John Francis - Chapter 97

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 7:46 AM
They showered soon afterwards as they began getting ready to go to dinner. Amanda again made sure her hair was completely dry as it was still extremely cold outside. They dressed up a bit that night as Jon knew a seafood place that was not jeans casual. Driving into town, they talked about going horseback riding tomorrow if the weather stayed clear enough. The forecast was for a light snow, but if the wind chill didn’t drop, they should be fine.

Jon drove them to Jake’s On The Lake where Amanda ordered fresh bass and Jon chose a seafood medley. They shared bites of each other’s dinners and the wine Jon had ordered. Each felt tremendously better after their talk that afternoon and they spent the evening completely engrossed in the other. Jon seemed more casual about being recognized in Tahoe and she asked him why.

“More famous people here so I don’t stand out so much.”

Cocking her head at him, she laughed softly. “Honey, with those eyes and that smile you would have to put a paper bag over your head not to be recognized!” She laughed a little harder. “Even then, not sure what you could do about your butt!”

His mouth opened for a moment and then he grinned at her, a full-on panty-dropping grin. She sucked in a breath sharply. Her voice tremulous, she told him to stop that.

Whispering now, she said, “It’s too cold for my pants to be in that condition! So cut it out, John Francis!”

Grinning even wider at her, if that was possible, she rolled her eyes and looked away from him, trying to regain her composure. He loved that he could get her going with just a look or a touch and his smirk was a bit cocky as she turned her eyes back to him. As her eyes came back to his, she saw Kevin Costner and his wife approaching their table. She smiled easily at their welcoming smiles as she had seen them before at Mar-A-Lago at the charity event.

Kevin and Jon had met before that other night and Jon invited them to join their table. They sat for a few minutes and she was re-introduced to the couple.

Kevin smiled at her and said, “I remember you, we’ve met before.”

She nodded yes and told him it was at Mar-A-Lago.

“That’s it! Knew it was sometime pretty recently. This is my wife, Christine.”

Amanda smiled at her. “Hi Christine. It’s so nice to see you again!” Christine smiled in response and returned the greeting.

“So what are you two doing here, Jon? Last time we talked you were so busy you couldn’t see daylight?”

Jon laughed. “Well, with this lady here I’m still having trouble seeing daylight!” Both men laughed that special male chuckle that let their ladies know where their thoughts were headed. Amanda kicked Jon under the table and smiled sweetly at his slight jump and frown at her. Kevin and Christine grinned at each other as neither had missed Jon’s jump or Amanda’s angelic smile.

Turning a small glare at Amanda into a smile at Kevin, Jon answered. “I managed to clear my schedule for a few days and since Amanda lives in Florida when we wanted to take a short trip she wanted to go somewhere cold. Considering the weather reports, I think she’s gonna get her wish!”

“Yeah, we’re also getting away for a few days. Cayden is old enough now to be left for a few days and I wanted to get my wife alone for a while!”

“How is the little guy? He’s going to be two soon, isn’t he?”

“Yep, May 6th this year.” Kevin gave a theatrical groan. “A two year old running around again!”

Christine poked her husband in the ribs. “You’ll manage…” she laughed, “don’t let him fool you, he and Cayden are joined at the hip!”

Amanda piped in. “Pictures?”

Christine pulled out her wallet and Amanda showed her pleasure at how cute their son was. The two women discussed the little boy as Jon and Kevin rolled eyes at how women bonded over babies. The women were still talking as they excused themselves for the restroom.

As they had been good friends for quite some time, Kevin spoke softly to Jon.


Jon nodded, “The one.”

“Congrats, man! I better be on the guest list!”

Jon motioned a “shush” to Kevin and he nodded in understanding.

“Not a word, buddy, promise. Does she know yet?”

“No, still working on convincing her I deserve her.”

Kevin nodded in understanding and as the women were returning to the table they quickly changed the subject.

The two couples shared a bottle of wine as they sat talking and Amanda was amazed at how down to earth both were. She felt really comfortable with them and realized that a few short weeks ago she would have been babbling like an idiot at meeting Kevin Costner. She has been ‘in love’ with Kevin since “Fandango” and her crush had never stopped. His movie star ‘aw shucks’ attitude in films had been her undoing and like most women in America, “Bull Durham” had sealed her fate, causing her to remain permanently weak in the knees. She had surprised herself by being so calm around him, but his regular guy attitude had a lot to do with that. Laughing to herself, she realized that having Jon beside her and Kevin’s wife beside him also probably had a bit to do with it.

Jon told them they were going horseback riding tomorrow if the weather held and Kevin and Christine said they had other plans that day, but would be going skiing the day after. Jon and Amanda agreed that they too would probably be doing that and the four agreed to meet at around ten in the morning on Sunday to hit the slopes.

Amanda laughed then. “I think after I’ve fallen enough times I’ll probably be in the lodge having a warm drink while you three ski!”

At Kevin and Christine’s questioning look, she answered, “I’m from Florida, I water ski.”

After Kevin and Jon made sure each had the other’s cell number, they ended their evening together with the plan to meet on Sunday.

Driving back to their cabin, Amanda couldn’t help but remark at what nice people they were.

“Yeah, Kevin’s a great guy and I really like his wife.”

“Me too, she was very sweet to me and their son is just gorgeous!”

They entered the cabin where Jon again started a fire. He looked at her in that way he had and she moved to join him. Their lovemaking that night was passionate and consuming and both were almost too sated to move to the bed afterwards. Amanda still trembled from the way Jon made her feel and he felt he could not hold her close enough, could not get enough of her sweet warmth. They finally made it to the bed and curling together, they slept.


  1. Opester Says:

    Amanda kicked Jon under the table and smiled sweetly at his slight jump and frown at her. Kevin and Christine grinned at each other as neither had missed Jon’s jump or Amanda’s angelic smile.

    I love how Amanda treats Jon the way any of us might treat our boyfriend's/husbands and how down to earth they are together.
    Amanda has come a long way to be able to sit and chat with Kevin Costner and it looks like the celebrity "awe" is beginning to wear off and that's good! It's fun, tho, to see who else we-oops, I mean Amanda-gets to meet, LOL!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    I like how they can be just a regular couple out having dinner. Not sure how composed I would have been sitting with Kevin Costner at the table.

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