John Francis - Chapter 102

Sunday, May 25, 2008 at 8:24 PM
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Spreading a blanket on the leather couch, Amanda had Jon join her there. She poured him a glass of wine that he downed in two fast gulps. He still seemed not to have regained the ability to make coherent speech and just sat there, holding her to him, feeling his heart beginning to make a recovery to normal rhythm. He couldn’t believe what she had just done for him or what he had felt. She gave him another glass of wine and this time he sipped it. She joined him with her own glass.

The ache she felt would wait. Right now she took joy in knowing how much she had pleased him. She loved how she had made him speechless and how his muscles quivered with his need. Drawing another blanket over them, she snuggled against his chest, enjoying his aftermath. The force of his release caused a natural male reaction and with the warm female body snuggled up against him, he fell asleep. Amanda smiled a perfectly contented womanly smile as she knew what his sleep meant - total release and total relaxation.

Close to an hour later Jon woke. He felt Amanda cuddled up against him on the couch, her breathing even, but he knew she was not asleep. He cupped her face and turned her to his lips, kissing her softly. She brought one finger up and traced his perfect lips, placing a finger against them. He understood. No words were necessary. No thanks were needed.

Moving to sit up now, they ate. The ripened Brie and apples were delicious, the taste creamy and tangy at the same time. The berries were ripe, the ham salty, and the cheeses sharp. They fed each other, spilling crumbs and using mouths instead of fingers to remove the remnants. The wines complemented the foods and they ate until that appetite was sated.


Amanda was still dressed as she had first appeared to him and Jon felt his gaze continually drawn to her bare breasts. He had brushed against her repeatedly as he reached for food and was purposefully a bit clumsy when he fed her so he would have to clean the crumbs off with his tongue. Throughout the meal her nipples remained hard and he knew her arousal was growing. She shifted lightly whenever he touched her breasts and by those motions he was aware that she had been stimulated by what she had done to him. She might have caused him to lose his speech; he wanted to make her scream.

He let her hair down so he could run his hands through it. He stroked it lightly, drawing it through his hands, feeling the thickness of it. He used it to pull her face to his, to kiss her again, soft feathery kisses, licking her lips and pressing his lips against her cheeks and eyes and neck. He pushed her backwards on the couch, raising her arms above her head and pressing them there, telling her without words to keep them where he had put them.

Jon turned his attention to her breasts then. The lightness of his touch sent shivers coursing through her and caused her nipples to become even more prominent. His mouth followed his hands and he kissed and licked and sucked until she arched against him, whimpering in her throat and he felt her squeezing her thighs together. He moved her knees apart just enough so she could not provide her own pressure where she most wanted it and shook his head at her not to move her legs.

His hands continued their explorations, never coming close to meeting her needs. He avoided any truly intimate touches, turning the tables on her by biting her instep and licking up her legs. He never got close to her center and it was making her insane. She had been aching from her attentions to him. Having him touching her in this manner was driving her arousal to new heights. She was experiencing an ache so deep and so intense it felt as if the lightest touch in the right spot would make her fly into a million pieces.

Jon watched her chest flush and her head start tossing and knew she was so very close to the edge of fulfillment. He wanted to touch her there and give her pleasure in the manner she had for him, but seeing how aroused she was he was not going to be able to do that for her tonight. He had to be inside her, had to feel it when she reached her peak.

Amanda knew her orgasm was just out of reach, but didn’t want Jon’s mouth tonight, she wanted him, needed him, the fullness, the hardness, every inch. She had to speak, she had to tell him what she needed.

“Jon…” she breathed out, “I need you…inside…not the other…you in me…deep…please!”

He thought about how she had prolonged his pleasure, letting it build, and he suddenly released her and sat up, reaching for the wine. She lay there gasping at him, not believing he wasn’t touching her any longer.

“Wha…what are you doing?” she managed to gasp out. Her skin was tingling as if an electric current was running through it and the relief that was just out of reach seemed to taunt her.

“Getting some wine, baby, I’m thirsty.” He grinned at her. My god, she’s right at that edge, her face, her breasts, she’s so beautiful when she’s so aroused!

“You’re thirsty…right now you’re thirsty…? she was sputtering in her frustration.

“Yeah, and I need to take a moment too.” He got up off the couch and went to the bathroom, not to use it, but to prolong her sweet torment before he gave her the release she craved.

She lay there, stunned that he had left her. The ache between her legs was so consuming she couldn’t pull her thoughts together. Her left hand sought her breast, teasing the peak until it rose to its full height. Her breast seemed directly connected to her ache and as she pulled the nipple, a shuddering began in her thighs that spoke volumes as to the level of her arousal.

Jon had silently opened the door and on quiet cat feet he approached the couch where she was lying, one hand on her breast, the other slowing moving down her stomach towards her throbbing opening. Watching her need to pleasure herself due to her excitement was so erotic to him that he sprang erect again so fast his gasp brought her eyes open. She stopped her motions, embarrassment starting until she saw the lust darkening his eyes.

Her shuddering grew as he slowly leaned over her on the couch. The cords of his neck and the muscles of his arms and stomach were as sensuous to her eyes as his skin was to her touch. With a slowness that caused a burn inside her, he drew her underwear down. Looking at her with his eyes dark with lust, his voice came out hoarse and ragged.

“Oh no, baby, you aren’t gonna come without me…” he growled in her ear as he lowered himself to her.

He took her then, giving her everything she wanted, everything she craved. He thrust himself inside her like a man possessed and she gave him everything he needed, screaming for him when she did come, bucking wildly with the passion she felt. He continued on, slowing a little, building up her arousal until it happened again and then once more and he finally allowed himself to go with her, feeling her spasms drive him into exploding inside her. She shuddered over and over from her own explosions and the way he felt inside her. She could barely open her eyes after the pleasure she had just experienced.

This time it was Jon who wrapped them in a blanket and Amanda who drifted off into a sated sleep as she was held in his arms.


  1. blackbird Says:

    Yay, you're back!

    I may not post all the time, but know that I'm checking three times a day for updates!

    That was HOT!

    ALMOST hot enough to turn me into a Jonny girl! LOL!

  2. Romaine Says:

    Thanks for posting again!! That chapter was so intense. I so love this story.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow when you come back you come back with a bang.

    Great chapter, Now I need a cold shower.

  4. Sandy Says:

    So glad that you came back!!! Love this chapter and the whole story. Thanks for bringing back John and Amanda

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome! I wanna be Amanda!

  6. Opester Says:

    Oooohhh, baby!!!!!!!!!! Yeehaa! Damn, girl-my boyfriend is now offering up prayers in your name!

  7. Lilith84 Says:

    thanks for resuming the story

  8. Cathy Says:

    Yowza, I should have read this before I took my shower, now I need a very cold one!!

    What a way to continue, I love Amanda and Jon's sense of fun.

  9. jovikitn65 Says:

    I can't believe he got up to get a drink lol. At least he came back to finish what he started. Glad to see a new chapter up.

  10. Diane Owens Says:

    I Am so enjoying this story. I just found it a few days ago and see it was written in 2008. Thank you for the wonderful writing. I know I found it late and didn't know if I should comment or not but damn girl it's a WOW story.

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