John Francis - Chapter 65

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 7:46 PM
Matt had no idea what had just happened. Tico saw him sitting looking confused and walked over as he had noticed a lot of activity and running around by Jon and Richie.

In his deep voice, Tico called out, “Hey Matt.”

Looking up, Matt answered, “Hey Teek.”

“Do you know where Jon and Richie went, Matt?”

“Yeah, for some damn reason they went running after that woman who I heard put on quite a show at the after party and in the limo with Jon. Teek, he’s got to get some help. He’s fallen so far into the bottle he’s jeopardizing his reputation. There were press there tonight, man! Don’t you think they got pictures? Fuck! Why doesn’t Jonny think?”

Before Tico could finish taking a deep breath to even begin to explain how badly Matt had screwed up, Matt started talking again. “And what’s this that he’s gonna kill me, brother or no, if I’ve lost him the best thing in his life?” Matt just shook his head, worried about his brother and having no clue what he had done.

Holding up a finger asking Matt to wait one minute, Tico made a quick call. “Hey man, it’s me. Call me if you need help and I’ll get the other guys…I’m sorry, man…find her fast, okay?”

Matt looked at Tico, who began to explain.


Tears blurring her eyes, all Amanda could think to do was get out of the bar and away from everyone as quickly as she could. She didn’t see the limo driver, who did see her, and went in the opposite direction, holding her arms against her chest as she didn’t have a coat. She moved blindly down the street, crying as she almost stumbled along. Oh God! His brother! He thinks I’m a slut! Her phone was in her purse but in her emotional fog she didn’t even hear it ringing. She reached the end of the street and turned the corner, walking further and further along streets she didn’t know.

Tearing out of the bar at a run, Jon and Richie came to an abrupt stop as they looked up and down the street. Seeing the limo driver, Jon ran over.

His voice frantic, he asked, “Did you see her?”

“Yes, Sir. She went in that direction.” He pointed down the opposite end of the street. As the two men started to run in that direction, the driver called loudly, “Mr. B! She didn’t have a coat!”

Jon stopped suddenly, running back he told the driver to start circling and if he found her to call him immediately on his cell. He gave him the number and told him to keep checking in. “Thanks man!” Jon called as he and Richie ran like hell. Richie called Teek as they were running and told him Amanda was outside somewhere and she didn’t have a coat on. The limo driver was circling looking for her. Teek was to call either him or Jon if she returned to the bar.

Tico, now quite concerned himself, answered quickly. “I’ll call immediately. Let me know if you need more eyes, we have more cars to look.”

“Will do, man! Thanks!”

Matt was still sitting there with his head in his hands, mumbling over and over under his breath, “Holy shit! Oh fuck! Oh my God! I didn’t know. Shit!” Tico left him there to bring Dave and Hugh up to speed on what had happened.

David spoke for both men. “Holy fuck! Jon’s gonna go nuts!”

Tico spoke quietly. “Too late.”


Taking random rights and lefts at different street corners, the cold finally started to bring Amanda out of the fog she had been in since hearing what Jon’s brother had said. She began to become aware of her environment and stopping and taking a look around, she realized she couldn’t see the bar and she had no idea what street she was on. In fact, she didn’t know what street the bar was on. She seemed to be on somewhat of a residential street, although there were a few stores. A convenience store seemed to be open and she headed for that to get out of the cold.

No matter what, she had to call Jon. Entering the store, she reached into her purse for her cell phone and saw she had several missed calls. Jon and Richie had called numerous times. She first went to the beverage counter to get a cup of coffee to warm up. Paying, she asked if she could stand inside for a few minutes as she was very cold. The clerk leered a bit at her attire and the marks on her breast and neck, but told her she could stay for a few minutes.

Jon’s phone rang and he looked at the readout. “Thank Christ!”

“Amanda! Oh, baby! Where are you? Are you okay?”

Her hurt voice came back, although she could have cried again at hearing his. “Jon…I don’t know where I am. I’m in a store somewhere. Wait let me ask…” Jon waited the longest 15 seconds of his life. “Ok, the store is called Mark’s Convenience and it’s at…” Jon listened as she told him where the store was located.

“Baby, stay there. Don’t move! I’ll be there in a few minutes. I’ll call you right back!”

Jon called the limo driver, gave him their location and where they were going. Richie called Tico to tell him they had located Amanda and were on their way to get her.

Immediately after contacting the driver, Jon called Amanda back.

“Jon? Please stay on the phone with me, okay?”

“You got it, babe, I love hearing your voice anyway.”

He heard a soft sob from her then. “Jon? Did you hear? Did I cause you more problems? Is this going to hurt your kids?”

Jon closed his eyes for a moment and didn’t care that Richie might see the tears that were now glittering in his eyes.

“Manda, you listen to me…you didn’t do anything wrong and I love you more than I can ever say. You didn’t cause me any problems and my kids will be just fine. I love you, Manda, I love you.”

“Jon…I need you…please come get me…”

“The driver’s here, honey, we’ll be there in less than five minutes. You stay on the phone with me now, you hear?

“I hear you…I’m so sorry, Jon…I’m so sorry…your brother…pictures…Oh God!…” He heard her crying softly now.

Moving the phone from his mouth, he scowled at Richie. “I’m gonna kick Matt’s ass!”

“Manda? Honey…? MANDA!”

“I’m here…I was trying to stop crying…the clerk is looking at me funny…are you close?”

“Hold on…” Jon pushed the call button. “How soon?”

“Two more minutes, Mr. B.”

“Honey, two more minutes. Just two minutes…baby, let me hear your voice.”

“I can wait two minutes…thanks for coming to get me, Jon. I love you. Jon? Are you still there?” She looked at her phone to see if she had lost the connection when a car screeched to a halt outside and a door flew open. Before she could move, the door to the store opened and suddenly she was in his arms and he was holding her tighter than he ever had before. Throwing the clerk $200, Jon called out, “Thanks man” and took Amanda out the door.

He hurried her into the limo and Richie threw his leather coat over her shoulders as she was still shivering from being outside for so long. She turned to Jon, throwing her legs over his lap and snuggling as close as she could to get warm and to have him against her. Her face was buried in his shoulder and her hair covered most of it. The driver was told to take them home.

Jon looked at Richie and once again his eyes shimmered.


  1. Opester Says:

    I am glad that Amanda finally realized she was lost and called Jon, but still wish she hadn't acted so impulsively and had talked to Richie instead. I am anxious to see how he handles Matt now he'll get the full story and I hope Amanda tells him all of it!

  2. I've got to agree with Opester on the last couple of chapters. They were fantastic and very tru-to-form for the guys imo, but Amanda has to stop being a drama queen. She handled Brittney w/no problem, but doesn't tell a stranger at a bar to stfu? I get the concern she has for Jon, but Manda, honey, stop beeing a timid doormouse!! Stand up for yourself!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i am new to the story and love it but i have to agree....amanda is a bit of a drama queen. she keeps running off and then calling the guys to come get her...why bother.I hope she becomes a little less needy. This is such a great fun story

  4. jovikitn65 Says:

    Glad they found Amanda, now take her back to the bar so she can kick Matt's ass for being so mean to her.

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