand on his arm.

“Chris, go take care of what you need. I’ll be here just looking around and I’ll keep in touch, okay?” He nodded a bit reluctantly, thinking he would send someone else to be with her as soon as he could. He handed her another two way radio set to his frequency and showed her how to use it by pressing the button.

“Press this one at the same time and it locks the line open, but don’t forget to release it when you’re done as otherwise no one can respond to you until you do so.” She nodded her understanding and he left then to take care of yet another problem. She tucked the radio into the pocket of her jacket.


Amanda wandered a bit backstage, watching the set up from different angles, taking note of things she had never seen before. Tico was also a perfectionist when it came to his drum placements. She was amazed at the different types available to him and knew she would have to ask him soon what they all were. Jon, Hugh, and Richie were running through various guitars and checking their sound and tuning. David was directing the crew for his keyboards and moving things to suit his height and preference during a concert.

Moving from the main stage area, Amanda felt a bit of dizziness and looking at her watch, she realized she might have taken the additional pain medication a little too soon. She felt fine, but there was a bit of fuzziness in her thinking and she made a mental note to pay more attention to her timing. She thought splashing some cold water on her face might be a good idea and looked around the area she was in, trying to find a restroom nearby. She didn’t see one.

Sean watched the woman looking around and when she moved towards an area that led to a lower level, he followed her, keeping back in case she looked behind her, but she never did.

Walking a bit away from the main area, Amanda found a downward sloping ramp that branched off into different corridors. She was sure she would find a bathroom somewhere down there though. She took one of the corridors and followed it, but soon realized that she was moving in the wrong direction. Dammit! I could get lost in a paper bag! She came to the end of the corridor that apparently led to some sort of storage area and turned around to go back the way she had come.

Sean had been watching her and saw her go down a hallway that he knew was a dead end. He moved then, following her, grinning evilly when he saw her come to the end, stop, and then turn around. He had been quiet and was about ten feet from her when she saw him and came to a dead stop.

She froze for a few seconds, shock stopping her forward momentum. She actually shook her head, almost believing the medication was causing her to hallucinate a nightmare. Oh my god! It’s him!

Not moving yet, Sean just smiled at her, chilling her with his words.

“Hello bitch.” His voice was hard with his anger and aided by the whiskey he had consumed already.

His voice startled her out of her frozen condition. She heard words in her head, a recent voice saying ‘press this one at the same time and it locks the line open’ and seemingly of it’s own accord her hand slowly moved into her jacket pocket and she pressed by feel the buttons Chris had shown her. Her voice was a shout as she confronted her attacker.


“Not a chance, girlie, you kicked me in the balls. They’re still achin’ and I’m thinking you need to do something about that.”

He didn’t bother to keep his voice low as he felt secure in the knowledge that they were in a separate area from the rest of the people around.

Up near the staging area, Chris suddenly heard his radio beep and then a woman’s loud voice. He knew immediately it was Amanda and he quickly searched the area for her as he ran towards Jon and the rest of the guys. Grabbing the radio of one of the other Jovi security personnel, he put out a call that Amanda needed immediate help and that she wasn’t in the main area. He didn’t know where she was, but knew they had to find her fast.

“Jon!” His voice was loud and frantic and drew the attention of everyone. He pulled out his radio and held it up. They could all hear Amanda’s voice then.

“The only thing I’m gonna do is kick them into your throat this time. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!”

“You fuckin’ bitch! Nobody talks to me that way!” Sean started a slow menacing advance towards her then as Amanda backed away.

She screamed loudly, hoping to draw attention. “I’m in a hallway that dead ends at a storage room!”

“Who you callin’ for? Nobody’s gonna hear you down here, you stupid bitch, we’re not on the same level as your friends.”

He was now only two feet away from her and she felt sheer terror well up inside her as he towered over her. Protecting himself from another possible attempt by the woman to unman him, he reached out and grabbed her arm. He pulled her in front of him and wrapped one beefy arm around her throat. His other hand moved to cup her breast and he squeezed it hard, only stopping once a whimper of pain had escaped her throat.

Satisfied he had subdued her enough, he started to back her to the door of the storage room a few steps away. He knew that once he got her inside the room, he could do anything he wanted to her and no one would be able to hear.

The men on the stage moved as a unit towards the ramp that sloped down to where it seemed Amanda was. The band had been to this venue before and security was aware of what levels had what areas on them. Chris had the additional security men with him and it was a race to see whether they or Jon got down there first.

Amanda atempted to scream, but the arm around her throat tightened and she couldn’t manage a sound. Sean fumbled for the keys on his belt, looking for the one to unlock the storage door. His movements stilled as he heard the pounding of feet coming in their direction. He whispered roughly into her ear.

“Make one sound and I’ll snap your neck.”

She didn’t even dare move to acknowledge she had heard him until a tightening of his arm around her throat had her nodding her agreement as best she could. He pulled her to the back of the darkened corridor, waiting to see who was coming down toward them. They both heard voices calling out her name, the words seeming to come from multiple directions.

“She’s down here somewhere guys. I heard on the radio and the storage areas are one level down. Fan out, we’ve got to find her.”

Amanda recognized Chris’ voice as he directed the search. The footsteps moved away from where Sean was holding Amanda and he pushed her slowly towards the end of the corridor, intending to get her to another area he knew as this area was being searched. Standing at the edge of the entrance, Sean listened but didn’t hear anything. He moved her out, but before she had taken two steps the arm around her throat tightened as Sean was knocked clear off his feet by a punch thrown by Big Jake.

Jake had just re-entered the area when he saw Amanda step from a darkened doorway. He took a few silent steps toward her then saw the arm around her neck. Watching closely, he waited for his moment. As soon as the man holding her stepped clear of the wall, Jake punched him with the speed and power of a professional boxer. Amanda fell as Sean’s arm dragged her with him, but she rolled away from him once they hit the floor. She stopped when she suddenly reached a wall, but couldn’t summon the energy to get to her feet.

Sean may have gone down like a falling tree, but he was not out. He staggered to his feet, moving toward the other big man who beckoned him to come on. He followed Jake out into the open area and the two squared off. Amanda felt the beginning of an opening behind her and scooted on her rear until she was as much out of sight as she could be. She leaned sideways against a wall and tried to catch her breath.

Jake and Sean moved toward the other, sizing up each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Sean moved to throw a punch at Jake’s face, but the big man was quicker than he looked and blocked the punch, only to land another on Sean’s jaw. He staggered and tried to rally when again he heard pounding feet entering the area. Several security guards went to Jake’s aid and within moments Sean was on the floor, overwhelmed by sheer numbers and a few more shots from Big Jake’s fist.

Amanda heard her name being called and tried to answer. Jon’s voice was the one that broke through her paralysis.

“I’m here…over by the wall…Jon!!!” Her voice rose as she called his name.

A flashlight suddenly shone on her and Jon and Richie were immediately at her side. They helped her to her feet and she turned to Jon, her eyes wide and her breathing too rapid. She stared into his eyes for a moment and then hers glazed over and she slipped into a dead faint. Her fall was arrested by the men holding onto her and Jon swung her up into his arms and carried her up the ramp, Richie at his side.

The surge of adrenaline made Amanda seem as light as a child as Jon carried her into his dressing room. Laying her on one of the couches, he saw that Richie was already calling for medical help. Taking off his t-shirt, Jon quickly entered the bathroom, ran the shirt under cold water and started bathing her face and neck to try to bring her around. His frantic eyes sought Richie’s.

Nodding grimly, Richie answered the silent question. “I think she just fainted, Jon.”

Jon nodded back at Richie, but continued his ministrations. A siren could be heard in the background and as Chris appeared at the doorway to the dressing room, Richie motioned for him to get the paramedics.

The cold water woke Amanda who became instantly aware, although her eyes remained closed. Flailing her arms she tried to move away. Small scared sounds escaped her throat as her fear turned once more into terror.

“Manda! You’re safe, baby, you’re safe.”

Jon spoke softly to her and she calmed as she heard his voice, opening her eyes now, seeing him beside her. He held her wrists so she wouldn’t hurt herself, but let go quickly once she calmed at his presence. She suddenly bolted upright into his arms and he held her tightly, stroking her hair. She was breathing rapidly and her skin was clammy. Her face seemed to have lost its color and she was shaking.

There was a noise at the door and Amanda stiffened in Jon’s arms until she heard the men identify themselves as medics. Moving aside, but holding her hand as she refused to let his go, the men quickly assessed her condition. Richie stood at her feet at the end of the couch, his and Jon’s eyes frequently making contact as they listened to the medical jargon. An oxygen mask was slipped over Amanda’s nose and mouth and she took several deep breaths.

One of the paramedics spoke to them, asking what had happened. Amanda provided the basic information before she had fainted and Jon and Richie supplied the rest. Examining her throat, it was determined she was not injured although there might be additional bruising. Her face and back were again checked and some new scrapes were cleaned and bandaged.

The other medic assured them all that Amanda had most likely fainted from hyperventilating following the stress she had undergone. Further medical treatment was not needed as long as she avoided strenuous activity and drank plenty of fluids. Once the medics cleared the scene and Amanda was lying back down on the couch, they heard Chris’ voice.

“I already called the police, Jon, and they’re on their way.” Jon nodded at Chris.

Reaching into her jacket, Amanda brought out the radio and pushing the button to release the continuous ‘on’, she gave a shaky laugh.

“Gotta give Chris a raise, Jon, this was his idea.”

She finished the glass of water she had been given and listened as Chris explained to Jon about the radio. Feeling markedly better, Amanda sat up on the couch, immediately drawing the attention of all present.

“I’m okay. I’m not hurt, I was just scared.”

She stood up then and moved to leave the room, Jon and Richie at her side. Neither argued with her, but both followed her as she went into the after party room and poured herself a large brandy. She took several swallows of the brandy, finished it and poured herself another. The brandy calmed her and she was able to stop shaking by the time Chris again walked in the room about ten minutes later. She turned to him and moved immediately to give him a hug.

“Chris, I think your radio idea saved me. Thank you.” He nodded at her and then looked at Jon.

“I’m sorry, boss, I was looking for someone to send over to her, but I didn’t do it fast enough.”

Jon shook his head, absolving Chris of his regrets. “You gave her that radio, right?” Chris nodded. “That’s what saved her. Thanks man.” He nodded at Jon in understanding.

David walked into the room, bringing two police officers with him. “Sorry, but they need to talk to Manda.”

She turned to them, answering their questions and Chris and the others who had heard her over the radio corroborated her statement. They asked about her face and she told them that Sean was the one who had hit her. She assured them that she did want to press charges and that she had been to the police station the night of the incident. After taking her statement, they left, taking a still cursing Sean with them.

Most everyone associated with Bon Jovi had gathered in the room with Amanda, Jon, and Richie. Jon quickly related the story of what had happened to her and that the man the police were taking with them was the one who had hit her. They were also apprised of the recent incident. She was moved by their expressions of sympathy towards her and expressed her appreciation for their good wishes.

As most of the crew were heading back out to finish the sound check, Jake walked into the room. He immediately got a completely flabbergasted look on his face as Amanda enveloped him in the biggest hug she could manage. He looked at his ‘boss’, who was smiling at him and then at the woman hugging him for all she was worth. He gave her a rather awkward pat on her back and she released him.

“Thank you SO much, Jake! I was so scared of him, he’s so much bigger than me and I already knew how hard he could hit.”

Jake’s expression was now grim. “He’s the one who did that to your face?”

She nodded, thinking he knew that already. Jake turned to walk out of the room. Amanda called out to him.

“Jake! Where are you going?”

“To teach him not to hit women…” came the angry, deep-voiced response.

Catching up to him and grabbing an arm, she asked him to please not hurt that man anymore as Jake was just “too big” and could seriously hurt Sean. Jake seemed pleased with her ‘too big’ comment and agreed he would just let the police take the other man away. Rolling her eyes at Jon, she gave him a ‘help me out here’ look. Jon congratulated Jake on doing an excellent job and in truth was sincerely grateful for the big man’s help.

“Thanks for looking after my lady, Jake,” Jon said, shaking the big man’s hand.

“You got it, boss.” Jake nodded and both Amanda and Jon grinned at the big guy’s pleased expression.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    OOOhh. He got what was coming to him. I could feel her panic as Sean tried to hurt her again.

    I'm breathing easier now that he has been caught!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I never imagined Sean being caught this way. Fantastic idea! Your writing of the event, had me holding my breath for her.
    Great writing, thank you so much for this story.

  3. Shelly Says:

    Thank god for Jake!!

    At least Sean is caught now!!

    I was on the edge of my seat darling!

    Now what's going to happen?

  4. willowLL Says:

    OH! Good twist. Thank goodness we now know Sean won't be able to get to her again.

  5. Kay Says:

    LOL! The lovable lug had no idea what to do when Amanda hugged him!

    You had me picturing a giant with this dumbfounded look on his face.

    Great writing!

  6. Sandy Says:

    Love the way you came up with capturing Sean. Your writing is amazing and often has me on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next. I find myself checking every day for new chapters. Thank you!

  7. woohoo! Finally caught up.
    Think I held my breath for most of that chapter lol
    Great writing and I love this story! Oh I added a link to your site from my page, hope you don't mind.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Holy hell what an amazing story. I started reading it a while back, but just a couple days ago came back and really got into it. Now I'm almost regretting being caught up because I have to wait for new chapters like everyone else!

    Thank you for writing a story that isn't just about sex. You've included Jon and Amanda's whole lives as well as the band and I'm just loving it.

  9. Sunstreaked Says:

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the comments. For a while I thought this must really stink because I didn't have a counter and couldn't tell it was being read as there were few to no comments. I really wanted to write a "story", not just sex, so I'm really glad those who like that kind of thing are reading.

    There are a LOT more chapters to come and no, I'm not teasing, I have a great editor - Opester, The Sauna - who proofs my stuff and she's been a little busy, so I can only post one a day at the most.

    I will post as soon as there are more chapters available. Trust me, she's good, so I want to wait!

    Thanks again all!

  10. Opester Says:

    This was one of my favorite chapters so far-loved all of it-the dialog, the action, the plot-all so realistic and vivid enough to imagine!
    Now, before anyone lynches me for holding up Sun's further posting, let me explain! After spraining my ankle, my kitty (my baby, too) got very sick and had to go to the ER (doing better now) and then we went away for vacation where there was no electric! Hopefully, you'll all forgive my unavailability and rest assured that I will edit as fast as I possibly can so Sun can post some more chapters!!!!!

  11. Sunstreaked Says:

    Uh oh...I think I goofed! Opester is NOT holding me up from posting, she's just helping make this story better.

    Sorry, hon, I didn't say that right. Please send Jon or Richie over IMMEDIATELY so that I learn not to speak before thinking!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    oh my gosh, you both are too funny! But, no, you can't have any lessons from the boys. We need our chapters!!!

    Linda :)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I just finished moving and I have soooooo missed this story. I can't wait to catch up. Although I hope Jake gets a chance to give the big jerk a lesson

  14. jovikitn65 Says:

    Thank god Chris had the forethought to show Amanda how to use the radio. Jake I could kiss you for beating the crap out of Sean. I think both men deserve a raise or at least a hefty bonus Jon. Don't you?

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