John Francis - Chapter 63

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 6:58 AM
Amanda was laughing so hard she almost couldn’t speak. Jon strode purposefully toward the private underground parking where there was a waiting limo, ignoring her demands to ‘put me down, you fool!’ One of the driver’s standing outside the car leapt to attention and threw open the back door just in time. He heard a growl come from Jon to ‘take a fuckin’ walk’ and quickly closed the door and took that walk. He heard the locks on the doors click.

Jon threw Amanda down on one of the seats and then threw himself on top of her. She was still laughing, but was a bit breathless now as his eyes were on fire.

His voice was coarse as he rasped out, “Naked…NOW!”

She obviously was not moving fast enough for him as he practically wrenched her clothes off her, freeing her breasts, turning her jeans inside out in his haste, and tearing off her underwear. He retained enough control to remember to gentle his movements although he felt anything but gentle. He ripped at his shirt, tearing the buttons, and shed his own jeans so fast they also ended up inside out.

Jon leaned over her, moving to her mouth, controlling himself by the barest thread. He kissed her, licked her lips, sucked on her tongue, and felt her breath grow more ragged as she responded to him. He moved down her neck, licking softly over the mark he had made, repeating the action on her breast, before tonguing her nipples. He shuddered with the strain of making himself be gentle with her. He had to have her, but he would not hurt her.

Deep sounds came from his throat as he moved his mouth down to her exquisite softness. His lips were softer than soft as he touched her there, arousing her and experiencing her wetness. Her cries became more vocal and he moved then, touching her with tenderness and entering her with his scalding warmth. Reining in his urge to fuck her senseless, he instead slowly moved inside her in a rhythm as old as time. She moaned deeply and as he continued his relentlessly slow thrusts, she screamed as his mouth met hers as she flew apart into a million pieces. The spasms of her walls brought him arching above her, his head thrown back, veins throbbing, as he exploded inside her.

Jon wasn’t sure he would ever be able to breathe evenly again. Seeing his marks on her, her spontaneous humor at what was so obviously awkward for him, her lack of jealousy, the way she got his attention, and her response to him made him feel insane with his need for her. He knew, no matter how short the time had been, that this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Amanda lay there on the seat with Jon’s weight still on top of her, trying to slow her breathing. He was making her insane with his sense of humor, his laughter, the way he paid attention to her needs, and his lovemaking. She wanted him in her life forever, no matter how quick this had happened, and she was never going to let him go.

Neither was sure how long they lay there, enjoying the feel of skin against skin, but the sudden rocking of the car brought them both sitting up wide eyed, wondering what the hell was going on.

Jon groaned, he knew. “Will you guys get the fuck outta here?”

They heard laughter from both sides of the car and Richie’s voice calling out, “We’re heading to the bar. You two better meet us there!”

Tico yelled, “Hey, Manda, I got your stuff!”

Yelling back, Jon assured them they would see everyone in a little while and to “get lost!”

Amanda and Jon got dressed, laughing at the state of Jon’s shirt, buttons gone, and wondering how their pants had gotten turned inside out. Although both were a little disreputable looking from their recent encounter, Jon’s shirt was the only real victim, and after glancing out to make sure the others were gone, Jon got out to get the driver. He saw him about 100 feet away and motioned for him to come back to the car.

Unable not to grin, Jon just said, “Thanks, man. Take us to the bar.”

The driver, striving for professionalism, nodded and managed to keep his grin under wraps until he was in the front seat.

During the drive Amanda and Jon tried their best to pull themselves together so they could enter the bar without getting arrested. They failed pretty badly.

The limo pulled up to the real after show party where more friends and family than fans were invited. This is where the guys got to genuinely relax and unwind after performing. Jon and Amanda were the last to arrive and although they tried to quietly slip into the room, who should it be but Sambora who started the standing ovation. Everyone who had been in the room when Jon carried Amanda out or who had heard the story (which was already traveling) stood up and started clapping.

Blushing, Amanda turned her head into Jon’s shoulder, and then decided to face the music. Grinning wickedly, she turned to Jon and started clapping herself. Not to be outdone, Jon returned her gesture and she made a deep bow to the room. The clapping, at least from the males, got a bit rowdier and she quickly stood up and scowled at them.

Again turning to Jon, Amanda said, “I sure could use a drink, Bongiovi” and she moved to the bar.

Richie walked over to Jon as Amanda went to the bar. Shaking his head, he looked at Jon.

“You may be the luckiest fucker I know.”

Nodding at that statement, Jon couldn’t help but ask. “What happened? I know she saw that bitch Brittney.”

“She said she wasn’t hurt or upset and she could now see why you never spent a night with any of them. Then she said you were with her for ten days straight, so why should she be worried about something like that.”

Jon started chuckling. “Did you see what she did when she looked at me? Crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue? Here I am expecting a kick in the balls or at least a scene and instead…”

Richie groaned. “Aw shut up, you asshole, I already said you were the luckiest fucker I knew.”

They watched as the other guys came up to Amanda at the bar and gave her kisses and grins for her performance at the other party.

Tico whistled at her softly. “Chica, you may be one of the classiest ladies I’ve ever met.”

She kissed his cheek then and said softly. “Gracias, my friend. That’s one of the nicest complements I’ve ever received.”

Looking at the three men, she couldn’t resist asking. “Is there anybody here I need to repeat that performance for?” All shook their heads no, this was close friends and family. “Don’t let me keep you here, guys, go enjoy yourselves, you earned it. The show was fantastic!” One by one they wandered off and Amanda sat quietly at the bar, just enjoying a drink and the afterglow of her recent encounter with Jon. A few minutes later, she felt arms wrap around her from behind and she leaned back against the man she had been thinking about.

“Hey baby,” he kissed her.

“Hi love.”

“You doing okay?” She nodded. “You mind if I steal Richie for a few minutes to talk?”

“Not at all. I’m just going to relax here for a bit.” Kissing her once again, he nodded and walked off.


  1. Opester Says:

    Another really great chapter! That was one of your best sex scenes yet, I think, and the urgency made it very powerful. I also loved the humorous twist with the guys rocking the car-it's so much fun to see the juvenile side we know is always just under the surface with these boys-hell, with most men! Truly an arousing and fun read-thanks-I was anxious for more!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    That was one helluva sex scene. I have no other words lol

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