John Francis - Chapter 55

Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 6:41 PM
Early the next morning, Amanda was awoken with a smack on the butt. Jumping up, she whirled in the bed and met Jon’s sparkling blue eyes.

“Wake up, sleepyhead! We have a busy day ahead of us. Up, up, up!!!”

She moaned and threw the pillow over her head. He thought he heard muffled curses, but when he started tickling her they turned into giggles.

“Are you crazy? Get off me! What’s up with you this morning?” Her glare could have melted metal.

With an extremely wicked gleam in his eyes, he trailed his hand down his chest through the fur that led to that line, the one that lead to…her eyes widened as he took hold of himself, stroking his length. He ripped the covers off her, making her breathe heavily as he continued his movements. Lust flared through her and she watched in fascination as he brought himself to a full erection. She couldn’t take her eyes away from what he was doing and she felt her center flood. He kept up the slow stroking, moving his hand from base to tip, watching her watch him.

He heard her hoarse moan, “Oh my God!” and of their own accord her thighs opened for him. He rubbed his length against her core, drenching himself in her wetness. She was ravenous to have him inside her and without preliminaries he gave her what she wanted. Sinking into her was like entering a warm wet pool, her body primed for the release he could give her. Unhanding himself, he brought his hand to her mound where he found the most sensitive part of her. With gentle strokes he timed with his thrusts, he brought her again and again until he could hold back no longer and he burst inside her.

Jon saw her eyes roll back and she shuddered and went limp in his arms. She roused in a few minutes and felt him softly stroking her from breast to thigh.

Her voice was so hoarse from the intensity of the encounter she could barely speak. “What…are…you…doing…to…me?”

“Loving you.”

Tears fell from the corners of her closed eyes and he kissed them away. She shuddered in his arms and more tears fell as the force of her feelings swept over her. He shushed her and held her until the tears subsided. She could not put her feelings into words and she didn’t try. She just let him hold her and wondered what she would ever do without this man.

Jon let her have some time in the shower by herself as he could see that she was shaken by what had happened. He repeated to himself what he had been saying from the beginning, I’m never going to let her go. Never.

A few more tears escaped Amanda while she was showering, but she felt cleansed in more ways that one when she left the bathroom. He might not know it yet but she was never going to let him go. Never.

After breakfast where they were a bit more quiet than usual, they took one of Jon’s cars to Giant’s stadium. She felt a bit nervous meeting the other members of his band, as well as the crew that worked for them. In spite of her nervousness, she was looking forward to seeing Richie and Tico again. They entered a private entrance into the stadium and Jon took her hand as they exited the car.

“I’m going to have one of the crew look after you while we’re doing our run through because I know you don’t know the stadium. That okay with you?”

“Of course! Thank you.”

He could tell she was nervous and he pulled her to him and kissed her hard. “It’s okay, baby, I promise.”

Taking a deep breath she started to let it out shakily and then suddenly to Jon’s amazement she laughed out loud. He turned where she was looking and saw Richie making puppy dog eyes at the two of them. Squeezing Jon’s hand, she released him and ran towards Richie. He swept her up in a big bear hug and spun her around until she felt dizzy.

“Put me down, you crazy man!” she laughed at him. He gave her a big kiss on the cheek and turned her loose. “It’s so good to see you!”

“You too, darlin’. Hey Teek! She’s here!”

Tico came up from the bottom of the ramp they were descending and even though he was shorter than her, the strength in his arms and chest were such that he also swept her up high in a hug and setting her down gave her a warm kiss.

“Oh Tico, you sweet, sweet man! I’ve missed you!”

Hugh and David were walking up the ramp and saw both Richie and Tico’s greeting of Amanda and hers to them. Both had been filled in a bit by Richie and Tico and their greeting of Amanda was warm and welcoming.

“It is such a pleasure to meet you both. Thank you all for allowing me to come here while you work.” She turned to Jon and thanked him also, missing the look the other four men exchanged. Richie mouthed to them “told ya” and the two who had just met Amanda cocked their heads, gave a slight shake, and decided that Tico and Richie had not been bull-shitting them with regards to Amanda. Now they would have to see about Jon.

Jon greeted the others as Tico, Richie, and Amanda made small talk and Tico caught them up on his activities. She didn’t notice that the other three had disappeared.

Walking out of earshot with David and Hugh, Jon asked if he could speak with them privately. They agreed.

Facing them squarely to own up to his behavior, he told them he had been a complete shit and thanked them for sticking by him and not knocking him to the ground for some of the attitudes he had thrown at them. By the time the apology talk was over, all three were slapping backs and reaffirming the brotherhood they had felt for most of their lifetimes. It was David who brought up another subject, one they were very curious about.

“Hey, man…Amanda?”

Jon turned to him and without preamble said, “I love her and I’m keeping her.” Both men grinned at his phrasing. This was not the Jon they had grown to expect over the last year or more. He turned to walk back to the others, with Hugh and David following.

The sounds of friendly laughter greeted them as they returned and Amanda’s blushing red face told Jon that Richie had done something to get her going again. Turns out she was being teased by both men about not having Jon’s cell number and having to call Richie. When Richie found out that Jon had not told her about his text messages and the first wrong number, he had to tell that story and that’s what the others walked back to hear the end of.

Hands on hips, Richie looked at Jon. “Ten days, ten fuckin’ days and you can’t manage to get her phone number?”

“Sambora…” Jon began as he and Amanda both finished, “Shut the fuck up!”

Richie turned to make a face at the other guys when suddenly and without any warning whatsoever, he felt a whack on the back of his head. Amanda’s hand was behind her back and she turned completely innocent eyes to him. Squinting his eyes suspiciously at her, he attempted to get behind her to see if she had really smacked him with that wooden spoon again, but the roars of laughter from the other men confirmed what he suspected.

An “Oh crap!” escaped her as one look at him had her running full tilt down the ramp into the lower levels of the stadium. Richie would have been right behind her, but found his way continually blocked by the other four men. Finally giving a dodging move worthy of one of the New York Giants running backs, he outflanked them and took off after Amanda. Stumbling and laughing the others took off after Richie.

Amanda ran without looking back. She had no idea where she was going and just kept following corridor after corridor with more turns and twists than she imagined when she first took off. She had realized her mistake almost immediately. She should have run up the ramp instead of down into an area she didn’t know. Turning a blind corner she ran full speed into a mountain. She bounced off the mountain and would have fallen flat onto her back, except the mountain was actually a man and he had stopped her fall with his massive arms.


  1. Opester Says:

    “I love her and I’m keeping her.”

    That always makes me grin too! And i think Amanda is planning to keep Jon too!

  2. Daydreamer- Says:

    I'm new to this story and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm not caught up yet. I just HAD to stop here and say that I can't believe no one else commented on the sex scene in this chapter!!! Holy moly, the thought of Jon doing that to himself gets me all hot and bothered! LOL. I thought it was a nice touch (no pun intended). I've recently started my own story - it's still in the very early stages, but give it a look if you want to. I can't wait to catch up in this story!

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    Oh to wake up to the sight of jon stroking himself..damn!! Glad the guys have fully accepted Amanda into their circle.

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