John Francis - Chapter 58

Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 9:46 AM
Amanda sobered quite a bit on the ride back to Jon’s as the food she ate kicked in. She was left with a pleasant glow and a growing urge to be with the man she loved. They moved into the house and taking her hand in his, she asked him for a few minutes alone. She slowly made her way upstairs and took a few moments to make herself ready. She brushed her teeth and her hair, applied a small amount of perfume, and put on the surprise she had bought that day at Victoria’s Secret.

She had never worn garters and stockings before and the small sheer wisp of panties almost weren’t there. She also put on a front lace up corset that pushed her breasts to new heights, and almost as an after thought added small heeled slippers. She lit a few candles in the room and walked around, touching some of the small items in his room.

Jon waited as long as he could and bringing a bottle of wine and a glass he climbed the stairs to his room, seeing a soft glow waiting inside. Pushing the door open just enough to see in, he sucked in his breath sharply at what awaited him inside. Candlelight lit Amanda’s tanned skin turning her into a golden goddess. Her long dark hair gleamed and he smelled her perfume as he entered the room. She heard him enter and turned to him. The sight of her in what she was wearing sent his blood boiling and he downed the glass of wine in two gulps, set the bottle and the glass down, and crossed to her as if he were the moth and she the flame.

He didn’t know what to touch first, her lips, her neck, her upthrust breasts, so he stood there, his eyes darkening with his passion and with the sight of the trembling he recognized in her.

The hoarseness of his voice inflamed her already overloaded senses. “You are so…what did you do for me?”

Her breathy voice answered, “I’m loving you.”

He reached for her then, touching his lips to hers, breathing in her scent and the added sweetness of her perfume. She leaned into his kiss, letting him take the lead in their love play. He lightly played with the tops of her breasts where they overflowed the corset and he traced one of the garters to her stockings.

“Jesus, Manda! What the hell are you doing to me?” He unlaced her top enough to expose her breasts and took them in his hands. As always seemed to happen, she swelled to his touch as his thumbs rubbed her nipples and a small moan escaped her. He removed her top the rest of the way and looked at her in the remainder of her attire. His cock throbbed unbearably behind his jeans and he moved to take them off. His erection sprang free and was so hard it bobbed for a moment from the strain.

He gave a quick jerk and tore her panties from her, causing her to gasp in surprise and desire. After what she had done for him, he wanted to take her slow, wanted to prolong her pleasure, but she rubbed her breasts against the fur of his chest making little mewling sounds as she did so and his control shattered. He pushed her down hard onto the bed and grabbed her thighs in a bruising grip. He moved her legs open for him and poised himself above her. I want her, she’s fucking mine…I can’t show everyone yet, it’s too soon, but I can show her. She’s gonna know every time she looks in the mirror, every moment she’ll feel it, she’s mine.

He felt savage and carnal and the lust she caused in him had him taking the upper portion of her breast in his mouth where he bit her then sucked hard enough to brand her. The deep purple mark he left filled him with an animalistic wildness and he took her neck in his mouth and marked her again. It still wasn’t enough and he bit and sucked above her mound and below her naval. That final mark of his on her seemed to satisfy something deep inside him and he took her.

There was no finesse in his entry, he was fierce and in a frenzy, ravenous for the feel of her flesh around his. His wildness excited her and she met his furious strokes with her own. Amanda felt something in Jon tonight that was different. Like he needed to possess her, to mark her, to make it known she was his, and she responded to that ferocity in him with her own.

They ended up on the floor where he continued his assault on her senses. She gave him the words he needed, begging him to take her, make love to her, to fuck her, and finally to come inside her after she could take no more. Holding each other after the final mingling of their essences, Amanda felt deliciously bruised and intensely female. Jon looked at his brandings on her skin and felt wildly possessive. He couldn’t make himself feel bad that he had marked her. He wanted her to be his and at this moment he didn’t care who knew it.

They woke up the next morning to the ringing of Jon’s cell. He fumbled for it, groaning as he moved in the bed.


Richie’s cheerful voice came through clearly. “Well good morning sunshine! How’s your lady this morning?”

Amanda heard the phone and turned, but gave a loud groan of her own at her protesting body.

“Oh my God, Bongiovi!” she moaned even louder.

Richie laughed. “Sorry, bro’, seemed to have caught you at a bad time.”

Jon gave his own moan then and his voice came hoarsely through the phone. “Shut the fuck up, Sambora! What the hell do you want?”

Richie reminded him they had a sound check in four hours.

Jon sat straight up in bed, grunting at the stiffness in his body. “Holy fuck! What time is it?”

“It’s 11 AM. What the hell is wrong with you? What’s wrong with Manda?”

“Shit, man, you don’t wanna know. Christ! Four hours?”

“Yeah…and then the show tonight, remember?”

Amanda was trying to sit up on her sore body parts and groaned again. “Tell Richie to go away” she whimpered.

Jon told Richie he would be there in four hours while thinking to himself that he was gonna be dying today and tonight. They hung up and Jon fell back onto the bed.

“Oh…God…don’t move the bed” he heard Amanda’s plaintive cry.

“Come on, baby, we gotta get in the shower and get some food.”

Burying herself under the covers, she told him to go first.

Laughing, he said, “Shit! I was hoping you would go first!”

Her muffled voice came through. “I don’t think I can walk.”

Feeling his own muscles screaming from their activities the night before, he threw the covers off her and summoning his remaining strength grabbed her hand and pulled her upright. She glared at him, then winced.

Pulling her out of the bed, he said, “Let’s find out if either one of us can walk.”

Zombie-like they moved to the shower, turning the water a scalding hot, both slumping against the wall. Almost at the same time they both started chuckling at their sorry state. Rousing themselves a little more, they completed their showers, feeling a bit better at the easing of the stiffness of their muscles.

Dressed in robes they stumble-walked down the stairs, both heading for what was their deepest desire at the moment – coffee. Linda, bless her, must have heard the shower going as the coffee was hot and fresh. Jon tried to figure out how to connect an IV of the caffeine, while Amanda just sipped cup after cup. He noticed her wiggling in her chair, seeming to be unable to get comfortable. A deep chuckle escaped him as he looked at her.

“I’m guessing certain things are off limits again?”

“Only if you want to live a little longer.”

That answer had him throwing his head back to laugh and when he settled a little, he reached for her cheek. He stroked it with his thumb and looked at her.


She nodded at him, “Oh yeah, wow.”


  1. Opester Says:

    WOW! Amanda is really coming alive! It seems like Jon's gentle nudging has really encouraged her to explore things more and more...good for Amanda and good for Jon, hehehe!

  2. jovikitn65 Says:

    Hell I'm surprised they didn't kill each other! Something tells me Richie will be the first one to notice "jon's markings."

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