John Francis - Chapter 101

Friday, May 23, 2008 at 3:17 PM
Arriving at the table, Jon stuck his hand out, almost but not quite into the man’s face.

“I’m Jon Bon Jovi and you are?” The man shook Jon’s hand, having to stand to do so as Jon made no attempt to lower his hand to facilitate “Charlie”.

“Charles Carlton, Tahoe Daily Tribune. Nice to meet you, Mr. Bon Jovi.”

“I understand you have some questions?” Only Amanda would have recognized the ice covering the congeniality in Jon’s tone. “Why don’t you ask me what you want to know?”

“Is this your new girlfriend?” He gestured to Amanda.

“Yes, she is.”

“Is the story going around about Giants stadium the night you played there true?”

“I don’t know what story is going around, so I can’t answer that question.” Jon’s tone was even cooler now.

“The word is that you left the party, carrying her over your shoulder, and disappeared for the rest of the night.” Charlie was choosing his words a bit carefully as even he could tell now that Jon was not pleased.

“If that is the question, then yes, I did carry Amanda out of the room and we did not return to the party.”

Glancing at Amanda, hesitating just a little before his next question, he took the chance.

“Does she have a drug problem?”

“Absolutely not. Amanda had an allergic reaction the night of the party you are referring to and required paramedic and hospital treatment.” He glared now at the reporter. “Let me be perfectly clear. Amanda does not now nor did she ever have a drug problem. In addition, she does not now nor in the past do drugs. I had better not see anything else printed except that direct quote, Mr. Carlton, do we understand each other?”

Swallowing a little thickly, Charlie nodded. “I understand, Mr. Bon Jovi.”

Nodding, Jon added one last statement. “Amanda is not a public figure. If you or any other reporter has questions, I suggest you speak to me, not her.”

Charlie again swallowed harshly and nodded. “I understand Mr. Bon Jovi. Ma’am, my apologies.”

Amanda gave a brief nod of acknowledgement, but refused to speak to him.

They took their leave then, returning to where Kevin and his wife were waiting. Jon’s eyes were still shooting blue fire and at Kevin’s look he explained what had just happened. Kevin gave her a sympathetic glance.

“They do that, Amanda, act like normal people and then fire off something hoping to catch you off guard. Your ‘no comment’ and then leaving were perfect!”

Jon hugged her to him. “Yeah, you did great, honey!”

“I’m just pissed that I got played! I thought the stupid jerk was hitting on me, not trying to get celebrity dirt! So, now I feel twice as stupid!”

Christine hugged her to her side. “Amanda, I’m sure if he wasn’t a reporter, he would have been!”

“Thanks, Christine. Not sure about that, but thanks anyway!” The other three exchanges looks, knowing Amanda meant the demurring comment, she wasn’t fishing for complements. Kevin raised an eyebrow at Jon and winked. Jon grinned back.

The four decided their skiing was over for the day and after saying their good-byes they went their separate ways. Jon and Kevin talked about getting together again as their schedules allowed and Christine and Amanda exchanged hugs, both women having formed the beginning of a friendship during their shot time together.


“Jon, let’s eat in tonight, sort of a picnic.” Amanda relayed an idea she had been thinking about as they were walking to the car.

“Sounds good. I know a great store.”

They went into a small gourmet grocery store and loaded up on items like Brie, apples, soft crusty French bread, cherries, strawberries, thin slices of Prosciutto ham, shrimp, limes, crackers, Gorgonzola, blueberries, and pretty much anything else that caught their fancy. Jon added a few bottles of wine and paying for their items, they left the store.

Amanda laughed as they carried the bags into the cabin.

“Our eyes may have been bigger than our stomachs! This is a lot of food.”

He turned his blue eyes on her and gave her a smile, the one that flooded her with heat.

“I intend to work up an appetite!”

At that moment she couldn’t have answered him if she had tried. Damn! He KNOWS what he does to me with that smile! Her thoughts then turned wicked. Turn about is fair play, Bongiovi.

After preparing the foods to eat later, she asked Jon to shower first and then give her a few minutes alone to take care of her own needs. He grinned at her then moved off to the bathroom.

Amanda took a few extra minutes in the shower, pampering herself, and then dried off, wrapping her hair in a towel. She took out a pair of black bikini underwear and the garters and stockings she had packed. She perfumed herself lightly, used the blow dryer on her hair for a few minutes, then put on a thick terry cloth robe and slippers to hide the stockings.

Jon was in the main room lighting a fire and getting wine for the two of them. She nodded to him, noting his surprised look at her casual, almost asexual attire, and then he continued with his chores. She went into the kitchen, got the platter of food out and leaving her robe in the kitchen, walked back into the main room with the tray, topless with only the garters, stockings, and panties. Jon was sitting staring at the fire. He had tossed back the last of the wine in his glass and was about to refill it when he heard her walking into the room. He turned and dropped the empty wine glass onto the carpet.

“Holy shit!” he whispered, captivated by the sight of her and what she was, or rather was not, wearing. Her breasts bobbed lightly as she exaggerated her walk towards him and he felt the immediate stiffening inside his pants. He unconsciously moved his hand to his pants to adjust his sudden erection and gave a start when she looked at him through slitted eyes.

“Don’t stop.” Her voice was a whispered command.

“Wha…what?” He spoke hoarsely, watching her breasts as she set the platter down on the table in front of the fire.

Husky was too mild a word for her voice as she answered him. “You touched yourself when you saw me…don’t stop.”

He watched her as he moved his hand back to himself. Her eyes dropped to his pants as his hand played through his jeans. The deep brown of her eyes seemed to shimmer like night as desire rode her. He felt a decided wickedness at her boldness and his own eyes darkened as she was drawn to his motions.

“Take your shirt off.” He did so, wondering at her game.

She continued to issue soft sensual commands.

“Move against that wall and put your back against it.”

Again, he followed her directions.

She pulled a hair chopstick out of her garter and with a few deft twists, put her hair up in a tight bun. The memory of the first time she had done that surfaced in Jon’s brain. His cock throbbed inside his jeans at how she had looked that night and the way that night had ended in the limo.

“Hands against the wall, at your sides. No touching me, no matter what.”

“Manda…” his voice a soft plea.

“No…no touching, hands flat against the wall.” He did as she asked.

Coming closer to him now, but still out of reach, her hands started at her thighs, moved just outside the juncture, and traveled up her waist to cup her own breasts. Jon jerked against the wall, fighting to keep his back against it and his hands beside him. Lightly continuing her own stroking, she moved until she could brush her breasts against the fur of his chest. Jon’s arms were trembling as he fought to keep them still.

She pressed soft kisses and licks along his neck, moving to his mouth where their tongues dueled. She felt one of Jon’s hands encircle her back and she gently pushed it back to the wall. He grunted, but complied. Her lips continued to travel downward, stopping at the nipples on his chest where she spent a good deal of time moving from one to the other. She felt Jon’s hips thrusting forward and knew he was becoming more and more aroused.

Moving back from him, she allowed her hands to travel for the briefest flash to her center. It was so quick and so surprised Jon that he wasn’t quite sure of what he had seen. His hardening maleness was sure, however, and he again jerked inside his pants. The pressure of his pants against the straining member inside was becoming unbearable. He moved his hand there again and saw her follow his movements. She watched him for a moment and then moved his hand back to the wall.

Turning to the couch, bending from the waist to present an enticing view from the rear, she took a cushion off and dropped it on the floor at his feet. Pressing her breasts once again to his chest, she slid them down his entire front, until her knees were on the floor. She gazed up at him from that position and saw his fingers flexing against the wall, his control barely maintained.

She smiled seductively and moving her face closer to the bulge in his pants, she bit him gently over and over again through the cloth. A hiss answered her motions and low groans came from deep in his throat. She looked into his eyes and very slowly unbuttoned his pants and slid them carefully over the fullness inside. He sprang free of the confining denim, the sudden release of the pressure causing a gasp. She removed his jeans.

Bending low, she started at his ankles, biting and licking her way up his right calf until she reached his thigh and continuing until she was a mere breath from his straining erection. She stopped then and moved to his other leg, repeating her movements, again stopping so close a flick of her tongue would have brought contact.

Jon felt pressure building inside his aching member, his testes drawn up so tightly they had almost disappeared. She breathed on him then, letting her breath warm him and he grew even harder, veins straining. He was leaning so far forward now, urging her to take him into her mouth, that only his shoulders and his hands kept him anchored to the wall.

Nudging his legs a little wider with her hands, she lightly trailed her nails along his thighs, up to his sac, letting them graze there, gently pulling. Jon was now making sounds she had never heard him make. Between what she was doing and how he was responding, her own arousal was making this very nearly as enjoyable for her.

Jon was practically chanting, fighting for control. Amanda heard the hoarseness of his voice as he repeated over and over the same words like a mantra.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, holy fuck, oh shit, oh my god…”

In one sudden unexpected movement she took him into her mouth and his body went rigid in surprise and the overwhelming sensation of her sucking. She drew him in, grazing him with her teeth, making a popping noise as she released him. The suddenness of her action had at first thrown his head back, but he looked down as she released him, watching what she was doing.

She positioned herself a little differently and he felt her gently take first one and then the other of his balls in her mouth, alternating between the two, using her teeth to graze and then her tongue to soothe. Jon’s thighs were trembling now and he knew he was so close, so close to release.

“Manda…for god’s sake…let me touch you…”

She only widened her eyes at him as she shook her head no. He growled then deep in his throat, the growl turning into a moan as her mouth again surrounded him. Her touch was light and teasing and there was never quite enough pressure to end his agony. His hips started thrusting against her and he was unable to stop it. She increased the pressure against his shaft, but alternated between licking and sucking so that neither was enough to cause him to finish.

Jon let out a harsh groan of frustration. “FUCK!”

Amanda knew the time had come. Increasing the pressure of her mouth, she brought her other hand up to scratch at his sac, causing a shivering and shuddering that almost made his legs collapse. She continued this time with a singular motion, moving faster and harder along his length, her other hand maintaining its play.

Jon felt lightheaded, his legs were shaking, his hips were thrusting and his approaching orgasm was starting in his toes. He felt her stop her teasing touches and now begin pulling on his balls. The sensation grew in intensity until his heart was pounding so hard he thought it would fly out of his chest.

Amanda felt Jon tense even further, the explosion she had been purposefully seeking about to happen. The words Jon had been saying earlier died away as the force of the orgasm hit him. He arched and thrust and grabbed her hair, holding on as he was swept away. On and on it seemed to go, the waves cresting and cresting and still he felt the pleasure. His ability to speak was lost as she drove him over. She slowly decreased her movements, riding out his spasms, but gentling her motions so she wouldn’t hurt him. Finally stopping as the pressure of his hands eased, she saw his head thrown back in sheer bliss, sweat thick on his face and chest and dripping from his hairline. She pressed soft kisses along the lower part of his belly, above where she had played, staying with him as he slowly recovered.


  1. Opester Says:

    Glad Jon set the reporter straight. They are a pain in the a$$, but gotta say this guy did manage an interview he wouldn't otherwise have gotten. Guess it's just what they learn to do.

    Hot, hot, hot!!!!!! OMFG, I need a cold shower...better yet, where's my boyfriend? I'm sure he'll be thanking you later!

  2. Lori Says:

    Wow, another great chapter. I was surprised by the reporter. Nice twist. I was figuring that Charlie was coming on to her.

    Now the second part was just great. Really hot! I've got to go find my hubby. RIGHT NOW!! LOL!

  3. Romaine Says:

    Wow, that last part was intense. I guess I also need a cold shower...

    I'm glad Jon knows how to handle these f*** reporters! I can't believe they're so intrusive.

    Great chapter!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! That´s the only way to handle such a reporter.

    Oh my God, those two are so cute! I have found the story a few days ago and read it all in one.

    So please don´t stop this great work of a fanfiction, I wanna know how this ends.

  5. jovikitn65 Says:

    Shit that was hot! Honey where are you? I need you * calls to hubby*

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