John Francis - Chapter 137

Friday, July 11, 2008 at 8:46 PM
The limo drove towards the hotel, but other than Amanda and Jon no one was coming back yet. They were just going to drop them off and then go out. The plane didn’t leave until five tomorrow for Ireland and that meant they could all sleep in a little. The two said their goodnights to the others as they approached the front of the hotel and with a wave the car drove off. Moving quickly now, they entered, Jon only nodding to the few people outside.

“My god, Jon, is it always like that? People wait somewhere all day and night just to get a look at you guys?” She couldn’t believe there were still some diehard fans out in the cold weather.

“Yeah, although it’s a bit more this time as there are three of us who are single. Only Tico and Hugh are married and that’s something we’ve never had going on before. Guess they figure there’s more of a chance or something. I actually haven’t given it much thought.” He grinned at her. “I’ve had better things to think about.” He pushed her against the wall of the elevator as his grin widened into THAT smile.

“Actually, I’ve got better things to do…”

The ding of the door opening stopped their mouths. The couple standing there waiting for the elevator brought silly grins to their faces. They moved out and Jon opened the door to their room. Putting her hand against his chest she asked him for a moment. He nodded and moved to take off his jacket.

In the bathroom, Amanda tried to stop the flush of her face and breasts and the trembling that she felt around Jon. She couldn’t figure it out. It keeps getting better! My god, I want him so badly, all the damn time! What the hell is he doing to me? She knew about the sexual attraction and anticipation between new couples, but this seemed to keep rising in intensity, not dropping into a more comfortable level. She removed her skirt, leaving her shirt on, and came out of the bathroom to find Jon sitting in one of the chairs, a glass of wine in his hand, his shirt opened to show his chest. Looking at the picture he unconsciously presented, she felt a throbbing inside her and her ache to have him grew.

Jon turned to her and held up a glass of wine for her. She walked over to him, making a move to sit in the chair beside him, but before she could he grabbed her and positioned her in a straddle on his lap, sitting so she was facing him. She settled her thighs on the outside of his, her sex pressed to his lap, his rising to meet hers through his pants. Her hands seemed to reach out on their own to run through the hair on his chest. Those same traitorous hands rubbed gently against the muscles on his stomach, following the trail down to the top of his pants. He sat there, sipping his wine, as she explored him, brushing against him, her nails running from his throat to the top of the black dress slacks.

Reaching out his left hand, Jon took hold of the hair trailing over her shoulder and down her front, holding it and running it through his fingers. The tips of his fingers brushed the top of her breast over her shirt and she shivered at the sensation. He used her hair to pull her lips to his, lightly kissing her, then deeply tasting her. He tasted of wine, sweet and juicy, and she licked her lips to savor his taste. She felt him harden further at the motion of her tongue over her lips and she smiled at him, anticipation making this all the more gratifying.

Jon set his glass down and released her hair. Slowly and carefully, with soft touches and caresses, he unbuttoned her shirt and drew it down over her shoulders. He let it hang there on her arms as he traced the tops of her breasts that showed over her bra. He used one roughened finger and took his time, dipping into the “V” that seemed to beckon his touch. His hands reached for the front clasp of her bra and he released her, baring one breast at a time and cupping one in each hand. He moved his mouth back and forth, teasing her, arousing her, causing her to swell in his hands and peak at his touch. Her back was lightly arched to assist his attentions and she shrugged off her shirt and then her bra, the only barrier to fulfillment her panties and his pants.

The throbbing inside Jon’s pants was pleading for release, but he denied himself to further explore her. Bringing his hand to her panties, he stroked lightly outside, teasing her, causing a gasp and a hand against his chest as she fought her own desire. His touch burned and when her fingers tightened on the muscles of his upper chest as she struggled, her touch left a flame. He returned his attentions to her breasts, now lightly biting and nipping the sides and the tips causing her to rock against him as her aching flesh now began to silently beg. She caught his hair in her hands, pulling him to her chest, offering it to him. He licked and sucked at her warm flesh until she quivered in his arms.

Jon rose suddenly from the chair, taking her with him. They stood and he drew her panties down, baring her warmth to his gaze. His hands tore at his own pants and they dropped. He grabbed her again, putting her back into the position she had been in, but now sliding her onto his shaft. She felt him enter her and seated herself so he was fully inside her. Their hands continued to roam over every sensitive spot they could find, driving the other into a fever of need. When Jon again touched her center and applied the perfect pressure, she couldn’t stop herself. She moved, rocking herself against him, her head bent downward as the buildup of her longing could be denied no further.

Feeling her sex engulfing him in its warmth and her hair sliding against his chest and stomach, Jon could no longer tease or prolong. He needed her and the pleasure she could give him. He grabbed her hips then, changing her rhythm to one that had only one outcome for the both of them. She braced herself on his shoulders, aiding his efforts, as they strove to please the other. The quickening of breath and then low moans by Amanda revealed her climax and she moved almost roughly against him to take him even more fully inside her. He felt himself answer her, driving inside her with bruising force, until he came inside her with a staggering intensity that brought him upright and then threw his head back as he flooded her with his seed.

For several minutes neither could move. They had been transported to a place of pure sensation and greater release and could only hold the other, skin slick with sweat, learning again how to breathe.

Jon was astounded by what had just happened and how he felt. Amanda had not even progressed that far yet, her mind a jumble of bliss and amazement. She felt wanton and womanly and needed, and loved him for giving her those feelings. He felt that he would never grow tired of her response to him, of how she gave back with abandon, of how she sought new ways to please him.

She shakily drew herself up from where her head had been resting against his shoulder and looked into his amazing eyes. They were a clear blue now instead of the stormy sky color they had been in the grip of his passion. Her eyes were slits of satisfaction and she gave him a dreamy smile. He smiled at her, the one he seemed to have only after his own sexual release, and he felt an involuntary spasm around him from her when she saw that smile. He twitched inside her and knew that this night was far from over.


  1. Opester Says:

    Such a hot chapter with such vivid detail-I love the tenderness and closeness between them and how they seem to match each other so well-always on the same page in terms of what they are wanting and feeling in the moment, like two halves of one whole!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn't agree more with Opester. They are so good together.

    This was a great chapter, so loving!


  3. Lori Says:

    Thanks for another great chapter!

  4. Cathy Says:

    Should have read this before I had that cold shower not after! Another great chapter, love how perfectly they fit together.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhh... I agree - really hot chapter, yet touching and tender. Love them together.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You're writing is so real! I loved these last chapters! I'm curious how you do your research...the dinner chapter was just great and the details very elaborated!

  7. Sunstreaked Says:

    Wow! Thanks guys! I actually love this chapter too because it was about making love with the person you love. As for research, I go on the web, find places in the city I'm talking about, find their web sites and get the info, then re-write it a little differently to work it into the story. Papageno's, the owner, the inside of it, the menu, etc., are all from their web site, so I used it.

    Can't say enough thank you's for the comments. I'm actually working harder than I thought to write a story with intimacy, rather than simply shagging (lol) all over the place! I have another story that does that and when I figure out how to post it and link it here, I will.

    P.S. Oh Goddess Hathor! I need your help again!

  8. Daydreamer- Says:

    I am so impressed with all of the details in your story. It's one of the areas that I'm afraid I'm going to really struggle with in my own! The restaurant scene was absolutely decadent. You couldn't have described it better if you'd actually eaten there yourself.
    And that sex/love scene....perfect.

  9. jovikitn65 Says:

    This chapter showed the depth of the love these two have for each other. The lightest touch can cause a spark between them. I loved the last part " He twitched inside her and knew this night was far from over." Damn!!

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