John Francis - Chapter 57

Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 6:46 PM
Four members of the band Bon Jovi, three stadium security officers, and two New York policemen stood in stunned silence. Jon’s “OOF!” at her punch had doubled him over, however, Amanda stood right in front of him, waiting. She didn’t notice Richie’s shit-eating grin or his finger wag at the two policemen not to touch her. She didn’t see Tico turn red from trying not to laugh or the stunned looks on Dave or Hugh’s faces at what they had just seen. And she certainly didn’t see the grins begin on the faces of the three security guards. She just stood with her hands on her hips waiting for Jon to stand back up.

He glanced back up at her, protecting his stomach when he did so, and she started.

“You’re not allowed down here ma’am…yes that’s what all the girls tell me…do you know how many girls have tried that line…” No one said a word as she was obviously repeating what someone had said to her. She was gesturing wildly and her hair was tossing back and forth and Jon thought she had never looked more appealing. He shut her up the only way he could think of.

Pulling her into his arms, he grabbed her hair, slanted his mouth across hers and kissed her until she couldn’t think. All the fight went out of her and she melted in his arms. She was so glad to have found him that she forgot the crowd that was around them. She finally caught sight of Richie’s face with tears rolling down it and she glared at him.

“Not one word, not one frickin’ word…” Richie lost it then, he roared, he howled, he laughed so hard he had to hold his sides and Tico was very close behind.

The last thing she heard before she started laughing until she cried was Tico’s gravelly voice asking if she thought it was time to give him back his spoon.

The band, still breaking into chuckles whenever they thought of what had happened, most particularly Amanda punching Jon in the stomach, took their positions to run through some of their songs. Tico was warming up on the drums, David on the keyboards, and Richie and Hugh were trading some riffs back and forth. Jon had not yet approached the mic. He was looking for Big Jake to watch over Amanda while they were performing. Amanda had her back to Jon as he walked over with Jake, turning to him when he called her name. Her eyes met those of the mountain man and she glared at Jon.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Jon looked at her and then at Jake who looked down at Jon from his great height.

“Mr. B, this lady with you?”

Amanda folded her arms across her chest as she looked at Jon and the man beside him. Jon was not a stupid man and putting two and two together, he asked the big security man if he had met Amanda before. The giant of a man actually reddened when he nodded yes.

“Excuse me? Perhaps I could make a small suggestion?” Both men turned to her. “Jake here was doing his job, but since there is always the chance someone does belong, maybe Jake could radio security before he escorts someone off the property?”

Jon smiled at her out of sight of Jake and then turned to the big man. “Jake, sounds like we’ve got a new procedure.”

Nodding vigorously, Jake agreed. “Yes, Sir, Mr. B!”

Leaving Amanda alone for a moment to speak with Jake, Jon told him that she was his lady and she was to be escorted wherever she needed to go and protected at all costs. Jake nodded his head so hard at these instructions that Jon himself was getting dizzy. He slapped the big guy on the arm and said, “It’s okay, Jake, I know you were doing your job.”

Jake’s gratitude was obvious. “Thanks, Mr. B, thanks so much!”

Jake moved over to Amanda’s side and stood behind her. Craning her neck up at him, she asked him to show her the best place to stand to watch the guys. He took her around the back to Jon’s side of the stage and again took up a position behind her. For several minutes she felt his presence behind her and then she was lost in watching these men perform their magic. They sang one of her favorites – “Have A Nice Day” and “Bounce” from some of their older albums, along with some songs she was not familiar with.

It took Jon a little while to get over his mad at the way Amanda had been treated, but he couldn’t stop chuckling over how she had responded to it by punching him in the stomach. It seemed she had instantly won over everyone with her irreverent attitude towards him. After a much shorter time than the guys expected, Jon called a halt to the practice run thru as the actual sound check was tomorrow.

The roadies stored the equipment for the show the following day and the guys all gathered at the back dressing rooms to discuss the show and what was going on later that night.

Jon announced he was taking everyone out to dinner if they all agreed. Everyone said yes and they decided to meet at their favorite steak and ale house. Opening the door to walk out, Jon saw Jake standing like a guard at a castle gate. He thanked him and dismissed him for the night.

A caravan left the stadium that night as each had driven their own car and Tico who had flown in for the show was riding with Richie. A loud boisterous group entered the eatery and Amanda found herself in the middle of a five man guard. Jon was leading, Richie and Tico were at her sides, and Hugh and Dave brought up the rear. She laughed a little at the image they must be presenting, but after such a frustrating and exhilarating day she needed a drink.

Sitting at a booth in the back, Jon asked what she wanted to drink. “A margarita, maybe a double!” Most of the men nodded their agreement and the pitchers began to appear. Massive amounts of food accompanied the drinks and Amanda found herself laughing more than she had in ages. David was always trying to one up Richie, and although Hugh was a little on the quiet side, she found herself in discussion with him about the different kinds of guitars he played.

Jon watched her interact with the other two men and saw their easy acceptance of her. Richie continued to keep her in stitches and Tico’s sly comments left her giggling. She felt herself getting a little tipsy and Jon realized she might be more than a little tipsy when she suddenly reached over, grabbed his hair, and pulled him to her lips. The silence at the table penetrated his consciousness before hers and pulling back to grin at his friends, he acknowledged that perhaps he had better take his lady home.

Amanda was definitely feeling no pain and announced, rather more loudly than she knew, “Oh, no, all he does is keep me in bed!” Then she giggled again and added, “or on the table, or the floor, or the shower, or…” at which point Jon put his hand over her mouth as his friends were roaring and he found himself turning beet red. Richie then had to add his two cents.

“Well, at least we know why it took ya ten days to get her phone number!”

Amanda tried her usual tactic with Richie, that of poking him in the stomach, but she finally had to growl at him to hold still so she could poke him. Richie, who had not been moving at all, laughed harder and nodded to Jon that he would help get Amanda out to the car. She stood up, took a step back, wobbled a bit, and gave what she thought was a graceful bow to the remaining men at the table. In reality, more arms than she knew reached out to help her keep her balance and she almost fell right into the nachos.

With Jon on one side and Richie on the other, they maneuvered Amanda out to Jon’s car. Richie supported her while Jon opened the door. She remembered she had to poke him and managed to do so, although she hurt her finger when she rammed it into a solid chest. Looking at him rather bleary-eyed, she asked him if he had body armor. Finally settled in, Richie told Jon he would see him tomorrow afternoon for the sound check and then laughed again as before they could pull away Amanda turned and put her hand solidly on Jon’s crotch. Turning startled eyes to Richie, Jon threw back his head and laughed and drove off into the night.


  1. blackbird Says:

    OMG! This chapter is hysterical!

    Call me crazy, but I found myself laughing out loud when Big Jake made Jon dizzy with his nodding!

    Few FF endear themselves to me and yours is one of them.

    I also love the fast pace at which you put up the chapters!

  2. Hathor Says:

    Just got caught up -- I thought Amanda's handling of the press was great, and the whole misunderstanding w/the cops was hysterical!

    ~ Hath

  3. Sunstreaked Says:

    Thanks so much for the comments! It's so great to hear what someone likes when they read and if what I hoped would be funny actually is funny! Appreciate your kind words. More chapters to come!

  4. Opester Says:

    I loved this chapter too! It always brings a smile to my face when I come here and read the next chapter! I have to admit that I am liking Richie more and more all the time but I love the whole crew together!

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    Oh man I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I read this one. Amanda is a funny drunk. Sure hope Jon gets home in one piece lol.

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