John Francis - Chapter 74

Friday, May 9, 2008 at 11:12 AM
The allergic reaction to the drug was causing Amanda’s throat to close. They intubated her in the ambulance and Jon could hear them calling the hospital, advising them of what was coming. He heard the emergency room personnel directing the paramedics to administer a dose of Epinephrine, which they immediately did. Amanda was still unconscious, but Jon was assured that her breathing was being helped by the tube and the Epinephrine should work almost immediately.

Richie called Tico and filled him on what he knew so far, asking Tico to cover for his and Jon’s absence from the party. He told his friend he would call the rest of them as soon as got to the hospital and knew something else. Tico reminded Richie of Amanda’s behavior and her constant looking around the room.

“Something or somebody freaked her out tonight, Rich, try to get her to tell you who.”

As soon as they hit the hospital Amanda was wheeled off and Jon was barred from following. He started to throw some weight around, but stopped when he was assured he would be called as soon as she was stable.

“You’ll only be in the way right now. Please wait here.”

Pacing back and forth in the small room, he was muttering to himself and completely oblivious to his surroundings. He barely heard running footsteps down the hallway and looked up as Richie came to a screeching halt.

Out of breath, he spat out, “What? How is she? Where is she?”

Jon’s voice was hoarse. “I don’t fuckin’ know…they took her in another room…said they’d be back as soon as she was stable. - The paramedics think it was a Roofie. I would bet my life Amanda doesn’t do drugs. Who would have spiked her drink?”

Richie relayed the information he had about the way she was acting at the club, so nervous, and obviously lying about why she was looking around all over.

“Man, something happened. I don’t know what, but she was seriously spooked when I touched her arm to get her attention.”

It had been a good hour by now and there were several trails worn in the floor from the pacing of the two men. They had given Tico an update that provided no information, then walked some more. They drank endless cups of bad coffee and several times one or the other just sat with their head in their hands.

Finally, a doctor came out and asked who was waiting for Ms. Matthews. Both men stood and Jon answered that he was her boyfriend.

“We took blood and ran some tests. The only chemical in her system was Rohypnol, also known as a Roofie. Unfortunately, it was a fairly high dosage and she had an allergic reaction to it. This caused her throat to close and she needed to be intubated. She responded to the Epinephrine and she’s on IV’s of Benadryl and saline. She’s going to have to stay overnight.”

Jon’s voice did not sound like his own as he asked if she was going to be alright.

“She should be. She’s resting normally now and she can have a vistor for about ten minutes while we monitor her reaction to the anaphylactic drugs.”

Jon shook the doctor’s hand. “Thank you very much…Just…Thanks…” His voice had started to break at the end of his sentence and he had to stop.

The doctor directed him to Amanda’s room and Jon hurried down the hallway. He entered and saw her hooked up to the IV’s, glad the doctor had told him what to expect. The effects of the drug and the Benadryl were combining to make her very sleepy, but she smiled when she saw him.

He managed to croak out “Hey babe”.

Her voice also was raspy from the tube in her lungs and she asked him for a sip of water. She drank some down. She needed to tell him what happened with the woman in the bathroom so he could be careful. When she had finished, she saw a look on his face that she hoped would never be directed toward her. He held his fury in check while he was with her and said he would be there with her all night. She wouldn’t be alone.

“Thanks…so sleepy…stay with me?” And then she drifted off.

Jon walked out for a minute to talk with Richie. He knew who had done this. He had recognized the description and based on what Dot and Matt had said about Maryann calling them, he knew. He told Richie everything and said he was going to stay with Amanda.

“I’ll be calling the lawyers Monday, but she’s out of here. I don’t want her around the band, on the road with us, or anywhere near any function we’re at. She is history.”

“Jon, you can’t prove that she did this or even what she said to Amanda…”

“I don’t care, that’s what the lawyer will help me figure out, but she’s gone from anything to do with us.”

His voice breaking a little, he looked away from his friend. “She could have died, Rich, she could…”

Richie broke in – “But she didn’t, man, she’s going to be okay. Go back in there and be with her and call me if you need anything.”

Nodding as he couldn’t get further words out, Jon re-entered Amanda’s room and settled into a chair beside her bed. He pulled it closer, held her hand, and put his head down on her bed. He fell asleep listening to the wonderful sound of her breathing.


  1. Opester Says:

    Thank goodness Amanda's okay! What a horrible thing-boy, I wouldn't want to be maryann on the other end of Jon's wrath after something like this! I wonder if Amanda will be worried now about other events with the public and what might happen? I'm sure Jon will do everything he can to keep her safe and hopefully Amanda will learn not to keep strange things to herself and be more cautious when someone behaves so possessively. You just can't ignore obsessed fans! (Present company excluded, LOL!)

  2. Loved Richie's intuitiveness in the last chapter, and could feel Jon's panic. Let the lawyers sort it out; just get CPB gone!

  3. jovikitn65 Says:

    Time to take out the trash Bongiovi style! Maryann you might want to make sure your life insurance policy is up to date cause you are history.

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