John Francis - Chapter 130

Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 6:54 AM
A quick clean up had Jon’s pants back where they belonged. Amanda just needed to drop her skirt, but took a moment to take care of the evidence of their passion, after asking Jon to turn his back. He raised an eye at her, obviously feeling she was being a bit silly after what had just happened, but did so. The bathroom was still quiet and she exited the stall first. Jon waited until she told him the coast was clear. She moved to the door, opened it and called him to hurry. He exited the bathroom into an empty hallway and walked with all the nonchalance he could manage back to the table. Amanda remained in the bathroom, using the cold water to cool the flush on her face. It was only when she reached for a paper towel that she realized Jon had her underwear.

Sitting back down at the table, Jon downed a beer a bit more rapidly than might have been expected from a simple visit to the men’s room, and the other four exchanged knowing grins. Jon poured himself another beer from the pitcher and tried to resume conversation, attempting to pass over what had happened. He was sitting with his back a bit to Richie and his friend was the one who saw the scrap of pink sticking out of Jon’s back pocket.

Richie started laughing, he simply couldn’t help it. Jon turned at his friend’s chuckle and met the gleam in his eyes.

“After 25 years I just learned something new, Kidd…” Richie began, looking at Jon’s ass. “I’ve always thought of you as a ladies’ man…but didn’t know pink was your color.”

Jon then glanced backwards where Richie was looking, seeing Amanda’s panties sticking out of his back pocket. He grinned at his friend, shaking his head, starting to laugh.

“Ya think she noticed yet?” Jon asked, still laughing.

Amanda then returned to the table. She was flushed and her hair was wild as she hadn’t thought to bring her purse with her to the restroom. She didn’t meet the eyes of the men, but also seemed to down a glass of wine rather quickly. Hearing the conversation of the men, she finally raised her eyes, cringing inwardly at the comments sure to come, but no comments were made. To say she was surprised was an understatement, but she didn’t know the men well enough yet to realize they were showing her their respect by not drawing attention to what happened.

The evening progressed, the alcohol and laughter growing in quantity. The men were on a roll that night, telling road stories on each other, teasing as only good friends can do, and Amanda laughed until her sides hurt. She remained totally aware of Jon, though, and as the night went on, so did what she felt. She was now definitely at the no pain stage and had stopped drinking. It wasn’t going to help. She laughed, she giggled, she teased the men, and they teased her back. She went to the ladies room again and her wag of the finger ‘no’ at Jon was not missed by anyone, although in her current state she felt she was being quite subtle.

“I’m thinking we better call the limo or get a cab…” Jon’s laughter was loud at Amanda’s latest silliness.

Richie held up a hand. “I got it” and dialed the limo driver.

The guys had paid their tab and were waiting for her by the time Amanda got back from the bathroom. She gathered her belongings and took two steps toward the door and three back. Jon took one of her arms and Richie took the other and they moved her out the door and into the waiting limo. Jon got in first and then Richie helped Amanda, but as he started to get in he realized that Amanda had entered the limo and straddled Jon’s lap. He stopped, laughing so hard he couldn’t get into the car.

Jon had a rather bemused look on his face as he hadn’t expected her to do this and just motioned for Richie to get the hell in the car so they could leave. The other four men entered the car and sat on the other side.

Amanda tried kissing Jon, he turned his head. She tried taking his shirt off, he stopped her hands. She moved her hips against his hardness and he grabbed her, stopping her motions. The other men were laughing, the alcohol hitting them too.

“Manda, honey…we’re not alone…” Jon tried.

“Yes we are, the driver is in the front,” and she again tried to unbutton his shirt. “Take your shirt off, baby.”

“MANDA!” Jon’s voice was firmer now, although filled with laughter. He grabbed her chin and turned her to see the four men behind her.

If her eyes had not been attached they would have popped right out of her head as she managed to focus on the four men behind her and the grins on their faces. She disentangled herself from Jon so fast he thought she took half his skin with her. They all heard her “holy shit!” as she moved as far away from Jon as she could and slid to the opposite end of the seat. She bent over, putting her head to her knees, and moaned.

“Could I please go home now? There’s a flight at this hour, right Jon? I don’t have to ever see them again if I go home RIGHT NOW!”

Masculine laughter filled the car then and she vowed she would never ever drink this much again.


They arrived back at the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. For a change, the seemingly ever-present crowds were gone. They all exited the car, except for Amanda. Jon poked his head back in.

“Honey, we’re here. You have to get out of the car.”

“Nope, not going.” She shook her head, hair flying, embarrassment still high.

“Manda, they already know we sleep together, I don’t think you have to worry.” He tried to console her.

She glared at him. “I KNOW that and YOU know that, but I didn’t have to show THEM!”

His laughter was loud. “You still have to get out of the car, baby.”

She continued to glare, but got out of the limo. The guys were all waiting for her and she could see the smiles they continued to try to hide. She held her head high and marched toward the front door of the hotel. She only wove a little from side to side as she walked. As Jon began to follow her, Richie touched his arm. Jon stopped and turned, the other three also pausing. Bemusement showed on the faces of the men. Tico spoke first

“Man, she is gone!” He laughed as he weaved a little on the curb.

Dave shook his head and laughed.

“I’ve never seen her so fuckin’ wasted!”

Hugh laughed softly, a huge grin on his face.

“Oh yeah, the lady is definitely feeling no pain!”

Richie threw Jon a look, a wicked smile on his face.

“Hope she has a strong stomach or I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes tonight….” Then he cocked his eyebrow, grinning even wider, “…then again, maybe I would!”

All five burst into laughter as Jon held up a hand with an unmistakable pair of pink panties in them. With a grin that outdid Richie in wickedness, he looked his friends.

“In your dreams, assholes!”


Not knowing she was not being followed, Amanda opened the door and walked into the lobby. She was disoriented from the drinking during the night and got turned around, heading toward the bar area. By the time the men had entered behind her, she was out of sight. Looking around they moved to the elevator, figuring she had escaped upstairs as quickly as she could. Once they were in the elevator, they continued to tease Jon, but all secretly wished they were in for as good a night as he seemed to be. Leaving them with laughter and good nights, Jon entered his room. He called out to Amanda, but there was no answer. He looked in the bathroom, but she wasn’t there. He opened the door to the hallway. It was as empty as his room.

Crossing to Richie’s door, he knocked. Richie opened the door and gave him a ‘what the hell are you doing here’ look. Jon, also feeling pretty good from the free-flowing drinks, started laughing again.

“She’s not there.”

Leaning against the door, Richie, in the same condition as Jon, started to laugh.

“Please, for god’s sake, don’t tell me she’s missing again!” He was laughing so hard he slipped from the doorframe and landed against the wall.

“Come on, you asshole, help me find her.”

Jon tried reaching for his friend, but missed and ended up a few steps inside the door of Richie’s room, nearly landing on his ass having stumbled in his attempt. They finally dragged themselves out of the room, laughing and trying to help the other, as they moved down the hallway to the elevator to go back down to the lobby.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love them drunk! They are funny! You do a good job with these scenes. I can see it happening!

    (And I'm all caught up now!! I did the Sauna in 5 days, and John Francis in 4 days-despite a holiday and computer trouble which had me hyperventilating yesterday! So, now, I'm going to have withdrawls. Thank goodness for the Soul Game and SNL tonight!!


  2. Daydreamer- Says:

    Ha ha ha - Amanda sober is funny enough, but when she's drunk she's a RIOT! I love the picture you painted here. And now I'm all caught up and will probably start bugging you for new chapters all the time. :)

  3. Sunstreaked Says:

    Thanks so much for the comments! It means SO much to know there are people reading and it's fun for me to know what you like - so, for all those commenting - THANKS!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, Lord! Totally hysterical chapter! Caught myself laughing outloud! Wonder what sort of trouble Amanda will get into at the bar?!?!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    my very favorite chapter.
    The pink panties in Jon pocket is priceless. Having all the guys in on the quickie event, was so funny. You wrote it so well, and I was laughing with them.
    Poor Amanda, what a night

  6. Opester Says:

    “After 25 years I just learned something new, Kidd…” Richie began, looking at Jon’s ass. “I’ve always thought of you as a ladies’ man…but didn’t know pink was your color.”

    You just knew that Richie couldn't possibly leave that one alone! Poor Amanda, she'll never be able to live this one down. And I can so picture Jon with that shit-eating grin on his face! I'm sure that if Amanda forgets this little incident, someone's sure to remind her!

  7. lori Says:

    Leave it to Richie to notice the underwear in Jon's pocket! This is a riot!

  8. jovikitn65 Says:

    I don't think there is anything that Richie doesn't miss. So many great lines with this one that I can't pick, so instead I am going to say awesome chapter!!!

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