John Francis - Chapter 95

Monday, May 19, 2008 at 9:57 AM
A four wheel drive SUV was reserved for Jon per his request when they deplaned. The roads were icy, but Jon had been driving in bad weather for years. They made their way to the lodge where they were staying, traveling the roads with care. Check in at the main building went smoothly. Tahoe was a frequent visiting spot for many celebrities and Jon was just one of the many. They were welcomed warmly, but no overt fuss was made. Getting directions to their private lodge, Jon followed the road for roughly two miles and then pulled into the drive of a medium-size cabin.

Helping to unload the car, Amanda followed Jon into their cabin. It was furnished in a Southwestern style, with color everywhere, but all blending to create a beautiful environment. One of the first things Jon did was start a fire. This was one of the most desired features of the cabins during the winter so there was a fire already set and wood ready to be used. Amanda moved into the bedroom, putting their clothes away and hanging the few items that needed to be hung up. She put their toiletries in the bathroom and then took a good look around. The style was so different from the homes in Florida that she was enchanted.

“It’s so beautiful! I love all the colors!”

Turning from the fireplace, he took in her radiant smile. “I’ve heard good things about this place from some friends and thought it would be a nice time to try it out.”

“You made a great choice; it’s so warm and welcoming.”

Taking her in his arms, he asked in a husky voice, “How about you, baby? Are you warm and welcoming?”

Speaking in a prim voice, she answered him. “I think you should be able to figure that one out, Bongiovi.” She nodded. “Yep, a tough Jersey guy like you should be able to figure that out all by himself!”

Pulling her closer to kiss her, she felt his stubble brush across her face and lips. There was a slight tingling in her lips and they swelled from the pressure of his kisses and the roughness of his facial hairs. Grabbing a blanket from the couch, he spread it on the rug in front of the fireplace and had her lie down with him. For a long time they just kissed and softly touched one another, neither making the move to get undressed. Jon’s hardness pressed into her thigh and she felt herself grow damp inside her own clothing.

Drawing out their lovemaking, they undressed one piece at a time, pausing in-between to continue their kisses and caresses. By the time both were unclothed every nerve seemed on fire and they were finding it hard to continue kissing as they were having trouble breathing. Jon felt Amanda’s breasts growing in response to his touch, as she felt him swell even further against her leg. She was scissoring her legs together now, the ache between her thighs growing with every touch. Jon felt himself throbbing, his erection seeming to move of its own accord, straining toward her warmth.

Jon broke first. “Please, Manda, I need to be inside you…”

She gave a slit-eyed look full of longing and lust. She touched him, guiding him to her, offering herself to his hardness. Seating himself fully inside her, he stayed there for a moment feeling her tightness and the warmth that encased him. She moved then, needing more from him. He answered her need, drawing out to enter her again. Her whimpers drove him on. His groans turned her need into a fury. The feel of him and his rock-hard member inside her threw her into a screaming frenzy of spasms. His hands kept an aching grip on her hips as he held himself inside her, relentless in his pursuit of their pleasures.

She shuddered in the aftermath of her release, moving her hands to his ass, pulling him in again closer to her, wanting his fullness for as long as he could last. He instinctively gave her more and then even more as she moaned deep in her throat. He saw her passion unleash once more and the beauty of her face at that moment caused his own explosion. He continued to slam into her warmth, riding the waves of his release until his arms refused to hold his weight and he collapsed on top of her.

The slowness of the lovemaking had caused such a build up of longing that they were each shaken at their response to the other. Unable to speak, barely able to breathe, they rolled themselves in the blanket and just lay in front of the fire. Curling against the warmth of the other, they slept.


It was close to ten that night when they began to stir. The fire had died down and a chill was beginning to engulf the cabin. Sitting up, still snuggling in the blanket for warmth, they looked at each other. Both knew that what had just happened had done much to mend the damaged emotions they had both experienced over the last several days. It was a very romantic scene until Amanda’s stomach chose just that moment to growl with hunger. Jon’s wide eyes caused giggles and then hysterical laughter.

“I think I’m hungry.” She grinned at him.

“Ya think?” He laughed back.

“Please tell me there’s food available somewhere, anywhere, burgers, pizza, heck I don’t even care, just FOOD!”

Pulling the blanket off her and smacking her on the ass, he told her to get dressed. She hurried to comply as without his warmth she was freezing said ass off. She took a quick shower, extremely grateful to note there was plenty of hot water, and they dressed warmly to head into town. Foregoing his cap and glasses this time, Jon took them to an Italian restaurant he knew was open late. Amanda ordered for herself this time, choosing a chicken and asparagus Alfredo dish and Jon opting for lasagna, a dish he had eaten there before.

They were both so hungry that for the few minutes during their salads and bread they ate without talking. Both grinned at the other when they realized what they were doing and by the time the main course had arrived they had taken the edge off their growling stomachs. Both dishes were excellent and they finished their meals with little groans of pleasure and then bigger groans of “oh my god, I ate too much!”

They sat for a while longer, enjoying their wine and talking about the next few days. During their conversation, Jon noticed Amanda’s eyes suddenly get very big. He heard a small gasp and saw her shooting quick glances at a nearby table, then seeming to tear her eyes away only to glance again. Wondering whom it was she had seen, he knew he had to take a look. Turning casually, making it seem as if he was just adjusting his chair, he saw and looking back at her, gave a soft chuckle.

“Honey? Manda?” He tried to get her attention, but it seemed that only her eyes were working.

“Amanda!” Jon’s voice was a slightly louder whisper.

She turned her wide eyes to him then.

“Yes, that is Leonard Nimoy. He lives in Tahoe City. You are not seeing things.”

She whispered to him. “I’m such a HUGE Star Trek fan! I can’t believe I’m looking at Leonard Nimoy!”

“Hon, he’s 77 years old.”

“I know, but…I’m actually looking at Spock!” She kept her voice very low, but he could hear the excitement. “I have so got to let my mom know about this!”

Jon laughed again. “It’s late, call her tomorrow!”

They left the restaurant and drove back to the cabin. Both were too full and too tired from their exertions earlier to do more than brush their teeth and fall into the soft down bed. Jon curled around Amanda at first, spooning her, then she turned to face him, intertwining her legs with his and burying her face in his chest. His face was buried in her hair. They finally slept, content.


The cabin was stocked with some of the basic necessities, which for Jon and Amanda included coffee. He was up first and put on a pot. The smell soon woke her and she joined him in the small breakfast nook. There was a refrigerator and a stove, but Jon didn’t plan on her cooking for them. He wanted to take her out and for her to have a good time. He wanted to show her off, he admitted to himself. No more doubts. This is real and this is it for me.

Sitting at the table, Amanda turned to Jon. She had something she wanted to say to him and was determined to do so before they started their stay.

“Jon?” He turned to look at her. “Yeah, babe?”

“I want to ask you something…” she began, encouraged by his smile to continue. “…in the future I want you to talk to me about problems. I don’t want to spend days wondering if I’ve done something. If there are issues between us, we need to talk about it because it’s not fair to me and it lets problems fester until they get to the point where we misunderstand everything that’s happening.”

He was quiet for a few minutes as he thought about what she was asking. He had been thinking too and realized that what she was asking was to share…he smiled at her then and answered.

“You’re right and it’s not fair to keep everything inside. I know I do that and it’s one of the things I’m going to have to change about myself. So, just help me with that, okay?”

Her eyes were bright and her smile huge as she answered. “Thanks for understanding. I really think for us to keep going as a couple we have to share what we’re thinking and feeling.” She gave a small shudder then. “I don’t ever want another week like during Christmas!”

Jon started to apologize again, but she shushed him. “No, honey, no more apologies. Not asking you to do anything but let me in.” He nodded at her, hearing again Richie’s voice in his head. It seemed Richie was more right than even Jon had begun to suspect.


Breakfast was not included at the cabin unless they wanted to provide it for themselves, so after a leisurely morning with their coffees, they dressed warmly and went into town. Stopping at a local diner, they ordered more coffee and their breakfasts. Amanda was still a bit full from the dinner the night before so she stuck with lighter fare. Jon, however, always seemed to have room for more and ate eggs, pancakes, sausage, and hash browns. She laughed at him.

“Where do you put all that food?”

“I told you, I run and work out.”

She raised her eyebrow at him. “And when, since the time we’ve been together, have you run and worked out?”

“Darlin’, you know how much exercise I’m getting with you?”

“Hush!” Her face flushed at the reminder of their encounter last night.

At breakfast, Jon used his cell phone to arrange for the helicopter ride as the weather was supposed to be better today than for the rest of the week. Leaving the restaurant they followed the directions he had been given to the airfield. Locating the company, HeliTahoe, they went inside to finalize their flight. They met the pilot and were given the standard safety instructions, including how to wear their ear sets and what to do in the event of an emergency landing.

Jon had arranged for the use of the helicopter for four hours, feeling that would give them plenty of time to see everything and still get them back in time for dinner. They went out to the bright red chopper and the pilot showed them their seats. Within a few minutes they were airborne. Amanda was amazed at how they took off, never having been in anything but a regular airplane. The versatility of the flight of the helicopter took a little getting used to, but they soon settled back to enjoy the amazing scenery. Jon had requested the pilot just take them to see some of the more beautiful areas and he did just that.

Flying at times at what seemed like tree-top level and at others so high they could see for miles, the two greatly enjoyed their ride. The cabin was heated, but Amanda was really glad she had on one of her heaviest coats and layers of clothing underneath. She was not used to the cold weather, but was warm enough. Jon had a blast. He had been in helicopters more times than he could count in the last 25 years, but never just for a scenic tour and he found himself relaxing. One or the other was constantly pointing out something on their side and with the visual aides from the pilot they saw things that few others get to see.

On the return to the airfield, Amanda turned a beautiful smile to Jon and mouthed the words “thank you” to him. He gave her his widest smile, loving that he had been able to do this for both of them. Once they disembarked from the chopper, they both thanked the pilot and Jon provided a generous tip for what he felt had been a really great experience.

Back in the SUV, Amanda sat quietly just thinking about all the things she had seen that morning.

“I can’t get over the mountains, how beautiful they were from the air!”

“Did you see that black bear? And the deer?” He asked her.

“Oh yeah, I was really amazed at how much was out there where it could be seen. I thought the helicopter would scare them off, but they just stopped and looked!”

She put her hand on his arm as he was driving.

“Jon? Thank you for bringing me here.”

He shook his head. “I didn’t bring you here, I brought US here.”

Her wide smile was answer enough.


  1. Opester Says:

    I am so glad Amanda addressed that issue with Jon and told him what she wants, needs and expects in future, I'm relieved, actually. Otherwise, I think she let him off the hook too easily. He really needs to be confronted about how his behavior led to the gulf between them and what needs to change to prevent another scenario like that and she did it in such a gentle, non-demanding way! Kudos (and thank you-I feel better now, LOL!)
    I also liked the comment about when has Jon been jogging, LOL! My mind went there too just before Amanda said anything herself!
    And I loved this line:
    “I didn’t bring you here, I brought US here.”
    Jon can be downright profound at times-guess that's what makes him such a good songwriter!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Lol I had to laugh when Amanda spotted Leonard Nimoy in the restaurant. I could see Jon being amused by her expression as well. The helicopter ride was fun too.

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