John Francis - Chapter 83

Monday, May 12, 2008 at 7:16 PM
Jon and Amanda went to bed pretty quickly after his phone call with his mother. They were both exhausted from shopping and from their time together and knew they needed to pick up her mother tomorrow morning.

The alarm went off at 8 AM and groaning a little, Amanda made her way to the bathroom and then down to the kitchen. Linda was still away for the holidays spending time with her children and grandchildren, so Amanda got the coffee going and when ready, she brought a cup up to Jon who was already in the shower.

“Any room for me in there?” she called out to him.

“Come on in, babe.”

She entered to feel the rush of the warm water and the warmth of the man waiting inside. He took her in his arms and she kissed him and then reached out to grab his coffee. Taking a few sips while in the shower, he threw her a grin of thanks, and they finished their showers. Amanda dressed in another turtle neck as the remnants of Jon’s love play were still evident on her skin, although fainter now. She did not want to explain it to her mother, however.

They had a light breakfast and more coffee and then at 9:45 left to head to the airport. Jon drove and they arrived at close to 10:30. They checked on her mother’s flight and were informed it was on time. They grabbed another coffee and waited for the plane. Amanda put her hand on Jon’s arm, turning his attention to her, as she smiled at him.

“Thanks again for bringing my mom here. I really appreciate it.”

“Baby, it’s made you smile. That’s good enough for me.”

Jon had dressed that day in deference to the weather that seemed to be turning colder by the hour. He had on a light blue sweater and jeans, along with his baseball cap and sunglasses. She noticed that most of the time if he covered his hair and his eyes he was able to escape detection as those were unmistakable. Checking his watch, Jon nodded that it was time to go meet the plane.

It only took a few minutes and her mother was walking off the plane, looking for her daughter.


Jennifer Adams gave a big smile as she moved to give her daughter a welcoming hug. She then turned to Jon and hugged him too.

“Thank you, young man. I’ve never flown first class!”

“It was the least I could do, having you come all this way from your home.” Jon demurred. “Let’s go get your bags.”

They moved to the luggage area and stood chatting about Jennifer’s flight and what had been going on. Although neither Amanda nor her mother were aware of it, there was a murmur going through some of the waiting people and Jon looked around. He realized that someone or more than someone had recognized him. He braced a little, trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. Several women were suddenly around him and Amanda and Jennifer found they were shunted off to the side a bit just to escape the crush. The babble of voices got louder and as gracious as Jon tried to be, explaining he was here on family business, there were some who just refused to leave.

Watching from a few feet away, Amanda tried to explain to her mother that this is just what happened sometimes. Jennifer looked at her daughter, realizing it really didn’t bother her. She really does love him.

Security finally noticed what was going on and immediately two officers came up. Jon took his sunglasses off and one of the officers recognized him. Getting on his radio, he immediately called for backup as Mr. Bon Jovi was being swarmed by fans and help was needed. Within two minutes officers came running from both directions of the baggage claim area and moved the overzealous women away as security formed a human shield around Jon. Motioning to Amanda and her mother, Jon explained they were with him and needed to be brought to his side. One of the officers walked over to the two women and brought them to Jon.

“You okay, honey?” Amanda asked, concerned.

“Yeah, shit, thought I was gonna get outta here without that happening.” Looking at Amanda’s mother, he said, “Sorry, Mrs. Adams.”

She waved a hand at him, indicating no problem. Her luggage came around and Jon grabbed the bag. With security escorting them, they made it to Jon’s car with no further problems. Once they were on their way, Jon tried to downplay the incident.

“Usually I can get in and out of places without much trouble if I’m quick. Just got unlucky that time.”

Jennifer laughed. “Actually, Jon, I’ve been doing a little bit of checking on you on the internet. I’m surprised you can go anywhere and expect to not be recognized!”

Laughing, Jon turned to Amanda. “Your mother Googled me?”

Amanda turned in her seat towards the back. “Mom?”

Laughing herself, Jennifer replied. “Yes, I Googled him. Those were some wild pants you wore back in the 80’s!”

Groaning loudly, Jon then had to laugh. “It was the style, I swear! I’m never gonna live down that Spandex!”

They all laughed now and Amanda and Jon filled her mother in on what had been happening during the past week. Jennifer started questioning her daughter about the allergic reaction she had experienced.

“You seem like you’ve fully recovered, honey, but it’s scary that something like that happened.”

“Well, Mom, the doctor said it might have never shown up if that chemical wasn’t given to me. I’m not an allergic person, so who could have known?”

Jennifer nodded at that and they continued their talk about tomorrow and how she felt about meeting Jon’s family, including his ex-wife and their kids.

“I’d love to meet your family, Jon. Will your parents be there too?”

“Yeah, mom and dad and then later we’ll see my two brothers, Tony and Matt and their families.”

More small talk took place and quite soon they were pulling up to Jon’s gate. He entered the code and they were through.

“My goodness!” Jon heard Amanda’s mother say as they got closer to his home. Amanda used her key as Jon got the bag and they went inside. They took her bag to the room she would be using and then Jon gave her a tour.

“You’re home is lovely, Jon. I’m sure I’ll be very comfortable here.”

“I hope you will be, Mrs. Adams.”

“Please, I’ve asked you to call me Jennifer.”

“Yes, ma’am, I mean Jennifer” Jon flashed his smile at her.

Turning to the women he explained he had a business meeting he needed to attend and they both assured him they would use the time to catch up on what had been happening. Jon left them to unpack and went to his office to talk with Obie and the lawyer regarding the meeting with Maryann. Both men said everything was on track and Jon said he would be leaving in a few minutes as he wanted to get there in time to meet with the security he had arranged.

Going back upstairs, he knocked on the door and at their “come in” he entered and said he had to leave for his meeting. His kissed Jennifer on her cheek and gave Amanda a longer but more appropriate kiss in front of her mother. Amanda, knowing what this meeting was about, asked him to let her know once things were resolved. He promised to and took his leave.

Driving to his office in the city, he called the security company and was assured that an officer would be there to meet him in roughly half an hour. Jon informed the man that was plenty of time and continued his drive. Forty-five minutes later, Jon drove to his parking spot by his office. At the entrance to the building there was a man who showed identification from the security company. Entering the building, he gave the man, Jeff Johnson, a basic outline of what had happened and what would be happening. It was now 2:30 and within a few moments of each other Obie and his lawyer called that they were five minutes away.

The men were sitting in the office, talking when there was a knock at the door. Obie went to the door and opened it, showing Maryann into the office. She was a bit surprised to see Obie, but even more surprised to see a security officer and another man in Jon’s office. The security officer took a position that would allow him to either move towards Jon or towards the door, whichever might be needed.

Jon introduced his lawyer to Maryann and told her he had asked the lawyer to be present for this meeting. With more than a little effort, Jon managed to keep his voice neutral during the discussion, although his eyes were chips of ice.

“It has come to my attention that you have been making calls for quite some time to both my ex-wife and my brother Matt relaying information concerning the band, most particularly my personal business. As you well know, according to the contract you signed with us, this is direct cause for termination. After discussion with Mr. McWilliams, my attorney, we are invoking this clause in your contract. Effective today your association with anything and everything to do with any organization or business that I own or am a part of is over. You are not to approach me or come anywhere near my home. You will not be allowed on any of my business premises and, also according to your contract, you are barred from contacting any members of the band or my businesses associates. In addition, should you contact the media, you will be sued.”

Maryann sat there is complete stunned silence. Finally finding her voice, she hissed at Jon.

“You can’t do this. You have no proof of anything.”

“I have my ex-wife’s word and Matt’s word that they spoke to you and you relayed privileged information. They both identified you and this violated your contract with us.”

The lawyer then spoke to Maryann.

“I want you to fully understand this, Ms. Paulson, you have no legal grounds to sue and you have violated your contract. Under these circumstances you would be best served seeking employment elsewhere.”

Turning her eyes again to Jon, she said, “How can you do this to me? I was always there for you! I’ve loved you since we first met. You always smile at me and talk to me. You never said it, but I know you love me. We have a relationship!”

Standing now, Jon lost a bit of his famous temper.

“Always there for me?! You worked for me. That is the ONLY relationship we had. Amanda almost died from that shit you put in her drink and I know you’re the one who called the papers about her doing drugs at that club. If I could prove those, I would make sure you were arrested!”

“Jon!” McWilliams attempted to rein in Jon’s angry outburst.

He took a deep breath, shook his head, and looked at the lawyer.

“Do I need to issue restraining orders against her?”

“Not unless she attempts to have further contact.”

“I want those restraining orders prepared so they can be issued immediately upon my notification to you.”

The lawyer nodded. “Understood.”

Jon again turned to the woman who had caused him so much grief.

“Ms. Paulson, you’re fired. Officer Johnson, please escort her off the premises immediately.”

Maryann stood up, looking at Jon with what could only be described as anguish rapidly turning to anger.

“You’re going to regret this.” Her voice was flat and featureless, making her statement all the more disturbing to those present. She turned and left without another word.


  1. Opester Says:

    Mama googled Jon! Don't you just love the wonders of the internet?????? That was just way too funny, I'm still cackling over that one! Way to go, Mrs. Adams!

  2. Opester Says:

    I was laughing so hard about Mama googling Jon that i forgot to comment about Maryann and i was waiting for that part too-see how you distract me!
    I liked how Jon handled that with her-that was an excellent bit of detail about the contract clause and made perfect sense as i have heard things to that effect too. And I would think Jon is saavy enough to include such a provision as we know that loyalty is such a critical factor for him in those he chooses to associate with or emply! Well done! The flat affect on Maryann also does make her more of a threat too as that suggests an antisocial personality disorder rather than a delusional disorder alone (believing she and Jon had a "special" relationship-it's called an erotomanic type of delusional disorder. Mix in antisocial and Jon really will need that restraining order!

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    Somehow I don't think this is the last we have heard of Maryann. Nice to see Amanda and her mom will be together for Christmas.

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