John Francis - Chapter 133

Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 11:02 PM
After leaving the pub, they took a taxi back to the hotel. The crowd, now a bit larger, was still there. Both men were in a good mood and the ladies who were waiting benefited. The guys charmed their way through the throng, smiling, joking, signing autographs, posing for pictures and flashing their famous smiles. Amanda swore she could feel the excitement in the air as if a wave was moving, flowing through those present. She was a little ahead of the two as they walked towards the door and she turned, enjoying seeing them both work their magic. They finally got to the door and entered with her. They took the elevator to their floor, talking about possibly hitting some bars later that evening. Amanda threw them a look, but they both laughed and said she didn’t have to drink. Jon teasingly threw in that he preferred she stick to soda as drinking made her sleepy. Her glare at him was not missed by Richie, who laughed and waved them off on their way.

Entering the room, Amanda headed straight for the shower. The day had been cold as was usual for the weather there that time of year, but she wanted to clean up. She looked at Jon over her shoulder with her best “come hither” look and his eyes darkened in response. Following her into the bathroom, Jon took pleasure in slowly removing each item of her clothing, stopping as he did so to teasingly kiss or caress the skin left bare as each piece hit the floor. Amanda mimicked Jon’s sexual striptease, sliding her fingers slowly across the taut expanse of his muscular chest, breathing in his scent, a mixture of the man, cologne and musk, a unique blend of scents that were truly her Jon. The warm water was nothing compared to the heat generated by the two of them. He washed her, lingering over her neck, breasts, back, and buttocks, but avoided the warm center of her. She returned his caresses, feeling the need arise in her. Their kisses were sweet and moist and furthered their arousal.

Drying her with a towel, Jon smelled a mixture of soap and her unique scent and his own hunger for her rose in its full glory. She glanced at him and then her gaze lingered, watching in fascination as he seemed to grow in front of her. His skin still glistening from the water from the shower, he dried himself as quickly as he could, moving her to the bed as he did so. His voice reflected his need.

“I want you, to be inside you, to feel you…”

“Oh god, yes, please…let me feel you…” her voice was deep with her passion.

He bent over her on the bed, taking himself in hand to aid his entry. She raised her hips, her love for him and her lust rising to new heights. He teased her, knowing she liked seeing him hold himself against her and her breath became ragged as she waited for his entry. He took one of her breasts in his mouth, tonguing the nipple until the engorged peak rose even further, then took the other, lavishing it with the same attention. The intensity of her breath increased as she relished his attentions. She was growing wild, her need almost a living thing.

“Jon, please, now…” She gasped out at him.

He smiled then, his eyes darkened, and he brought himself to her warmth. Locking his eyes with hers, he drove into her, rising and falling again and again as she clasped him to her. Shudders started as she felt herself approaching orgasm and her legs wrapped themselves around his waist.

“Oh god, yes…more, more…” His thrusts became almost brutal as he answered her plea and she rose to meet him, screaming his name as she came, her nails drawing lines along his back and ass. The sweet pain of her fingers and the spasms he felt were enough. He slammed inside her again and poured himself into her warmth.

“Oh god…Manda…” his voice was hoarse as his orgasm hit him, her legs holding him to her, as he raised his head, the tendons in his neck thick with the force of his spasms.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it…” she whispered to him, drawing him in as close as she could with the strength of her legs. He curled over her, panting, sweating, riding the wave of his release. The air was thick with the scent of their lovemaking and they lay together, feeling the skin of each other, Jon still inside her. She licked the side of his neck, loving the taste of the sweat on his skin as he relaxed against her.

He heard her voice, laughing softly. “We got the sheets all wet, baby.”

“They’ll dry…then we’ll get ‘em wet again.” He answered, his voice making her heat rekindle.

They did.


An hour or so later when they woke up from a much-needed rest, the light on the room phone was blinking. Jon reached for the phone, wondering who in the hell would have called the room. Much to his surprise, the message was from Richie.

“Hey man, plan change, found someone to keep me way more entertained than you two cooing at each other – ha ha! Don’t bother returnin’ this call, cell phone off and plan to be busy.”

Jon chuckled softly at that, turning to Amanda with a huge grin.

“How do you feel about room service?”


Room service worked just fine for Amanda and Jon that night. They managed to eat as their prior activities made food a necessity, but even then they touched the other, fueling the fire between them as they fueled their bodies. Sleep finally found them at some point during that long night, each still locked to the other.


Jon woke earlier than Amanda the next morning and lay there, looking at the woman in his arms. He loved her more with each passing day. Moving his hand over her hair as she slept, his touch awakened her and she opened sleepy eyes that gazed into his.

She whispered to him, with sleep heavy in her voice. “I love you, Jon.”

“I love you too, Manda.”

She closed her eyes, suddenly overwhelmed with the emotions she felt, both from the intensity of their lovemaking and the realization of how much she loved him.

Oh God, please don’t let me open my eyes and have this all be a dream! Every day I seem to love him more.

He looked at her closed eyes, wanting so badly to speak the words in his heart, to ask her to marry him, but he still refused to overshadow Dot’s marriage in a few weeks. He owed that to her. He also still wasn’t absolutely sure what she would say and he wasn’t sure he was up hearing a “no” from her, no matter what the reason. If Jon had given himself more time for introspection, he would have realized it wasn’t just not wanting to outshine Dot, but perhaps issues he had not yet begun to identify. This morning, however, introspection was pushed to the back of his mind and a door slammed behind it.

Amanda opened her eyes and looked deeply into his. She reached out, running her hand over the whiskers of his cheek, loving the feel of pure masculinity of those bristles. With a smile she withdrew her hand, rolled to the side of the bed and got up. She realized how her body was aching from their lovemaking the night before, but this just made her smile wider. Turning to him as she moved toward the bathroom, she called out.

“Come in soon, okay?”

He nodded at her. “I’ll be there in a few minutes, baby.”

Jon lay there on the bed, letting Manda have a few minutes in the bathroom alone. He heard the shower start and moved out of the bed. He knew he could come in now and he wanted to feel her again, the warmth of her and her response to him. His mind drifted over their lovemaking the night past and he was amazed at his stamina and her responses. Whether long and slow or quick and brutal in intensity, she answered his every mood and need. It seemed that his touch led her along the path to whatever lay at the end and he loved her expression of her own needs.

After brushing his teeth and using the facilities, he entered the shower with her. Their ritual of bathing the other proceeded this morning to an unexpected and rather quick union, Jon surprised that he was able and Amanda amazed at her own response. Seeing her all soapy and warm, he had simply pulled her back against him and as he gently bent her forward, he had thrust home, Amanda pushing against him as he entered. A few rapid thrusts and some clever hand play by Jon and they both were brought to quick orgasms and left trying to grasp the shower walls for support.

“Holy hell!” Amanda managed to get out.

Jon gasped, “God, babe, don’t know where that came from.”

“I’m not complaining, Bongiovi, but damn…you might have to give this girl a break soon! After last night when…” she drawled, leaving off the ‘when you fucked my brains out’ comment she really wanted to make.

“I know, I think things on are my end are a little raw too…” he shot her a sheepish grin.

She laughed at him. “So that explains why you just did it again?”

“Damn, Manda, you…wet and soapy…I mean, shit, give me a break.”

“That’s what I’m saying, you idiot…” she replied, her grin silly and sated.


  1. Opester Says:

    This morning, however, introspection was pushed to the back of his mind and a door slammed behind it.

    I'm just dying to know what in the back of Jon's mind and what reservations he has. This leaves me hanging here, wondering all sorts of things-Sun, you're such a tease!

  2. Shelly Says:

    Great job as usual. Been playing catchup w/this story over the last couple of days.

    I agree with Opester. That line resonated with me as well.

    Opens up the door for so many possibilities. Looking forward to see what you do with them.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    GREAT story! I just read it start to finish in 2 days! Can't wait to see where you take them next! FANTASTIC writing, thanks!

  4. Lori Says:

    Wondering about Jon's reservations too. Also wondering about Dot's upcoming wedding and if Jon and Amanda will be there.

    Nice work, as usual!

  5. Daydreamer- Says:

    I'm very interested in finding out what his reservations are, too! I definitely get the feeling that more trouble is on the way for Jon & Amanda...

  6. jovikitn65 Says:

    Would Jons reservations be in part because of the fact that Dorothea is marrying someone else? Someone that is not him and that what they had is truly over. Need to keep an eye on that.

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