John Francis - Chapter 53

Friday, May 2, 2008 at 9:48 AM
Answering the ringing of the room phone the next morning was the first thing Jon remembered. The second was falling asleep so quickly and so deeply. He turned to Amanda who had also woken at the sound of the phone.

“I didn’t know what time your meetings were today so I just called down for a 7:30 wake up.”

He smiled at her, then gave a big stretch. He realized they were both still in their robes and then he remembered the shower. A bigger smile came her way then and he kissed the tip of her nose.

“Thanks for taking care of me last night.”

“You seemed so tired and I really wanted to just help you relax.”

“It worked. I had big plans for you last night…” then he grinned a little sheepishly, “okay, maybe big hopes would be a better word…but seems I fell asleep.”

She grinned at him and said in a teasing tone, “Yeah, big rock star falls asleep after a long exhausting day…news at 11!”

He laughed then, throwing his head back. “This is sass again, right? Before I’ve had coffee?”

Before he could even reach for her, there was a knock at the door and the call of “Room Service”.

Laughing outright now herself, Amanda bowed from the waist. “Your coffee, sir!” and scooted off the bed to let them in. The cart which held two carafes of coffee, pastries, fruits, eggs, and ham brought Jon out of bed to see what smelled so good. Both made beelines for the bathroom to brush their teeth and take care of their morning needs, although Amanda threw Jon out before taking care of her private need.

Teasing her, he called toward the closed door, “Oh sure, it’s okay to see me pee, but I get thrown out?” He heard “damn right” and then a “pour me some coffee, okay?” They settled down to breakfast, both enjoying the others company.

Taking another sip of her coffee, Amanda cocked her head at Jon. “I have a request to make.”

He nodded at her, grinning.

“No, you sex maniac, another kind of request!”

His sexy pout was almost her undoing, but she held fast to her resolve.

“Stop that! Okay, here’s my request. So I’m not as such loose ends today, could you give me an idea of your schedule, just a general outline so I’m not depended on limo drivers and, god forbid, Richie, to find out things?”

“What did you do at home?”

“Went to the gym for a few hours every day, worked in my garden, read, took long walks, visited with my friend, Susan.”

He realized again how closed off she had been for the past year, just as he had, and he wanted to show her the world, not just his world, but all the wonderful things to see in so many places.

“Well, I was hoping you could go get passport photos taken today as I have my main assistant working on the papers, but I need photos and a copy of your birth certificate to get things processed.”

“I’ll have to ask mom to overnight it to…oh hell…here we go again…where do you live? What’s your address?”

He told her and also gave her the gate code. He was thinking that he was so used to not having to plan for another person that he needed to do some preemptive strikes here so she would not feel like such an outsider. He very much wanted her to be an insider. In fact, sitting here with her, all cozy, he wanted to be inside her. She saw his eyes darken and that certain look come into them, but held up a hand warningly.

“No way, buddy, answer my questions first. What do you have to do today so I can plan something too.”

Shaking his head at her determination, he told her about the meeting with the Habitat people at lunch time which should run for about three hours and then suggested they go out to dinner at Chickie & Pete’s at about 6:30. She nodded, that worked for her.

“Okay, now about transportation…”

“I have a limo ready to take you wherever you need to go.”

“Jon, I don’t need a limo…” but this time he held up a hand warningly to her. “You get a limo, okay? No fuss and no sass woman, understand?”

Rolling her eyes at him, she acquiesced.

Finishing his coffee, Jon growled at her. “Now, about those high hopes I had…” He moved like lightening to her chair and pulled her to him. Gasping at his quickness, he had their robes opened in what seemed to be a heartbeat and she found herself falling backwards onto the bed. She stopped him before he could bend over her and surprising them both, took him into her mouth in one quick motion. He hissed sharply at the warmth of her mouth and her aggressiveness in their play. He braced himself lightly on her shoulders and she continued to tease him until his legs were shaking.

A rumble deep in his throat announced the rules of the game were about to change and pushing her back onto the bed, he kissed her senseless. She was more than ready for him and her “oh my god!” when he entered her in a single thrust was sweet music. He slowly took her, pushing her higher and higher until she spasmed around him, his mouth muffling her cries. His own movements quickened and when she raked her nails down his back he arched against her, spilling himself inside. Still braced above her, he saw the near sated look on her face and finding himself still erect, he stroked a few more times until the deepening flush of her breasts and the rolling of her head signaled another release.

Allowing himself to now curl down on her, they held each other tenderly, exchanging soft kisses and murmurs. He heard her mumble to herself “I’m never gonna make 45” and laughed. Rising up, he pulled her with him and on shaking legs she followed him into the shower. This time he washed her, lingering over her hair, her breasts, and the sweet juncture of her thighs until she was trembling again. Using his skilled hands, he brought her one more time and laughed softly at the stunned look on her face.

“Holy shit, Jon! That was…” her breath so harsh she couldn’t complete her sentence.

“Fucking amazing?” he supplied.

Laughing in her husky tone, she playfully slapped at him. “Yeah…that.”

They dressed to start their day, Jon having the limo drop Amanda at a museum and then taking him to his Habitat meeting. She enjoyed her day, although in truth she was more in a sexual fog than an artistic mode and her mind kept lingering on the experiences she was having with Jon.

Meanwhile, the man on her mind could not seem to concentrate on the business at hand. Several times during the meeting questions had to be repeated and he finally apologized, using the somewhat lame excuse that he had just been overwhelmed with business meetings yesterday and he was finding his mind wandering a bit today. He was finally on his way back to the hotel at 4 that afternoon, but found an empty hotel room waiting for him. Whipping out his cell phone, he called her.

Her answer came in a whisper.


“Why are you whispering, babe?”

“I’m still inside the museum and people are staring daggers at me because my cell rang. Hold on, I’m walking to the exit.” He heard silence for a few moments and then her normal speaking voice.

“Hey handsome! What’s going on?”

“Well, gorgeous one, I am done with meetings for the day and was wondering where my girl was.”

“Oh Jon! This is an amazing museum and I guess I lost track of time. Holy crap! It’s after 4?”

“Yep, so if you’re done, should I send the driver?”

“Yes, please, I’m at the main entrance.”

“Done. Missed you today.”

“Oh God, Jon, I don’t even think I actually saw anything while I was here. I couldn’t get my mind off you.” Laughing she couldn’t resist adding, “Is that where ‘Bad Medicine’ came from?”

“Nah, but I can’t tell ‘cause it’s not my story.”

“Ask Richie, right?”

Laughing harder, he replied: “If you dare…”

She chuckled softly. “Only if there’s no pool around! See you soon, okay?”

“Yeah, babe, soon.”

“Jon!” he heard before hanging up, “get coffee!”

Alex picked her up within 10 minutes and they were on their way back to the Hyatt. As she exited the limo when he held the door, she was surprised to see a photographer obviously taking her picture. Turning her head and using her hair as a shield, she hurried into the lobby and headed straight for the elevators. Punching the button for the 18th floor, she wondered what that was about. Other than some pictures for the Habitat auction in Palm Beach there had been no pictures of her anywhere that she knew of.

She entered their suite and heard the shower running. Throwing off her clothes, she entered the bathroom and opened the shower door. The golden man inside the shower, facing away from her, took her breath away. Water streamed down his back and over what she knew was a truly fabulous ass. His strong thighs and calves were deeply furred and the steam from the shower just enhanced the eroticism of the scene. She stood frozen for a moment and then Jon turned and saw her.

Jon watched her eyes travel up his body from his feet to his legs to the growing erection to his belly and chest. She finally met his eyes and flushed deeply, embarrassed to have been caught staring at him. She started to back out and close the door, when he reached for her and brought her into the shower with him. Holding her closely, he made slow love to her mouth with his, as he wrapped his hands in her hair, holding her to him. Her breasts were once again pressed firmly against the hair of his chest and she found that incredibly erotic. She loved the hard masculine feel of him, the strength in his arms and legs, and the stubble on his face that seemed to always be there no matter when he shaved.

Seeing her watch him had Jon on fire. Keeping the water running, but opening the door so they could see themselves in the bathroom mirrors, he had her lean so he was behind her, his hardness rubbing up against her and sliding in-between her thighs at the juncture where moisture was already pooling. Having her brace against the back wall of the shower, he grabbed her hair and lifted her head so she could see.

She heard his lust-filled voice. “Watch us…see what I see when I’m inside you…”

Turning her eyes to the mirror, she saw him holding her hair and then with a slow, slow entering, she felt him inside her. The sight of him behind her, hands on her hips but with one still gripped in her hair so she couldn’t look away, ignited her already frantic need and she watched as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into her, his eyes darkening and hers becoming slits of desire. Her breasts moved as he took her. The combination of the man, the steam, the sight of them, and the feel of him moving inside her threw her screaming over the edge. She backed herself against him, thrusting herself onto his aching shaft as hard as she could and that sent Jon over as he poured himself inside her.

Holding onto her for a few moments, Jon needed the time to stop his legs from buckling. He had been able to see her face as she orgasmed and to see her breasts move in time with his thrusts and even with his eyes closed he could still see her. Amanda felt her legs tremble and her breasts tingle with the force of her release. Watching him watch her as they watched each other may have been the most erotic thing she had ever done. She turned away from the mirror then, making him release her. With her eyes averted, she started to clean the result of their passion away.

Jon was learning to read her, however, and knew they had crossed some threshold she had not crossed before. He took her in his arms and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t take my scent off you. Let me know all night that a part of me is still inside you.”

She shook from the intimacy of his words. “Jesus, Jon…I…”

“Please, Manda? Let me stay inside you a while longer.”

She couldn’t refuse him and other than minor cleansing, she let his scent brand her.


  1. Opester Says:

    I had big plans for you last night…” then he grinned a little sheepishly, “okay, maybe big hopes would be a better word…but seems I fell asleep.”
    I love that line!
    Totally hot chapter! There is so much for Jon to teach her!

  2. JohnnaJovi Says:

    I seriously need to get an ICY COLD SHOWER! I love the line he said to Manda- “Please, Manda? Let me stay inside you a while longer.”

    I would not be washing his scent off of me. I would want to smell him all day! Hot Dayum!!!! :)

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    I agree with Johnnajovi...that would definitely be me.

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