John Francis - Chapter 61

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 6:45 AM
Amanda actually stood in a mild shock after the show. She didn’t make a move to follow Jon or the rest of the band, but found a wall to lean up against. To say she was awestruck would have been an understatement. She had been with Jon now for two weeks – shit! only two weeks? – had made love with him, eaten with him, showered, and slept. Hell, she could still feel him between her legs right now, but what she had seen tonight left her dazed.

Chris had never left her side, understanding his instructions and that what Jon said, he meant. He watched Amanda after the show, trying to understand her reaction. He had seen groupies, she wasn’t one. He had also seen the women who followed the guys around from city to city and she wasn’t one of those either. The fact that she wasn’t rushing him to get her to Jon also had him a little confused. She seemed content to lean against the wall with a rather bemused look on her face and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. Jon said take her anywhere she wanted to go, but she didn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

Amanda let her slump against the wall turn into a slide until she was sitting on her heels with her back against the wall. What have I gotten myself into? How can this man love me? She didn’t doubt him, but she had never fully realized what it meant for him to be who he was. It truly did dazzle her and she just hung her head a little and shook it gently from side to side.

Chris was getting worried now. He thought she was going to faint and ran to grab her a water from a cooler close by.

He spoke to her. “Amanda?” No response. “Ma’am?” Again, nothing. A louder “Amanda!” seemed to do the trick and she slowly focused on him handing her a water bottle. She took it and drank, giving him a weak smile.

Chris spoke quietly into his security radio, trying to get some advice on what to do. He didn’t want Jon pissed at him because his lady had passed out and she didn’t seem to want to move.

Richie happened to be standing by one of the security men when Chris’ call came through and he overheard some of the conversation. Grabbing the radio, he asked where Amanda was and then thrusting the radio back at the man, he moved out of the room. Chris saw Richie walk up and made a motion with his shoulders and hands indicating that he didn’t know what the problem was. Richie nodded and motioned him back so he could talk to Amanda.

Stooping beside her against the wall, Richie said softly, “Hey darlin’.”

Without turning, she said, “Hey Richie.”

“Did you like the show?’

Still looking at the floor and shaking her head again, she answered him. “It was amazing…he’s amazing…it…he…the crowd…he…”

Richie motioned for Chris to call Jon.

He spoke even more softly to Amanda. “Honey, remember a talk we had a while ago?”


“Yeah, the one about who he is and what he does…remember that one?”

Nodding yes now, she answered him. “Oh yeah, that talk, but…but…he…”

Richie saw Jon walking up quietly and mouthed to him “John Francis” so he would get the message. Jon nodded and walked up to Amanda, then stooped to her level.

“John Francis here. Looking for somebody I love. Damn! Seems I found her!”

Amanda looked up then into the face of the man she loved and without thinking threw herself into his arms. Her momentum rocked him backwards off his toes and they both ended up on the floor with Amanda on top of him and Jon’s arms around her. Chris stood there completely open mouthed and Richie just laughed.

“Uh guys? Yoo-hoo, you two on the floor there…hello??!!”

Both Jon and Amanda started laughing then as Richie helped her to her feet and Jon got up.

Cocking his head at her, trying to break the tension, he asked, “After last night I thought we were going to avoid the floor for a while?”

She burst out laughing then and seemed to come more back to herself. Trying a little tension breaking herself, she asked them, “Oh my God! Did I just turn into a groupie?”

Jon shook his head no while Richie nodded yes, but Amanda noticed that he was backing up away from her as he did so.

“Did I threaten to poke you?” She was advancing on him as she spoke. “Did I?”

Richie put his hands protectively over his stomach as he laughed at her. “Well, no, but we all know now you’ve moved onto punching.”


  1. Opester Says:

    “Oh my God! Did I just turn into a groupie?”

    I loved that line from Amanda-it was both cute and funny and helped ease the tension, although I have to admit that I think Richie (and chris) over-reacted a tad here. I can totally imagine Amanda being in awe of seeing Jon in his element, but I think she was capable of recovery without intervention, LOL! Even thse of us who know what to expect are still starstruck!
    I also liked how Amanda "remembered" Jon from their earlier encounter-that really strikes a chord for me.

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Better run Richie lol. Yeah I can see where Amanda would be bowled over by seeing the other side of Jon, instead of jon her boyfriend, Amanda met Jon the rock god.

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