John Francis - Chapter 62

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 6:47 AM
Each man linking an arm through hers, Amanda was led back to the after-show stadium party. She entered to find the room packed with the rest of the band, roadies, stage hands, and girls. In fact, there were pretty much wall to wall girls and with a wry smile on her face she took a deep breath and went inside.

Asking her if she wanted a drink, Jon went to fetch a beer for her and she saw with amusement a gaggle of girls following him over to where there was a huge cooler, bottles of alcohol, and several mixers. Richie stayed by her side and whispered to her, “Jon’s an old hand at this, honey, don’t worry a bit.” Suddenly, however, Richie was gone from her side as she was, well, female-handled away from him. Another swarm of young women was surrounding him from all sides and she had to laugh at his expression. He looked a little bemused and then his natural charm started and the group of girls started giggling.

Looking around, she saw that all of the band had a whole circle of women around them and everyone was talking and laughing. It seems the guys had all had a great time tonight and were enjoying relaxing after their work.

She started looking around for a place to sit and found herself at the end of the one of the couches. Tico was at the other end and he gave her a wide smile. Calling to her over the crowd around him, he grinned.

“Hey chica!”

She smiled back at him. “Hi sweetie! You were so good tonight!” He nodded his head at her and then turned to answer something one of the women had said to him. David was enthusiastically talking to a beautiful blond with hair almost the same color as his and Hugh was talking to a dramatic brunette who seemed to be hanging onto his every word.

Trying to unobtrusively catch sight of Jon, she finally decided that all she had to do was follow the hands. The ones on his arms, back, shoulders, and she squinted harder, the one on his ass. He moved that hand off, but it snaked back again and this time he moved himself a bit away from the bold young woman who thought that might get her what she wanted. Amanda found herself subconsciously rubbing the bruise along the top of her right breast and she secretly smiled to herself.

Since being completely staggered by the dynamic force that was Jon Bon Jovi on stage, she had been brought back by his use of “John Francis” when he came to get her. She realized that this party was also part of the “performance” and while she was feeling a bit possessive and not a little jealous over so many women touching ‘her man’, she could also appreciate that this was a part of Jon’s life and she needed to do the adjusting.

Richie had been watching Amanda watch Jon and had noted the secret little smile she had on her face as she had rubbed the top of her breast. Since he had seen the marks himself, he knew what she was doing. She was reminding herself just whose bed Jon would be in tonight and, more importantly, allowing him to do the socializing that was also a part of his rock persona.

He had noticed a delicious blonde in the crowd and if it had been another night he would have made sure she was in his bed, but tonight with Amanda in the room he didn’t want her to see that. He really liked her and didn’t want her to lose respect for him and he knew somehow if he picked up a one-nighter in front of her, something would be lost in the friendship they were building. He sighed to himself. The things we do for women. Then a better thought came into his head. Nah, the things we do for friends.

Jon could not seem to extricate himself from the rather aggressive group of young women who were around him. He tried to see Amanda and that’s when he saw Brittney. Son of a bitch! He moaned to himself. I’m gonna kill whoever let that bitch in here. Brittney was a one-nighter that Jon had been with a few months ago. She was a bleached-blonde, surgery-enhanced, dragon-nailed 26 year old who was physically and in every other way the complete opposite of his ex-wife. He had been with her for a few hours until he had sobered enough to realize that all he wanted was the fuck outta there.

Brittney was watching Jon and saw the moment he noticed her. I knew he wanted me again, she thought smugly, her own estimation of her charms grossly unrealistic. When that guy at the door saw me again, he smiled and let me come right in. Jon must have told him to let me in if I showed up. She made a bit of a show of adjusting her top and short skirt, making sure the top of the back of her thong was exposed, and then walked over to him.

Elbowing her way through the women standing in front of Jon, Brittney ran her extremely long fingernails down the front of his shirt through his chest hair and hooked her hand in the top of his pants.

“Hi Jonny,” she breathed in what she thought was a sexy, come-fuck-me voice.

Acting as casual as he could under the circumstances, he nodded. “Hey.”

The women around them were watching with fascination, wondering who this person was and why her hands were near to touching Jon’s ‘package’.

Richie and Tico saw Brittney when she came into the room and both men moved from where they were to try and draw Amanda’s attention away from the soap opera unfolding almost under her nose. They both moved into her line of sight and started talking about the show, the crowd, the charity and the money raised, anything and everything they could think of to help Jon extricate himself from his situation and to protect Amanda’s feelings.

Unknown to both of them though was that Amanda could see quite clearly through the gap left between their bodies and she saw the blonde run her hand down Jon’s chest and onto his pants. She saw the woman lean in and grab Jon’s hair, pulling his mouth to hers. She also saw Jon’s hands stay straight at his sides. Rubbing her bright red lipstick off Jon’s mouth, Brittney’s eyes dropped to Jon’s crotch, saying without words where she would like to have her lipstick.

The first thing Amanda did, before making any decisions, was to check out the front of Jon’s pants. No response, she thought, he gets to live. The second thing she did was put a hand on the arms of the babbling men in front of her to get their attention. Looking at both of them she pulled them down a little so she could speak very softly.

“I am not mad, upset, or hurt. But I really do understand now why he never stayed the night.”

Two sets of wide eyes and two gaping mouths were her response until she copied their facial expressions herself and they blinked and shut their mouths.

“Guys, he didn’t let me out of his sight for ten days straight…do you really think I’m gonna be upset about that?” She motioned dismissively at the woman Jon was now desperate to get away from.

Richie immediately dropped to one knee in front of her.

“You have a sister, right? A cousin? A niece? Any female relative under the age of 60?”

Laughing at his antics, she answered. “Nope, an only child. Sorry, Sambora.”

She laughed even harder when Tico, the elder of the bunch, piped in with “How old is your mother?”
Amanda seemed to have acquired a bit of Richie’s devil by osmosis. She watched the scene being played out in front of her and then looked at the two men and said, “I need a tank top”. They looked at her with incomprehension. “Now!”

Returning a few minutes later with a black tank top, Amanda asked where she could change. Moving quickly into a changing room, she took off her sweater and put on the black top. Fluffing her breasts to their full advantage, she was pleased to note that the top was just a little small and the two bruises from their lovemaking were extremely visible. In fact, the one on her breast had actual teeth marks showing. Perfect! She freshened her makeup just a little, adding a light rose-tinted lipstick. She brushed her hair and pulling a chopstick from her bag, she put it up in a bun on the top of her head.

Jon couldn’t see Amanda, but could see Richie and Tico standing in front of where she was sitting. He would thank his brothers later. Right now he was desperate to get out of the situation he was in without causing a scene and drawing Amanda’s attention. He was deeply regretting each and every one night stand he’d had since his divorce and offering up prayers to the gods that he would never be in this situation again.

Hugh and David were not oblivious to what was happening either and had seen Amanda leave the room. Richie and Tico were wondering what she was up to and the four men were in the process of exchanging looks across the rather large room when she came back in. The women around Jon blocked his sight of the door and his attention was still directed toward Brittney and trying to get the fuck away from her. He missed the dropped mouths of the four other men as Amanda walked back in the room in a too-tight tank top, with two obvious love bites – one on her neck and the other on the swell of one of her generous breasts. She had put her hair up and the bites stood out like neon signs.

Amanda winked at a gaping Richie and maneuvered her way to the drink table without being seen by Jon. She poured herself a glass of wine for courage, keeping her back to Jon, and drank it down. Pouring another, she turned slowly as he was frantically turning to look for her again. He saw her then and his breath stopped. His eyes went first to her breasts, lingering on the teeth marks there, and then to her neck. He managed to drag his eyes up to her face and watch as she pulled the chopstick out of her hair and it tumbled down around her like a dark honeyed wave. His mouth dried, he gasped a breath, and his cock went so hard so fast he thought someone had knee’d him in the nuts.

Staring at her, insensible to everyone around him, he met her eyes, afraid of what he would see. What he didn’t expect and couldn’t have imagined was that she would cross her eyes and stick her tongue out at him, then grin wickedly and walk away, sashaying her hips a little more than usual as she moved. Four familiar sets of eyes turned from Amanda to Jon as they saw him move. He pushed away from everyone around him, took four steps, whirled Amanda around and bent and threw her over his shoulder, never stopping as he left the room.

Sudden silence followed them and then hooting, shouting, cat calls, and a few ‘goddams!’ could be heard. Richie, Tico, David, and Hugh were laughing so hard they couldn’t stand and the more their eyes met each others the more they laughed. Tico and Richie had moved over by Hugh and David and Richie was grinning at the two, saying “Was I right or what?” They nodded at him, yep, he was right about Jon and Amanda.

They all heard a very put out Brittney whine about where did Jonny go and who was that woman? As if they were all puppets on a string, the four men turned to her and said in unison, “That’s HIS woman!”
They then proceeded to laugh their asses off again.


  1. Opester Says:

    Oh wow, it's so hard to choose a favorite line here, but I'll go with:
    "he gets to live"
    That was a scream and just too perfect. I also loved Tico's question about her mother-gotta love both him and Richie. I liked that they tried to protect jon too as i would imagine it would go just like you described it, but Amanda's mature response was both believable and refreshing. Made me like her all that much more! And then her final response-whoa! Way to go! Wish I was clever enough to think of something that good!
    this chapter just flowed in every way-the story and the dialog-I especially love the dialog sequences-really came together perfectly!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It just keeps getting funnier...and I'm up to chap. 62 now!

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    I love the last part " thats his woman." Bye bye Brittany lol.

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