John Francis - Chapter 87

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 8:17 AM
Amanda was still sitting quietly enjoying the fire and relaxing after what had been a pretty emotional afternoon. Meeting Jon’s entire family at one shot had frayed her nerves a bit and she was a bit worried that she had missed something with someone at Dot’s house. She was pretty sure she had not spent enough time with Jon’s parents and that Carol in particular was not very comfortable with her. She wasn’t surprised at that as she was sure that as a mother, even of a grown son, she was very protective of that son.

She was also worried that his parents and other members of his family might think that she was with Jon for the prestige of it or for his money or something of that nature. She didn’t know how to convey that those were actually the reasons she didn’t think being with Jon would work out in the long run. Who would believe me, even if I said it? Doesn’t everybody want something from Jon? The only thing she wanted from him was the man himself, but there was so much that came with that. He couldn’t be separated from what he did and he was a very public figure and a very talented, very wealthy man. Despite the pleasantness of the day, her thoughts remained a little dark.

Jon made quick holiday calls to the other guys and they all asked him to wish Amanda Merry Christmas for them. Everyone she’s met seems completely charmed by her…are they all wrong? And what the fuck is wrong with me today?


Returning to the living room, Jon saw that Amanda was still sitting watching the fire. She turned to smile at him.

“This is my first ever Christmas with a fire and with snow outside. I can’t believe the difference it makes. If I was home, I’d be in shorts and…” Her cell phone rang.

“Susan! Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas yourself. Where the hell have you been? I’ve stopped by your house at least a half a dozen times and called, but didn’t leave messages as I know you hate voice mail. So, where the hell are you?”

Laughing at her friend’s mock tirade, she started to explain. “Well, you’re not gonna believe it, but I met someone a few weeks ago and I’m at his house in New Jersey. Mom’s here too.”

“You’ve met someone and you’re in New Jersey and you don’t call your best friend?” Susan was practically sputtering into the phone.

“I know, I’m sorry, I should have called you so you wouldn’t worry.”

“Forget that shit…who is he and how the hell did he get you to go to New Jersey for god’s sake?”

“His name is Jon and that’s where his home is. He’s divorced and part of the reason we’re here is so he could see his family on Christmas.”

“Divorced, hmm? How many kids?”


“Wow! That’s a lot of baggage there girlfriend, you up for dating a man with an ex-wife and four kids?”

“Yeah, I’ve met everyone and was made to feel very welcome.”

“Well, I’m not really sure what to say. This is pretty off the wall for you!”

Amanda laughed then. “Don’t I know it!”

Susan, sensing she was not getting all the details that her best friend would normally supply, asked her, “He’s right there, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, sure is.”

“Okay, then I’ll shut up but you better call me soon! And, Amanda…this guy better deserve you!”

“Thanks hon, Merry Christmas to you too!”

She hung up her phone, laughing. “I just got yelled at by Susan for being out of touch for so long. She and I usually talk every few days and well, guess I’ve been a little sidetracked!” She grinned at him and he found himself grinning back.

Thinking about her friend for a few minutes, she wondered just how she was going to explain who she was with. Her friend would never believe her…well, actually she would, but she would want details that Amanda was not about to get into.


Jennifer came downstairs a few minutes after Susan’s phone call and laughed when Amanda told her she had just been yelled at. Even though Jon was sitting right there, she still told her mother her thoughts regarding her friend.

“Mom, I told Susan I had met someone named Jon and that you and I were spending Christmas here. You and I both know her, she’s gonna try to get details from you. I’d rather do my own explaining, okay?”

“Honey, your private life has always been your private life. Why would I change now?”

She gave her mother a hug. “Thanks, mom, I knew you would understand!”

Jon watched the interaction between mother and daughter and thought about what he had heard. Why doesn’t she want to tell her friend about me? Most women would be shouting it from a rooftop? The doubts his mother had planted, along with his own experiences previously, had him forgetting that she had never been with him because of who he was.

Amanda fixed a very light dinner an hour later and talked a bit about her mother’s plans when she returned home.

“Oh, honey, that reminds me, I brought a certified copy of your birth certificate…” she grinned at Jon, “…as instructed.”

“Thanks, Jennifer, I wanted to make sure to expedite Amanda’s passport application and I needed that for my assistant. Hon, you have to sign those papers too, okay?”

“Sure. I know you said you have them with you.”

As they were eating, Amanda turned to Jon. “Do you think we could do a little sightseeing tomorrow before Mom has to leave?”

“Sure, I don’t have any meetings planned. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is pretty much a down time for all of us when we’re not touring. Any place in particular you would like to go?”

They both laughed. “We don’t know what’s here, so you get to choose, Mr. New Jersey!”

He decided to show them around his old neighborhood and give them both a sense of where he came from. “I have some ideas, so let’s do an early breakfast and I’ll give you the grand tour!”

Amanda’s smile was sweet. “Thanks so much, Jon. I’m sure you’d rather relax, but just mom and I by ourselves wouldn’t even know what to look for!”

After such a busy day and a bit more talk by the fire, they all decided to call it a night as they were heading out early the next morning.


Jon and Amanda headed up the stairs to the bedroom where Amanda excused herself to take a shower. Jon debated with himself for about three seconds before deciding to join her once the shower water was running. He knocked and came in.

“Can I come in, baby?”

She turned to him, her skin pink from the warmth of the water. “Of course! I was hoping you would.”

He stripped off his clothes and stepped in, immediately taking her into his arms. His mouth was fierce on hers and his hands almost bruising. With very little preparation, he positioned her so he could enter her, taking her in an almost demanding way, thrusting a bit roughly as he tried to bury his doubts and fears in her warmth. She gasped as he entered her as she was not quite ready for such an onslaught. She quickly responded to him though and his movements were suddenly aided by her arousal.

He didn’t speak as he took her and other than small gasps, she too was silent. Shuddering from the quick orgasm he had brought her to she stood on one shaky leg, the other still raised as he continued his movements, thrusting harder and harder into her until he finally spasmed with an explosive force. He stayed there for a few moments, helping her balance, until he finally lowered her leg.

His head sagging against her shoulder, he heard her speak softly to him. “Jon…?”

“It’s okay, baby, I just needed that.”

Her heart clenched a bit at his phrasing. He needed THAT? What does that mean? He had never said anything before except that he needed her. What was happening? She felt tears and thrust her head under the shower faucet to hide them. Something’s wrong. What had happened today? Was he changing his mind about them? She couldn’t really blame him, she was so new in his life, maybe his feelings were changing. Her own fears flaring, she was quiet as they finished bathing.

Throwing on a thick robe, she started to dry her hair with a towel, keeping her face away from his as she did so. She continued getting ready for bed, her thoughts whirling like leaves blowing in gale storm.

Jon was also quiet after their encounter. Fuck! She’s too quiet. Did I hurt her? Goddam it! What’s wrong with me? I love her!. Thinking hard, he suddenly realized what he had said to her. ‘I just needed that’. Dammit! What a stupid thing to say, like she’s just there for me to use to get off!

They got into bed and Amanda curled on her side away from him. Jon couldn’t stand it. He pulled her toward him and took her in his arms. She curled against him, wondering in the newly awoken darkness of her own mind how much longer she would be able to do this and how she would survive when she no longer could.


  1. Romaine Says:

    Ohoh that calls for Richie! He can help them through if they don't talk to each other. If she would tell him what's going on in her mind and he would tell her what he feels, the problem would be solved....

    I hope they figure this out!

    I love this story!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, this definitely is a job for Richie!!! Hope he can help them see the light!

  3. Opester Says:

    I feel for Amanda-I can literally feel the pang in my chest as I read the end of this. That awful sense of something being wrong and the growing void between them and how we distance back to protect ourselves. Yikes, it makes me realize how stupid i act when I'm hurt too sometimes-thanks for that subtle reminder Sunstreaked to not just react but to use our heads and think and communicate when things go amiss!

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    So Jon if you rralized what you had done and said then why didn't you apologize to Amanda. If you are having doubts about each other you both need to sit down and talk them out before you ruin a great thing.

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